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  1. I could see St Thomas adding DI hockey, but that's the only one.
  2. i agree, the NCHC should focus on the eight members in the conference. You can rule out the NCHC. This past spring, NCHC Commissioner Josh Fenton said, “We haven’t had a ton of discussion about the current membership makeup or even expansion into new members down the road. I think the focus has been on the eight member institutions and with all the sincerity that I can answer this question, and that continues to be the focus, and I don’t know that I see that changing anytime soon.”
  3. They used to play against Canadian teams. Eagles" is the name of the sports teams from Eastern Washington University (EWU), located in Cheney, WA, USA. EWU is in the British Columbia Intercollegiate Hockey League (BCIHL). They entered the league in 2011-12. They also have a club team in the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA). In other sports, EWU is in the Big Sky Conference of the NCAA. They are the lone American university/college team to play in a Canadian league. On May 24, 2018 the BCIHL announced that the school had withdrawn from the conference. The program would be absorbed into the school's ACHA Division 2 junior varsity team and will compete against more regional opponents.[1]
  4. doesn't EWU's club program play against CIS teams?
  5. Whatever allows you to sleep at night.
  6. My question to @John W. how can you live your life being so miserable?
  7. You're right. He would get credit. I beginning to think that John W. is a just a bitter person.
  8. That would be 1967 is the last time the Leafs won a Stanley Cup. That's 52 years ago.
  9. Judd Caulfield,145 Pittsburgh.
  10. Harrison Blaisdell, Winnipeg at 134
  11. Cooper Moore Drafted 128th by the Red Wings.
  12. Seems there aren't a lot of Canadians and Americans being drafted right now. Lots of Russians and Euros.
  13. I did. I can't stand the Flyers.
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