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  1. Any word on Bismarck Legacy having a hockey team? I heard that it should be coming soon.
  2. Two classes: AA: GFC, GFRR, FN, FS/S, FD, WFS, WF CHS, BHS, MHS, JHS, WHS A: G/PR, DL, MPCG, B/R, DHS, MHS, H/B plus: Watford City, Langdon, Wahpeton, Crosby NDHSAA addressed competitive concerns in Football and the same can be done here. Eventually Minot is going to have a second high school and Legacy will have a team as well; maybe WF Horace too.
  3. It would be nice to have two levels of HS hockey and place the teams based on skill level and not enrollment. But I doubt that is a road the NDHSAA would want to go down.
  4. In 2008 they won state in both hockey and hoops if i recall correctly.
  5. The 3 stars are for Virginia, DC, and Maryland.
  6. http://blogs.und.edu/press-releases/2021/01/und-bismarck-state-college-announce-collaborative-engineering-bachelors-degree/?fbclid=IwAR1KdDr5cQrfz4fAjM6yxAzCg5Bpm9DbgRCTTj7M64ZBCEvpo4vpF1sCfHw An engineering partnership between the two schools.
  7. The ticket prices were too high. I'm happy to see them coming down.
  8. https://www.willistonherald.com/freeaccess/voters-overwhelmingly-ok-school-reorganization/article_a2862c3a-3990-11eb-b7ed-efdccc6a16ce.html An update on the school situation in Williston and Williams county.
  9. One would think that if BSU can do it, Minot would be able to do it. I have also have thought U-Mary would be able to make it work.
  10. I realize it is all the same company, but still:
  11. Going to be an expensive game now with still having to pay UCA; assuming the budget factored in at least some form of ticket revenue from this game.
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