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  1. Gotta be careful and learn from ndsu's mistakes on that one. Their heated sidewalks are never turned on because they didn't account for where the melt would flow (and create an ice rink).
  2. Given Duluth players' propensity to dive, I'd prefer to avoid the 5 minute major and dq.
  3. If Brad's reporting is correct and the money came from the Engelstad Foundation (KEM), then good for UND on getting her to give us money again. If it actually came from the REA Foundation, it's further evidence of the arena management spending what should be UND's money in a way that may not be the most efficient or effective for the university.
  4. Although I never made it to the one in GF, I actually like Sickies in Bismarck. Good wings, beer, and enclosed "patio" area. Hopefully the new restaurant will be what the Whitey's location needs. Blue Moose food, outside of the spinach queso, really isn't very good anymore, but it still seems to be packed most nights. Not sure why the Whitey's building can't stay full.... with the theater, greenway, and Cabela's right there, it shouldn't really be a traffic issue. Maybe parking + the space is too big?
  5. Death by a thousand cuts.
  6. He the guy from Bismarck Shiloh a couple years ago?
  7. https://fightinghawks.com/sports/football/schedule/2022
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