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  1. I guess the NCAA just cancelled all spring sports in all divisions if I heard correctly.
  2. Yup... library closed.....museum for history researched closed.... no sports on TV or radio.....at least I can sew. Negativity is surely flowing. Sewing masks for health care helps.... I was worried about the fall season from the get go. Even the teams we play not just ND... depends on what each state says about changing this isolation stuff. ***What would be a drop down date to decide about the fall season... of course it is the NCAA but when would we know???***
  3. I totally missed the prices... will look for a date they go on sale and how soon the season starts with this COVID-19.
  4. So when do season tickets go on sale and how much, generally? Will need to check my schedule!
  5. My biggest disappointment is right now...COVID-19. Nothing we can control but this will not be resolved until September and maybe not until November.
  6. Saw on FB (for what it is worth) that UND May close after spring break due to the corona virus. Will this affect spring ball and/or S & C?
  7. You mean to tell me there is more than one JuiceU???? WOW siouxphan and Geaux would know!
  8. Mama Sue

    Bubba extension

    East coast colleges build these so athletes can stay together... popular trend....
  9. Mama Sue

    Bubba extension

    Good things happen to people who wait! Great News!
  10. WOW... what an awesome young man...
  11. Approximately 196 days to get ‘er done.... that is counting weekends and legal holidays.
  12. Great focus.... the GAME.... love this whole post.
  13. Oh and a very close second.... name and mascot change. GO SIOUX!
  14. Coaching changes, for whatever reason, that we’re too frequent. No finger pointing or specific person/reason.....just a fact.
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