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  1. siouxfan512

    2019 Season

    I do miss the ND logo
  2. siouxfan512

    2019 Season

    I don't know about you all, but I'm getting the itch for some UND football, especially with recruiting picking up for 2020. Before we get there, we have the 2019 season coming up. We say it every year, and I get tired of the same old thing, but is this a year UND can turn a corner and start winning with some consistency? UND has a crazy tough schedule, but if you want to be the best, you have to beat the best. The team needs to look at their schedule as less of a challenge and more of an opportunity. There is definitely some talent on the roster, and hopefully there is now a coordinator in place that knows how to use it. Does that mean it will all work out? No, but it definitely makes the season a little more intriguing that if Rudy was still calling his patented 3 and out plays. I figured I'd go back and take a look at some of our new recruits that will be (hopefully already are) on campus. We had some solid names that I forgot about, so who do we see getting their shirt pulled, or at least making the most out of their allotted playing time (without losing their redshirt) Tommy Schuster-Probably not; Ketteringham, Grover, Zimmerman ... and thats my QB order personally) Luke Skokna-This could be a possibility as we lost London, but we still have JJ, Mckinney, Gordon, Sherva so Skokna would need to really show something to burn eligibility, but if the talent it there ..... Elijah Beach - Big kid Chandon Pierre - 3 star kid with several offers, how does he stack up as a freshman. Jay Domingue - Hope the kid sees the field plenty and shows off his FBS experience. Caleb Nelson -3 star kid with several offers, how does he stack up as a freshman. Samuel-Salih Fort - Another big CB recruit, how does he stack up as a freshman. Finally, WHO KICKS??? Thoughts?!?!? Lets get some football chat going!
  3. I was never against women's hockey; the more opportunities the better, right? But if is is not financially sustainable, then the school needs to make some decisions. I had several friends on the women's hockey team when I was in college, and I don't know who all filed this lawsuit, though I have an idea. This is just going out kicking and screaming here. UND is no more obligated to offer women's hockey as it would be with any other program, so long as they comply with Title 9, which I think has been demonstrated multiple times. Just as people preech for people to let go of the Sioux name ... this issue is dead, barring a donor coming in to support it.
  4. siouxfan512

    2019 Season

    Does anyone know what actually happened with London?
  5. This could be addition by subtraction here. Nothing against Hoff, but he never performed to a high level or consistently at UND, there has been plenty of talk about how that recruiting class was a miss in several areas. This one doesn’t bother me at all. that being said, best of luck to the guy!
  6. This may be one of the best trolling posts yet. Keep up the good work! Lol
  7. siouxfan512

    Spring Ball

    Kris Engelstad McGarry
  8. Are you talking about the first year when they went to the national championship game? The next three years they went to the Frozen Four? Or somewhere in the following 7 years where they made the tourney and a few more Frozen Fours? I know that was a complex questions .... terms like Championship Game, Frozen Four, the tourney are somewhat out of our vocabulary here. I am joking of course. By yeah, I'm getting really sick of the whole Berry experiment. 2016 was fun, sure. But the past few years have been terrible, and not just bad results, but bad hockey. I have found myself incredibly bored watching most games. Berry is too afraid to be the bad guy. Hak figured out how to get the most out of his players, and it wasn't by being their best friend.
  9. UND working on a potential home and home with the Gophers, and a trip Tuscaloosa!
  10. siouxfan512

    Spring Ball

    We don't always agree on stuff, but I agree. Kett started great last season and declined as the year went on, but some of that is circumstantial. O Line and Offensive scheme. Not saying he shouldn't shoulder some of the blame, but I say, new slate this year, and whoever is performing should be the guy, If that is Kett, then cool; If it is Grover, then good. I am hoping that whoever it is has more success with the new scheme.
  11. siouxfan512

    ITS OVER!!!

    This resonates so much with me. I used to actually get bummed out when the boys would lose. After the past two seasons it just doesn't impact me as much. Maybe that is getting older, maybe that is from watching boring hockey most nights. Unfortunately, it also harder to get into the games when watching them. Poor state for the program, and hopefully they can turn it around and start making runs on a regular basis again.
  12. siouxfan512

    UND vs DU

    got it, I totally missed in that.
  13. Yep dorms were fun. I still remember having to sneak booze in. One time in particular I lugged 3 cases of bottled beer up to the top floor of Smith in my hockey bag. I'm sure nobody wondered why there was a bunch of glass clanking while I walked down the hallway. We did for the Frozen Four with UND/MN/CC/DU. THAT was a blast, minus losing to Denver. Hard to believe how long ago that was now.
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