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  1. Actually I have a lot of Fighting Sioux merchandise in my house and I wear it fairly often. People like you are the primary negative about the logo for me, and I enjoy making fun of your obsession.
  2. If you read the posts he quoted, they explain his reasoning.
  3. Thanks for underlining the key points, haha.
  4. If every individual in a program has a certain opinion, it's fair to say the program has that opinion. Berry is in charge of the program and he is the face of the program.
  5. The precious must remain over the ice!
  6. Seems you are correct. I wish they could've gone with a more classic look, similar to the old signage. Overall the project should be a major upgrade though.
  7. It hasn't been a problem and I don't foresee it becoming a problem. Just a dumb tweet for likes from the mob.

    New Coach?

    You only know the names of 2 of them.
  9. Using a marker to black out your school's logo for twitter likes? It's pretty childish.
  10. Is the article mistaken, or would he really still have 4 seasons eligibility after a transfer year, medical redshirt year, and a prep league year?
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