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  1. Goon

    SH Game Day

    The defense forced three interceptions and a fumble. UND QB's only threw one interception yesterday.
  2. It think it's a fabulous idea. You could have the i-29 mile marker for the exit to NDSU on one side and the mile marker tor UND on the other side.
  3. I am hoping to see a big crowd in the Alerus Center this weekend. Attendance for the opening game was okay. That place can get loud if it's packed and the Hawks are playing well.
  4. I agree with you @Shawn-O I think UND football needs to make the next step and elevate the program. There's no reason UND football can't be a FCS power.
  5. He's still recovering from a leg injury. He's practicing, but isn't 100% yet.
  6. Goon

    The Herald

    Yeah, that's a decision $9.99 a month is a bit steep.
  7. Goon

    The Herald

    Sometimes, he wears a Herald shirt under his blazer. It depends. I have seen him wear the shirt in question many times.
  8. Goon

    The Herald

    No, but it's kind of dumb to bag on Brad for wearing a Grand Forks Herald shirt for a video for the paper. What would you like him to wear? I would assume most of us have a dress code for work or some kind of a uniform/approved wear unless you work out of your home for a virtual job. Life must be pretty good if we're worrying about what Schloss is wearing. HS, it's time for the season to begin.
  9. For the two seasons since the Frozen Faceoff moved to St. Paul, I loved the Seventh Street Truck Park. There was a neat bar connected to it. Their cookies are unbelievable. The food was really good, too.
  10. First time I drank them I said oh a foo-foo drink and I slammed it. The people I was with looked at me like I was high. I ordered another one and proceeded to do the same thing. One of the guys I was with stopped me mid-swig and told me that I better pace myself. Sucked that one down and before getting my next Hairy Buffalo it hit me. Yikes, these are strong. I don't know, I like them, but they can be a dangerous combination.
  11. Goon

    The Herald

    it's called a work uniform. IRC, for a previous conversation, the Grand Forks Herald has a dress code.
  12. Some of those people are certifiable. There are actually a few morons from the Hairy Cow fan base that think the Bison are going FBS and will be playing in the FBS playoffs.
  13. Last time I drank Combats I puked in my mothers laundry sink. Of course that was in 1992.
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