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  1. Be positive…he may be a Diamond in the rough
  2. My mother always said. Money talks! I rest my case….
  3. Looks like JuiceU is looking for a new President…..newspapers reported a rather questionable process….
  4. And people who work for MN DOT and hold stop signs for construction make more than registered nurses!
  5. I agree Geaux Sioux…mixing public and private money can be difficult and there needs to be clear parameters!
  6. Now the NCAA DI Council voted to recommend to its board of directors to “ adopt an interim policy that would suspend amateurism rules related to name, image, snd likeness.” Sounds like it will be up to each school to implement their own policies. The NCAA policy “leaves in place the commitment to avoid pay-for-play and improper indictments tied to choosing to attend a particular school.” Yea, right…..
  7. How will this affect recruiting? It seems the NCAA can call the shots…. some are calling it the “Lamborghini Rule.”
  8. Will there be tailgating this fall and if we do not know now, when will we?
  9. Somehow I did not think your comment was what tik tok had. I learn stuff every day!
  10. Could you clarify? FYP seems to have 2 meanings on Google.....
  11. SH played classy football IMHO and limited knowledge. I hope their player is ok.
  12. Man...every mother’s nightmare...praying for an update SH player down... not moving... bringing out the EMS and gurney
  13. Interceptions seem to be the play of the day. The announcers rubbed in about the JuiceU loss....
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