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  1. Und 31-30. Last second fg. Another toe to toe performance with a crap team.
  2. Three teams will keep und out of playoffs . Idaho st , Unc and poly. S Utah could possibly be team 4. A team that is in playoff consideration should NEVER go toe to toe with three 2- 8 (6-25 D1) ball clubs. In those three games und was outscored 95-119. Lost by 35 won by 4 won by 7. Opponents won the first down battle. Und was out gained yardage wise 434- 492 average/ game. The opposing three teams were penalized more.... 205 yards to unds 173. Und goes 2-1 vs those 3 while losing nearly every significant statistic. Und has won 6 games by the point difference of 40, 4, 2, 4, 4 and 7 to a combined team record of 27-36. Und is a handful of plays away from being a 2-8 team Und sits with two solid games....Montana st (W) and Weber (L). 3 bad performances vs 2 nice performances What will the committee see?
  3. Bubba needs to be gone. Would you agree? I’m more vocal than most . Have been and always will be but I will never give up on und football. I’m an extreme hard core fan. But I’m also they’re biggest critic. I will continue my negative bubba posts until he is gone . I did the same with Rudy for 3-4 years.
  4. Unc didn’t play well either. Both teams had 3 TOs and that same amount penalty yards. It was a home game for und. Und wins by 7 points which und won on a blocked punt td. If this game was in Greeley they win.
  5. perhaps 16. But the fcs really doesn’t have 16 teams that could contend for a title. There is usually a handful per year that truly have a chance.
  6. Without a doubt the autos have to disappear. So many conferences with autos that are d2 caliber. So many bad teams in the fcs. Pick the best 8 like the fbs picks the best 4
  7. I had mentioned it before but I feel the fcs should go to a 8 team playoff format. Way too many participating ribbons at a 24 team format. The fbs is only a 4 team.
  8. Without looking at teams 16-24 resumes.... what does und bring to the table that would be considered playoff worthy? I realize the fcs is weak but there has to be teams that would better represent that post season. Und has struggled mightily with three 2-9 teams. Getting completely blown out in one of them and losing the yardage game in all three. They will have beaten one playoff bound team. Hardly screams “belong” worthy.
  9. Perhaps. I would say with this coaching staff it wouldn’t.
  10. Having 100% attrition is nearly impossible. But if they were able to keep Merz, Grady , Slater .....etc would that been enough to counter anything that we see today? Not sure. But I agree the attrition for whatever reason on the line has been bad.
  11. Why is that? After six years of bubba recruiting you would think the personal would be there on the line. It’s pretty apparent Bubba wants to ground and pound to control TOP and yet he has not had a line to work with. Add to that, they were asked to lose a good percentage of the weight this off season. This coaching staff is a joke.
  12. Sam (5-5) lost to a 2-8 team today. No playoffs. Montana st is the one and only game und can hang their hat on. Cal poly and Unc will be recognized as bad wins. They escaped two 2 win teams Idaho st 2-8 ....absolutely throttles und. If und only lost ...that would be one thing. Und was thrown about like a toddler in that game. Und doesn’t deserve to be playoff bound. No playoffs =Chavez will have his ammo to rid of bubba.
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