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  1. darell1976

    UND (2-5, 8-12) vs USD (2-4, 8-11) 1/23 7 PM

    People will be on here to excuse another Jones loss, like they do every season. Young team, no money, transfer, etc. Doesn’t matter as long as we make an effort in the tournament. So everyone should just be calm because in March Jones will take UND to the promise land and knock off those South Dakota teams at basically their home court. And why would people bitch about Augustana joining the Summit when we have a hard time beating our old NCC foes.
  2. darell1976

    NFL 2018 - 2019

    New England struggles at Miami. Lost to a miracle this year and lost to Jay Cutler last year.
  3. darell1976

    REA Banners

    It will have the Hawk logo on it, just like the REA had no say on the Hawk logo on the jerseys. They control the building not the product playing in it. Banners belong to the University.
  4. darell1976

    REA Banners

    So the interlocking ND would be used for the 59 and 63 banners while the Blackhawk logo would be for 80, 82, and 87. Geometric for 97 and 2000, then interlocking ND for 16. I wonder if people would be mad with the BB logo taken off a lot of banners.
  5. darell1976

    2019 Season

    Don’t know if it was posted but Sept 14th against Sam Houston State will be the Potato Bowl. I hope they don’t combine it with Homecoming like last season.
  6. darell1976

    Scoreboard change

    Scoreboard looks incredible. I’ve seen comments on Facebook about why no women’s hockey when they can spend money on a scoreboard, they don’t know it’s not UND’s money. Now let’s put that scoreboard to good use and get some goals on that board.
  7. darell1976

    NFL 2018 - 2019

    Or hope for a miracle...a Miami one.
  8. darell1976

    NFL 2018 - 2019

    Now that conference is a joke. Niners, and Cards are pathetic and Seahawks have fallen from their powerful state. All divisions change powerhouses. Where was New England in the 90’s, 80’s and 70’s?
  9. darell1976

    Pairwise 2018-19

    Those were bad times towards the end of Gino's career. Took Dean Blais to turn things around.
  10. darell1976

    Pairwise 2018-19

    Does anyone know when the last time UND missed the NCAA tournament in back to back years?
  11. darell1976

    Summit League MBB

    Current Standings: SDSU 5-1 (10 games left) Omaha 4-1 (11 games left) Purdue-Ft. Wayne 4-2 (10 games left) ORU 4-2 (10 games left) NDSU 3-3 (10 games left) USD 2-3 (11 games left) UND 2-5 (9 games left) WIU 2-5 (9 games left) ------------------------------------------ (the cut off for the tournament) DU 1-5 (10 games left) Games today: ORU at DU, USD at Omaha Fun fact: No one in the conference has a winning record overall on the road. SDSU is 4-4.
  12. darell1976

    UND (2-4, 8-11) @ NDSU (2-3, 8-11)

    Seales was 0-3.
  13. darell1976

    UND (2-4, 8-11) @ NDSU (2-3, 8-11)

    Get back to me when Jones doesn’t blow another big lead and !@#$ the bed in the last couple minutes.
  14. darell1976

    UND (2-4, 8-11) @ NDSU (2-3, 8-11)

    Jones didn’t beat SDSU did he after your snarky comment.
  15. darell1976

    UND (2-4, 8-11) @ NDSU (2-3, 8-11)

    He needed to go years ago.