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  1. Feff


    Putting Schuster in was a stupid move for a single hand-off but ultimately it will cost him nothing at this point. Keeping Holm out but playing Skokna was a true head scratcher though.
  2. Imo, for UND to get in they have to absolutely thrash SUU this weekend. Win big and just crush them. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the way this football team ever wins.
  3. Both 5's have been weak calls, these refs are really trying to even up things.
  4. Feff


    8 is the absolute minimum a playoff should be. I think FCS would be better served with a 16 team field with no auto qualifiers.
  5. Just gotta remember, "I make this up" is the motto of the NCHC reffing association
  6. Feff


    That's absolutely a terrible idea unless you completely throw out autoqualifiers and figure out something better than a purely subjective closed meeting room as the basis of field selection.
  7. It's because the poor baby hit his head... I don't understand the logic on that call.
  8. That's a terrible call imo. These refs are trying to compete with the refs from the football game for idiocy.
  9. Funny enough the announcers are right on this one, guy lost his own balance, which is the only reason he went into the boards like that. That can't be a 5.
  10. Means they got their championships a long time ago when teams played pond hockey I think.
  11. Love the comment, "That was a very average shot." haha
  12. These announcers are such DU homers it's painful to listen to. They are bitching about slashing a goalie...
  13. Feff


    The name of the game for the offense in the second half = "conservative" No killer instinct.
  14. Feff


    Can we be playing down to the competition any more than we are at this point in the game?
  15. Feff


    That was a fantastic interception and the refs offset back to back personal foul penalties that should have been called but weren't. Our 50 should have been flagged for throwing the RB down, and the UNC QB should have been flagged for going after the ref for a PI call.
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