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  1. darell1976

    SH Game Day

    My take on the game: First, I see we can't kick the ball into the end zone on kickoffs, second, when was the last time we had a QB that started the season and finished the season without injury. Third, I was impressed with the Alerus in their pregame video and sound (very nice job), also glad the band got more music played than in past years. Fourth, why would Bubba call a run up the middle on a 4th down when on first and second down that play has barely gotten one yard, not good play calling. Lastly, crowd noise. Only 8600 of us doing our best yelling, screaming, clapping, banging the backs of the chairs doing what we can to keep SHSU off their rhythm...good job everyone. A good finish as we came out on top, our defense came to play, but our offense needs help.
  2. darell1976

    SH Game Day

    Drops are hurting!!
  3. darell1976

    SH Game Day

    What happened to our high powered offense like in the pregame hype video? They need more runs by Boltmann.
  4. It will take more than 5 years to be more popular.
  5. How is our facilities the 3rd worst in the conference? I didn't know the Betty is falling apart.
  6. This is going to be a special game for me. As this will be my last Potato Bowl game with my dad as his health has gone down hill. We have been going to the Potato Bowl every year since 1985, so hopefully UND can get a victory for me and my dad.
  7. Well there was a UND fan wearing a Sioux hockey jersey during KVLY’s fan cam segment. Plus probably half the crowd cheer for UND hockey so the sign isn’t all that surprising.
  8. No playoffs, no Bubba. Chaves better have a list of replacements ready cause if we play like this all year we would be lucky to win 3 or 4 games.
  9. Defense can’t tackle worth a sh*t.
  10. Fighting Hawks 27 Moo U 21
  11. Rocky did make the rivalry fun, especially when we beat him.
  12. I’m sure it does for the big rivalry game against the Jacks.
  13. You could go 11-1, and if that one is to those son of a guns north of us, your seasons not a success.—Rocky Hagar, Football America
  14. Almost, we are tied with the two South Dakota schools.
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