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  1. Mama Sue


    Well I tried doing that so let me know if you do not get something. Could just post a phone number.....email.... snail mail..... this technology can get to me
  2. Mama Sue


    How much each, guys???
  3. Mama Sue


    Let me know the status/need and where to donate. I am like all over safety needs....totally! Let me know who to contact.
  4. Mama Sue

    Viewing options

    This technology stuff is so over my head.... I can drive to GF easier.....
  5. Mama Sue

    2018 Season

    Love it! But be positive.... too funny.
  6. Mama Sue

    2018 attendance

    Well there will be an app soon I bet. There is an app for new parents about when to change and feed their baby.... looking forward to the season....
  7. Mama Sue

    2018 Season

    Well, I am impressed with this year’s recruits. Can’t judge their football ability BUT any high school student today that is in 2 to 3 sports and a good GPA shows maturity. Obviously he can juggle sports and academics plus he has been so busy he probably has learned what battles to fight and not fight. Probably has not had time to whine either. The past is past and we need to focus on the future. I said from the beginning it would take 4 years.... I think this is a true statement (??): Bubba has now recruited every player on the team. Let him play his cards his way! We, the UND fan base, are only as wrong as our weakest link.....I like this term that some people bleed green!
  8. Mama Sue

    Leave No Doubt

    Lookin’ Good
  9. Mama Sue

    2019 UND Recruiting

    Why should they? Media covered local issues most of my life. Now I hear about breaking news all over the world ASAP and I can’t find info about our county’s Relay for Life. Let local media support and report local events. Just MHO.
  10. Mama Sue

    2018 Season

    Quaint idea.... don’t tell anyone! Can’t wait for the season to start!
  11. Mama Sue

    2018 Season

    Answer: not soon enough!!!
  12. Mama Sue

    UND Football 360

    So is there a link to this 360 or do you download it on your cellphone? Are there daily updates?
  13. Mama Sue

    2019 UND Recruiting

    Well said..... but still lookin’ good!
  14. Mama Sue

    2019 UND Recruiting

    Man.... I can hardly get work done today... this is awesome stuff!!!
  15. Mama Sue

    2019 UND Recruiting

    Great weather today and great reading!!!