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  1. I wouldn't say Brozinski "couldn't" score for The Force. But he did learn to play both ends of the ice for The Force.
  2. Nah. He is open when he steps in the gym
  3. Are you serious? The minute UND hired the law firm that specializes in Title 9 issues to come in and make sure they had their ducks in a row I think most everybody saw the writing on the wall......or should have. When it was announced that they had hired the law firm my first thought was holy sh!t, they are actually going to cut the women's hockey program.
  4. If he gets the Northern job he will have to play against The Dragons again.
  5. Looking into selling 2 season tickets in Section 106 for Friday nights this season.
  6. 2017 would have been a team that could have made some noise. That line-up was impactful for the various teams they landed on. 2018 and 2019 would have had a good nucleus and with the guys Dobson was landing who knows.
  7. The announcers during the Washington/Minnesota game mentioned the article and then talked about her for about an inning and a half and said they had asked her why she hadn't named her new glove yet.
  8. Damn. Too bad we didn't have Sis Bates on the new name committee. http://www.espn.com/espnw/sports/article/26318428/with-pride-joy-washington-shortstop-sis-bates-becomes-softball-premier-performer# To sum up. She had a glove which she named Carmella and still keeps and reveres that glove but had to get a new glove. When asked if she had named her new glove she said basically that you don't just slap a name on something, it has to happen organically.
  9. petey23

    2019 Season

    I wouldn't put it that way, but do find it a little humorous and probably more sad that WDAY/Forum feel they should highlight the story because it is a "local" kid who they barely covered in high school.
  10. https://youtu.be/XWwuG1Fxtgw
  11. Love the St. Cloud road trip! Have made quite a few friends to meet up with before(Howies) and after(Red Carpet) games.
  12. Where are Clapper and Comey when you need them?
  13. It is to the point where the libs need to carry around a Venn Diagram to know what they are supposed to be offended by these days and an Intersectionality Flowchart to map out the proper response(call a Soros group, protest, boycott, or just Virtue signaling on social media). Maybe they should set up a hotline to call 1-800-offended
  14. I agree. I was sarcastically making light of the Kennedy/Colorado situation
  15. Does revenue help? Asking for a friend.
  16. And then fully vetting the candidate after you name the finalist, maybe get some SJW's to see if they can dig up anything on them and then vote again.
  17. FGCU has a very suitable rink. 5 minutes from campus...3 sheets of ice...The Everblades of the ECHL draw pretty well, especially in season(After Thanksgiving). They already field 2 ACHA teams and have been very successful at that level...have been to several ECHL games and with the weather you are a lot of tailgating leading up to games. They did a study awhile back on adding football and decided not to. Nice campus to recruit to.
  18. I would like to see Heidi go through the application process. Most of the political issues that she falls out of line with most North Dakotans on really don't come into play as a College President. She is smart and personable and knows her way around the political landscape.
  19. If he doesn't get the job because of political detractors, is that petty? They voted 9-0 for him to be the Presidential candidate.
  20. Kansas and Kentucky's players make more than our coach.
  21. The Vikes did re-sign Ameer Abdullah but a quick look shows he has only returned kickoffs and not punts in his NFL career.
  22. You put up banners as your building and then as you get more meaningful banners to put up, you consolidate...you put up NCAA tournament banners and conference regular season banners and conference tournament banners and regional championship banners. Once you win a national title, then you take down the NCAA tournament banners and consolidate them into one banner with the years on it.
  23. https://twitter.com/MikeMcMahonCHN/status/1121412549814169602
  24. Probably have a contest with their students and get a logo infinitely better than ours for a $50 gift card at Scheels for the contest winner.
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