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  1. theres a school of thought that the program retire the numbers of the greats and legends... belfour, toews.... another thought is its a recruiting and culture tool. I'm in that camp, no player is bigger than the program and its legacy carries on with each generation. As far as what does get retired, tragedy is applicable, IMHO Thats the case with Casey, but it took many many years. With Johnson, it may be best to see how the family wants to honor. I think it would be best to eventually utilize the program and platform for suicide prevention and awareness in some fashion. im hoping to see at least a patch on the sweater at some point this year.
  2. This. literally this. The current and future generation of business THRIVES on inclusion. Grand Forks gives the impression of actively and aggressively keeping small business and entrepreneurs “off their lawn”
  3. Take 2: Other schools banner threads are considerably shorter. Lookin at you UMtc...
  4. Have you even siouxsports.comed?
  5. Frozen4sioux

    The Herald

    Thinking about how this will affect us the most. The only value I see in the Herald is Schloss..... So does his content behind a paywall generate more revenue that benefits him and /or the herald? or... IMO... the readers who generally click his stuff and generate page and ad viewz are NOT going to pay for the content, I see this most likely hastening his move to a bigger market and team.... I doubt he could generate enough to go to the Athletic... but maybe.
  6. If I was an athlete at one of those schools, Id be long long gone, unfourtunetly they have to wait for an official decree before they can transfer without losing eligibility.
  7. Right???..... cause I read somewhere that UND might go FBS...........
  8. Whelp... time to face facts.... Anybody on UAA or UAF we should be looking at bringing in immediately??? ....as in this fall. Last time this happened we vultured Clarke Saunders, and became a true Sioux through and through, really contributed to the program.
  9. Can you imagine the message boards and live chats from that month!??? Keyboards were smashed, no doubt.
  10. It was a game against the Russian National team.
  11. Well yes, anybody could have anybodys name put basically on any jersey....obviously. the kids call it a "jersey foul" when a jersey is customized with someone who didnt actaully wear that style. i.e. A reebok customized with Toews... or Hrkac ...or Gretsky.... The jerseys mentioned above are in fact counterfeit chinese jerseys. Which the Authentics place at the REA will NOT customize, so I was told. (And they shouldnt) The legitimacy of the underlying sweater was in question. In authentic or authentic retail jerseys its not a huge issue if its a Toews or whoever. Its the fact that its a fake. Now if we're talking game used then yes those things are obviously dead giveaways.
  12. If ebay had to remove every item that is counterfeit..... Ebay and Herbergers would have equal sales.
  13. Very sketchy, photos are of chinese counterfeits, the main page stole the pics fron the sioux shop site. Cant see that page being active long. Registrant Name: ShaKwita Herron Registrant Organization: Registrant Street: 10930 E 76th St Registrant City: Aurora Registrant State/Province: Colorado Registrant Postal Code: 80015 Registrant Country: US Registrant Phone: +86.13274546920
  14. A poor counterfeit They are exactly fake china Jerseys.
  15. Theres also a bbq place downtown that i like.. No Bull smokehouse? India palace owner, literally nicest person ive met in years. Chicken vindaloo w/ garlic naan. (Credit BIG A HG on the India Palace introduction, a solid food review specialist)
  16. Meh... most of those places in Bis. I'm somewhat of an expert in this area, id post proof of my qualifications but... well .....family site and all. We tried to think of a restraunt in Bis/man that I havent been to and rated. Couldnt find one other than havent been to the Pier in some time. Who said cracker barrel. good lord. thats aweful. Literally been food poisoned there. Microwave crap made to look "down home" its, perkins wrapped in different pacakging, not even a 1 out of 10. on the professional scale. Bismarck does have a few ok places, Little Cottage is tops for breakfast. Lunch/Dinner: Bistro is ok, Fireflour ok, Nardellos ok, the rest you mention, very meh. Kobes is just a shinier Shogun, which is servicable at best. Oahu is ok, i dont trust it though. Los Lunas is good on tuesdays. Rice Bowl in Mandan is good. Walrus is ok once or twice a year. Best mexi is actually El Guerro in the gas station in Mandan. Although the new Churros and Tequila is good. Ill give the nod to Bis over GF in mexican category maybe. Also in the steak category. Eat Thai is actually my hidden secret star right now, pricey, but tasty. There is variety in Biz, just not outstanding quality and value. The cay in forks actually scores so high in points it carries some of the other categories. Fargo just plain sucks in all categories except Indian. India Palace on 13th. Go.
  17. its literally a non contact scrimmage. For charity.
  18. Is this a real question?
  19. Grand Forks is food paradise land compared to Bismarck, so many options up there, its actually a treat. Except for steak, we can get a good steak a few different places.
  20. I had heard this yeaterday and really hoped it wasnt true.
  21. Rowe is an absolute moron for looking elsewhere now that Karl is home. Not much can be done about thebother two, is what it is. but Rowe, that may be a big loss
  22. The reality of the budget crisis in Alaskan athletics is growing. There really may be no way to save those programs no matter what conference they play in or are a part of. This is just the helthy herd gently but firmly pushing their diseased bodies off the cliff instead of waiting for it to happen. Alaska University system hockey is not viable at this time, or for the forseeable future. By grouping back into a CCHA... and this will be the CCHA. These schools take control back from what has been a dumpster fire of an organizing body in the WCHA administration. 5 years from now I see the WCHA ... with all its regal history..... dormant or the equivelent of college hockey homeless shelter. None of the potential future expansion of hockey in the west will provide a suitable home for the alaska school.
  23. Why.... pray tell.... do you think anyone would be against Historically accurate logos? there WILL be 3 different logos on natty banners anyway very soon. So if they toss up the historical logos, that would be both appropriate and accurate. The Brein logo is the best, and most unique but it wont be up there.. sucks not because of the logo but because that era had so many unbelievably talented teams that didnt complete the mission... oh well. Conference Championship banners will have to do. There are a few others Brein logos we have to embrace throughout the arena...
  24. Well... thanks to the logoed lamp... They have, and will too.... technically.
  25. Jeeebuzz fark...... Can we just talk about our magnificently large and in no way overcompensating scoreboard instead of heading back to the NCAA/SBoHE/PatheticUNDLeadership debacle process discussion.... Its massive, I cant wait to see it in person, the old lamp is awkwardly hidden and a bit out of place, so what. It takes zero dollars away from anything else. Get over it.
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