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  1. For arguments sake .... I remember a pretty good D2 UND team moving up to D1 (far later than they should have). At that point they had a pretty good name at the D2 level, and they moved up to FCS, so with your logic we should have had no issues recruiting against the NDSU, SDSU, UNI, Montana type schools .... right? Simply being an FCS team should be enough to win FCS recruits, just as simple being FBS should be enough to win FBS recruits. Now obviously there is some satire and extremism in my response, but I think you get my point. I'm not going to say NDSU couldn't find some success at the FBS level, because honestly, who the hell know. They could jump up and surprise some people and give themselves something to build on, or they could struggle for a few years and really just bury themselves into an FBS hole, which would leave their FCS success as nothing more than a memory of what was (still a pretty great memory). Now this isn't directed at you, but there are so many uneducated and dumb Bison fans (just as UND has a ton of uneducated and dumb hockey fans), who believe the team, program and success comes from the name. We're Bison football so we are untouchable, just as many UND fans think UND hockey should be untouchable even though there are a ton of other factors that go into maintaining success; there are only more of those factors as you move up. This could not have been more well represented than by Izzo's comments in the last week. To essential say, NDSU can play for FCS Championships, or FBS Championships is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. NDSU is good and we all know it, but they are a far cry from a dominant Power 5 team that will win week in and week out against that caliber of talent. Now, I don't blame Izzo. He is doing his job and adding fuel to the fire where, as I mentioned, there is already a large subset of very delusional fans. Most aren't that delusional, but we all know there are truly those people who believe NDSU would be Alabama. C'mon Man!
  2. You do realize how ridiculous this sounds from a team that just missed the playoffs, talking about a team that just won yet another championship? We take players from other teams, and that's ok? There are a few ways to look at this .... does this kid have talent and he is just buried under some better players? possible. Does he have talent, but just doesn't care for NDSU (school, campus, coaches, city, etc.)? Maybe. Do you take a kid, purely because he was at NDSU? Of course not. Ultimately, does he have talent? Can he contribute? Is he a good kid? I don't care where a kid is transferring from NDSU, UofM, Alabama .... he needs to be evaluated to see if it makes sense. We have seen D2 talent step up at UND and dominate (Krzanowski, Coe) and we have seen FBS dropdowns come in and do nothing. Every kid is their own player and can have their own contribution. If the coaches think Seth Anderson can step in and help by starting or being a depth guy, I'm for it. And as much as I can't stand NDSU, and am sick of hearing about their football team, they obviously keep getting something right. (Entz still sucks)
  3. Just imagine the Elijah having a conversation with Otis to convince him to come back. The Grady Train blocking the way for Weah all season! We can be known as like 8th Chance U! I can see the Disney posters now! While we are at it, maybe Keelan Poole wants to come back and play a bit.
  4. There are definitely a lot of games (most), where you just wonder how their RBs seem to go untouched for 10-15 yards so frequently.
  5. Anyone know why the SDSU/MT St. games isn’t working on the espn app? Or is it just me?
  6. When did I insinuate they got lucky?
  7. At that specific time? Kind of crazy. I’m about ready to dump YouTube tv. Between that and not being able to watch the Wild or Twins, I’m not sure what I’m paying for.
  8. This is very frustrating watching a team UND should have beat move onto the championship. Potentially against another team we should have beat. Would of, should of, could of. We outplayed teams we lost to, and this is how it ends. Very very frustrating.
  9. I wouldn’t know, YouTube TV took a complete $hit and cutout the last few minutes.
  10. That would have been so awesome! .... for a quarter. No need for anyone to comment on this. I'm not putting down the football team. I'm a big fan, and was super excited during this game, it was just too bad it had to fizzle out.
  11. Nooooo! So he is out at UND for good? Or is this just for the rest of this season?
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