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    https://www.facebook.com/knoxradiograndforks/posts/2304829839651097 Grand Forks has it today at south Hugos.
  2. Haha yeah. The one on Divide seems like it'd be pretty dangerous around 19th.
  3. Although Bismarck's Washington/Century intersection didn't really need the turn lanes shifted IMO (it was easy to see oncoming traffic there), the GF 32nd Ave intersections near Target are tough to see for the left turn yield on green. On 32nd, the vehicle in the opposite left turn lane blocks the view of oncoming traffic.
  4. https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/education/7195421-UND-terminates-administrator-following-discrimination-case
  5. With the Beacon event space along with a couple wedding venues popping up downtown, Grand Forks needs a downtown hotel.
  6. Guessing Manitoba was going to have a tough time crossing the border?
  7. And make it non-scholarship.
  8. I wonder what level of NIL payments Michigan is promising these kids.
  9. Pretty sure this is the picture that finished it.
  10. Would we be doing the fundraiser this fall/winter?
  11. Chicken is much better than bdubs. Sauces are not.
  12. Back to football discussion. Please and thank you. - Mods
  13. Just ask.... and have legislators who are owed favors.
  14. If you want a science museum, contact your legislator. Bismarck and Minot are both getting state-funded science museums in the next couple years.
  15. Minot's zoo is better and you have the state fair. Blue Elephant is pretty good. That's about it though, sorry
  16. UND fans have said something very similar to this before.
  17. I think they've been decreasing/at a standstill since the 60s.
  18. Was there this past weekend. Nice place and seemed to have a steady inflow of customers, but I can't speak to the overall financials. It is better located (near the waterfront/downtown/Amsoil Arena) and in a better looking building though. Also, Duluth is a much more "touristy" town than Grand Forks, with the North Shore and the big water.
  19. Minot is a dump though.
  20. https://sports.yahoo.com/nick-saban-says-alabama-qb-bryce-young-has-signed-nearly-1-m-worth-of-endorsement-deals-already-180220170.html Saban using the new rules for recruiting
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