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UND @ Nebraska 9/3/22


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Dear UND FB team,

For your bulletin board:


Mandel responded that Nebraska football’s matchup with “a very good” FCS team just six days after their tilt against Northwestern was a “trap game.” While it’s of course possible that it could be a trap game no matter what the opponent was, the problem with Mandel’s tweet is that unless he knows something the rest of the college football world knows, the Huskers are not, in fact, playing a “very good” FCS team.


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12 minutes ago, 108498 said:

I would think Nebraska would have a huge advantage having already played a game. The first game alot of times is messy with alot of mential errors. 

I would say having that game being played in Ireland would be a net negative for Nebraska. If I had to chose between this being both teams first games or Nebraska playing in Ireland the week before, I would chose Ireland.

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8 hours ago, The Sicatoka said:

Nah, use the twitter thread he links to instead. (UND fans with a history of high blood pressure and/or anger management issues should avoid it.)


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On 8/23/2022 at 10:10 AM, UND-FB-FAN said:

University of Nebraska Regents unanimously voted to lift the 23-year-old ban on booze at Husker home games. But it may still take some time before the beer flows at NU football games in Memorial Stadium. "This is very much a crawl, walk and we're talking years," NU President Ted Carter Jr. said.


No alcohol allowed previous to this season, and I haven’t heard if alcohol will be actually available via concessions in Memorial Stadium in 2022. UND-Nebraska game is first football game in Memorial Stadium since ban was lifted, so not sure anyone knows other than those close to UNL athletic department. I would plan for there to not be alcohol available for sale and surprised if it is. 

FYI, No alcohol allowed in any of the tailgate lots either.  Prepare to get your Mt Dew buzz on!!:D

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5 minutes ago, t-jones said:

Haha this is not remotely true. All of the tailgates in Lincoln allow alcohol. It is fun tailgating scene and a great downtown atmosphere on a college football weekend.

For all of you heading to Lincoln for the game, you will have a blast. Great downtown, fans, stadium and overall college atmosphere. The Husker fans will gladly invite you to tailgate with them and enjoy a beer and help make your road trip a great time. Best of luck to UND this season!

Good to know! Thanks! 

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