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  1. Yes, he has the national HS record for TD catches I believe
  2. Yeah, I don't think I would want this setup every year, but I'll take some UND football any way I can get it this year. Like you said, lots of football yet to watch, and that is definitely a good thing.
  3. Yeah MM won't ever suit up for UND. That story is done ... right, wrong, or indifferent. At this point, I'm just curious what, if any, actions this team is taking to continue getting better. Its an exciting year to be a UND fan. Just too bad we couldn't have seen last year through as well.
  4. Exactly what I have been saying. I have to imagine the only reason they wouldn't do this, is they assume the players would get more game time experience elsewhere.
  5. So signing day is this week, right? Will there be any online broadcast?
  6. I've had no issues with the NCHC app through Roku. Anyone know if this Midco app is available on Roku?
  7. Because throwing the ball always means you are a leader? I get this is often the case, but when you have nothing but Freshman, they would have to be pretty exceptional in the leadership department.
  8. Well super disappointing to lose the game the way we did, giving up the game winner at the end of a 5 min major, but the team knew they had to limit penalties in this game. Dumb play by Budy. Silver lining, the loss was to a good Denver team, not Caniscius. Now a very important part to the chemistry of this team, how can we bounce back. We go from losing to a good DU team to playing a tough UMD team that will play tough defensively. Have to bounce back and get a W.
  9. Doesn’t really make sense for them not to, given the ncaa eligibility situation this year. You’re not really burning a year on anyone. Though maybe they wanted to make sure guys were getting more game time elsewhere, rather than sitting in the stands with the team. Who knows.
  10. It’s called the NCHC tourney!
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