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  1. MN’s St. Thomas has “ involuntarily left the MIAC Conference.” They are considering D-II, possibly NSIC with a goal to be DI in the future. WIAC was also mentioned.....
  2. He is 38 now and was in 6th grade!!!! Seems I misplaced a comma, word, or phrase there!!!
  3. In about 1995,someone slipped on an icy sidewalk in MN (really?), fell, and broke her arm. She sued and got $45,000 for “enstrangement of affection for 3 months.” Doing some quick math for once weekly affection times 12 weeks divided into $45,000 that’s $3750 per affection. I went home and told my husband, based on our affection, I was worth $3 million. in 1977 this 400# (and about 5’7”) man who was 65 had some surgery and hemorrhaged. He sued and got $20,000 because he was impotent afterwards. TRUE stories... I believe anything.
  4. Go on Judge Judy and let her handle it.... you can’t fix stupid but common sense is long gone today... Did your parents ever say “Don’t do something stupid; you’ll get hurt?” when my 38 year old son was in 6th grade we went on a bike ride... somehow my bike tire got caught on the curb and I landed looking up at the sky in the soft grass of the Catholic Cemetery. His first words were.” Mom, can we use someone?” I replied absolutely not.... it is worse now!
  5. Just a sign of the times....not an employee washing a floor ( there is always a sign it seems)... just someone walking with an unknown liquid spilled on the floor... loss of wages and pain are both a given in any law suit...city has deep pockets maybe someone can volunteer to be floor monitors in a facility that is how many SF??? Good job for the GOBC
  6. I agree with you... he started school at age 4..... you never win when messing with these things...
  7. One of MN’s top football recruits, Craig McDonald, has been declared ineligible for his senior year by the MN State High School League. He repeated 8th grade so he could mature socially and academically. The MSHSL limits high school competition to 12 semesters. His are used up. He made a verbal commitment to Iowa State...he plays safety. Parents have appealed once and were denied; plan to appeal again. Changing sports in high school in the middle of a season, relocating, and messing around with grades/age always runs into issues with the local school boards or MSHSL. Wonder how firm his verbal commitment is..... he is 6’2” and 185#. Just saying with my limited knowledge of this stuff....I only read and like this feed!
  8. Great article about Santiago and Oliveira by Patrick Reusse in the spirts section of today’s Minnneapolis Star Tribune....
  9. Hey bro, wanna be President?
  10. “Let each give as able and give from the heart” paraphrased... I have been meaning to donate but could not get a link or screwed up something other times... this time with the match I was determined to figure it out! Also, I wanted to go back and increase the donation one level and could not figure out how.... so I just decided to donate to all 3 equally. It was fairly easy to do!! Again, great job alumni foundation.... Go Sioux
  11. Well that I believe..... but I donate a heck of a lot in my own community!!!
  12. Check out the 1:1 match thread.... ante up guys!!!
  13. Ok GOBC.... ante up... put your money where your mouth is today...
  14. I made a donation to all 3 funds..... all are worthwhile and a match is a fundraising tool I support whenever possible....plus my Social Security came today! Go Sioux!!!
  15. Thanks for letting us know!!! Go Sioux! I love when there is a match..... good job Alumni Foundation......
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