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  1. I hope they aren't sacrificing a conviction to temporarily placate the mob.
  2. I keep seeing references to the Boston Tea Party. What were the "rioters" protesting when they destroyed the tea? A tax on tea. What does Target have to do with police brutality? What did the Boston Tea Party ultimately lead to? War. Is that what the current protesters want?
  3. Held offers from Army and Air Force.
  4. Agreed. If he wanted to run over the protesters, there would be dead protesters. I don't know if he was unaware of what was ahead of him or if he just came to his senses late, but at least nobody was killed.
  5. Obviously not well, but that doesn't make the goal wrong though. It makes sense that the people of Grand Forks like having a golf course in town that doesn't increase their property taxes for Parks and Rec. That and a couple of the men's golf team members having well-connected families spelled doom for the project. Ray Richard's family was ok with a sale and scholarship program until Traynor and a couple others got in their ears.
  6. UND doesn't want to be responsible for the ongoing cost of more empty buildings in Grand Forks. The goal was to sell the land, cash up front.
  7. If you're closed you're not paying staff and you have reduced operating and possibly insurance costs. It's possible these businesses believe staff and operating costs would exceed the revenue generated by being open. Having seen how (not) busy many Grand Forks bars/restaurants are in the summer with no students, I'd imagine they'd do even less business during Corona with no students, elderly, or Canadians. There's also the risk of a big old GFHerald tweet stating "Coronavirus Outbreak Traced Back to (insert restaurant name)." That would be tough to recover from.
  8. Question for anyone in/connected to the medical and/or LTC field. ND has had 31 people over 80 die of/with Covid and just 18 people over 80 hospitalized with Covid. Why would those who are so sick with Covid that they're dying not be hospitalized? Is it just killing them before they can get to the hospital?
  9. Similar to a lot (not all) of the people who are dying from/with Covid, the large corporations entering bankruptcy so far were in pretty rough shape without the pandemic. As for some governors stating they can't reopen until there's a vaccine...... that's not the bill of goods people were sold when this started. The curve was flattened and hospitals are not overwhelmed in most of the country at this time. Yes, hot spots will occur and targeted lockdowns will be necessary. I'm sure the media and opposing political party will cast all sorts of blame when it does happen, but just because a hot spot crops up doesn't mean it was a mistake to reopen. It's concerning to see the goal posts continually moved when people's freedom, livelihoods, and dreams are being destroyed. "This is for your own good/safety" is a phrase employed by tyrants throughout history.
  10. Kind of like buying the first year of a new car model, I might try to give them a year or 2 to work out the issues.
  11. Hopefully he changes his mind but if not, oh well I guess. He had good straight-line speed, but ran pretty tall and lacked elusiveness from what I saw. Seems to be a lot of transfer portal action nationwide this year. I wonder if players are trying to get closer to home or if they're just feeling secluded and want the feeling of being recruited again.
  12. I think one of the main issues is an agency or university releases a model early on with limited data available and it predicts between 10,000 and 1 million deaths. The media then puts a big bold headline of "Pandemic predicted to kill 1 MILLION people!!!" It's usually not that the models are intentionally overstating, but due to unknowns the range was wide, and for the media no news sells as well as fear. Edit: It should also be noted the university/agency will typically have a LOT of notes and caveats on how the model works. All of that nuance is lost once the results are filtered through a "journalist" and it gets even worse once the editor and social media intern get ahold of it.
  13. Was that weight room in the hyslop?
  14. It's still on until they announce otherwise.
  15. Link to the Winnipeg article for those paywalled by the herald: https://beta.ctvnews.ca/local/winnipeg/2020/5/12/1_4936996.html
  16. After 2 weeks without a day of over 4% of tests coming back positive in ND, the last 2 days have seen +6.5% positive testing rate. Hopefully it's not a trend. Looks like Cass County nursing homes are still struggling to keep the virus out. Of the 935 Cass County confirmed cases, 214 are long-term care facility employees and residents. Granted, part of that is due to who they are targeting for testing.
  17. Was that the game they ran our goalie on the OT winner?
  18. Political grandstanding by the tribal chairman aside, they probably do need to put more effort into prevention there due to some of the issues you point out (diabetes, HTN, etc.) and the substandard medical care available on the reservations.
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