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  1. Pretty strange that Boltmann still might now be ready for the season. What is he dealing with? Hoping for the best, but even if he sees the field ... I'm not convinced he won't find himself re-injuring whatever this is.
  2. A little concerned we aren't hearing more here. Any thoughts on when we might see some more kids giving their verbals?
  3. Hopefully a Noseguard, or new receiver with SPEED! ... or both
  4. I haven’t watched it, but trust your comments, so that’s pretty concerning. Must have been at camp and did something right.
  5. Doesn't surprise me. I don't think there are many scholarships to go around at the moment, given that we retained a few people with the Covid rule.
  6. Seems like they have had a lot of commits already, while still hoping for some big ones. After hearing about how young their team was all Spring, I wouldn't think they would have room for a very large class with the Covid rule. I wonder if they are not retaining any Seniors, or if they are making cuts.
  7. I think they got Beers too. That would have been a fun one to get.
  8. I think he is waiting for some big schools to offer before he commits anywhere. Whether he next choice is UND, NDSU or elsewhere ... only Hegerle knows that. There is something to be said for family connections, but that isn't always enough for a kid to make a decision. What type of experience have they had on campus? Did they connect with the players they have met? What do they envisions as their role on the team? Playing time? Development? Offensive/Defensive scheme? Coaching? When I was visiting schools, it just clicked for me. UND had something that I didn't get on other campuses. Only time will tell, but I would love to get Hegerle, Larson and Gilman .... that, in addition to who we already have, would be a homerun class.
  9. When does fall camp start?
  10. So we had Roush in for a visit a few weeks back. Anyone know if there was an offer there? Would we potentially bring 3 safeties in?
  11. I get what you are trying to say, but it comes across as another excuse because UND happened to get another NDSU recruit. Does UND get an advantage because Otis it there, of course. At the same time, siblings go to different schools all the time! Plenty of UND hockey players who had siblings go to other schools as well. The same thing could be said when a legacy goes somewhere else, but it happens. Everyone has their own reason for why they want to go somewhere .... Maybe they want to play with a sibling, maybe they like the vibe of a different school, maybe they connect well with some coaches over others, maybe they want to be closer to or farther from home .... the list goes on. Given what NDSU has done over the past decade would it really be that surprising if a talented CB wanted to go there over go play with his brother, No! And if UND hadn't picked up their play over the past few seasons and started improving their recruiting a bit, then he very well may have chosen a different route. That's not saying UND is where they want to be yet, or that they will repeat a Valley Championship, but they have certainly shown they have the talent to compete. I would have liked Altepeter and couple others, but thus far, I'm pretty happy with the class we are putting together. Still a few big names I'm hoping to here.
  12. Would like to see a Luna Larson commit here. .... and let’s tack emmet Johnson and Carson Hegerle on as well.
  13. Not sure NDSU should really be listed in this at all. Majority of that online traffic is just Lakes updating a few computers and his phone every few seconds.
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