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  1. Great team that really can’t afford to stumble much. A lot of grit and talent though.
  2. Great win! A split at UMD is perfectly fine. I am still a big scheel fan, but Thome has definitely earned his time to start. scheel will be back.
  3. Agreed, IDEALLY. But a transfer wouldn’t be horrible even from a mentor ship or compete standpoint. Maybe it isn’t even needed. I’m sure the coaches will know more as the semester rolls on.
  4. Judging two seperarwte people and situations the same way would be pretty ignorant. Maybe he just want to start his grad work somewhere else where he can play football. Who knows?
  5. Is he a grad transfer? And only 1 year of eligibility? If so I’d definitely like to see UND take a shot at him. He has certainly played well in the Alerus and has FCS success. Give the young guys a year to develop a bit.
  6. Which sucks because we used to just own them!
  7. I’m not saying scheel was great, but my concern is way way more on the defense than scheel.
  8. Don’t have to like it, but putting it all on scheel is like some Vikings fans putting it all on cousins.
  9. Disagree... he may have let in some, but has also made some stellar saves tonight. UMD has had some great opportunities and is a good team. scheel has had some bad night, but tonight is not one of them. More on the D, with poor turnover and not locking up their guys. Pretty much every Duluth goal I have seen, I’ve said, wow, great goal.
  10. Oh I didn’t see that... interesting. Kid must have some potential though.
  11. That’s a 50/50 call. UMD guy did get bumped into scheel. If roles were flipped we would be screaming for a goal. I don’t love it, but I get it. Overall, great back and forth game ... two more period ... get it done!
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