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  1. Cancelled both Men's and Women's, so either that or maybe a facilities issue?
  2. Not to throw gas on internet rumors, but if he truly isn't all-in on playing football for UND, that can become very infectious.
  3. Why wouldn't the CCHA accept them?
  4. The worst team in college football probably doesn't have any wins though.
  5. Didn't Ralph run president Baker out of town?
  6. The less on cbssn the better, for those who paid for nchctv.
  7. New wedding venue. Same owner as the Opal in the old Simonson Lumber building.
  8. Pretty weak to blame the false starts on crowd/stadium noise. Those guys would've been jumping early in a library.
  9. In addition to the tailgating spots issue, there was a major issue Saturday in the diamond and champions club section of the lot. I walked by an elderly diamond club guy in his car who was not at all happy about having to park by Choice Financial (and being asked to pay $10 for the privilege).
  10. Watching the game replay, it's crazy to me how much after the play taunting and jabbing ndsu gets away with given what I've seen UND flagged for in the past.
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