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  1. Just to keep the thought exercise going...what happens at 00:00 of first OT? Is it like the third Q, or the fourth? Do you roll over possession, line of scrimmage, etc.? Or start the second OT anew? And if you start anew, is it just another coin flip?
  2. And if still tied, then what?
  3. What alternative is there that doesn’t open the door to perpetual play? The college model is a gimmick and rewards only short-field play. I suspect that most of us on here are old enough to remember true sudden death, and the first-possession FG rule change was a bit of a compromise. Losing the coin toss doesn’t prevent the defense from rising up.
  4. Reckon the only way to get the streets addressed is for UND to draft a policy about them.
  5. 68. Finishes P2, 2 strokes back. Winner went low with a 64.
  6. As proof that I am capable of posting something positive, I can update that as of this week, both signals are up and functioning! However...the "University of North Dakota" illuminated signage on the skywalk is now partially obscured. Win some, lose some.
  7. Another needless UND hit piece, or a legitimately newsworthy story? https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/local/despite-being-on-hold-peter-nygards-scholarchip-remained-on-unds-website-until-this-month (My money's on the former.)
  8. I keep wanting to defend Carson Wentz against all of the hate, but damn...a playoff spot on the line and the Colts are choking hard against the worst team in the league. And the day after the Bison win another trophy, too. Bottom line...North Dakota simply cannot have anything nice. But Josh Duhamel is engaged, so there's that.
  9. This one stings. Was not an ideal substitute for Al's, but definitely retained some of the DNA. Gonna miss those open-faced hot sandwiches and daily specials.
  10. Looks like Omaha hasn't been following the protocols.
  11. Speaking of effort, shoutouts to the pyrotechnics crew and goal horn guy, for what must have been a taxing day of work. Time and a half on holidays, right?
  12. This is what happens when the in-flight entertainment consists of Miracle followed by Rocky IV.
  13. The comments to this post-cancellation UM tweet are worth your time.
  14. Your periodic, courtesy reminder that there has been no mathematical or meaningful correlation of a "positive COVID test" to contagiousness, or even sickness or symptomology. And unless and until the labs begin reporting quantitative data or signal intensity, a "positive" PCR test is binary ... either a single targeted snippet of DNA is present in a sample, or it is not. Almost two years in, none of this appears to have changed. And we continue to build impactful policy - and impose life-altering restrictions on people - without regard to the overall sensitivity, specificity, or even reliability of this "test" with an as-yet undefined (unpublished?) rate of false positivity. And the rush to increase throughput/capacity has arguably come at the cost of lab QA/QC standards, as it seems doubtful that existing, accredited lab capacity would have been adequate. Scientifically inexcusable.
  15. Stop. The. Testing. Already. The illusion of control and unquenchable lust for virtue among governments, leaders, and the like is taking all of us down a very dark path. I fear this will never end.
  16. After last year’s relatively mild and virtually snowless winter, I thought I was up for some action. But damn it if after several days of clearing measurable snow over the past week, I didn’t just wake up to more. Things are looking bleak, and it’s only December 28!
  17. Herald bringing back the wacky captions, I see.
  18. Red Pepper having a door-buster special to wrap up the holiday shopping season.
  19. The League. https://www.ushl.com/news_article/show/1200170
  20. From that photo, I'm guessing they feature Lawn and Garden-fresh salads! Bet they're raking in the profits, and hammering the competition. New ad campaign: Come eat at Home of Economy...where you can really shovel it in! Next ad campaign: If you're still hungry, you can always have mower. Bonus random thought...does YO-HO make HOes?
  21. Indeed. If there has been any structural progress since my post in early October, it's virtually impossible to detect from Columbia. The site looks essentially untouched.
  22. (remembers dumpster fire thread) Some of us never even started.
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