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  1. petey23

    UND- Sacramento State Game Day Thread

    This is a 37-10 game that we currently lead by 1 score... SH!T$HOW
  2. petey23

    Vegas travelogue

    Just be discrete when consuming and especially if you are looking to smoke...$600 fine for doing so in public.
  3. petey23

    University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    $60 for the pair against Manitoba $80 for the pair for Mankato(Friday), Western Michigan(Friday), and Omaha(Friday) Still have Colorado College(Friday), and UAA(both nights) but haven't put these on Craigs List yet. And they are lower bowl tix.
  4. petey23

    University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    I put some of my tickets on this site and have sold 4 of the 7 nights I was selling...I put the exhibition game tickets on Craigslist and had 12-13 responses in a day and a half?
  5. petey23


    Bemidji St. Isn't always the best watch, but it was worse than normal last night.
  6. petey23


    A little over 5k
  7. petey23


    The only positive I took away from last night was late in the 3rd period when they put B 17944 up on the board for the 50/50 raffle.
  8. petey23

    2018-19 Season

    FGCU does have not 1 but 2 Club Hockey teams. They are poised to move to D1 hockey when the time is right as they have ruled out adding football.
  9. petey23

    What do you think of the logo now??

    Is that a quarter?
  10. petey23

    What do you think of the logo now??

    Siouxforever? Not me. I accepted that when Stenhjem screwed the pooch on the lawsuit. I am Pro UND forever. I am fine with the fact we chose a bland, generic nickname just not how we chose to get there. If you look back I was critical of the complete clusterf*ck of a process we used for picking a name and eventually the logo we are stuck with for the time being. The fact that we chose a $20 logo to represent the school should offend and embarrass everyone. Like I said before, if one of our artists forwarded me that logo for a 6th grade travel basketball teams uniforms I would not even have forwarded it on to my customer and would have told my artist they didn't like it, try again.
  11. petey23

    University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    The difference is, UND fans for the most part realize and accept the fact that in football we are playing for 131st place at the end of the day.
  12. petey23

    What do you think of the logo now??

    Went to UND Booster Luncheon in Fargo today. Coach Schweigert, Coach Berry, Coach Brewster, and Coach Jones all ended their remarks with GO UND.
  13. petey23

    Manitoba Game

    I have 2 tickets for tomorrow nights game against Manitoba. $40 for the pair. Section 106 tickets are in fargo. 701-238-7384
  14. Have a few conflicts this year so am looking to sell tickets for a few games this season. 2 tickets for each game...$80 or best offer. Saturday, October 6th vs. Manitoba Friday, October 19th vs. Minnesota St.-Mankato Friday, November 16th vs. Western Michigan Friday, November 23rd vs. UAA Saturday, November 24th vs. UAA Friday, January 11th vs. Colorado College Friday, March 8th vs. Nebraska Omaha Message me here or email me at mikepeterson23@hotmail.com
  15. petey23

    2 tickets, Lower Bowl(106)

    Had the person who was buying the Jan 11 tickets against Colorado College back out today so they are available.
  16. petey23

    UND - University of Northern Colorado Game Day Thread

    Announcers must be close enough to the field to see that the Refs are screwing UNC but far enough away that they can't tell that Santiago hasn't been on the field since the coin toss...he must have a dozen carries already
  17. petey23

    What do you think of the logo now??

  18. Don't let that stop you. most everyone else in this thread doesn't let their lack of knowledge of the inner workings of the agreement stop them from pontificating.
  19. What should it be? 48%, 45%? Obviously when the deal was made it was a benefit to all the sports programs at UND or else we had an incompetent Athletic Director who got ran over by Blais? Maybe it does need to be re-configured but the point is there had to be a reason to make the arrangement in the first place that would be a net benefit to football and other programs or there would be no reason for it to even come up.
  20. petey23

    2 tickets, Lower Bowl(106)

    I have the following tickets left. 2 Tickets in Section 106 for each game. $80 for the pair or best offer. Saturday, October 6th vs. Manitoba. Friday, November 23rd vs. UAA Saturday, November 24th vs. UAA
  21. petey23

    What do you think of the logo now??

    As someone who is also a Philadelphia Flyer fan this weekend was like a double gut punch of embarrassment as far as mascots go.
  22. As some one who did everything in my limited power(1 of 20 or so student senators) to try and stop that travesty from appearing on campus, I agree.
  23. petey23

    UND- Idaho State Game Day Thread

    Well. That is what I would call an enthusiasm robbing loss. The last 2 games we have actually had a pretty decent game plan coming out of the locker room at the beginning of the game....then halftime comes and as is normal all teams make adjustments that they hope will work in the second half. In watching UND the last 2 games it seems like we are willing to just concede that whatever defensive changes our opponent has made at halftime are going to work for them and we go away from what worked in the first half without actually making them prove that their changes are going to be effective.
  24. In deference to the great thespians of our time, how about Lincoln Hawk or Hudson Hawk