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  1. An outside shot is something that can be developed during his time in college. What I like is the athleticism and ability to finish at the rim. Being able to drive and penetrate is something that can only help the rest of the team by breaking down defenses and opening shots elsewhere.
  2. Feff

    2020 FB Recruiting

    Yeah, that's understandable and sometimes hard to judge. That makes me think of Jordy Nelson, tall receiver with sneaky speed. Even NFL defenders say he doesn't really look all that fast and then he's running by them. Hopefully that can be the case with this kid.
  3. Feff

    2020 FB Recruiting

    I think it depends on his speed, if he has the speed to play outside then keep him at WR as a match-up nightmare.
  4. Feff

    2019 Season

    Here's something I'm not quite understanding from some folks on this board, why is everyone not talking about JJ being the #1 back going into this season? Why are people slotting McKinney there? JJ is a very talented runner with a big frame, he proved he has the ability to break away at times, and he had success even against stacked fronts of the previous offense. To me, JJ is the starter going in. Gordon is the second guy and will split the most carries, I don't see him struggling at all transitioning after a single season and with everyone going into a new offense, that shouldn't be an issue. McKinney will be brought in as RB in certain formations and likely on 3rd downs as an option out of the backfield. We should be fine at RB this year barring injury.
  5. Feff

    2019 Season

    I'm not terribly concerned with RB depth for this year. JJ is rock solid (although an injury risk given his running style), but Gordon is more than capable for a high number of carries. Look at what he did a couple years ago as a third fiddle to Oliviera and Santiago, he certainly showed flashes of brilliance in limited carries. With the spread offense we'll be running, McKinney is more than capable at sliding in and taking snaps. Would it have been nice to have Weah and his skill touching the ball? Definitely, but by no means are the cupboards bare without him. Hopefully he gets his head on right, buries his nose in the books, and makes use of his opportunity at school to enable him to come back next season to contribute.
  6. Boggles my mind that Thornton can sit there beating on Brubauerer, starts a scrum and yet the sharks get a power play out of it. Sharks are playing pretty dirty tonight and officials are letting them get away with it.
  7. He still has time to grow, and besides, if he has skill he can make it despite size. Look at what Grimaldi has accomplished.
  8. Feff

    Spring Ball

    To me, the model that we need to look at is Oklahoma. You look at that offense and you notice just how much they run. Yes, they are known for passing the ball but of course you're going to throw when you have the likes of Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray but when that offense was humming it was because the run game was constantly attacking the defense. Defenses would be forced to bring bodies into the box and isolate defensive backs in one on one coverage which is when the ball goes over the top and boom, big play.
  9. Feff

    Spring Ball

    I like black on black with green accents, but I'm also a fan of green and black top/pant combination in some form. Then again, I'm a fan of darker jersey colors. With that said, I really, really wish there was some sort of webcast for the spring event. Being out of town, I'd love to get a taste of what the team looks like this spring but alas, guess it's not meant to be.
  10. Feff

    Former Players

    With numbers like that and the production he had over the years, I could see an NFL team picking him up probably as a free agent. Running back seems to be one of the positions teams will take a flyer on a small school prospect. If not that, he's definitely got a place in the CFL.
  11. A major problem for me is that behavior like this pretty much guarantees there's not a single concern for academics.
  12. Feff

    Spring Ball

    I like both of these points, I also want to see the ability to make adjustments to the playcalling based on what the defense is doing. So many times the past several years you see the defense tee off against the run and you think, "hey, they should probably try throwing downfield or quick to the outside or anything really to try to pull people out of the box" and it never happens. We never adjust except for maybe one or two plays and then it's back to slamming into an 8 man box. I want to see the ability to adapt.
  13. Feff

    Spring Ball

    To me Kett gave up on the offense late in the year last year, he probably wasn't the only one. Obviously not a great thing but hard to perform for a coach you have no respect for. That being said, if he's the best player for the job going into this fall then he should get the call but get yanked if he starts giving up again.
  14. Goes to show you all the the discipline in the program came from Hakstol. Berry is running a complete mess of a program.
  15. UND is a team of grinders with no one to put the puck in the net.
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