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  1. Point is... with all of your statements it seems even more obvious that many issues will arise... some we can’t even think of yet. I don’t buy this will improve/regulate sponsorships. Didn’t they make that argument with prohibition? And they had so, so many agents to monitor compliance. Don’t do anything... this too shall pass.
  2. Thank you for posting that and the 41 minute mark.... great info from Hunter and Bubba!
  3. This is NOT a one college, one sport, one player question. The focus is much broader... much. There are too many implications to consider...things get way out of hand. Sadly, you seem to see this from a very narrow perspective. Your player knew the rules when he signed up. He can do the camp after he graduates. Shouldn’t he be focused on the team and his S & C and not on promoting himself to adoring youth all summer long? What is wrong is the rather selfish “I want” mentality. I just would not support this type of sponsorships for college athletes. That is my opinion, that’s all.
  4. Shakespeare: Me thinks she doth protest too much! yup, black market for sure siouxphan: do you see multiple juice sponsorships in the future???
  5. Bison06: I basically disagree with everything... sponsorship never equaled the schools paying...where did that come from? when they go pro, have them sell their likeness to General Mills for the. Wheaties box. Until then shut up and put up.... I do not think it is appropriate for public tax money to go to this and you KNOW, totally KNOW each college would pay a whole new department to manage sponsorship of athletes. if the wash machine ain’t broke, don’t spend time and money to fix it.
  6. Sorry... I think sponsorship would change MANY aspects of college sports... recruiting for sure, off season for many reasons, and even coaching since you know coaches could be “featured.” I am basically not in favor of it. Leave the pro players on the Wheaties box and keep college sports as college sports.
  7. Could be impacted by the NCAA change in college sponsorships...
  8. He’s a big boy... looks good IMHO
  9. Twice I have been major burned when I was on a committee that did not hire a qualified person from within. The teacher left after a few months and the right person got hired. The head librarian was a disaster and legally, publicly left voluntarily... but the rest of the story! Hire from within if qualified.... good luck in 2020.
  10. Will you post the tents, too?
  11. Again.... Bubba is a class act!
  12. “Tackled by a host of Fighting Sioux defense” needs to ring loud and clear again!
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