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  1. I love the smell of methanol in the evening, https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/finally-the-green-flag-will-drop-at-river-cities-speedway Sad to see the impacts of quickly rising costs and inflation on an already expensive activity. Maybe the oil companies will kick in some extra sponsor dollars. Perhaps Fufeng could bankroll some teams and get some positive community PR. I hear Pfizer is having a pretty decent year, too. Now that spring is finally here, and gas is too expensive to leave town, let’s get out and support these guys and gals!
  2. Left it up to the coaches, who in turn waited for photos? Planned to tie in story with Champions Club activities/press during the upcoming summer months? Not wanting to showcase current spending that might lessen perceived urgency of future projects? Tried to time announcement to stand out from REA weight room news? Focused on HPC fundraising? Busy with NIL or the systematic dismantling of the NCAA? A moose wandered onto campus and ate the press release? Hard to say.
  3. Wow! The last show at the Base seems like a lifetime ago.
  4. Unless you’re a tax collector or a commercial leasing agent, “development” is not alone going to move the needle, and certainly not in terms of quality of living. Regular citizens need things to be excited about (more than future property tax revenue). More services. More places to shop, and eat. Better parking, and road access. Variety. Quantity. Complaints here are mostly well-intentioned, and reflect people who are looking for meaningful QOL improvements. Empty storefronts (whether dilapidated or brand new strips) do matter. And no matter what, GF feels stagnant to many of us who take note of what ordinary commerce has to offer.
  5. Hoge on the first page of the leaderboard, end of day 1 at the PGA.
  6. I meant GF in the community sense, not the municipal one. The thread is pretty clear that we're talking about local parking lots and private property. Had I wanted to rag on the City of Grand Forks, I would have been more explicit.
  7. Strip malls are fine - and obviously serve a purpose - but I submit that primary retail corridors need a balance between thoughtfully planned strips and open footprints for free-standing casual dining restaurants and other businesses. There was a stretch in GF when it seemed that every inch of frontage along various roads was being hastily filled with cookie-cutter strips that subsequently sat vacant. In some cases, those vacancies lasted YEARS. (Looking at you, former Golden Corral site.)
  8. Amen. There are lunar craters jealous of the size of some of the potholes in front of PetSmart. Come to think of it, the lot near Petco is utter dog s#!t, too. That solves it! GF hates your pets. And your vehicle's suspension.
  9. I thought I heard that was to be an EV charging station, although my first thoughts were either strip mall or a reconfigured drive-thru for perma-closed McDs. Either way, there really isn’t going to be much parking left for the original building.
  10. Why is any corporate or organizational HQ located where it is? Guessing $$$ had a lot to do with it. Local tax incentives, perhaps. Maybe someone had an inside track on real estate/office leases. Maybe there was a critical mass of qualified or uniquely experienced workers nearby (think multiple D1 schools, USA Hockey, WCHA). Anywhere with an airline hub and a desirable place for staff to live would check most of the boxes. Colorado has long had a dynamic and thriving economy. Legal weed. Take your pick.
  11. Saw on Twitter that Equipment Manager Dallas Kopp has passed away. Got used to seeing him on the sidelines at the AC. RIP.
  12. Wendy's has resumed in-person dining. You know, if you're craving spicy nugs or something.
  13. Sounds like you just did, Mr. CEO. What's your Venmo? Thanks for the link...hellish but interesting read.
  14. More ads on the ice...no room for "PLAYOFFS"?
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