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  1. Feff

    CC at UND, January 11 & 12

    With this team I wouldn't bet against that 9%
  2. Feff

    2019 Season

    To me, QB is wide open, especially going into a new offensive philosophy. If we are going to spread things out more, Boltman might be a good option with his ability to run. Spring/fall will be important to get "the guy" into that spot. Agree with the concern regarding nose. Nothing has been down to address the loss there really.
  3. Feff

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    You realize that Lincoln Riley is an offensive coach? He's the head coach and his defensive coordinators haven't been up to snuff. But he's the one calling plays for the offense, the one that created the offense Oklahoma is running, and his offense has been setting records all year. NFL teams are drooling over his potential as an OC. Oklahoma's defense has no impact on his compatibility with the NFL.
  4. Feff

    Coach Jones?

    Jones is still coaching here because he's cheap. That's got to be the only reason.
  5. Feff

    UND (4-4) @ UTRGV (6-4) 12/5 7 PM

    Good in practice?
  6. Feff

    2018 Season

    Can you imagine if Santiago would have had 4 years of not having to run into 8-9 man stacked boxes?
  7. Feff


    Just saw a replay of the Saturday game and holy crap are the Duluth color guys just complete homers. On the Wolff hit, that was blatant contact to the head, he launches into the hit, and he leads shoulder to head, and the color guys are defending that? Had that hit been given by a UND player, they would have been screaming for the cops to get involved due to assault.
  8. Feff

    2018 Season

    *Gives an average round of applause*
  9. Feff


    Can we bring Hak back yet?
  10. Feff


    Thome was laying on the puck, clearly under him, UMD guy pulls up his arm with a stick to get the puck loose. At what point is the ref supposed to blow the whistle?
  11. Feff


    Just so you know, it's now ok to hack away at the goalie while he's laying on the puck
  12. Feff

    WR and OL Coaches

    Weston was one of the best route runners UND has ever had and he knew how to find and sit in a defensive zone. I have a feeling he'd be an exceptional coach if he decided to make the switch.
  13. Feff

    2019 Attendance

    Nothing but shotgun spread with 4 verticals, every play.
  14. Feff

    2019 Attendance

    I also think it will be a good game for Danny to get his toes wet calling plays. Obviously we should be superior with athletes alone, but we've seen how the offense has performed against these non-scholly teams in the past under Rudy.
  15. Feff

    New OC Danny Freund

    How hard do you think it was for Danny the last couple years to bite his tongue with playcalling and scheme?