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  1. A&W a casualty of the Memorial Union closure.
  2. What an idiot. Crappy announcer, and a perfect snapshot of a lot that is wrong at UND. Grow the f*** up.
  3. How long until someone on the REA staff cues up some XXX video on that thing? (chest patterns > test patterns)
  4. Biggest stumble at the Alerus since December 3, 2016.
  5. But that just leads to "green and white" and other abominations. Unofficial nicknames are no better than bad ones.
  6. This has to be historic...two teams in a single playoff went sweep-swept in successive rounds. And one of them was the sweeper before they were the sweepee. EDIT Double sweep historic, but not unprecedented.
  7. Hurricanes downgraded to tropical depression.
  8. I’ve always felt that the original was tastefully proportional to the arena. After all, one of the reasons the Ralph is the Ralph is because so few architectural details were missed. I remember after the fire; the higher resolution displays were certainly a nice upgrade, but I never felt like we needed more real estate up there. Bigger is not always better.
  9. With all of the talk about slumping attendance, disappointing team performance, and greatly reduced demand, it would be interesting if you could use the ‘19-20 season thread to keep us posted about how this goes. Periodic updates on things like frequency of nibbles, insane lowball offers, etc. Totally anonymously, of course, and if you’re not comfortable discussing actual dollars, you could refer to price in terms of expectation and reality (i.e., how much $$$ more or less you got than expected). Maybe even some of your experiences in trying to unload the tix as single-game over the past few years (assuming you did). You know, for science!
  10. "That's the right choice, mate." -- Steve Irwin, probably.
  11. Will probably be working the drive-thru when the announcement comes that they are out of fries.
  12. Agreed. What would it take for people to step back the next time they want to criticize a university president, or the high salary? I suspect that few understand how impossible that job really is, and the toll it exacts on many well-intentioned individuals who sign up.
  13. Kudos to the B1G marketing folks for getting out in front of this. Love or hate the specific teams, it’s a cool concept.
  14. UND not necessarily the ugliest s**t show in higher ed right now. https://newsok.com/article/5631228/sources-james-l.-gallogly-to-resign-as-ou-president Makes a 3-year tenure seem positively infinite by comparison. And OU’s guy was an alum and business executive with apparently no traditional academic credentials.
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