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  1. I'm satisfied with a win this game. This was the definition of a trap game. First road game, first game outdoors, first game against non-ranked opponent, big rival the following week. This had the trappings of an Idaho St. kind of situation but the team won.
  2. Just keep bringing pressure against this offense. The QB with time is tearing us up.
  3. Exactly this? How is he down and immediately in the next play?
  4. No, it was a pretty clear targeting. Can't be a homer on that one, crown of helmet into facemask is going to be called every time.
  5. Pretty sure targeting is going to be called. That's unfortunate.
  6. They were working earlier in the game, but at some point you have to fake it and go over the top, otherwise corners/safeties are just gonna crash it.
  7. We converted the third down from that hold. Didn't really change the drive.
  8. The WIU offense is not complicated, keep 6-7 guys in to block and run only a couple routes. Gotta get more pressure.
  9. That was a 3rd down play. The PxP guys had no idea what was going on in that sequence.
  10. I honestly don't mind what the score is right now. Would I prefer to have held them to 0 points? Sure, but WIU adjusted, went heavier on their protection and made some good pass plays downfield. We adjusted after the muffed punt by bringing more pressure. As for not scoring more, I don't mind. Our offense isn't flashy. We pop the occasional big run, Schuster has hit some nice deep balls today, but we aren't a quick-hitting team like SDSU. Grind the ball, keep converting third down, and by the 4th quarter our offensive line should have fully imposed their will and we get the win.
  11. Did the female commentator just brag about how WIU held SDSU to just 3 points in the second half last week? Come on lady, get your head out of your butt, when you're up 42-10 you don't need to do anything more than a basic offense.
  12. According to the female commentator, any time 10 touches the ball it's going to be a touchdown :|
  13. WIU is selling out on the run, that's why Schuster is tearing them up through the air. Good playcalling by Danny today.
  14. I almost feel bad for the male commentator. You can hear the resignation in his voice at times. UND got in the red zone and he basically said they were gonna score a touchdown. This guy has seen some stuff.
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