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  1. I'd amend that to "planned for 3 miles apart." One group will go antagonize the other.
  2. https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/597 Paying off felons' fines is great. Paying off felons' fines for the stated purpose of getting them to vote for your candidate may be a crime. The Bloomberg camp has made their intent behind paying off the fines very clear, and it may come back to bite them.
  3. They're certainly contributing to the excess death number.
  4. We can't attribute all excess deaths to covid, as many of them are attributable to society's reaction to covid.
  5. He thinks everything is an attack or conspiracy now.
  6. I can see the IP addresses. They're not the same.
  7. This is a must-watch for many people right now. And it should be something both red and blue can agree on (although they'll both think it's only the other side that's been manipulated).
  8. Although I understand actually following the safety guidelines for fall football is difficult/impossible, what is going to change by spring?
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