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  1. darell1976

    Conference Realignments - Take 2

    What was the reason ORU left the south to rejoin the Summit?
  2. darell1976

    Filling the Ralph

    Special needs? Good one. So glad I gave people a good laugh for not knowing automotive facts. I piggy backed off of Smoggy’s post that said tickets are too high. I thought this was Sioux Sports and not Gopher Hole. Sorry for my opinion, and I’ll just stick with the non-hockey topics.
  3. darell1976

    FCS Football Polls

    Maybe a little less than the ones who post on AGS or as I call it Bisonville 2.0
  4. darell1976

    Filling the Ralph

  5. darell1976

    Filling the Ralph

    You are the one that asked if gas was cheaper for football than hockey. I am not the only one that brought up the price of food and gas, but if you want to single me out more power to you, at least I know there are more people complaining about the money aspect of why the Ralph isn’t filling up than just me.
  6. darell1976

    Filling the Ralph

    Time for a new tradition “Hawks Yeah Yeah”.
  7. darell1976

    Filling the Ralph

    Be careful, people may accuse you of not caring if you’re not a cotton mouth by the end of the game.
  8. darell1976

    UND (2-0) @ #10 Kentucky (1-1) 11/14 8 pm

    Was Kentucky the highest ranked team we have ever played or was Arizona in the dance higher?
  9. darell1976

    2018-19 Season

    Hopefully they arrive quick, these new ones suck really badly. You can’t read the number on them for one thing. I suppose using last years jerseys are out of the question.
  10. darell1976

    Filling the Ralph

    Do you have a family? Money is not a lame excuse. My 3 kids is priority over a hockey game. Medical bills come up, Christmas is coming, plus saving extra when my boy attends UND in the fall. I have priorities and seeing hockey tickets increase puts me going to a game lower on the list. Sorry Scrooge McDuck we all can’t take a dive into the money bin like you and TeleDebbie.
  11. darell1976

    Filling the Ralph

    Got a problem with what I said? I have money for a football game in the fall, a family tradition my dad has with me since 1985, and it costs a hell of a lot less than a random hockey game in the winter.
  12. darell1976

    Filling the Ralph

    You’ve been a total tool about my posts so why would I expect anything more from you.
  13. darell1976

    2018-19 Season

    The REA is preventing the football team from some equipment, so why would that be far fetched.
  14. darell1976

    2018-19 Season

    #REAlockerrooms #REAscoreboard #Priorities
  15. darell1976

    Filling the Ralph

    My trip to the potato Bowl would be a lot cheaper than a trip to a hockey game, concessions is a must when my dad needs a snack (diabetic) and my son needs a drink. I’ve gone to plenty of UND games growing up without concessions and going 3 hours with no food or drink sucks. I could shell out 200 bucks on one hockey game or save the money and watch it on tv. Oh and as for gas, it’s cheaper in early fall without the heat, and the use of cruise control compared to winter time with the heat blasting 140 total miles, and not using cruise while watching for ice on the roads.