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  1. Agreed, but I would just love to play them with a better game plan.
  2. This all makes way more sense than when I read your initial comment. I didn't realize how many cancellations there had been outside of The Valley. For conversational purposes, lets say JMU and SHSU both lose. Weber does not play this weekend. Either NDSU or SDSU will drop to 2 losses. Could UND be bumped as high as 2?
  3. You clearly have watched more closely than I have. I didn't realize they played ISU twice, but I did read Herder's comments that their wins hadn't been overly impressive. Sunday should be interesting.
  4. Not sure how you are so confident UND would be a 4 seed; I would be surprised. Maybe that comes from years of UND not being ranked up near the top, maybe its because this Spring season is so strange. UND (not by their own choice) has done nothing in the last month. We had a nice start to the season, got beat by NDSU and have been practicing ever since. -NDSU or SDSU get a spot -Weber will likely get one, though from what I have read they have been less than impressive as a 5-0 team and could easily get bounced in the playoffs. -Sam Houston will get one. -JMU and Delaware ar
  5. So, I doubt we get a seed here, but I'll be interested to see if we are able to get a home game. We have seen just how important this is for UND. I'm definitely pulling for the Jacks this weekend, but not sure how that will impact home field advantage through the playoffs. In other words, if we had to play the Bison again, it would be nice to see them have to go to GF. What would need to happen for this? Are bids only for the first round? Is that being done differently this year because of Covid? I assume the top 4 seeds automatically get home field advantage throughout.
  6. Very bizarre. Hoping the benefit of rest and recovery outweighs being rusty.
  7. Based on who they have beat I believe they would still be in.
  8. Purely from a fan standpoint I would be ok with swapping Mankato for Miami. As stated this doesn't necessarily benefit the conference as a whole in terms of size of schools/programs/budgets. But they have done a tremendous job building that program and are fun to watch. I like watching Western play. They are always physical and tough to play against.
  9. Great write up. I had forgotten that the fall games played into this as well. Just glad to be talking football again after a long month!
  10. fair point! I wasn't even thinking about the fall. In my mind, it shouldn't count, nor should the Bison win again Central Arkansas, but I'm not the committee. I get it is all considered the same season, but it sure doesn't seem like it, or play like it. I have a feeling someone is going to get screwed with the playoffs, I just hope it isn't us. UND just needs to win, and preferably win big!
  11. I was being facetious, just want to know what this team is going to look like heading into the fall. I don't know about everyone else, but I'm already anxious for some college hockey.
  12. I'll make an edit to this. NDSU would likely be in with a loss because they are the Bison. If SDSU wins, and UND wins, then you could potentially have 4 valley teams in. If NDSU wins, and UND wins, that could push SDSU out altogether.
  13. It has been a fun Spring, but this is what it comes down to. Win and we are in. Lose and we are starting offseason training. It will be tough coming off of a month break, but this team came out of the gate flying in February too. If there was ever a time or an opportunity for a statement win, it is now! Nobody has put more than 30 point on this team, and while they have only won 1 game, they have had some really close losses including SDSU by 2 and Western by 3 ... pretty close again SIU too. They allow about 150 on the ground and about 160 through the air; we need to beat those averages.
  14. Well, like it or not, a good spring season and some of the best D1 football we have seen at UND comes down to this weekend. Can't just eek out a win. This is an opportunity to make a statement going into the playoffs. Lose, and this is Idaho State all over again. We will almost definitely be out of the field at 4-2 with a Youngstown loss. Show up to play unprepared on the road like we were at Nicholls and the season is over. I still can't believe how unmotivated the team looked in this game. Playoffs, and nobody looked like they wanted to be there. No energy, no emotion. Can't happen
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