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  1. andtheHomeoftheSIOUX!!

    ND High School Hockey 2018-19

    Bismarck has had more even growth. While the north end growth has been strongest, it is spread out east to west (northeast to northwest) pretty well. And due to the valuable river property, there are lots of well-to-do people living and north and south of town along the river. It also helps from a school perspective that the high schools have ended up in more of a squished triangle shape as opposed to a line (Fargo).
  2. andtheHomeoftheSIOUX!!

    ND High School Hockey 2018-19

    I propose that GF Central co-op with Sacred Heart and play as Sacred Heart-Central in Section 8AA.
  3. andtheHomeoftheSIOUX!!

    UND Budget Cuts

    $1,000 a trip with a $25,000 cap would be 25 trips. That is almost a trip every other week.
  4. andtheHomeoftheSIOUX!!

    2019 UND Recruiting

    How many kickers are on the team now?
  5. andtheHomeoftheSIOUX!!

    Scoreboard change

    See the link: https://fightinghawks.com/news/2019/1/22/mens-hockey-ralph-engelstad-arena-to-install-largest-center-hung-video-board-in-college-hockey.aspx
  6. andtheHomeoftheSIOUX!!

    Minnesota Vikings 2017 2018

    Well it looks like the OC is gone...
  7. andtheHomeoftheSIOUX!!

    WDAZ.com merges with WDAY.com

    KX has shifted almost everything for Minot down to Bismarck. Minot still gets local weather and sports though.
  8. andtheHomeoftheSIOUX!!

    2018 Season

    Unless this is a Brian Kelly like turnaround, its hard to have a lot of faith right now.
  9. andtheHomeoftheSIOUX!!

    WSJ: Oil Booms in North Dakota

    Agreed on Watford City, definitely going to struggle. Minot should have had a second high school years ago. Lots of politics.
  10. andtheHomeoftheSIOUX!!

    Facilities Master Plan

    NDSU's is nice and I always thought SDSU's was really nice.
  11. andtheHomeoftheSIOUX!!

    New Hospital Facility in GF

    Sanford had owned that land for years prior to building a hospital on it if i'm not mistaken.
  12. andtheHomeoftheSIOUX!!

    Time For Some New Blood

    I see Southern Illinois' head coach has already canned a bunch of assistants. Is that too much to ask for up here?
  13. andtheHomeoftheSIOUX!!

    UND - Northern Arizona Game Day Thread

    Weirdest game. Also, we are not good.
  14. andtheHomeoftheSIOUX!!

    Filling the Ralph

    For myself and my family, the tickets are generally just too expensive.
  15. andtheHomeoftheSIOUX!!

    UND - Idaho Game Day Thread

    Is that a kickoff into the endzone!?