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  1. Still can’t beat Omaha in DI. They always seem to have our number.
  2. Very sad to hear this. My condolences to Lowell and his family.
  3. With or without Rocky the squirrel?
  4. Maybe if Ralph did that back in 2005 we would still be the Fighting Sioux. It worked at Florida State.
  5. He already has a win over a Big 10 team on his very short resume, and he has an OOC road win, something Jones struggled to do in his tenure.
  6. Big win for the program and our new coach!!
  7. Going into CVS in North Fargo with my Sioux winter jacket (I will wear it til it dies), had a guy walking out slap me on the arm and said “good hockey team”, I said yep. I did have my Fighting Hawks shirt underneath. So I go back and forth between Sioux and Hawks gear.
  8. Chaves will probably wait until Bubba’s contract is up before making a switch, unless Bubba gets the program to a higher level. For a replacement maybe Bill knows some Eastern Washington people.
  9. Wasted a lot of time just to call a time out
  10. Game time temp 78 with partly cloudy skies. Great day for football, compared to the winter storm hitting us.
  11. So? I can’t post a hypothetical question, but thanks for your answer to the question.
  12. So when (yes when) we win on Saturday and play the Bison the following week, if we win, would that be our signature win in since joining DI?
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