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  1. Longtime fan

    2018 Season

    Wish!? My wish would be for bubba to bring a perennial winner that warrants him keeping his job
  2. Longtime fan

    2018 Season

    You are out of your &^#&% mind if you think anyone wants und to lose! That is about as weak of a response this site has seen.
  3. Msu is extremely over rated but they would have shut down Rufus’s offense. Unds backs would of done exactly nothing vs MSU. Look at the last month ..und was incapable of anything offense against way lower competition Msu is in only because the fcs is horrible this year. And btw , ndsu is on a while different planet this year ...they embarrass anyone that lines up against them...fcs speaking
  4. Longtime fan

    2018 Season

    You are on to something Caption obvious. The last month was a disaster....agree? Does disaster in your books equate to bitching? Do you really think fans want to bitch? Do you think they bitch to bitch? Or would they prefer a winner and be happy? Are the fans bitching because und is successful or because they are 49% winning percentage at the D1?
  5. Nice to see Colgate win. Tough D just nothing offensively. I could them getting shut out in Fargo next weekend. Also of note. Unds home opener, Drake, lost only 24-27 @ # 23 Iowa st.
  6. In football terms ....I can see the hard core fans having issues with most everything being average ....actually it would be considered below average (49% career d1 winning percent ). If people on here did not have issues with being an under .500 program I would be more worried. Sioux sports gives everyone an outlet of expression. Some good some bad some not sure. Personally...I was hoping after 11 years in d1 that I would be able to experience 1 playoff win. Issue? Not an issue?
  7. Longtime fan

    2018 Season

    That comment from bubba cemented my “take” on if he is cut out for HC abilities. The UND connection has had 11 years leading the und football program in the D1 era....culminating a 61-63 (49%) record.....one playoff appearance and zero playoff wins. With bubba admitting that he wasn’t able to recognize the offensive fail for five years...I can not see how there will be enough change or leadership next year that would warrant und either making the playoffs or winning a playoff game. Bubba is 30-29 (nearly identical to mussman) as a HC at und. Next years schedule screams difficult. Is he up to the challenge?
  8. Longtime fan

    2018 Season

    This here ^^ Does the same explanation explain why kostich is still here....hasn’t paid enough attention to special teams play? Maybe next year he will notice ?
  9. Bit torn with freund as OC. Would of liked to seen UND bring in some new blood ...but it is what it is. I’m cautiously optimistic but most of all.... excited that Rudy is no longer the OC. Major upgrade already Potential Likes/ positives with the hire: -UND returns a lot . Freund knows what each can bring to the table....including the incoming recruits. - I would expect minimal players transferring as Danny connects very well with the players. If it was a complete coaching overhaul it could of been a different story -IMO, incoming recruits should see this change as an upgrade with a younger, hopefully competent positional coach accepting the OC. - he should bring some energy to a 5 yr stale offense. Players will feed off of that - Anything is an upgrade from Rudy . Period Potential dislikes/ negatives : - he brings ZERO experience in as an OC. Being a good college QB, being a nice guy that connects well with people, being a rah rah positional coach, bleeding Kelly green ...etc ..doesn’t mean he will be a successful OC. The offense is his now. He needs to be prepared for all types of circumstances. Decisions are significantly magnified. - will we see the same styled offense as the last fives years with some minimal changes? Has he been “institutionalized”? I doubt it but we shall see Next year ...hope to see improvements across the board....hope to see Freund kill it ....hope to see und in the playoffs.
  10. Longtime fan

    2019 Season

    Agreed. Now that Rudy (my nemesis) is gone I feel und is very capable. This is a good time to get ndsu. They will be in full reload (still have plenty of talent) and und returns most of their starters. If , IF...und finds a competent OC, I don’t see why und cant do it. Ndsu won’t have any tape to look at as to what und runs offensively so maybe UND will actually bring an element of surprise to ndsu with a newly installed offense.
  11. Since we know for sure who’s gone and who’s staying I’m satisfied with Rudy being gone. Four years to late but it needed to happen. Finally *please do not hire from within! New blood! * Being at e wash, the offensive capital of the fcs, Chavez must have some connections or leads. Use them * bubba has a defensive background . The new guy should be given 100% offensive call rights Give him the keys with full confidence * looking for risk taker, a guy that is able to adjust to in game situations, mix up the pass and run as needed, study film on opposing Ds to attack their weakness or weaknesses and USE YOUR PERSONAL APPROPRIATELY ! Offense 101 If the attrition holds , there is a lot returning starters combined with talent. Next years team has potential to be very good. If they are able to find a competent OC (anything will be an upgrade) and the guys are able to learn the system quickly ...this could be a fun group to watch. I’m cautiously optimistic but nevertheless optimistic. I would have to think that the defense is happy with today’s news as well UND plays @ndsu @ e wash @ Weber , uc Davis , Montana st next year. Und will need some offense to keep pace with these teams. Great move by bubba today.
  12. Opposing defenses had no element of surprise playing und. Bring your safeties in tight and stop the run...done! Year after year after year !! Every offensive player was set up to fail. I heard opposing coaches interviewed on pre game and numerous of them mentioned ...” you know what you’re getting with und”. No &$&#....we all did!
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