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  1. A college sports fans with excuses? Well, I never...
  2. FUN FACT: If you search for Slim Chickens locations on their website by distance from Grand Forks, Minot is sandwiched between two locations in London. Only 5700 miles! Clearly, they’ve made that drive as much as I have.
  3. UND should get creative. Family packs: 4 tix, 4 dogs, 4 sodas, and a foam finger for $99.00 (and no service fees). Push out the marketing through the schools, and local employers. Buy X packs in a single season, be entered in a drawing for season tickets the next. How hard can it be? When will they realize that the market will not always sustain $40-50 plus TM fees per ticket? The REA has had a great run, but it's obviously not immune to economic reality and declining attendance. UND may have squeezed the last penny out of that place in terms of premium pricing and season ticket revenue, barring another historic run of championship caliber teams. Even then, there are no guarantees. Could always do curtains.
  4. The altitude might give some folks around here even lighter heads.
  5. I wonder if Midco has a new camera operator at center ice. Uncharacteristic amount of missed action at the blue line and in transition so far this season. I've often felt that Midco has some really good regional/college hockey production.
  6. Watched the prices fall on tickets for this weekend over the past couple of days over in the ticket thread. Lower bowl dropping to $30 or less was unimaginable a few years ago. Demand is just plain down all over the place. Time for UND to adjust face price downward??? No need to incur TM fees and pay full freight...those poor people are just getting ripped off.
  7. In fairness to the negative Nellies, expansion and growth are always reported prospectively, as in, investment, development, and jobs over time. Construction and expansion of infrastructure do not occur overnight. And the media does not always do a good job following up as those anticipated jobs are filled, houses are sold, etc. Plus, a lot of reported plans never come to fruition. Layoffs and closings tend to have immediate impact, and we can all relate to someone losing their job, whereas not all of us are looking for positions in new or hot, young industries. Blame it on human nature, not the individual humans.
  8. Ate at their location in Sioux Falls. Really enjoyed it. Better than Cane's.
  9. BWW has one of the better loyalty programs out there. I have redeemed a ton of points for free food, and have a nice little rainy day stash of points left over. Taking the free food into account, I think that does favorably affect the cost analysis.
  10. Off to a great start. Cloudiest US city for the month of October. This may actually explain a lot.
  11. Cannonball Run II starts in 10 minutes on Starz Comedy.
  12. Thank you. I don't see analysts talking about this angle. If I'm a star QB rolling in endorsement dough, I'm gonna want to throw something at my linemen. Probably something more than a pair of Isotoner gloves, too. One of the greatest unintended consequences of this move will be to alienate the handful of moneymakers on key revenue sports from 99.9% of their peers on campus, and on their own team.
  13. If there's not a community rule prohibiting high-brow, intellectual discourse on this site...there ought to be.
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