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  1. Anyone else find it kind of annoying there's only a single regional west of PA?
  2. For the TE's you also have to look at the QB. TE can be an eligible route but it requires the QB to actually look at them.
  3. I can understand the thinking of wanting to have a slim, fast line but in order for that to work they need to be strong as hell and able to use angles/positioning/technique to gain leverage that they lose along with the mass. That obviously did not happen and so the end result was just an undersized offensive line unable to get a push.
  4. I thought WMU was supposed to be a physical team. Right now they look softer than the gophers.
  5. UND isn't playing well but holy hell, if a UND player coughs on a bronco they'll get a penalty at this point.
  6. Are these refs trying to give the game to WMU?
  7. That had to be the weakest call I've ever seen. Are you kidding me? The guy gets a little contact, falls down and the refs call it?
  8. Lost his position battle to a freshman, can't blame him for leaving.
  9. I think it can be agreed upon that the S&C staff needs to be evaluated, not just for football either. I recall quite a few years of the men's basketball team seeing almost no gains in the 4 years players were on the team. The only team that I see really competing in the strength/speed category has been hockey which has it's own separate S&C program.
  10. Hard to get up after completely embarrassing an opponent the night before but a sweep in Minnesota is always a good thing.
  11. Yeah, I was noticing that too. Minn is getting away with some really aggressive, questionable hits. Sliding in at the knees to take a player out, high hits in the corner that shook up Kierstad. They've gone past being physical and are in the realm of dirty.
  12. That is incredibly weak... holy crap
  13. Good thing to know that even when Scheel isn't on his game we can still hang 9 on the gophers.
  14. Wonder how long it will take for someone to put up a highlight video for the game.
  15. Rewatching the game, UND had some flat moments but they controlled the quality chances to score. There were a handful that were tipped just wide or a guy just not able to get a stick down. SCSU's goal was a fluke with Scheel out of position, but he was lockdown on everything else. UND controlled that a lot more than the score would indicate.
  16. So does Holm have one game left he can play and still redshirt? Or is that it for him if we get in the playoffs?
  17. Good question, why haven't we seen him?
  18. Ketteringham is really awful when not throwing to his first read.
  19. Greibel has to sit for that.... stupid, stupid, stupid
  20. One of my favorite things about UND hockey is when they get that cycle rolling and just dominate offensive zone play.
  21. Feff


    Putting Schuster in was a stupid move for a single hand-off but ultimately it will cost him nothing at this point. Keeping Holm out but playing Skokna was a true head scratcher though.
  22. Imo, for UND to get in they have to absolutely thrash SUU this weekend. Win big and just crush them. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the way this football team ever wins.
  23. Both 5's have been weak calls, these refs are really trying to even up things.
  24. Feff


    8 is the absolute minimum a playoff should be. I think FCS would be better served with a 16 team field with no auto qualifiers.
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