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  1. UND there’s no conflict. He plays for the Pioneer menace.
  2. They need to rack up some wins before the conference season begins.
  3. The boys looked pretty good last night. They didn't stop pushing till the final buzzer. It was fun to watch.
  4. I am betting the Brink kid from Denver will give him a run for his money.
  5. Revenge time. Time to pound them twice for about 12 goals.
  6. Goon

    2019 Season

    Here's my question: UND is either a decent team or SHSU and Davis are over rated? Because, I've seen some decent things from the Hawks this season and it gives me hope. Now, they need to win this weekend to keep this discussion going.
  7. Yeah, we've got to have one of the worst punters in FCS football. .
  8. Jordan Canady twice with that blown coverage. Davis goes 73 yards in three plays. Now a one score game.
  9. Looks like Montreal has waived former SCSU goalie Charlie Lindgren. I think that Paul needs a change of scenery. Schloss suggested Winnipeg on Twitter. I wouldn't mind that.
  10. Goon

    EWU Game Day!

    I am pissed by yesterday's effort. I think the defense gave the team a chance to win and they pissed it away.
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