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  1. That really doesn't surprise me. He's a good player but not a 25-30/game player. Plus he's shown he doesn't have the durability for that.
  2. This is the problem politics is having with society. Someone makes a comment and instantly the reaction is "well, he belong to the other side so any comment must be politically motivated." Some people don't care about politics and do care about society.
  3. So many years there have been questions about the coaching and the team seems to regress as the year goes along. Usually when a team regresses you can point to two major culprits. 1. Injuries 2. Coaching Other than Leet, there wasn't a host of terrible injuries for this team and I don't think you can really blame last year on injuries either. Therefore, you need to look at the coaching. Is Brew going through the motions? Does he lose the locker room as the year goes along? What's the explanation for it? As it stands, the women's basketball team is not really in a good place, particularly when compared to the two South Dakota teams. I think a change is necessary sooner rather than later.
  4. Yeah, Thome has earned the starting nod here on out.
  5. Omaha commentators mentioning that their coaches didn't do a handshake, now that's kinda funny.
  6. Such a stupid idea to cut the full feed to that. If you're going to do that, put a smaller feed up in the corner or something but that requires actual production value.
  7. A tackle good enough to be seen on the football field
  8. Sure would be nice to see a replay instead of crappy UNO commercials
  9. Really wish we had gotten a point last night because Omaha is just taking liberties right now and getting away with it.
  10. PP just looks awful. One shot and get cleared.
  11. Funny hearing the Omaha commentators complain about penalties hah.
  12. Feff

    Potential Rule Changes

    Yup, this is for the longsnappers. The current rule is you can't touch them until their head comes up but lots of teams/players like to play real close with that rule and it can result in injuries, particularly to the knees as people try to shoot the gap and come down on the snappers leg.
  13. This group of seniors has been fantastic. Hopefully they can add a couple more great memories before they have to leave.
  14. Goal 1 accomplished. Get into the NCAA tourney and accomplish goal 2.
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