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  1. https://climate.nasa.gov/resources/global-warming-vs-climate-change/
  2. ...will have to buy yet another NCAA hockey jersey this year. That makes three different ones for the former Olympic speed skater.
  3. What decision was that? They didn't come to UND. Was Berry the reason? You lose recruits, especially these days.
  4. It goes both ways. Did this player and his family assume that they should get special treatment because they are GF people and that they could push the UND hockey program around? Kid will get drafted, but that doesn't mean he is ready to play NCAA hockey now. Again, I trust Berry and his staff.
  5. I trust Berry and staff to determine if this kid was ready to come in and contribute or not. They told him he needed another year. Recruits and their families aren't in charge of UND hockey. Good luck to him, wherever he lands.
  6. Why did Pecknold pull goalie!!!??? Cmon man!
  7. Motzko has turned around that program as we all knew he would.
  8. Turn your phone sideways into landscape mode and try. The link worked for me when I did that.
  9. Western with the OT win. Bucci and Barry are very subdued! They can't hide their sadness that Northeastern lost.
  10. I was wondering if he has CTE...but then remembered it's just the Boston accent making him seem so dumb.
  11. I've noticed Albrecht and that line all year. Let's go!
  12. What a huge win for SD on Baylor's home court. Wow.
  13. 10-South Dakota up on 2-Baylor by 13 going to 4th. ESPN2 has the action.
  14. You, me, and the rest of the college hockey world!
  15. Niche sport (that I follow very closely). It is what it is.
  16. Gaber noticeably struggling tonight.
  17. Just when you thought they were cooked...its 3-2 on a gift.
  18. Is there a petition to get rid of Simplot and/or Crystal Sugar? Anyone who has lived in Grand Forks knows that smell. Sounds like if Fufeng was named Ole Olafson's Corn Co. or something similar it wouldn't have any issues in GF.
  19. Bigtime choke by UND. Props to UNO though. Up 2-0 in 3rd, lose game 3-2 is hard to take for fans.
  20. For now. Alex is destined for bigger things than GF/UND.
  21. For those interested, the teddy bear toss is during the 1st intermission, not after the first UND goal (if they happen to score one tonight).
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