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  1. Bubba cost us the NDSU game. From what I saw, Danny didn't create anything offensively in the USD game. Defense seems to be the only piece of this puzzle keeping it together. What happened to our creativity on offense? Clearly our O-Line isn't up to last year, but how the hell do we not adapt to that and get the QB out in space more. All I know is these team became a lot less interesting and fast. I'm hopeful they can salvage the season, but definitely not confident. The NDSU loss should of happened, but it was more understandable. Losing to USD should not have happened. I don't care if its a road game, that is one you have to win. After last spring, this is disappointing to say the least.
  2. If tommy is going to throw have him roll out and get in space, they’re breaking down the pocket too fast. Worked on the scoring drive, let’s do it again,
  3. Good guys win! Try not to go for it on 4th down within their field goal range. I'm still pissed at Bubba for last week. Need a win to get me back into this!
  4. Agreed! If you’re going to do what they did, at least move fast so they can’t get set. It was almost like we were waiting and asking, “hey, you guys ready if we run up the middle? You sure? Here we come! “
  5. Just finished watching the game on delay. initial thought, the team played well, bubba cost us the game with the dumbest call ever on 4th and 1 on our own 20 with the damn lead. That was stupid, plain and simple. Inexcusable call!
  6. So I am not able to watch the game live because of kids sports all day. If anyone else is in that spot, ESPN says they repost the games 90 minutes after they end.
  7. This is such a sad poor attempt at trolling. C'mon man!
  8. So the ESPN app always has the games available to re-watch. Does anyone know if these are available as soon as the game is over? Between youth hockey evaluations and youth soccer games I likely will not be able to sit an watch the whole game, but would prefer to just watch the whole thing uninterrupted in the evening. Of course I'll be watching with my Bison in-laws, who can record the Bison production, which I'd prefer to avoid as well. Way rather listen to Heinert.
  9. Sorry, but this is a dumb post. I don't think anyone is saying the outcome of the game will be 100% contingent on the the crowd noise. It will be on players, schemes, turnovers, TOP, etc. But to say crowd noise and home field doesn't play a factor is asinine. Are you going to tell me crowd noise does cause false starts or impact the QBs count? Does that not have an impact on the game? We have seen it at the Alerus, we have see it at the Fargo Dome, we have seen it all over college football.
  10. I’m glad you said that, I actually never knew Brian Kelly was the coach there. Crazy!
  11. My freshman year of college. Had a blast at the game and was in the band. If I recall they were missing a pretty high caliber player, and if I really stretch my brain I feel like he didn't pass a drug test of something. Definitely loud, and was pretty excited that we got to take the trip to Alabama after the win. Great experience as a freshman, just too bad we couldn't beat Grand Valley.
  12. Depends where ya find him. He shows up as Lakes on most of the school sites that we are playing against to trash talk UND. I believe he is El Chapo on Bisonville. Have to wonder what that guy is like in person. Pretty sad really that he truly hates a fan base as much as he does. I enjoy fun rivalries and sure I "hate" the Bison and Gopher hockey, but most of the fans are good people. Maybe he isn't like that in person, but online and hiding behind his profile the guy is a 100% A$$clown!
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