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  1. Given Bubba's style of play, and how we generally do not run up scores ... do we cover the spread? We should! But do we?
  2. Coaches need to be aggressive, put this one away by halftime and develop their depth players. As @geaux_siouxsaid, Quincy should get plenty of time to sling the ball, and hopefully get Trey in their a bit too. I want to see Quincy actually run the offense, not just be in there for gimmick plays; though he has done a terrific job in that role.
  3. Is there a reason we never took a shot on 2nd and short?
  4. Horrible job, after a great start.
  5. Do we have a D line on the field right now?
  6. Lots of time, just keep goin!
  7. Once again on 2nd and 2.... take a shot!
  8. Or just make some moves when we have 2nd and 2.
  9. I get the wr caught the ball, but why was there a flag?
  10. Have to start getting aggressive on second and short. We have had multiple opportunities.
  11. Seriously!!! That would have been an easy 1st down.
  12. Amazing opening drive! Keep it goin!
  13. FBS game, I think we go more aggressive. Like when Bubba went for the 2 pt conversion to win against bowling green. We lost, but he played it to win.
  14. https://collegefootballnews.com/2021/09/utah-state-vs-north-dakota-prediction-game-preview
  15. I believe Maag and Belquist are good to go.
  16. I'm more concerned with UND's play than Utah State's. UND won handily at Idaho State, and that was with quite a few mistakes; strange play calls, missed FG, dropped passes. Clean those things up and keep executing. Hope to see some new wrinkles this week with the offense; Brockstar, Quincy getting some passes, Tommy continuing to run when needed. Maag needs to play BIG! Zavalney needs some more targets. Should be fun, and the broadcast has to be better than Idaho State's!
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