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  1. I like it for reference and appreciate the efforts. Thanks!
  2. The recently renovated stadium would seem to indicate otherwise. The Dome has been renovated now too, as a side note.
  3. He beat a bear in a wrestling match...
  4. That should be alright. I wonder if they have any long term aspirations in hockey...
  5. I feel like Minot State and UMary are better games then some of these.
  6. Is it a recruiting problem or a development problem? Or both?
  7. Interesting article on NFL defenses last year: https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2019/2018-defensive-personnel-analysis
  8. But will there be more fans (total) in the building week to week?
  9. Just for the sake of it, I will point out that UND has relatively recently won a national championship (hockey).
  10. In my opinion, this is a two way street- UND has a marketable product and should work to sell it in the entire state. The Minot area businesses are apparently not supporting UND because there is no market for UND's product there. UND should develop that market and create demand for their product. NDSU has quite a few more radio stations as well as a statewide television deal that is better. NDSU has completely surpassed UND in marketing, product quality, and consequently, money and support. As a result, as Mama Sue notes a few posts above, NDSU now has loads of local and regional sponsorship that UND doesn't have. UND has to create a product and market it so that it is attractive to everyone in the state and consequently businesses will support it.
  11. Oh I did. The combine radio was just able to pull one in. Disappointing state of affairs though.
  12. UND has some stuff to get sorted. I posted in another thread about radio- UND can't even their games (football and hockey) on a radio station in Minot, the state's 4th largest city.
  13. It would just be nice to have some sort of "organic" name as opposed to a committee name, if that makes sense...
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