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  1. I hope you are right, but sometimes player take a different perspective after winning a national championship
  2. at all? If you've heard something, please elaborate.
  3. Is Bruce the PxP guy, or the color commentator?
  4. Also terrible! Not just terrible, obnoxious!
  5. This is so true. Their color guy is the absolute worst.
  6. UND Hockey - Every game is a home game! NDSU Football - Every street is a bathroom! gross
  7. yes, and it wouldn't even be close. I don't think UND has really had a huge defining win over a big program in the D1 era. I'm don't follow basketball quite as close as some other sports though, so I could be wrong.
  8. That was definitely an exciting game for UND fans. I don't expect it do be anything as close as that year, but Marlon Stewart can put on a show, if he gets rolling. I'm interested to see how Allen-Eikens does against tougher competition.
  9. Beer sales are always higher when UND is in town. I witnessed that when I was at the Mankato series.
  10. siouxfan512

    On to UNC

    Hope you are right, and I do hope they sneak into the playoffs at 7-4. That being said, I would still consider Bubba on the hot seat next year. To me, making the playoffs this year solidifies nothing for him. I expect making the playoffs, and in a more convincing fashion next year, and actually winning in the playoffs, or it is time to move on and find someone else. I don't care to hear anything about us being in a new conference or about the few good things that he has done, I want to see progress with this program and we have yet to see consistent progress. Losses like ISU should not happen. Honestly losses like the one to Weber should not happen (I don't mean losing to the #3 team on the road; I mean if you watched that game you know that we should have won, but found a way to lose) As a coach, you need to be able to manage through though situations. Motivate your team. Etc. I just don't think Bubba is the guy long term, and he track record has shown it. That being said, I really do hope they can surprise people a bit at the end of the season.
  11. So did Denver pull any antics with their ticket sales like in previous years to try to prevent a wave of green in the arena?
  12. anything less than a sweep is always unacceptable
  13. siouxfan512

    On to UNC

    I will be completely shocked if this happens, and not because the team is not capable.
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