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  1. Excellent! We need a Mexican restaurant.
  2. Anyone know anything about this eatery? Looks kind a grand opening is coming soon. It’s across the parking lot from IHOP.
  3. Beautiful game-winning goal. And there ought to be a meme.
  4. The Predators coaching staff didn't feel that he should be in the lineup.
  5. Solid nights work for Shaw.
  6. Travis Zajac in his first game of the 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs gets an assist. Brock Nelson get two goals and a assist.
  7. Goon


    Every time he comes on TV, I want to throw my TV out the window.
  8. What's more confusing is listening to Dr Fauci change his mind every 15 minutes.
  9. Ovi is playing the puck, it's a legal, clean play.
  10. Bob isn't having a good game.
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