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  1. A very large mistake/temporary exclusion, now rectified.
  2. Politics are against forum rules. - Moderators
  3. It's December and UND sports are back on.
  4. Convicted and charged are 2 different things.
  5. It was a horrible policy, but I'd guess that family separation made more than a few potential illegal immigrants reconsider their plans.
  6. Didn't you used to claim you were a Republican anti-Trumper?
  7. He gets credit for mid-February 2020 through early June 2020
  8. https://www.king5.com/article/news/local/seattle/seattle-budget-includes-cuts-to-police-investments-in-community-programs/281-9a123fcc-568a-4c79-84fb-fce6be58f12c
  9. Frozen and I were talking about Bismarck.
  10. The majority are certainly wearing masks now (as they were a month ago), but there are still plenty ignoring the signs in Walmart, Dan's, and various restaurants (prior to being seated). Of those wearing a mask, I'd guess around 20% have them under the nose.
  11. Then herd immunity is a real thing.
  12. With Thanksgiving coming up, you should've stayed quiet
  13. The excessive (interpretation to the individual) regulation and Iran deal are likely. The rest is fear mongering and exaggeration.
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