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  1. Great article…..exciting fall!
  2. 100 days and counting….I think That's correct
  3. I just must comment on all of this. Remember Otis is from Minneapolis… in Minneapolis these issues may have been ignored. There may have been little or no consequences. If he talked to relatives or had role models along this path… well, there would have been no fear of repercussions. I am not saying that is true but the climate in Minneapolis is WAY DIFFERENT than Grand Forks. I do not know about Fargo-Moorhead. Again, I feel sad an opportunity was wasted. And I understand the bad juju at the USD game….Bubba had a lot more than 4th down issues, IMHO.
  4. I wish it had turned out different for Otis…. Just sad to see a missed opportunity.
  5. Must suck to support JuiceU publicly….IMHO
  6. The Cowboys got lucky!!
  7. Or that as a senior in high school they are Mr. Football and expect to be a starter on a college team.
  8. I basically am just having a hard time wrapping my arms sound this transfer portal. I don’t know….
  9. Mpls morning paper had an article about Matt W…. On NFL radar screen! Good Luck later this week!
  10. Amen….does it say when and how this fundraising starts?
  11. Good question…every team has someone like this. It is a role that needs to be filled.
  12. Sometimes groups do “pledges” to help jump start fundraising. Just saying it may help stir the pot.
  13. NO!!!! I hope someone donates a government-paid for mask and hand sanitizer to the Smithsonian!!! And in MN it was the year of the scams….IMHO.
  14. COVID Palace? So we never forget…. The season that wasn’t
  15. So, a while ago there was a lot of talk about strength and conditioning….where are we on that? Is that included in spring hall? I was thinking of the USA -Russian hockey game…Miracle. Herb Brooks basically beat the Russians with conditioning. A fast paced game and conditioning. No fan of all these supplements but yes, diet is important. Just wondering where we are and what type of facility do we have for S & C?
  16. The real loser is the next game….IMHO. UND would have been a better opponent….??Duluth tomorrow.
  17. Well…hockey is my first love and the MN state tourney had a LOT of talent…. Goaltending was awesome. Lou Nanne has been announcing 58 years. In the 3rd period of the Maple Grove Andover championship game he said it was the game of the decade, maybe longer, in the state tournament…. I believe there were 4 Mr. Hockey finalists between the 2 teams. They were all great players.
  18. Is 28 leaving high, low, or average?
  19. Well said Siouxfan512…. sounds like Bubba has not had financial or administrative support, IMHO. Just saw another college was promoting their GAs doing video taping. Should not be on Bubba’s plate, again IMHO
  20. Has admin and the AD given Bubba the “infrastructure” he needs? Scholarships, facilities, salary, and help with discipline? Not having someone video answers that…. Yes, there are coaching issues but it is not just coaching, IMHO.
  21. To clarify, I wasn’t outraged about salary… surprised yes. Believe me, as an agency nurse on double time I have said I don’t think I would pay me what they are paying me. Several of our children are doing very well….I am amazed what they are making. I asked a friend…Do you have a hard time accepting that a child of yours is worth that much money? I am reading Dabo’s World about Dabo Swinney…great book… but again, the salaries amaze me. Godliness and contentment is great gain, we bought nothing into this world and will take nothing out!
  22. So…to celebrate OR cry in your beer. Either way…. Good to go. I think I had a beer once when my husband was driving but I really did not know there was hard liquor!
  23. NoDak61….are you kidding? WOW
  24. Well I think maybe I had like one beer there….ever! Why do you need alcohol when there is football? Plus I drive there….either way…Go UND
  25. I did not know there was vodka at the Alerus…..
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