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  1. https://sports.yahoo.com/cost-l-stadium-mushroomed-183957198.html LA's football stadium, originally projected to cost $1.86 billion, is now expected to cost over $5 billion!

    2019 Season

    I have to believe the use of any computer ranking system will be beneficial for UND's chances this year. This guy is also a big fan of quality losses.

    2019 Season

    They're not UND.

    2019 Season

    Want Maine, UT-Martin, Towson, Albany, Citadel, and Nichols to lose. Shannon Schweigert predicts SIU at UND with the winner heading to Fargo.
  5. https://undfootball360.com/news/undfb360-pregame-show-week-11-vs-southern-utah/ Lickfeldt, Gee, and Haas likely out this week. McKinney 50-50 after getting dinged again against UNC. They will burn Skokna's redshirt. Holm likely in for game 3.

    2019 Season

    https://undfootball360.com/news/undfb360-pregame-show-week-11-vs-southern-utah/ Good listen from UNDFB360. Interviews with Sam Herder and Bill Chaves regarding the playoff picture and the schedule. Need a lot to go right this weekend.


    I'd say giving up a 75 yard TD pass immediately after the blocked punt TD gave UNC more hope than the missed FG did. It was a team effort to allow the game to be close.
  8. Although it is a risk and your argument has some merit, the committee doesn't care about sportsmanship.
  9. I think it was the Weber State loss that kept the team out of the playoffs....
  10. UND gets the 69-56 win on the road. Solid start to the season.
  11. Would they leave him at his current salary?
  12. Were the team and fan base embarrassed in those games?
  13. You're comparing to a game scheduled against a fake FBS team during the D1 transition? It was an awful deal.
  14. It's hilarious that he ran to his Twitter echo chamber for validation after reading about how awful he is at PxP.
  15. It made UND look weak scheduling 2 away games for pocket change. NDSU made significantly more money on those games than they would have with road FBS buy games.
  16. He's the Mike Mcfeely of Duluth. He thrives on being awful.
  17. UND and Grand Forks would've made much more money.
  18. Anyone UND beats is a bad team, so they need to limit UNI's exposure to maintain their place in the polls.
  19. It was only negative. It confirmed what Fargo assumed to be true and broke a lot of UND fans.
  20. It was the week after Thanksgiving, week 2 of fcs playoffs, so likely no FBS games at the time. Basketball would've probably been on though.
  21. I doubt it. Bad losses seem to hurt much worse than good wins help.
  22. We could've scheduled a cupcake between the ndsu and ewu games. I believe I've been pretty consistent in questioning the decision not to schedule a 12th game, so I'm going to keep questioning it. With that said, many fcs folks were saying 7 wins with UND's schedule was a playoff guarantee. Of course, after UND beat certain teams they were no longer respected, as usual.
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