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  1. Ugh I hope not. Boltmann is a tremendous athlete, but has done nothing to step up in that position at the college level, other than some flashy trick plays. I'd way rather see him lined up at WR and maybe the Brockstar formation here and there. I get not wanting to burn eligibility, in which cash Schuster would make the most sense, but he only has 1 game of experience, so he isn't way ahead of anybody else. If Vaughan or Neal come in and prove to be the best, then the I could care less about eligibility. Whoever gives the team the best chance to win should play. Just my opinion ... which may sound like I'm down on Brock, but I'm not. I'm a big fan of Brock, I just think he can be better utilized than a full time QB.
  2. I'll take spring over nothing, but as we watch FBS leagues and High School sports backpedal and reverse their decisions, I think it is pretty clear a lot of people jumped the gun with the decision to cancel or postpone events.
  3. So who wins the QB battle, now that the new guys will have so much more time in the system? Vaughan certainly has the size and arm strength, Neal sounds pretty athletic, and Schuster has some live game experience (though extremely limited). There has been zero reporting that I have seen on the players or the progress of the team this fall. So, any thoughts?
  4. ^This ... if you have one kid that can't tie his shoes, do you make everyone else wear velcroe? Some people will have more severe symptoms, does that mean everyone else has to suffer the impact? I'm not saying people shouldn't exercise caution ... they should. I'm not saying teams, schools or leagues shouldn't have new rules in place ... they already do. But the overall numbers, don't seem to quite reflect the scary story that was preached several months ago. I think we have seen an unknow (which was certainly unnerving) turn into a political agenda, with the public, students, athletes, fans, workers, and so many more taking the brunt of the impact. It sucks! Life can't snap back to 100% normal overnight, but we should be working towards that. As much as I hated hockey getting cancelled last spring, it was more understandable, because we Covid was the unknown, but cancelling the football season, and bumping FCS back to spring seemed extremely hasty and premature (in my opinion).
  5. Agreed, I would have liked to have seen them play. If nothing else, it gets the young kids on the field and gets them some experience. Anyone hear anything about how fall/spring camp is going?
  6. Agreed, I think many have gotten to the point where we still need to be cautious and smart, and considerate of others who may take extreme caution, but altogether, people still want to be able to live their lives. Temporary disruption seemed acceptable as we learned what was happening. Obviously we have more to learn, and this isn't going away tomorrow, but we can't put life completely on hold for a year or more either. Certainly hopeful that with time, and hopefully a vaccine of some sort, that life shifts back closer to normal by next summer.
  7. Any updates from fall/spring camp?
  8. Sounds the kid has a good head on his shoulders, and certainly some skill on the field. Could we get a few more high caliber guys like this for 2021 please!
  9. Whatever happened to Bruner. Did he transfer out and play anywhere, or just quit the game?
  10. I hate the idea of football in the spring, but I guess it is still better than no football at all. More time for some of these young players to get up to speed. Hopefully, life looks more normal by next spring and the 2021 season will bring with it some normal schedules and a lot of fans. It will be interesting to see how this impacts the draft next year.
  11. Woah woah woah!!! That would require the NC$$ to think outside of the box and get creative. Fun thought though.
  12. Agreed, you do what you need to for recruiting. More of a statement of just how stupid our youth and pop culture can be.
  13. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. I’ll take hockey in an empty arena over no hockey at all, but seriously when will this all get back to normal!
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