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  1. Sammy wasn’t on the front just on the shoulder.
  2. darell1976

    2019 Season

    Anyone know when single game tickets go on sale?
  3. And I thought people would love to see the Blackhawk logo again.
  4. Already you got people on social media bashing the move. I guess you can’t please everyone. For me I like the historical logos. The Blackhawk logo brings back a lot of memories growing up.
  5. So is a BB Sioux logo going to be hung in the Alerus for the 2001 National Championship banner?
  6. He was a great player to watch. Very sad.
  7. _ND?? I have seen UN_ because we have no D, I guess we got our D back, now we need to find our U.
  8. Satan better get ready for the Polar Vortex.
  9. They announce their membership to the Sun Belt, as they see the rise of UND football and the fall of their dynasty.
  10. This is the only logo that will do that:
  11. Ace Ventura was on the grassy knoll.
  12. And 2001 when UND football won the only National Title with the BB Sioux logo. So for historical accuracy the only BB National Title banner that should be hung should be in the Alerus Center not the REA.
  13. Kinda like how Bison fans lived in the 80’s prior to 2010.
  14. Yes, you guys have dominated the FCS world since 2010, while we are barely on our feet. But give credit where credit is do, we have beaten you in recruiting battles in the past, and history will come full circle as is has before and we will beat you again in recruiting battles and the battle on the field. This year, next year, next decade we won't know until the games are played.
  15. First time i saw someone do it in person was in 6th grade I was playing basketball for West Elementary (go Warriors!!), someone from Lake Agassiz dunked the ball during warmups. We were like "holy crap".
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