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3 hours ago, Langster019 said:

Going to Saturday’s game. How are the fans? 


Anything of note to do in town? Going with a UMD alum so we have some stops to hit but where’s the UND fans hang out?

The revolving restaurant atop the Radisson is a nice way to take in some views. We also enjoyed the Enger Tower (weather permitting) and the Adventure Zone downtown.

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There's usually a good crowd of UND fans at Lyric (formerly Sneakers) in the skywalk by Holiday Inn, pregame and post. No official gathering. You'll find green just about anywhere in Canal Park. Grandmas is a good bet. We always stop at the curling club in the DECC pregame. Have to buy a membership $5 to get in. Cheap beer and good food.

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  • UNDBIZ changed the title to UND @ UMD GAMEDAY

If the team plays UMD like they played UM in Vegas, and plays like that for sixty minutes, they can beat this team.  And even if they don't beat this team, they will make me proud if they lay down 120 minutes of that level of play this weekend..

Less than that effort for 60 minutes, or that effort for 40 minutes...that won't get them what they want.

These are huge conference points.  Would love to see them come home with a few.



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Just now, petey23 said:

Do these announcers know the game is on TV and people can see that UND hasn't actually committed 12 uncalled penalties so far.

I can see what they were talking about on the few that they mentioned. They also mentioned 1 or 2 the other way. Nice to see the refs aren;t calling every little thing. Solid game so far. I like it.

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2 minutes ago, Godsmack said:

I’d suggest doing a shot everytime these announcers whine about a no call but I’d hate for anyone to pass out before the end of the first period. 

Watching without sound, so just take a shot every few minutes??

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