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  1. Yep the Notre Dame interlocking ND is better than the Fighting Hawk.
  2. Says the one who downvoted 2 people one day before I down voted.
  3. So Red River should rename it’s school...might I suggest River Rats.
  4. As far as being just 4 years old I think it’s a good start...outside the REA.
  5. Don’t forget even if we got permission from Standing Rock and was the Sioux for another 5, 10, 20 years at any point they objected we would’ve had to change the name as per Stenjeum’s settlement.
  6. It won’t be the last of her demands.
  7. I didn’t know we had a team, wasn’t it going to be cut.
  8. Oh goodie. There is an orientation for incoming freshman next month. Road construction on University Ave will suck, but if it eliminates the potholes it will be worth it.
  9. She has no connections here. Ralph went to UND she didn’t, she went to UNLV.
  10. I can see it though as someway to keep part of the old name plus no one else has Fighting Hawks in DI. But I remember the hatred of the GF School Board people had when they announced the name was going to go. Larry Humble led the Redskins Forever effort. I bought Redskins gear from the school store before the change to hold onto the name before it was gone. I graduated as a Maroon and Grey as we were in the “cooling off period” (sound familiar). Knights was picked cause it was in the school song, no one cared if anyone else had the name locally (I heard Fisher has the same name). And to think that all started almost 30 years ago (1991), and yet Central is still winning titles as the Knights, and didn’t let a nickname/logo divide it’s students and be a talking point whether it’s social media, regular media, or word of mouth like UND and it’s nickname issue still is 7 years post Sioux.
  11. The only school I see that hasn’t embraced their name change in a major way (besides UND) is Marquette. Even Illinois is trying somehow to get the Chief back. http://www.news-gazette.com/news/local/2019-02-19/pro-chief-group-plans-event-saturdays-game.html
  12. This fall Grand Forks Central will start the school year with the nickname Knights for the 25th year. 25 years ago me, and other students voted Knights over Pride to become Central’s new nickname to start the fall of 1994. Today you don’t hear Redskins being cheered for at games, no talk of Redskins Forever on social media. So will UND be the same in 25 years from the inaugural Fighting Hawks intro in 2015? Will the division subside? Will it take less/more time to be a united campus under the Fighting Hawks name? I guess time will tell.
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