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  1. The Mavs crumpled. Or the Pios found a crack in the defense to exploit. Either way, that's the way the puck drops.
  2. Half of them probably think they live in Portland.... That's some strong stuff...
  3. True dat! At least some eastern team didn't win the damn thing.
  4. Not so sure about "the best", but my wife loves the idea, we know some people there, and it is driving distance, so.... See you there!
  5. Don't worry. Dave Carle will recruit The Fonz out of the portal and make another run....
  6. Accurate assessment. Perhaps DU just figured out how to beat that "smothering defense?"
  7. DU fans and players are going to be insufferable now.
  8. And an ENG to finish the season.
  9. NCHC refs get paid by the (penalty) minute?
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