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  1. https://www.willistonherald.com/freeaccess/voters-overwhelmingly-ok-school-reorganization/article_a2862c3a-3990-11eb-b7ed-efdccc6a16ce.html An update on the school situation in Williston and Williams county.
  2. One would think that if BSU can do it, Minot would be able to do it. I have also have thought U-Mary would be able to make it work.
  3. I realize it is all the same company, but still:
  4. Going to be an expensive game now with still having to pay UCA; assuming the budget factored in at least some form of ticket revenue from this game.
  5. Thoughts on the new football alignment plan? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vSKcOKVSwzIkfjaeJ3a7eUfdxvAbU-z52mWh8_WPMvPGjG9aQ3IdpY2YdTDhUxALd3FbzG3ccy1L4ev/pubhtml
  6. No idea but the MVFC should definitely make a push for a fall season.
  7. Pac 12 must be feeling awfully lonely...
  8. Seems unlikely when we voluntarily ended this years K-State game if i remember how that went down correctly.
  9. Is there even anyone talking about UND sports of any kind today? I think that answers it...
  10. Ovechkin (WAS) Kucherov (TBL) Draisaitl (EDM) McDavid (EDM) Wilson (WAS) McKinnon (COL) Scheifele (WIN) Tavares (TOR) Matthews (TOR) Carlson (WAS) Hedman (TBL) Orlov (WAS) Klefbom (EDM) Morrissey (WIN) Rielly (TOR)
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