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  1. Muffed punt, 1 play later the first career TD for a young man. You love to see it.
  2. Bubba needs to rip this team next practice about ball security. This is gross.
  3. I'd rather not see a lot of the 1's in for most the 4th quarter.
  4. Not sure how the hit on Boltman on the TD wasn't a late hit. He was 2-3 yards into the end zone and there was no need for it. You don't want a player injured on a hit like that.
  5. I'm just saying, most teams are going to struggle running up the gut against stacked defenses unless you're dramatically physically superior (think Alabama vs Mercer). If teams put 7-8 in the box on first down, adjust, get it outside and Freund has been doing that.
  6. That's 9-21 points left on the field.
  7. Sure would be great if we could stop fumbling.
  8. Live reps against an unknown opponent is still valuable.
  9. Drake's left guard likes to start leaning early when he's pulling.
  10. Drake is also stacking the box on first/second down. Holes started opening at the end of that TD drive.
  11. Had a bad feeling when it wasn't a pick 6.
  12. I'm not sure I've ever seen Quincy actually give up the ball on the read option.
  13. Feff

    UND @ ISU

    Tommy is 100% a winner. The offense can be more dynamic but from what I saw today we were conservative probably 80% of the time. Defense had some lapses but also got some turnovers and could have had more. Overall, a good first game of the season at a place where we generally crap the bed.
  14. Feff

    UND @ ISU

    About as competent as the camera crew.
  15. Feff

    UND @ ISU

    Kinda funny how the ISU commentators are saying we're not built to play behind the chains but yet we've been the better team throwing downfield.
  16. Feff

    UND @ ISU

    Amazing what the offense looks like when not being overly conservative. Schuster has been accurate downfield.
  17. I'm satisfied with a win this game. This was the definition of a trap game. First road game, first game outdoors, first game against non-ranked opponent, big rival the following week. This had the trappings of an Idaho St. kind of situation but the team won.
  18. Just keep bringing pressure against this offense. The QB with time is tearing us up.
  19. Exactly this? How is he down and immediately in the next play?
  20. No, it was a pretty clear targeting. Can't be a homer on that one, crown of helmet into facemask is going to be called every time.
  21. Pretty sure targeting is going to be called. That's unfortunate.
  22. They were working earlier in the game, but at some point you have to fake it and go over the top, otherwise corners/safeties are just gonna crash it.
  23. We converted the third down from that hold. Didn't really change the drive.
  24. The WIU offense is not complicated, keep 6-7 guys in to block and run only a couple routes. Gotta get more pressure.
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