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  1. siouxfan512

    SH Game Day

    Ha, I was just jokin with ya
  2. siouxfan512

    SH Game Day

    Why are you measuring a 4 quarter game in fifths? Just curious
  3. siouxfan512

    SH Game Day

    JJ isn’t the greatest runner, he was a nice compliment to a great backfield last year. Seems like a great kid, but looks slow off the snap and stands straight up when he runs. Hasn’t gotten the greatest blocking, but 4th and 1 should be almost automatic for him. Seriously throw Noah Larson in on those, at least he plays with a bit more grit.
  4. ^This Just because we aren't the Sioux anymore doesn't mean we should have to rewrite the entire history of the school or the rivalry. Its a historic trophy, who cares if there isn't a hawk on hit. The fact that it is old and doesn't tie to our current nickname just adds to the story of the rivalry and the history of the schools. Play for it! That being said, since it probably will not happen; the barn isn't a horrible idea, though I don't remember that exactly being a historical type of land mark, just seems a little forced. I had also previously heard Teddy Roosevelt's cane, not sure how relevant that is either. The Nickel was just too perfect.
  5. I didn't say anything about getting his Heisman ready. I fully agree it is absurd, and he would not be in that discussion if he didn't have two NFL QBs that were at the school prior to him taking over. That being said, nobody can deny that the kid can plays and play well. He did his job against Butler, and he made our defense look silly on several plays, and he still have a ton of time to develop. Are you implying you wouldn't want a guy like Lance at QB? It is a postition that has been poorly recruited for years. Studs was tough as nails and could run, but was horribly inconsistent and couldn't make several passes. Then the past two years, while QB hasn't been horrible, it has still be inconsistent and lacks that next level. Yes, I absolutely would like to see UND recruit better at a pivotal position. That doesn't mean I am mailing in the season, this team could absolutely make the playoffs if things come together, but as we move forward I would like to see a more athletic guy under center. Hoping Freunds new offense can help attract some of that, but the guys that we currently have need to execute to do that. I think you are taking a simple comment or two and really stretching into something else.
  6. I hope the Pluto feed is as good as it was for Drake, that was the best I have seen it.
  7. Here’s the thing with Bubba, seems like the nicest guy ever, and he could go on to have a decent season, even eek into the playoffs. He seems to lack that killer instinct, and maybe it is unfair to put all of this on Bubba, but he is the head coach. I for one, was very disappointed to se us once again punt when we were already down and it was a short yardage situation. Should have taken a few chances to keep himself in the game though with that offensive showing, I can see why they closed practice this week. I wouldn’t want the media watching something that embarrassing either! seriosuly though, there are some great tools out there. Wanzek; Maag could be special; McKinney was under utilized. also didn’t care for some of friends calls, though some were pretty good. Why are we ever running Maag on a sweep play? Cam, sure! Griebel, sure! Half the other receivers? Nooooooo!!!
  8. All irritating things aside, very impressed with Trey Lance, his skill, his athleticism, his ability to read a play and his execution. Would love to see us get someone even close to that. Nothing against the QBs on our roster, but the past few Bison QBs are just a different caliber.
  9. I meant more for the upcoming game
  10. Anyone know why the 360 guys haven't put out a write up on the game yet?
  11. He only gets that vote because of who he plays for and who has played there before him. If he was on any other team, nobody would know his name, even with a nice first game this year. But when you have an FCS team produce to nfl QBs you are going to get a little extra attention. make no mistake, I don’t say this as a slight to lance, as he will be a very good player, but a heisman candidate? I don’t know about that.
  12. A moose on the field must be an omen, like when Benny the Jet busted the guts out of a baseball. Right?
  13. I don't remember, but I was at that game. It was pretty funny how sad everyone around me was.
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