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  1. We only offered a pwo.
  2. 6'2" 180# CB out of Buffalo, MN. Held offers from Valparaiso and NSIC schools.
  3. Tells me that Feeney likes to be in on the action and is probably a little reckless whereas Tommy likes to use his vision and assess the play. Not really, but since we're making cr*p up I figured I'd give it a go
  4. Hmm, I guess I'm not sure on incentives. His salary is $10k less than Bubba's, but fair point.
  5. Well there's no arguing with facts presented like that.
  6. I won't deny that UND needs to improve its coaching salaries, but it is difficult when the comparison is always to the school in Fargo. I'm not saying it shouldn't be, as we want to compete with them, but it's difficult. For example, Montana's head coach makes less than Bubba, but you'd think we're severely underpaying everybody because the comparison is always to ndsu.
  7. Those amounts include bonuses and camp pay.
  8. I believe they can make extra $$ by working the summer camps.
  9. Although that salary isn't great, do you know what assistant coaches make at other schools? I'm aware of at least one position coach at ndsu who's barely breaking $50k.
  10. https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/college/und-football-adds-northern-state-defensive-transfer Miller article on Hansen.
  11. Top 5 finalist for ndsu president
  12. Sounds like Hesham is looking to come back to ND, but not to where we'd like him......
  13. Heck, at the Alerus $10 on gameday gets you close parking. They don't stop anyone from parking in the club sections.
  14. Likely in an upper corner? No. The end zone was fun and rowdy because people were standing and could freely jump/move around. It also provided quick access to a fresh beer.
  15. Peterson Farms Seed My thoughts: I like that they added a drink rail. I will never pay $800 for a spot. A bunch of suits sitting there will ruin the vibe. Since I don't get to stand in the end zone with the people I tailgated with, my couch is sounding pretty comfy and offers a great view of the game.
  16. They forced the students to sit most of the game.
  17. This is important, so I'm posting it, but please try to keep replies hockey related.
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