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  1. As stated no. And construction is not as of yet started on the 1 sheet bandaid. Appearently that is the old dump and ground is not able to support development, or any resource we need, like a baseball field to practice on. Its suitable for dogs to crap there, and thats it Appearently. Im hoping it works out but the skeptic in me thinks its a way for the NDHSSA to say "see we told you state hockey tourneys dont work out west" and never consider Minot for boys state again
  2. I guarantee Zano could have backstopped the Wild to the exact same result... For a hell of a lot less money....
  3. Shame they skimped on a few things to bring it under budget. I'd have cut a few massively underperforming teams to get a few more machines. After womens hockey was executed they had to bring in a women's team to continue to comply with title IX in facilities provided for female athletes.
  4. The thing is no matter what when a net is empty the skaters on the ice have to take a little something off of the aggressive play to respect the empty net and play a bit more conservative and carefull. Exactly what happened. Next people have to understand the volume of ice being occupied by a 6x5 there isnt more room to work with and defenders can be agressive in closing spaces and gaps. Just statistically, analytically, and by timing, sense of the game... in every way an absolutely terrible coaching move. Everyone of those players should let him know that he took their game away from them, and run him out like in varsity blues. Let them give it their all and play it out, but when he did that he stunned his players. And it cost them a chance....
  5. And rightly so. 100% a fireable coaching move. Love Bubs, but if had pulled that !@#$ I would have led the lawn tractor parade of snowshovels and potato forks to run him out of town. Just stupid. Tops Bubba on 4th down for sure.
  6. This Minnesota team is everything a UND team used to be.
  7. https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/und-hockey/michigan-state-goalie-drew-deridder-to-transfer-to-und Im also available for fortunes, tarot cards, palm readings, and the lottery numbers for next week. Just send bitcoin to.....
  8. These guys dive so much they may qualify for the womens swim finals.
  9. boys look really tired. alter boys have 2 or 3 guys hustling to every puck. and for gods sake call the freakin slashings
  10. Red Pepper station... downtown loop....
  11. Adam Scheel called up to the Dallas Stars.... back up role... wonder if he gets in.
  12. Was this an extension... or a payoff when its time to buy it out? If they can find the money to buy this terrible idea out.... There can never be a complaint about the program not having enough support or dollars to succeed again.... ever.
  13. ooooof...... Just when the football program needed an invigorating cold shower and some awakening... it settles for adding a bit more tepid water to the already lukewarm bath.... I thought the worst call all year was going for it on 4th.... but punting here isnt much better.
  14. Bingo.... and quite frankly it seems hockey is nothing but an inconvenience to the NDHSAA...
  15. It was better than the stream of the first 2 boys ganes today. Absolutely garbage that there was no stream AND they made anyone doing a fbook live to shut it down. Embarrasing for NDHSAA... WDAY... and North Dakota Hockey as a whole. Brutally pathetic
  16. I think he needs some Jrs time and to play at a higher level with and against higher level dudes... but I would think hes "absolutely in the realm if the recruitable". fun kid to watch
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