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  1. Silverware needs no adjective...other than plentiful.
  2. Endowments can be deceptive when it comes to the economic health of an institution. Maybe a fairer assessment would include a comparison of gains versus cuts in jobs, academic programs, and sports, and - in the case of publics - dependence on state dollars. Pledged dollars and future returns on investments for the school mean very little to people who have been laid off due to budget cuts.
  3. One lane is open on each of the northbound and southbound sides of Columbia, and cross-traffic has finally resumed on University. Still some paving to be done on the center of the north approach to the overpass, along with stoplight installation. Semester began 3 weeks ago. There just seems to be a total lack of urgency. On the positive side, all orange barrels seem to have been removed along 32nd Avenue. Enjoy your reconfigured turn lanes!
  4. Translation: Please don't do the very thing I'm about to do.
  5. Hit up the Pizza Ranch for the first time in forever, and it appears they've expanded to include a large arcade and additional party rooms.
  6. So, is that a 5 or a 15?
  7. This thread is probably overdue, given the recent spike of activity in last year's. And hey, it's September, so why not??? (MODS: Feel free to port over posts as appropriate.)
  8. Columbia Commons (strip anchored by Crooked Pint and First Int'l Bank) is now flashing "Famous Dave's Coming Soon" on its electronic signboard. Although there aren't many vacant stalls, and seemingly none large enough. Build-out in parking lot, perhaps?
  9. Probably depends on whether you're buying an opinion, or insurance. Just because you die on the operating table doesn't mean the surgeon committed malpractice. Calculated risks and informed consent and all that.
  10. I've always found it interesting that a guy can buy a girl a $70 dinner and take her to a $30 movie, after which they have casual sex, and it's called a "date" and the morality police are mostly silent. Same guy gives same girl a $100 bill, skips dinner and the movie, and it's called a "crime." But wait, they say...there is at least some economic impact when you go out and spend money on a date. Well, can't a legal, regulated sex industry be taxed, which would offset the sales tax losses entirely?
  11. RIP Sickies -- Another one bites the dust. Service basically sucked after they moved across the river, but the burger options were worth some inconvenience. Probably should have just stayed put in GF with the smaller footprint. PS - a little advance notice would have been nice...I have two BOGO coupons that were good until 8/31.
  12. https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/crime-and-courts/7171655-GFPD-uses-prostitution-sting-to-study-human-trafficking-in-the-city Saw this story on WDAY Friday night and was puzzled. The gist was that GFPD ran a typical John sting, with a non-existent prostitute. Here's the problem: No indication of trafficking here. I've watched "COPS," and I can tell you that adult women can and often do voluntarily engage in sex-for-money. What about this setup is even remotely related to "individuals who are doing this against their will"? Could they not at least have posed as an adult offering the services of a minor, or the services of a "young woman new to town" or an "immigrant"? You know, to draw in the real scuzzballs? The CVIC person is quoted as saying that ordinary Johns "are doing harm and may not realize the person providing sex to them is going through, they may be being beaten, held against their will, starved." But all you could possibly accomplish here is to soften the market for ALL prostitution. You could bust 1000 Johns (ruining countless lives) and not put a single dent in 'human trafficking.' Would this not have been infinitely more intelligent to set up as a reverse sting, drawing in the trafficked, or the traffickers, rather than three horny, lonely dudes who were just looking for love in the wrong place? I really hope that the Herald and WDAY either got the story wrong or that certain details were left out. Because otherwise this sounds like a Keystone Kops exercise, devoid of logic, and I want to believe that the GFPD is better than that. If you want to bust regular Johns, fine, but please don't pretend it has anything to do with some greater evil. (Discussion time) What say you...is it time to legalize and regulate the sex trade in ND?
  13. So, perhaps it could be said that in the ultimate nod to Grand Forks’ past, UND gave Mike the, uh, Bronze Boot.
  14. Well, there was that one Canadian goose seen walking gingerly away, with feathers ruffled and a look of dazed contentment.
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