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  1. So, the perimeter of the garage wouldn't have worked for ventilation purposes? The garage is almost entirely open air. And you do realize how much square footage that brings into play?
  2. Last year’s cancellation was a clusterf***. Could have had it right down the street in the UND parking garage with minimal inconvenience if they had really wanted to. Just takes a little vision.
  3. I wasn't aware it had ever closed.
  4. Hear that? It's the sound of architects and contractors salivating. While having orgasms.
  5. Funny thing is, the way it turned out is a win-win because you (and so many others) get to vilify the "A-Holes in NY" (as if that's hard to do) AND you were spared from having to do the same to your friends and neighbors here in town. Which you would have done, because what assurances does anyone have that the output on campus would have been any better? Selecting the sacrificial lamb from the big, bad East Coast was an expedience that saves a ton of face and hard feelings in UND's backyard.
  6. So what must it be like to be Brad? He has single-handedly (IMHO) propped up the GFH's online revenue streams to date with UND hockey coverage, and if they change their delivery model to online subscriber only, their success or failure will likely be as tied to him as any other single factor. I have to believe that he's torn about the whole thing. They might as well change their name to the Brad Forks Herald.
  7. Wouldn't a temporary HC permit actually work out better for this situation? May want to ask your physician. Not sure if there's a cost, but the spots are probably much closer.
  8. There ought to be a federally mandated waiting period for Twitter accounts.
  9. 2.9 x 3 < 10, so what's the problem? A team that pitches out and sprints straight to the sideline every down could make 3 yards a carry, but it's not exactly gonna light things up. Heck, 50 carries at 2.9 is still less than 150 ypg. What is an acceptable ypc?
  10. Was Sioux surreptitiously removed from things, though? Was anything ever blamed on internal 'miscommunications'? Were there not announced changes along the way as various things were phased out? I thought UND was very much in the daylight about pretty much everything. It was never a secret about the NCAA policy, the lawsuit, or even the legislative meddling.
  11. Glitchy start to this one for the Alerus and UND. Audio and video failed to sync, and the team's entry was rather ho-hum with minimal energy or anticipation. Needs some work.
  12. As the resident pot stirrer, I will take one more shot and then let the dust settle for another year. Hockey stealing football's thunder before the season even gets rolling is nothing new; I've raised it here before. Seems there's always a "big story" to be told in August...ice in, logo off ice, logo on ice, these jerseys, those jerseys. Scoreboard up and operational is old news, of course. But, ice glistening under the new scoreboard appears to be this year's ill-timed entrant. It could have waited a few weeks -- no harm, no foul. My only real question is the timing. Why can't the Herald, and the REA, and even UND do more to promote football (even if by doing less, or nothing). Maybe the Herald could double- or triple-down on FB coverage, for just a week or two. Tom Miller has shown some versatility, and I suspect Brad does as well. A simple, friendly moratorium on hockey news (barring something really significant) is not that much to ask. Writers and editors pouncing on borderline hockey news for clicks and likes is just low hanging journalistic fruit.
  13. And that story has been covered ad nauseam. A little restraint all around would have been nice. Show some respect for the football program and the other fall sports during the first week of classes. Hockey will be front and center soon enough.
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