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  1. Those are great questions someone should answer!
  2. Don’t tell me the Big 10……
  3. ND1…. Good assessment. I truly wish him well. I hope things work out for him. Any chance UND keeps him? I am not familiar with how the transfer portal works if you don’t get selected.
  4. NCAA rules is an AD level enforcement for all activities. Then the coaches support the AD’s position. Report offenses, follow whatever policy the school has on discipline, etc. Needs to be fair across the board , IMHO.
  5. Not an issue for Bubba or other coaches
  6. Very true CMSioux…. The public has lost trust and interest in this whole COVID situation. TMI, information confusing, information changing. We had a death in our county because the person refused to go to the doctor or hospital… age was 50 to 60 years old. What does a multi million dollar industry do, like pro sports? Then the NCAA micro manages next Saturday’s game. Basically I know two things: COVID is here to stay and it is too confusing! GO UND
  7. After weeks of the papers stressing to get vaccinated because hospitals are full(note: beds have been decreased due to lack of staff AND ICUs are always 90%+ full), this morning’s paper had headlines hospitals get reprieves as COVID cases decline. In MN now, our COVID test results say PCR COVID Positive….You may or may not have COVID. Seriously!! Good thing the Vikings are not in the playoffs. Tell the NCAA and NFL too. money and control IMHO i have been in health care too long!
  8. The NCAA has announced plans for the JuiceU and Montana game in Texas if COVID. limits the numbers of eligible players for either team… If one or both teams fall below the number before arriving then the game will be 1/14. If both teams get to TX and one or both fall below the number of eligible players and choose not to play (who would do that?), the game would be declared a no contest. If only one team was unavailable, the available team would be declared the winner. If both teams are unavailable, the title would be vacated. What a mess? I hope Montana has enough players!
  9. Gopher Ky Thoma RB has entered the transfer portal. He finished his redshirt season with 166 carries for 824 yds. and 6 TD. Oklahoma’s QB Caleb Williams entered too. Quinn Carrel from Notre Dame ….OT also entered. Must be a busy time in the portal!
  10. Opportunity, political BS, and the culture of the team/school…then follow the money! Good Luck to anyone who advances.
  11. Nothing in life is that simple…. More like opportunity, political BS, and the “culture” of the team/school. Then you get to results and pay. Even with no immediate results…coaches are retained if the first three are going good. The GOBC controls the purse strings in many situations, IMHO. It is much more complicated…..everything is.
  12. Those coaches would leave JuiceU so fast….these schools are Latin big time coaches big time money WITH “other compensation” in the contract. Plus the whole NIL benefits coaches too… throw in the coaching clinic circuit and LOTS of cash.
  13. Well there are changes afoot in the Big 10 and Big 12 too…I guess there will be 2 openings in the Big 10 (is that right?). Lots of talk in MN who else will be coming….mostly among Gopher football fans. Would JuiceU consider the Big 10? I don’t really know enough to even speculate. Oh, and Gopher BB fans want teams other than Gopher football fans.
  14. The paper had an editorial about all the FCS teams leaving and NDSU contemplating a Bison move to FBS…. And the cost to their athletic budget for travel for conference games. Also… that the “Fargo fan base has gotten bored.” Regular season games have gotten smaller. All very interesting! This was Patrick Reuse’s column!
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