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  1. Are they really allowing only 1000 people in the Alerus? Man....
  2. Man... I just love getting those hand written thank yous from Bubba and Tim.... a class act all the way!!! I even recognize their handwriting.....
  3. That was my first thought too! Will there be JuiceU products for sale? asking for a friend...
  4. Need to do it from my land computer.... not cell phone! Thanks for informing us...
  5. Bricks... top vs. EFIS/concrete love the top one... do it right.... EFIS needs repair and so do the concrete slab buildings.... our courthouse’s front door was closed snd we had ? 3 engineers trying to figure out what to do with the loose concrete.... bricks ladt a long time but do need tuck pointing eventually
  6. I would be happy to see a full season... just saying
  7. On my bucket list....and that awesome church on campus!
  8. Well... maybe there were some Bison supporters out there!
  9. After the election, the western 2/3s of MN wants to form their own state and call it East Dakota. Comments were made we could follow the Bison and NDSU. At least we would have a winning FB team. I kept my mouth shut.
  10. I absolutely LOVE that video! Great job UND football!!!! Where is it on FB? I most certainly want to post it....great message. I am doing part time COVID tracing and wish there were more like this.
  11. I was told the governor of Illinois has shut down spectators for ALL sports.... not sure that is true but restaurants were outdoor seating only last month.
  12. My mother always said... the bigger they are, the harder they fall.
  13. That is hilarious Oxbow6!!!!
  14. Morning paper says Trey Lance officially announced he is forgoing his 2 final years at NDSU and will enter the draft...spring ball out. He will prepare for the draft.
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