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  1. Defense is playing like garbage.
  2. I'm sorry but all of you saying he's a bust because of this latest injury are just incomprehensible. "Good players know how to avoid injury", tell me how exactly Wentz avoids getting hit while he's on the ground, with the defensive lineman coming from behind. That picture above is pretty clear as to how it happened. How do you avoid that?
  3. These officials are a joke. They quick whistle when the puck is loose down at UAH's net, and then the puck disappears, no whistle and squeaks out eventually and leads to a goal. Garbage officiating
  4. I find myself wondering how much chirping UAH is doing because they seem to be getting under our guys' skin.
  5. Feff

    2020 FB Recruiting

    There's absolutely no disputing that outside of one or two D players.
  6. Katy has that total Game of Thrones vibe
  7. Feff

    2020 FB Recruiting

    Possible, but at the same time Oklahoma is still one of the top places for a QB recruit. They've produced two of the last three Heisman winners and had the runner up this year. Despite the faceplant in the playoffs, it really is an appealing place for top end offensive players.
  8. Feff

    FBS games

    As an OU fan this is embarrassing and I wouldn't be surprised if OU is left out of any of the playoffs in future years. Pulling a UND and not bothering to show up to the game.
  9. Looking at those highlight, what atrocious defense by Nebraska, so many drives almost uncontested. With that said, UND players took full advantage and showed no hesitation. Fantastic game and that last shot was guarded about as well as you possibly can without risking a foul. Great way to close out the game and get the win against the P5. PS: that Nebraska "color" guy was just atrociously boring.
  10. So think what we could do if our lines were physically comparable or better.
  11. I think this was the concept behind the "drop weight" was to have them quicker but still strong. Unfortunately they didn't have the strength to overcome the lack of mass, weren't able to push anyone. That falls on the S&C department, need the lines on both sides to be much stronger.
  12. Schuster got some live action experience in something more than mop up duty so that has to help and Vaughn definitely has the physical tools to succeed right away. Hopefully we can get some reliable play from at least one of them, maybe a committee approach like some do.
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