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  1. NoiseInsideMyHead

    2019 DI Mens Ice Hockey Championship

    At least one other person (and an NHL insider, at that) shares your sentiment...
  2. NoiseInsideMyHead

    2019 DI Mens Ice Hockey Championship

    Gives Melrose more time to get sauced.
  3. NoiseInsideMyHead

    UND to cut women's hockey

    Agreed. When does it end for him? Does he only plan to track NCAA stat lines for formerly rostered players while they're still playing? Any and all UND commits? Girls who may have given a passing thought to playing at UND when they were, like, 12? It just continues to strike me as petty and ultra-, ultra-passive-aggressive. Or maybe there's a hard-core group in Grand Forks that actually remembers some of the players by name, and who likes to re-live the pain over and over.
  4. NoiseInsideMyHead

    UND to cut women's hockey

    Predictable tweet Cue the sycophants I've tried not to dogpile on the WH situation, but this is cringeworthy.
  5. NoiseInsideMyHead


    Sides of milk cartons.
  6. NoiseInsideMyHead

    2018-19 Non-UND College Hockey

    Anybody have any screen shots of the crowd from Game 1?
  7. NoiseInsideMyHead

    Kennedy vs donors... again?

    Does it qualify him to hire on as Kennedy's Chief of Staff?
  8. NoiseInsideMyHead

    Scoreboard change

    Rumor is they're going to have one heck of a 4th of July party on the patio with the unused pyrotechnics.
  9. NoiseInsideMyHead

    UND @ DU -- First Round NCHC, Game 1

  10. NoiseInsideMyHead

    Snomageddon March 2019

    This storm has not quite lived up to the hype. When the media throws around words like "historic" and "crippling," I just expect to see something special. The wind is still howling in GF, but the snow is so wet and heavy it's hardly moving around.
  11. NoiseInsideMyHead

    UND vs DU

    Unless there's cysts...on the walls of their lungs.
  12. NoiseInsideMyHead

    UND vs DU

    Ha! Or maybe I just know my way around FlightAware. But I like how you think.
  13. NoiseInsideMyHead

    Snomageddon March 2019

    That's a win, right there. Thanks!
  14. NoiseInsideMyHead

    Snomageddon March 2019

    It does, but the Golf Channel doesn't always have the early rounds of non-majors. I was hoping somebody had already looked ahead and could save me the trouble.
  15. NoiseInsideMyHead

    UND vs DU

    Albuquerque, perhaps?