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  1. Congrats to Hunter Pinke on his move to Arizona for adaptive track!
  2. Perhaps he was told that's not an option after quitting on his team during the playoffs.
  3. Pretty much confirms to me that the Utah St and Washington st "offers" didn't actually include money.
  4. Is Vaughn good? The coaches apparently don't trust him to throw the ball.
  5. Nice story by TM here. Nathan Nguon must've ate his Wheaties.
  6. Since I was told it's not pocket presence, I'll call it "rush awareness" this time.
  7. I just can't believe we quit punishing MSU for cheating up on the line after we went up 3 scores.
  8. Tommy is a winner. Not saying this is Quincy, but a QB with bad decision-making, bad pocket presence, and poor accuracy (all things Tommy does well) could be the difference in a lot of the games we've already played this year too. Tommy's small movements and presence in the pocket are very good and not talked about enough, IMO. We got crushed in Fargo because the entire team, led by the coaches, crapped their pants as soon as they stepped foot in the Fargo dome.
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