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  1. UND opens against a veteran heavy Niagara team, read for more on what to expect from a team taking on a tough non conference schedule: https://seamoresports.com/2021/08/01/atlantic-hockey-showcase-games-niagara-has-an-uncommon-chance-against-und/
  2. MDtoGF

    Ben Holden

    Got a chance to talk to him, read the first paragraph for how Berry used his Poganski OT GWG call in recruiting, and read more from Starman on how Holden is so good at what he does, more from Holden, and just more about Ben Holden in general. https://seamoresports.com/2021/06/16/ben-holden-always-making-college-hockey-better/
  3. Thoughts on a rule the NHL should implement to make it a little more like college. https://seamoresports.com/2021/06/11/opinion-send-the-nhl-back-to-school-assess-delayed-penalties-even-if-a-goal-is-scored/
  4. Some potential ideas for AHA after the ghastly decision made by the leadership of RMU. https://seamoresports.com/2021/06/06/atlantic-hockey-what-could-come-next/
  5. https://seamoresports.com/2021/05/18/growing-college-hockey-why-all-fans-should-care/ A counter perspective of ours on the state of college hockey and its need to grow, Frank Serratore is on the money here.
  6. https://seamoresports.com/2021/05/04/dominick-procopio-one-must-imagine-him-happy/ Read our feature one Dominick Procopio, a Lowell-UAH transfer.
  7. Read more from Niagara Head Coach Jason Lammers on the Transfer portal, its benefits, and his Purple Eagles program, and why Uncommon is so good. https://seamoresports.com/2021/05/03/niagara-university-hockey-head-coach-jason-lammers-on-his-teams-uncommon-season-future-and-more/
  8. Read more from Jason Lammers on his Niagara program, why uncommon is good, and more. https://seamoresports.com/2021/05/03/niagara-university-hockey-head-coach-jason-lammers-on-his-teams-uncommon-season-future-and-more/
  9. Read our interview with Cam Talbot on his time at UAH, how he got to UAH, and the value of UAH in this great game moving forward, and more. https://seamoresports.com/2021/04/24/cam-talbot-on-uah-hockey-past-present-and-future/
  10. ear from Chris Van Os-Shaw on why he chose AIC, and from Eric Lang on what he brings to that group. https://seamoresports.com/2021/04/21/chris-van-os-shaw-looking-for-a-fresh-start-at-aic/
  11. Hear from Chris Van Os-Shaw on why he chose AIC, and from Eric Lang on what he brings to that group. https://seamoresports.com/2021/04/21/chris-van-os-shaw-looking-for-a-fresh-start-at-aic/
  12. https://seamoresports.com/2021/04/19/aic-hockey-head-coach-eric-lang-on-the-one-time-transfer-rule-adapt-or-get-run-over/ More of Van Os-Shaw going to AIC.
  13. Hear from Eric Lang on the transfer rule, and some context for two of AIC's transfers as well. https://seamoresports.com/2021/04/19/aic-hockey-head-coach-eric-lang-on-the-one-time-transfer-rule-adapt-or-get-run-over/
  14. Hear from AIC Head Coach Eric Lang on the transfer rule, with some context on AIC's incoming transfers. There is one third party Lang is concerned about, and its not other teams. https://seamoresports.com/2021/04/19/aic-hockey-head-coach-eric-lang-on-the-one-time-transfer-rule-adapt-or-get-run-over/ As always, feedback welcome (will post this in AHA thread as its relevant to AIC).
  15. Since the CCHA has a thread, figured creating this as a seperate space to post for the more teams we will be covering in AHA would be good. Let's lead off with Frank Serratore's thoughts on the future of the conference, his team, and more, including a nice story from his time at Denver. https://seamoresports.com/2021/04/17/frank-serratore-on-air-force-hockey-atlantic-hockey-expansion-and-more/
  16. Liberty has a win over LIU this season too.
  17. https://seamoresports.com/2021/04/17/frank-serratore-on-air-force-hockey-atlantic-hockey-expansion-and-more/ In which Frank Serratore notes the value of expanding Atlantic Hockey
  18. https://seamoresports.com/2021/04/17/frank-serratore-on-air-force-hockey-atlantic-hockey-expansion-and-more/ Read for some thoughts from Frank Serratore on his team last year, this year, his thoughts on Atlantic Hockey, and much more.
  19. Non portal story, read about Associate Head Coach for Army Zach McKelvie's path to USMA, and what he looks for in recruiting and updates on the pro status of Trevin Kozlowski. https://seamoresports.com/2021/04/13/army-west-point-associate-head-coach-zach-mckelvie-part-of-something-special/
  20. https://seamoresports.com/2021/04/07/one-quick-frozen-four-prediction-for-each-semifinal-game/ Check out a quick thought for each game ahead of the Frozen Four tomorrow. We have seen MSU Mankato in the WCHA all year, and they can be beaten if SCSU gets ahead fast. UMD-UMASS.. whoever scores first will win.
  21. For something completely unrelated to the frozen four, read about a 2000 birth year player still looking for a home, and a likely conference he will play in, with quotes from his coach and more. https://seamoresports.com/2021/04/06/jonathan-young-a-dependable-northeast-general-looking-for-his-ncaa-home/
  22. We think the tournament should be expanded to 20, the article explains why Thoughts? https://seamoresports.com/2021/04/01/opinion-expand-the-ncaa-tournament-to-20-teams/
  23. Here is one rules change that the NHL should implement right away, thoughts? https://seamoresports.com/2021/03/29/opinion-send-the-nhl-back-to-school-end-puck-over-the-glass-penalties/
  24. Wrote about something the NHL could learn from with the college game, and a pretty easy rules change that would not be a bad idea to improve game flow, simplicity, and one that would shorten games a bit. Give it a read why not? https://seamoresports.com/2021/03/29/opinion-send-the-nhl-back-to-school-end-puck-over-the-glass-penalties/
  25. Hi all, apologies for the error, fixed title (click to see it) and added a note. Will discuss other rising seniors and rising Fighting Hawks soon as well! https://seamoresports.com/2021/03/28/projecting-the-future-for-the-8-und-mens-hockey-seniors/ Thanks for reading!
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