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  1. Yeah, this stinks, but I would assume most other schools are doing the same thing.
  2. There should be no banner, except for the Penrose one. Don’t hang second place or what if’s. Recognize this team on the wall somewhere else in the arena, but not with a banner.
  3. Pretty sure Pinto had already said somewhere along the line that the plan was to be here for 2 years, though you're right, some confirmation would be nice. and yeah, if JBD comes back, it would be huge!
  4. Its a fair point, but without knowing the who story, its easy to ask the question.
  5. Not a fan of that mentality from a player though. Your a high end draft pick, with big talent coming in behind you, but you’ve got the experience. Earn your damn spot and solidify it. Elevate your game. Hoping he isn’t going somewhere in the NCHC.
  6. Why? Do we expect them to announce some incoming freshman?
  7. I'm not basketball genius, but why would he transfer? He was hurt right? Not like he was being benched and missing out on play time?
  8. I had actually already thought they had done that. I just hope the NFL draft isn't postponed; I've lost college hockey, the basketball tourney, NHL, MLB, even my Men's league hockey season an playoffs .... really hoping they don't take the draft away too!
  9. I would think that by then, they would play in front of an empty stadium before cancelling the season. Not that I have anything to base that off of.
  10. Totally agree, its nice to see. Like I said, hopefully they start landing some of them.
  11. We seem to be going after more coveted prospects than in the past. Hopefully this pays off and we can land some of these kids!
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