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  1. Damn thing better be wearing a mask. And just to be safe, they should keep it at least 6' from the others.
  2. I seriously think this PxP guy voiced NFL2K on Sega Dreamcast? Anybody catch his name?
  3. Here's something very nice to see...Grand Forks is hopping this weekend, abuzz with a youth hockey tournament. Parking lots, restaurants, hotels are packed. And I couldn't be happier. Let them play. Screw COVID.
  4. Despite the very slippery slope, I think I can stomach the helmet ads. The ones I have seen so far seem to have been kept simple, and relatively elegant. Mostly monochrome, tasteful, understated. Hope they stay that way, and stick with top tier sponsors, and high-quality vinyl/decals. Change is hard.
  5. If only he could get some of that NIL money.
  6. Sporting events have been ticketed for decades. Bars have restricted access by minors and carded patrons for decades. Most international travel has required a passport for...ready for this, decades. The vaccine has been available literally for hours. Let that sink in. And then come back and tell us what a comparison is.
  7. Not sure fear is a one-way street here. Just wait until you find out what you were exposed to last season at The Ralph. And the season before. And the season before that. And you didn't come on here and say diddly-squat. 2020 isn't special. The great (over)reaction is what's special. Why don't we resume living, and simply let people choose whether or not to resume what's been normal for an entire lifetime. No force at all. Choice. Masks and lockdowns DO. NOT. WORK. Vaccines for those who want them.
  8. Not to set the dumpster alight, but is this an indication that the west simply has adopted different or less stringent testing criteria? Presumably, the entire traveling party was tested extensively in the days and weeks leading up to departure. Yet by European standards (where the numbers have been touted as being far less), they were all cleared.
  9. Random "Stay on Thread" Thoughts: - Fledgling regional Mexican restaurant coming soon into the old Ruby Tuesday location. - Mexican/Guatemalan restaurant in the Columbia Mall "food court" still a going concern (somehow). - If anybody here has a pot of cash and a moderately high net worth, the former Hardees tract at 17th & Columbia just screams Raising Cane's to me. (Be the first in the Dakotas!)
  10. Re-open the dumpster fire thread and assess taxes at a nickel a post.
  11. At the risk of venturing too deep into politics in a restaurant thread, let's just say that if tyrannically-minded politicians keep enacting and trying to enforce draconian and misguided measures with shameful if not radical indifference to the effects on their citizens, there may be no restaurants left at which to eat. #BLM (bordertown livelihoods matter) #annexEGF #savethemoose
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