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  1. agree to a point. fyp Most Bison fans aren't as nuanced as the rest of your post makes them out to be.
  2. The numbers I have seen from polling put it at around 70-75% of Native Americans on the North Dakota Reservations who approved of the name. But to be fair, if 25-30% are truly offended by the name than that number is too high to go forward. This is not a case of majority rules
  3. If we had went with what the vast majority of what the students and alumni wanted, which was to move forward as "North Dakota" or "UND" we could at least be having this discussion now about whether "Moose" or something derived from the organic happening that happened to take place during Sioux/bison week would be worth exploring as a name and/or even just an athletics logo.
  4. petey23

    Onto Sam Houston

    Nice Little Saturday. https://youtu.be/VASzXVS9pTw
  5. Pretty sure him and Trevor Lawrence will enter the draft after next season.
  6. Read the thread title and thought the discussion was going to be about neutering our mascot Mike.
  7. Well unfortunately Roy has passed on. https://images.app.goo.gl/RS6dHfEmggwwXnH56
  8. Too many things have to go our way. Need to have 3 50+ yard plays that score touchdowns or set-up touchdowns Need to be at least +2 in turnover battle and probably need to be at least +10 point wise on turnovers Need to finish drives with touchdowns anytime we are inside the 20 Need to limit their QB when he breaks the pocket I like the potential of our offense as it is designed to give athletes opportunities to exploit 1 on 1 battles and I think against most teams in FCS we will have some success. I would enjoy the hell out of the next 365 days in Fargo if UND finds a way to win this. That said, I am going to say we cover but lose 38-16
  9. They're not saying Booooooo, they are saying Moooooose!
  10. Not saying, but just saying. I was on team "Let's stick with just North Dakota for now and at some point something organic will come along"....not that this is necessarily that.
  11. Oh boy. Wasn't a good look. Some friends have sent me the picture and some outstanding photo shops but I would not post them on social media even though it has popped up on Facebook and it was trending on Twitter for a couple days. She obviously had a bad day and was probably in damage control all week as it something that could definitely cost someone their job.
  12. 41-10 puts it pretty much right on the gambling lines.
  13. It was a big part of NDSU jumping to D1. I believe most if not all of the NCC teams were full funded scholarship wise but the concern was additional teams and conferences were moving to division 2 many of the schools were not funding their football programs anywhere near that level and eventually the have nots would have a number advantage over the haves and continue to cut scholarships to level the playing field.
  14. Clickbait for the mouth breathers.
  15. A little advice for UND fans planning on tailgating. 1. Watch your step. Might want to wear closed shoes. 2. Don't go viral.
  16. One would have thought that with Drake taking a ranked Iowa State to the wire last year and ultimately letting them off the hook would have at least warranted a playoff spot if not a seed for the Bulldogs?
  17. Heard the Vikings might be looking for at least temporary depth in the secondary
  18. Biggest takeaway from the Rabbits and Gophs last night which should alarm UMTC fans....huge coaching mismatch. Fleck was badly outcoached...especially the adjustments during the game and at halftime. If Jacks don't put ball on turf(unforced turnover) I don't know if Gophs even get the ball back.
  19. My measuring stick for this game. Offense- 5 or 6 scores, at least 2 TD's...23-34 points Defense-2 scores 6-14 points. No more than 1 sustained drive...several 3 and outs. Special Teams-no big plays against or short misses. I predict 27-10
  20. as opposed to Red River clap clap Red River clap clap Red River clap clap Red River clap clap
  21. Redskins, Wops, and Satans….those names still pop into my head first for all 3 schools
  22. First time I got a dunk down was summer time between my Sophomore and Junior year of high school. After that summer I really wasn't able to get a dunk down clean without a little stickem sprayed on the ball. As our High School coach said in reference to my 2 brothers and me....42 inch vertical in that family, unfortunately it is divided up 36, 4, and 2. My youngest brother who played point guard had 8 or 9 dunks his senior season. He is 6-1. My other non dunking brother is also about 6-1, I was about 6-3 in High School and grew an inch after I went to college....still couldn't dunk.
  23. Flip the tape, eh! Do they still have strippers on Thursday nights in Emerson?
  24. in regards to your name on this site. quite a few years back, we were playing a softball tournament in Oakes and on Saturday night they had a street dance. The band was Buck Nekked or something like that. They were playing your standard cover tunes and toward the end of the night the lead singer says "alright here is some Godsmack by request"....I don't think there were 3 people there who had heard of them at the time.
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