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  1. Mama Sue

    2019 Season

    Walking hurts when you are 65 no matter if you played football or not.
  2. Not so sure I would support a statement about the “talent this year in the state this year is weak.” I do not know the talent in the state and I am no judge of the quality.... but this seems to be a generic slam to young too many men. Not a good statement and poor reflection on Juice U..... just my opinion!
  3. Mama Sue

    2019 Season

    Both Drake and SH are now on my calendar....I serve for coffee hour at church the Sunday after Drake but I can switch if needed! Just tell me where to be..... when you see a fat old lady with glasses and bad knees... it is me. I will wear something SIOUX
  4. Mama Sue

    2019 Season

    Well I certainly would make an effort to see this....post the date!!!
  5. Mama Sue

    2019 Season

    Would you bring it to a tailgating event?
  6. Mama Sue

    2019 Season

    I miss the Sioux logo! But I can survive with ND
  7. Kleinsasser controlled that game... we were sitting near him for that catch and it was WOW. I have not watched as many Sioux games but I would say “The Run” by Luke Schliesner for the championship game was a total “come out of nowhere, what did we just do, and we can win this” moment. And then 2.6 minutes of praying defense could hold them.... and they did. My heart rate increases just typing this and my heart is smiling! So many great memories.
  8. Nope, my typing/keyboarding skills are not good.
  9. We seem to have a southern literacy problem.....
  10. Are we still looking for those positions?
  11. Some Shaklee Juice that is not a stimulant or caffeine or illegal or banded....
  12. The Food and Drug Administration does NOT regulate these supplements.... you can put anything you want on it. A friend, not health care, is selling one of these in a pyramid type business.... she posted her supplements are perfectly safe for pregnant women and children. I should tell her for college football players too. Hey, do you think Juice U used Shaklee?
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