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    Talk about snakebit. Hired the year after a national championship and leaves the year before a national championship.
  2. Easily should be in quotes. Transferring tickets to your friends/kids should go relatively smoothly. Transferring to your parents/elder relatives, not so much.
  3. I think Walsh is empty this year.... and they're quietly making plans to demo a lot of on-campus housing.
  4. Only if we win it all But yeah, things have snowballed a bit the past couple weeks.
  5. Mine has followed a similar path, less the bronchitis.
  6. Agreed. I wear a seat belt, drive defensively, and don't golf in thunderstorms. I can reduce risk for this too.
  7. Vaccine is 95% effective. For 5%, I can spend 30 seconds getting tested.
  8. She is. I'm not fully vaccinated. That puts it at about a 1/20 chance. Not high, but high enough to spend 30 seconds getting tested before seeing her.
  9. 3 because I caught a cold. 3 because the rapid tests are quick, easy, made available at my work, and make me more comfortable visiting grandma.
  10. I've had the Moderna vaccine and have been tested (both PCR and rapid antigen) half a dozen times since getting it. All negative.
  11. I was only talking about vaccines tripping the tests, but can see how my wording may confuse that.
  12. Everything I've found online, and my own experience, says no, they will test negative unless they have/had COVID or for some other reason get a false positive.
  13. Or because they're about 5'6" in the case of a certain Sioux goalie
  14. I think the NCAA is pretty strict about counting those towards the max for a team.
  15. "Bad" season may have been harsh. "Not as good as I expected from him" season.
  16. I thought JBD had a bad season, personally. Offense seemed to regress significantly and his defense wasn't what I would call "locked down."
  17. Hopefully a few weeks later.
  18. Drafted goalie. Gotta think he spends some time in the E at least, no?
  19. If only Bemidji had been able to sustain the magic against UMass, we could've had an all-Minnesota Frozen Four with no University of Minnesota.
  20. UNDBIZ


    Sioux hockey plus diving makes for a very dangerous team.
  21. Yep. Everytime Bender was mentioned, I wished we had our spark plug.
  22. Nope. Mankato or bust for me.
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