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  1. The guys gave them a lot to cheer about today. I like the grind it out, beat the hell out of the opposition.
  2. FYI, 3491 fans attended today's game. It's a loud 3500 fans.
  3. Interception by Canady. Yikes that was close.
  4. Then he throws an intercept right after I posted that. I do like his arm strenght.
  5. I can't be the only one that thinks Tommy S. is a better QB than Nate K? I think he's turning into one hell of a QB.
  6. I've had COVID-19 and the both shots of the Vaccine but, I need a negative test? That's ridiculous.
  7. That has the makings of a trap game. Have to still play the game and beat them.
  8. I believe if there needed to be a bye, I believe UND would get it because of their finish.
  9. Lower-Body Injury, "should" be back this spring.
  10. They sound like Omaha hockey fans.
  11. I don't know if you've checked the numbers lately, but there are only 657 active cases in the state of ND. That's down from Friday.
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