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    The Herald

    I'd have to assume he likes getting paid for his work.
  2. Given the location, I'm unsure if that's a typo or not
  3. https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/education/3976430-EERC-secures-16M-for-enhanced-oil-recovery-research

    Grand Sky


    2019 Season

    Pretty sure it was sarcasm from Wilbur in reference to some of the southern lurkers on this site.

    2019 Season

    What is the 150 patch for?
  7. Are new people moving to the developments in south Grand Forks or is the population just shifting from the north end?

    2020 FB Recruiting

    6'1" 210# LB out of Kansas. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/5121056/5c041d265b3d560a3007fe03
  9. https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/3974592-UND-AD-Bill-Chaves-says-facilities-future-still-behind-the-curtain Chaves comments on the video and images.
  10. Because those are the 2 options.
  11. What's the structure to the south of the HPC where the grass practice field currently is?
  12. I like their elk burger. The Frog in Bismarck just announced the addition of a beef hamburger to the menu, but I don't know if that's at the other locations too.
  13. 6'3" guard out of Wisconsin.
  14. UNDBIZ


    We didn't have the new interlocking ND with Sioux on it until after Oshie left, did we?
  15. I like the Pier for bar food and outdoor seating on the water. Better than any other river bar in BisMan at least. Decent wings there too as long as we aren't comparing to the Cay. Good call on EAT Thai and Little Cottage. I'm not a fan of Los Lunas personally though. My experiences there it more closely resembled Paradiso than a Mexican restaurant. La Carreta and La Tejana for me, though I still haven't tried El Guerro or Charras and Tequila. The Cay and spinach queso from Blue Moose are really the only 2 food things I miss about Grand Forks since Red Pepper ruined the grinder. One consistent negative about most Bismarck restaurants, the service is usually slow and not very good, regardless of how busy they are. There isn't a crop of 10,000 college students for the restaurants to choose from.
  16. It would be a massive pay cut for him.
  17. Looks like it had been the Hawk since October 2017.
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