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  1. Not a jersey but close enough to not create a new post. Picked up this set of 18-19 Scheel glove and blocker.
  2. My Authentic NODAK jersey finally came back from EPS. These are soo much nicer than the replicas. Sent out on release date, so probably the first one back. Gotta wear it in Vegas now!
  3. Yeah nothing heard here. Their stock has been going up too lately so ....
  4. Just got shut down? Like this week? If you're talking about years ago, it's completely different now and has a huge cargo contract with Amazon now. It's one of the few airlines that didn't suffer over covid as most of their fleet was used for Amazon.
  5. AHA: AIC / RIT / Air Force / Mercyhurst ECAC: Quinnipiac / Clarkston / Harvard / Colgate HEA: Northeastern / UMass / UM-Lowell / Connecticut CCHA: Minnesota State / Bemidji State B1G: Minnesota / Michigan NCHC: Denver / UND / WMU / UMD
  6. FYI if anyone is planning on flying from Minneapolis to Vegas, Sun Country just opened up October. If you want to join the cool kids, book Sun Country Flight 107 on 10/28 and we can start a pregame party flight at 7am!!
  7. My pickups this week. And then a group photo of my UND goalie collection. Still looking for a green goalie jersey.
  8. No goal can be scored as a result of the puck being propelled by the hand of an attacking player regardless if the puck enters the goal directly from the hand or deflects off of any player prior to entering the goal. So they are saying it was propelled/batted instead of just being deflected? I say it was deflected and should have counted.
  9. Here's my marbles then lol. Allentown 1 Minnesota St 4 Canisius 2 Quinnipiac 3 Michigan Tech Worcester 1 Michigan 4 Clarkston 2 Notre Dame 3 Duluth Loveland 1 Denver 4 Umass 2 UND 3 Northeastern Albany 1 Minnesota 4 SCSU 2 W Michigan 3 Ohio St Conference Champs: CCHA - Michigan Tech Atlantic - Canisius B1G - Michigan ECAC - Clarkston Hockey East - Northeastern NCHC - Western Michigan
  10. Haha yup. I lost my old account a few years ago (not booted, just lost login and email used) but I'm sure my old one wasn't 8k either.
  11. Are you new here? The NCAA loves to screw the NCHC when it can. If they can put a conference matchup and have a valid excuse, they will. They don't want a NCHC frozen Four out east. Even though Boston will be all green anyways!!
  12. You can if a conference has (5) teams in the tourney. If less than 5 they avoid first round matchups as much as possible.
  13. Throwing my guesses into the mix. Going on straight 1-16 current pairwise make the tourney (Putting in AIC as Atlantic Hockey auto bid). Allentown 1. MN State 16. AIC 8. Quinny 9. SCSU Worcester 2. Michigan 15. UMass Lowell 7. Notre Dame 10. UMass Loveland 3. Denver 13. Ohio St 6. W Mich 11. UMD Albany 4. Minnesota 14. Northeastern 5. UND 12. Michigan Tech
  14. Agreed. Sometimes you have to step back and look at the big picture. This tweet really shows how great we have been and still are.
  15. My first trip to Duluth for Hockey. What a great series. Duluth fans were pretty cool too. Got a lot of comments at breweries about missing the Sioux, and amazed how we travel. Mostly positive which is great to hear. Lots of bulldog fans who admit going to UND or have kids that go there and secretly UND is their second favorite. We all agreed that the Gophers suck. Duluth can score quick, and they didn't make the sweep easy. Also had a great time afterwards at The 310 Pub. Ran into some familiar faces, and finally got to put names to faces on some on here and Facebook groups. Also ran into this beauty who showed me his 1999 NCC Championship Ring and hung out for quite a while exchanging Jimmy Kleinsasser stories haha I can't wait for the NCHC Frozen Faceoff
  16. Already did! Can't wait
  17. Yes I love the 1960 versions. Here's mine I just got.
  18. Replaced the Hawks. Waiting to put Sanderson on it.
  19. If anyone wants a Duluth series group it's on the book https://www.facebook.com/groups/705062983812284/?ref=share
  20. I'm having eps put a name number on my authentic NODAK jersey. The replica I'm gonna make a name number kit myself and put nd patches on it.
  21. Yeah they are replicas. I got one to have until my authentic comes back from eps in 4-6 ish months
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