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  1. How many refs can skate on the head of a pin? It is over and done. The call was made. Bring on St. Cloud!
  2. Yeah, that was soft and unfortunate. I bet he stops that 95 times out of 100.
  3. Thome was wise to settle his players down and to avoid penalties. That is leadership in action. Pinto was great and his presence and hustle on the ice seemed to spark the rest of the team.
  4. That was a great sweep, and perhaps more importantly, that was some smart play to not take any stupid penalties during the 3rd period. Look forward to next weekend.
  5. Are we capable of making a decent clearance pass?
  6. One more period! Take back the momentum and tilt the ice our way!
  7. Keeping DU scoreless would be tough. We just need to keep our heads down and score another quickly.
  8. And what the heck is with the breakout passes: High floaters right to the DU D-men? Fix that!
  9. Thome is standing tall. And it is a good thing. We have had the run of play, but DU has certainly had some great grade A chances. DU started out on their heels and therefore didn't fore check as hard as they did last night, but started to do so towards the end of the first period. Looks like another great college hockey game.
  10. Keep at it! The boys have fire in their bellies right now.
  11. Yikes, losing Poolman is serious. We saw how they played without him earlier. Hopefully other seniors can stand up and provide the leadership that the team needs. This is going to be a dog fight.
  12. Tonight, lookout for Denver. They are going to be motivated for revenge.
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