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  1. FUTURE NON-CONFERENCE SCHEDULES2020: vs. Valparaiso (Sept. 3), at Kansas State (Sept. 12), at Portland State (Oct. 24)2021: at Idaho State (Sept. 4), at Utah State (Sept. 11), vs. Drake (Sept. 18)2022: at Nebraska (Sept. 3), at Northern Arizona (Sept. 17), vs. Dixie State (Oct. 29)2023: vs. Drake (Sept. 2), vs. Northern Arizona (Sept. 9), at Washington (Sept. 16)2024: at Iowa State (Aug. 31), vs. Montana (Sept. 7), vs. Idaho State (Sept. 14), at Dixie State (Nov. 9)2025: at Missouri (Aug. 30), vs. Portland State (Sept. 6), at Montana (Sept. 13)2026: at Nebraska (Sept. 26) Fightinghawks.com
  2. Should be the same expectation as when Bubba took over in 2014, you get the team out of the hole, last year we were 12-18 overall and 6-10 in the conference, I give our coach 3 seasons to top the conference. For comparison, Jones didn’t have a winning conference record until year 5 and that was in the Great West.
  3. darell1976


    Bubba should lose his coaching job if they lose this one.
  4. Exactly. Its not like we played Cal Poly, or some lower level DI team, we played the #8 team in the country, a team that usually gets close to the Final Four every year. Its a good way to see where we could improve and what works against one of the best.
  5. This would be the biggest win in UND men’s basketball history, if they can pull the upset. Bison got blown out last year by them so let’s at least keep it close.
  6. Oct 1 would be the Potato Bowl, hope it doesn't snow during the parade.
  7. Can’t be asleep if they are on their phones.
  8. We also used to have a logo on the middle of the jersey and center ice too, but that’s not going to happen within the next 11 years.
  9. darell1976


    He did turn the team around, remember the awesome job Mussman did?
  10. darell1976


    Will that drown out the Fire Berry chant?
  11. darell1976


    My post never said about us having a shot at the playoffs.
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