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  1. That's one early departure from UND that still stings. Precipitated the two-year NCAA drought. Not blaming him, but somebody needs to be a poster boy to get kids to stay.
  2. Please tell us what you know of hospital census data historically. Or is a hospital only "at or near capacity" when the media tells you it is. And I'm sure you have some exhaustive information about trends and whether hospital capacity in North Dakota could be deemed adequate to begin with, and by what metric(s). Have they re-converted the FargoDome to a field hospital yet? About those deaths, would you care to discuss age, life expectancy, and other conditions? Maybe we should compare other causes of death, or are you not worked up about what else might cause people to die.
  3. Yawn. Complain about mandates, confuse "positive test" with "case," spout "statistics." Rinse, lather, repeat. The latest spread for testing rates is 27,800 daily tests/million population (Del.) to 1,300 (Az.). That's more than a 20-fold increase among the states. It doesn't matter if you have more "cases" per capita if you're testing up to 10-20X more people per capita. (ND is 2nd at 9,100, and has consistently been in the top 4-5 for months.). Yet, people insist on comparing and ranking the states by gross "cases" or "cases" per capita, pretending like it's apples to apples, all the while exhibiting their own ignorance and mathematical illiteracy. When positive test data is finally correlated and corrected for testing discrepancies, I might start to listen. But only if we get serious about reporting test specificity and sensitivity, and remind people that a positive test is not indicative of illness and that we have never previously tested the population at large for any infectious condition at anything even nearing this level, so nationwide distribution data is to be taken with a huge grain of salt.
  4. Read this (relax, it's Sports Illustrated) about testing and let me know if your confidence in the approach taken by the government and other policy makers to managing positive results isn't the least bit shaken. https://www.si.com/college/2020/10/17/nick-saban-covid-test-alabama-georgia Instead of letting common sense (i.e., symptoms plus clinical corroboration) dictate the COVID response, we've capitulated to the unprecedented mass testing of healthy individuals, and then found ourselves in situations like this. Even the scientist defending the testing methodology as being reliable admits that the true false positive rate is unknown not for a scientific reason, but for a financial one. So we'll never know the true false positive rate because people get locked up by the government in their homes for two weeks on the 'strength' of the first test and won't have a sufficient battery of subsequent tests performed. The fact remains that the specificity, sensitivity, and reliability of COVID testing remain very much in doubt, and if you're not questioning what's going on here, you ought to be. Yet, we have populist drivel and uninformed nonsense like this:
  5. I thought of that as well, but the sign literally reads "Coming Soon" and there's a rendering of the finished structure with a Koda Bank sign on it. It does appear to be a multi-use office building, so the bank branch would likely be just be one occupant.
  6. https://www.aol.com/article/finance/2020/10/16/coronavirus-second-wave-hope-best-prepare-worst/24653138/ Something really struck me about this particular statement. "Wrong direction." Makes no sense whatsoever. Like it or not, we are headed in the only direction that is possible...forward. There is no sideways, there is no reverse, there is no skip to the next chapter. There's fear mongering, and then there's irrational and disingenuous gobbledygook, spewed by anyone with a degree or title who can find a microphone. I pity people who are so detached from reality that they think COVID is the result of a politician or ideology, or that - unlike every other virus ever - it can somehow be stopped from running its course.
  7. There is certainly doubt that removing choice and forcing people to wear masks is a sensible approach. A lot of things might "generally help" in a lot of humanity's struggles, but that should hardly be the test for universal adoption. Characterizing a virus phenomenon marked by unprecedented attention and detection (as opposed to, say, real impact) as a "battle" implies that you think it is either of finite duration or a "winnable" concept, and I think both of those notions remain wildly in doubt.
  8. Mask logic completely fails when it comes to babies and small children. If masks matter - at all - why are we not taking steps to protect some of our most vulnerable with developing immune systems? And if your answer is 'risk of suffocation,' then screw the hell right off because you have also probably grossly inflated the risks of COVID. Seeing a bare-faced infant in Target in a sea of masks is just plain stupid. It's either a risk for everyone, or it's not.
  9. Ground broken for a large commercial development at 40th & Columbia. Sign says "Koda Bank" coming soon. Had never heard of it, but it appears to be a small-town rural bank.
  10. With so many things on hold and the snow about to fly in GF, we might as well fire this one up. Thoughts? Predictions? COVID impacts? It's early, but the NDHSAA website shows a possible outdoor game (?) between GFRR and GPR at Cushman Field on November 24. Can anyone confirm?
  11. Why is the Herald/Forum Comm pandering to agoraphobes? I have some honest questions, no snark needed here... What would a statewide “mandate” achieve that the private sector (especially retail) has not already done? Would it serve any purpose other than to further deepen the social divide and tax public resources such as law enforcement? Where in public would you wear a mask under a “mandate” that you aren’t already wearing one? The poll results, incidentally, show that there is no shortage of scared, ignorant people who need to get out of the house more often.
  12. SECOND most important takeaway. The first is that "hoes gotta eat, too."
  13. Well, for starters, they should absolutely plan on giving something up for Lent. Bad turnovers, maybe? Stupid penalties?
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