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  1. So open minded ( and now hysterical??) that you’re brains fall out! I am SO done with all of this.....think of how our players must feel. Sure need to thank snd support them thru all of this!
  2. The drama continues.... how long will this stay a mess? Asking for a friend.....
  3. So today’s Fargo paper, ? Sports writer Kolpack?, had some interesting comments about college football and COVID...... he said JuiceU’s Saturday afternoon game is still on but they will not know the for sure until Friday afternoon when players’ tests come back. Also, ? no college homecomings until the State of ND opens college stadiums to 100% (really?). I do not know how to do a link but I am SO ready for this to be OVER.
  4. Had to look it up... not Bank of America!
  5. Well... I guess there is some data that says people who have had COVID have better and longer immunity than the ones who get the vaccine. There are now reports that completely vaccinated people are still getting COVID ( not sure which brand of vaccine). Many cases are these variants plus the virus will continue to mutate. No matter how you cut it... it is a mess. Who do you believe?
  6. Or just forget all the restrictions
  7. Just wondering...”received an offer” vs. “accepted an offer” to play.... at what point is he a sure thing?
  8. Unfortunately, there is no way to talk football (or any other sport at any level) OR entertainment without talking about COVID.... ask the Hill -Murray and Hermantown High School hockey teams. depressing to see what we have turned into
  9. Maybe teams should hire an epidemiologist before S & C?? Wow.... as big as Juice, right?
  10. A big NO to all!!! It is still politicians pleasing people snd MSM making money( with others).
  11. People who have had COVID may (probably will) test positive for at least 90 days due to virus fragments (non-infectious) in their body. it is just a mess.
  12. It is all just a mess....In MN Influenza A & B are almost non-existent, (?PCR test is non-specific to COVID), heart disease and cancer deaths have decreased( speculation about the coding of death certificates), AND guess what sky rocketed? YUP sexually transmitted diseases.... so there’s that! It is a mess... I guess during a cold winter with nothing to do, people have sex....is that surprising?
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