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  1. As I once learned following a trip to Winnipeg - where a Canad location miraculously featured all of the same 'tenants,' the Tavern United, Garbonzos, Aaltos, l'Bistro, et al. are captive brands and wholly owned by the Canad Inn parent company. https://www.canadinns.com/about-canad-inns/ Turns out that when you are completely subsidized and underwritten, you are insulated against the realities of a naturally competitive marketplace, and you can continue your sub-par restaurant operations with relative impunity. Alas, barring Canad Inn closing them down and subletting the space, or getting religion about the quality of food and service, it seems there will be no changes onsite.
  2. If he falls flat on his face but rolls over to find himself on the campus quad looking up at a number of co-eds on a nice, sunny SoCal day, however... That's a chance worth taking.
  3. SS.com: We're going to publish a dining guide for Grand Forks! Interested reader: Oh, that's nice. Will you be relying on Michelin ratings? SS.com: No, Dun & Bradstreet. Interested reader: But what about the food? SS.com: Past finances, tax liabilities, and creditworthiness are more important. Interested reader: But what about service, convenience, or price? SS.com: It's a small town. Interested reader: Some people are relatively new here, and don't get into local gossip. SS.com: Everybody needs to know everything about the owners...digging up old dirt is all that matters. Interested reader: Grand Forks really doesn't have that many dining options, though. SS.com: We can think of one too many. Interested reader: That seems kind of petty. SS.com: (eats gas station burrito) Interested reader: (eats gas station burrito)
  4. Get your collective a$$es to EGF and eat at Boardwalk between now and January 17. A lot. https://www.grandforksherald.com/business/7290375-Boardwalks-penalty-for-violating-Minnesota-mandates-25000-fine-30-day-suspension-of-license And God bless them for having the stones to stand up to garbage tyranny out of St. Paul.
  5. I think the prime driver here is the fact that UND talked a good game, soliciting employee input and then devoting substantial capital resources - and prime square footage - to a food-service facility in its then-crown jewel construction project which, due to a bizarre set of circumstances, is apparently now going to sit idle and collect dust. And UND isn’t always known for making prudent fiscal decisions. [cough, cough] Ray Richards [cough]. And sometimes those decisions come back to bite them. [cough] Golf course reopening and reconditioning costs, years of revenue and good will lost [cough] Sorry…must have got something caught in my throat. Maybe I should seek a qualified Music Therapist to assist in my recovery. Anyway, on-site food service ought to be viewed not as a cash cow, but a loss leader. It’s a perk…a service provided to students and employees, and as such it won’t always turn a profit. And taking it away will almost always gin up some anger that vending machines cannot completely resolve.
  6. Considering the other sites under consideration (including the old med school) were within a stone's throw of the Memorial Union and/or walkable (in nice weather, at least) to full-service dining in Wilkerson, and the letter to the editor is about food service availability on campus, I'd say that the Gateway location is indeed remote. The two Johns (i.e., Jimmy and Taco), though each within walking distance, aren't exactly going to be much more than occasional stops. Unless people really, really like Oles. Related but unrelated...the persistent lack of campus-adjacent dining, shopping, and entertainment options at UND is remarkable. Two strips at REA that I would call moderately useful, at best (I'm guessing MidcoSports doesn't get much walk-up traffic), and Suite 49 has been shuttered over the years more than it has not. Basically forces students to get in their cars and drive (or rely on buses/Ubers) for even the most mundane of tasks. Maybe it's time to kick BNSF out of town, do some intense surface remediation, and develop some of that land to benefit campus. And that would immediately save the tens of millions of $$$ slated for the 42nd St underpass.
  7. One of those "Everybody gets on the JumboTron" kind of days.
  8. TIL that the Sack City sign is not a permanent fixture at the Alerus. Maybe we need a back-up: SACK CITY SIGN 0 1 SACKED BY WEATHER
  9. This is kind of funny. I mean, they did choose the most remote location possible for the med school. https://www.grandforksherald.com/opinion/letters/7279099-Letter-It’s-unconscionable-that-the-UND-School-of-Medicine-has-no-food-service-options I suppose if hunger strikes, there's always the anatomy lab.
  10. Northside has moved into the former Suite 49/Albatross building. Nice upgrade. Paved parking!
  11. IAMSo excited to learn more about this. Hope the company has a good Pedigree.
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