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  1. Could I add what seems to be a positive attitude and leadership? Go UND!
  2. 1. Decreasing estrogen can cause belly fat. Not sure that is the case here. 2. Unfortunately, I was not at the game… don’t know. 3. Many (?) 4. ? 5. I wish he was slapping something on the field but my mother would call that a “lesson in life.” Hope he learns not to skip practice again. Go UND
  3. A win, dominance on both sides of the ball, no injuries AND at least 4 QB sacks…..
  4. I have not figured out how to put it in my cell phone yet. I am rather anti-apps. The last time I had a paper copy and not the app and the wonderful man, a senior citizen too, waved me in. Both technology and VOVID overload.
  5. What is Drake’s record and strengths? We should know the weaknesses…UND dominance on both sides of the call and no injuries for a win. Life is good!
  6. It was there. Then sadly it was not. We have the horses to win. We will pull it together. Go UND And I am praying we have it together for JuiceU.
  7. You can’t make this s$&t up….
  8. Not sure how to change the title…..
  9. Anyone taking a knee during our National Anthem is very offensive to me. I saw those videos earlier this week. No matter what your political thoughts are…they are offensive and in poor taste.
  10. Small town, locally-owned and non-syndicate, radios are the life blood of these communities. Someone should market and promote them. Think of possible additional ads they may get during the broadcast. With everyone buying on-line now, advertising is different!
  11. I like how they described us arms terrific!!! Go UND!
  12. Mama Sue

    UND @ ISU

    I believe just one sack
  13. Need comments on their strengths and what we need to be prepared for! Go UND
  14. Oh!!! Well I was reading a book but whomever they are…they are walking all over Navy. Thanks for correcting this
  15. Mama Sue

    UND @ ISU

    A win is a win….first game, always something to work on! Good to get young guys in there!
  16. JM 28 Navy 0 close to the end of the third quarter. JM can do no wrong…either side of the call.
  17. 1) Dominance on both sides of the ball 2) strong, and frequent, passes and running game 3) stupendous blocking 4) holding on the third down…or negative yardage 5) AT LEAST ONE QB SACK PER QUARTER 6) “Tacled by the entire Fighting Sioux ( dreaming) defense” at least three times per quarter A WIN
  18. I wish we were playing tonight instead of the Vikings!!! Go UND….
  19. COVID is all about money, politics, and control…but mostly money! Just play football! Go UND!
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