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  1. I agree…according to the radio… the team showed some fire. We played tough against a #4 (?) ranked team. This is something to build on and not tear down!
  2. I love the way the radio called him “The Book of Isaiah.” He had fire….
  3. I must say I really like our radio announcers…they are great
  4. Sometimes it works to move people around and up to playing more, for whatever reason! Just GO UND! And remember those QB sacks! I am not napping the second half but will open a Nor’easter…. Which I maybe do twice a year!
  5. Speaking of the HPC II, have they started a fund for that yet?
  6. You know…don’t take this out of context… I did not say what sport, what level, what team. Why did you assume it was this game? Get a life!
  7. Siouxphan27 you made my day! But a few comments…. Did you assume JuiceU knows, understands, or has gonadal fortitude?? Maybe that is the issue….. Yes, if it happened that week it needed to be addressed that week. Manipulating discipline to fit the opponent would not show gonadal fortitude and would scream a lack of integrity. JuiceU should focus on getting porta potties and maybe drinking more water and not Juice…..and talk to that mama about discipline….WOW
  8. Or rather… the coaches have the gonadal fortitude (politically, non-offensive term) to put in someone snd give them the opportunity to do it extraordinarily well. I love Otis but he was obviously benched for something a couple of games ago (right?). That showed gonadal fortitude….needs to be applied to offsides too…. I really wanted a solids season this year….hope it can turn around.
  9. Dustin…excellent comments…yes, what do various coaches in various sports (or levels) do? I read and follow several college teams. I see in the paper that a Junior or senior left the team and is in the transfer portal (or not). Why? Then the next article talks about an underclass man doing a stellar job in his debut on the field. After several of these over the years, you can figure it out. The upper class man is not performing (or whatever) and will not be starting. Our high school team does a mandatory 10 push ups for any offsides. Everyone on the field…not just the one or two who were offsides. I do know teams can run plays perfectly fine time after time in practice but fall apart during a game. My other BIG question in this is the role of the AD. When a team is struggling….and coaches too…. the AD should be stepping in and maybe he has. I know a coach (won’t say what sport or level of play) who contacted the AD 3 times for help and was ignored (JERK)…. for a variety of other more public reasons that AD lost his standing in the community… so the bad juju needs to be corrected somehow…..maybe the coaching staff has tried to and we do not know
  10. Not sure I would say great…. great is no missed tackles and stopping the run. But they are more consistent than our offense IMH (and limited) O
  11. So…I can not discuss this game on the level of this topic…but as I say there and watched…. Not only was there no fire and some glaring mistakes (that I caught) BUT a total lackluster attitude…lining up, in the huddle, coming off the field…..one play, if I counted correctly, there was not one missed tackle but THREE that led to a USD 1st down.Very few high fives and pats on the back…. I was at the 50 yard line, row 12, behind the UND bench…. The defense had their work cut out for them….wow, just overall “deflated” playing??? What is the solution? Is there one got the rest of the season?
  12. There seems to be some negative juju… a disconnect somewhere…general disconnect
  13. An interception would be REAL nice here.
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