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  1. Hmmm. A golf course right outside a college kids apartment. That would certainly be an easier course to navigate than the old Midnight Masters Course we set up back in college with the #1 tee box being the ATO front yard.
  2. I have read a few articles and stories interviewing bar and restaurant owners who said that is the case. I don't think it is a one solution fits all but I would guess that those who rely on liquor and beer for the majority of their revenue would likely fall into this category.
  3. Most bars and restaurants do not have a business plan that will allow them to remain open operating at 50% capacity.
  4. Sorry. My post was directed at the original post. I agree with you in that regardless of where the federal tax theft from your state gets distributed a state is still responsible for their budget. Some of these states have been mismanaged so poorly for 50-60 years and are always on the cusp of bankruptcy and now in addition to Covid relief they want a do-over at the expense of more fiscally responsible states.
  5. Still no vaccine for TDS.
  6. A state budget is a state budget.
  7. Had a friend call me up when this was all starting to break. Said that his father who is a retired Doctor called him to make sure he was taking D3 and he told him he should check in with his friends as well. I have been taking it on a daily basis since early March. Figured it makes sense with the amount of sun exposure we get here in North Dakota. The last few days it seems that their have been quite a few stories and studies coming out concerning D3 and Vitamin D deficiency. The studies of course have not been peer reviewed at this point but there does seem to be a pretty convincing correlation between those who die or have a hard time recovering from Covid and D deficiency. The cynic in me thinks that if they could rename it and sell it as a prescription they would be pushing the hell out of it.
  8. Are you a medical doctor? It's not like it is bought over the counter.
  9. Unless they are only going to play conference games I would think it would still happen if Oregon is playing...especially with the very real possibility of USC, Cal, Stanford, and UCLA not playing this year.
  10. I have a 3 seat section that is still in the plastic wrapping.
  11. True. But with Obama the dial was at a 2. Bush was at about a 7 and they have ripped off the knob with Trump.
  12. He wants the federal government to pick up the 150 billion dollar tab the state has run up pre Covid19 and another 300 billion that California cities have accumulated pre Covid19...plus relief for Covid19.
  13. Frightening that someone this dense could get elected to any office. Hey we can just plant more of those money trees!
  14. Beetlejuice has not aged well.
  15. This is why STEM classes need to be mandatory through high school and college.
  16. You would think with all the window licking and mouth breathing that many would be immune to almost anything by now.
  17. I was told by Dr. Fauci that American's should live their lives as the Corona virus won't have much impact on our lives.
  18. I am guessing the cops were calm since the protesters who "stormed" the building were actually told how many of them would be allowed to move into the building and had to line up single file for a temperature check before entering. For the record I think this protest group should find something better to do with their time.
  19. I am sure that fascist terrorist group will be back in action someday but for right now their parents probably aren't letting them leave the house due to the Shelter in Place regulations.
  20. Moe's was definitely preferred over Qdoba and Chipotle when they opened up but that location has gone down hill.
  21. Could these passports then be used for Voter ID?
  22. Take a deep breath and hold it as long as you can!
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