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  1. They recruit local though. So does it REALLY matter? (State of Hockey)
  2. Congrats to Duluth, though. They certainly did earn it and left no doubt who was the better team.
  3. Now I am almost wishing for a UMass goal. Just for their sake.
  4. Only UND could piss away THIS lead.
  5. Anybody else notice: No prevent defense?
  6. Actually, I think Hak was built more for NHL players, with that "hard stern" exterior. Berry was able to take those hard-honed players and "encourage them" to a national title. Hak just never had what it took to proceed all the way to the Nat.
  7. I vote yes. Berry did fine coaching Hak's recruits. He has not done squat with his own recruits. And I am not knocking the player's abilities as much as I am the coaching.
  8. He did try to sell it after the hit, skating back to the bench holding and twisting his head. But in the end, that didn't even play into the interference call.
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