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  1. Is it sacrilege to suggest that GF's survival of the flood was a Pyrrhic victory...that in celebrating the short-term recovery (itself a worthy achievement, and a tremendous source of civic and national pride), a mortal wound was ignored or overlooked?
  2. One could deduce that GF has been greatly hampered by the post-Cold War transition at the AFB. Nukes -> Tankers -> Drones(?)...no inside info here, but from the outside the scaling down of the base's mission has not been kind to the local economy. If they closed it altogether, would it even be felt at this point? During that same period, GF has endured cuts and austerity at UND, and more recently, a weak Canadian dollar. Recipe for disaster. Meanwhile, seems that everything keeps coming up aces for Fargo.
  3. If you read some of the articles in the Denver Post over the past couple of months, you may start to feel bad for MK because you will see that he really has been railroaded. A chorus of the usual, noisy minority of suspects on campus, and their hymn of 'diversity and equality above all' sung as a thin veil for 'my way is the only way and I've no tolerance for any other viewpoint.'
  4. How ironic...the hosting of NCAA championships was a big (but obviously not the only) carrot in the retirement of UND's nickname. Now, it may not even matter. A ban occasioned not by the Fighting Sioux, but rather the Fighting SiouXXY.
  5. Short-term hit, long-term gain. It happens in growing suburbs all the time. In a few years, they could all be contenders.
  6. I’m gonna buck the consensus and prevailing sentiment here and say that while rooting for St Cloud has its own merits, Duluth is the best (only?) choice in Pittsburgh. If UMD does not win it all, then the absolutely epic battle for the ages in Fargo Saturday night into Sunday morning will have been for naught. Love or hate the Bulldogs, how can UND fans possibly want any other outcome than having gone toe-to-toe for 6+ hours with the eventual NC? Nothing else will soothe that wound, IMHO. Besides, as most have noted, it keeps the title in the NCHC for yet another year.
  7. Tests, tests, tests... One year in, has anyone even mathematically correlated a positive test to sickness, severity of sickness, or contagiousness? What confirmatory test protocols are in place to rule out false positives? Have QA/QC standards been implemented to ensure test validity and technician competence? Are PCR cycle counts still a variable? Has the specificity or affinity of the test kits for specific pathogens been characterized with any certainty?
  8. It was Lou Bega, who gave us the unforgettable Mambo No. 5. Although, one could be forgiven for thinking of Suzanne Vega, but she's probably a two-hit wonder...Luka and Tom's Diner.
  9. Now THAT is a socially distanced tournament.
  10. The weight of expectation. Duluth, despite a hell of a run, still enjoys a little bit of anonymity (dwarfed by older cousin Goldie and next door superpower UND) and gets to be the perennial, ‘small school’ underdog.
  11. Will there be a seventh period stretch?
  12. NOW we can start sharpening our asterisk pencils, right? The legitimacy of the title with a bye or two out of a field of 68 is one thing, but 16?
  13. Plenty of room for a Pepperjax.
  14. Can't spell mAx distANCing without NCAA.
  15. This is going to sound petty, but the Midco pre-game hosts are wearing masks, while there are at least two pairs of the KVLY pre-game crew (field and booth) who aren't. And the Midco guys just look plain silly. And their muffled voices are ridiculous. Advantage: NDSU
  16. Well, technically, that game was at the bottom of the region, not the top. So...
  17. As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression.
  18. Other than a single Tweet that obviously was planned, composed, and required some thought, and reflection by the author, and served as his official introduction to the UND hockey community and a significant milestone in his life...what else would I have to go on? Can we not assess or judge people on their own acts and words? Or is play on the ice the sole determinant?
  19. Women's semi-pro volleyball has the night off.
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