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  1. Duluth has become really easy to hate. Their fans (what few they have) are awful and they play a tough, cheap game, but are the first ones to dive and pretend to be hurt when given the opportunity.
  2. 1. Minnesota 2. Duluth 3. St. Cloud 4. Denver
  3. Was any money donated by the family for the Betty? I was under the impression UND was paying for it via the REA.
  4. Was he out of the game 2009-2015?
  5. The neg rep was for the football rip, rather than anything related to the hawk name. Predictable response as always though.
  6. https://news.berkeley.edu/2020/02/04/native-mascots-survey/
  7. Word is it'll be the hawk screech from the Alerus.

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