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  1. I got a email about a donation for the HPC II. I was wondering why no else had started this!! Glad to see it.
  2. Nice to see this formally starting! GO UND!
  3. Ditto for my relatives. I want to watch a game. If you want to make a statement, buy a keg and have a party. All of these issues would seem to distract players from their focus on the game. Some college teams do not take the field until after the National Anthem. No opportunity to distract the players... good idea, IMHO. Go UND.
  4. It is an auto correct.... I did not grow up with this new stuff... it should be bath water!!! Thanks... just a little drama tonight. I got the GO UND right and that’s what counts.
  5. I admire student athletes so much... so many times they have been awesome role models for my children starting with t-ball coaches. I know I am old but personal integrity is still important. I hope we don’t end up throwing the baby out with the cat heater over all of this....GO UND!!!
  6. I have the disposable income but...no way do I plan to go to Minneapolis after they defunded their police department....no way. And many others feel the same way. The whole picture here from 10,000 feet up has totally changed. I hope college athletics survives and prospers. Go UND.
  7. Good point.... very valuable!
  8. So...morning paper says the NCAA has approved July 24 meetings and walk throughs with practices starting August 7 for September 3 or 5games. Has UND announced anything yet?
  9. When do season tickets go on sale? As far as COVID-19, I will see a UND mask!
  10. Well MN is a terrible mess.... but in the midst of riots and looting and the National Guard (thank God), our Gov. Walz has stated he may entertain letting the Vikings play in the US Bank Stadium... to an empty stadium. Hope the NCAA has common sense since MN has not had the predicted 79,000 deaths.
  11. Could the NCAA open MN churches? I am so glad to read this.... a step in the right direction.
  12. Basically, this is just a mess. It affects almost every aspect of our lives.... in MN, I can’t get my hair cut but I can get my dog trimmed. I can’t shop downtown but I can at a big box retail. The biggest candy store in MN opened but not movie theaters.... it is a mess.
  13. That is very true.... Mr. Football, and sometimes his parents, expect to be a starter. Good things come to people who wait.... a sign of true maturity when someone realizes they need to work up the ladder.
  14. I agree but one question is how and when the different states will peak.... the east and west coasts will have peaked with the virus... mid west will peak much later.... just have to wait!
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