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  1. That look when you have to investigate a coke addicts laptop that has his dead brother's wife(who he's nailing)' s underage daughter's naked pictures on it.
  2. You never served anything more than a small fries did you? The military does not, would not, and will not release troop conditions such as this. That's foolish to believe this. You really are a fool aren't you.
  3. More eybrows than Biden has for legislation in 50 years of failure.
  4. So here we are .. in the upper statosphere of stupidity. A special thanks needs to go to the failed parents and educational systems that brought such a devotion to the leftards brand of arrogant ignorance.
  5. Yeah heres the thing, if this thing where false it would, and frankly should be the end of the Trump campaign. Ita almost gone too far for that to be at all a possibility. So if this thing hits full and it is what they are saying it is. It will all be out and exposed and open very quickly here... and if so gunna send a lot of people scurrying for diatant shores.
  6. kiWow.... must have been the vikes game but you boys sure got into the shrooms hard tonight eh?! Quite the coincidence ya'll post batshit crazy at the same times, all together, everytime. Coincidentally, of course. Kinda like how Hunter Biden Coincidentally, ended up with massive amounts of money.
  7. This, hospitals operate on keeping as much business in the highest profitable opportunities. I am sick of this nonsense fearmongering.. ONLY 1 ICU BED IN ALL oF THE wOrLd! If a person needs care they will get it. This is a classification condition, not a true state of not being able to handle the needs. If you get in an accident and need ICU support it will be there for you. IF uou are part of the extreamly extreamly liw percentage of people that need hospitalization support for 'rona... you will recieve it. Good lord sheep are easy to frighten.
  8. I guess that would be a good question... I wonder how many other ballots will end up god knows where.
  9. So again, you dont listen but just apply a preconceived notion thatbdoesnt natch onto facts that were stated. Its like facts short out your cognitive ability and just revert back to the playbook and pull out any card or another. The post had zero to do with Trump/victim but gonthere because there is no possible way to defend the original argument.
  10. That look when one views "news coverage" today.
  11. in no way whatsoever, thats a massive stretch and basically a change the subject. If trump did what Biden HAS DONE he and his accomplices should be charged convicted and jailed. It is nothing more than helping you maybe acknowledge the massive cooperative effert to push propaganda inbthe modern media and the fact that there is basically no more objective press reporting, and some of the protectioms addorded to the old idea of press should no longer be extended to these falsely protected PR firms.
  12. If this situation was Trump and his kid od Bush and his Kid, or reagan and his kid or Romney and gis reptilian offspring.... 100% of all news and media. overage would be deafening and would not stop until they were destroyed. If you cant see that, you are wrong and need to figure out life still.
  13. What's a soul get these days? Who pays more, Russia, China?
  14. But....zero convictions.... zero scandals
  15. Its amazing that anyone is still stupid enough to believe this nonsense. You actually went out of your way to link a msn as a source to continue to blather this false hope of pinning how a worl pandemic virus.... was exponentially spread by only a specific event and of course no other possible means. Even slight rationale sense could benefit you here. Please try, we believe you can do it. If you can figure out socks and how they work, you should be able to see how your being used with this propaganda.
  16. ....and their life ends up defined by a glib attempt at humor by their brothers blue haired nonbinary spoiled brat of failed child who cant get through a cosmo quiz without crying for a safespace and 3 hours of therapy.
  17. Russian operative waiting to cash in that sweet sweet Clinton foundation money....
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