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  1. It seems like if the place was always sold out it would make sense to monetize the catwalks. But even if that was the case, this is a poor effort. The black curtains look terrible in the photo.
  2. Good Morning- turns out I will not be able to get to the Drake game today. Have two tickets I will pass on to someone for free who guarantees to not leave the Alerus Center early no matter the score.
  3. The question seems to be: How many people are coming to the AFB with these missions?
  4. If I recall correctly, there was some talk along these lines in the past on this site. https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/7187585-Alerus-Center-announces-the-opening-of-new-Peterson-Porch-premium-seating-section
  5. Tough when weekends are often spent in and out of farm equipment and of course data limitations.
  6. UND's radio presence is not good.
  7. Of note: https://www.grandforksherald.com/prairie-business/7183802-University-of-Mary-welcomes-largest-incoming-class-in-school-history
  8. Radio from the combine for this one. Assuming the moisture is out of the Canola...
  9. https://knoxradio.com/2021/08/25/opening-day-und-enrollment-shows-gains/ Total enrollment of 13,545 which is a slight increase.
  10. This would be an absolute boondoggle.
  11. No need to follow. UND needs to be a leader in doing the right things here. Can't let what happened with the D-1 switches happen again.
  12. Poor wording on my part- UND has to get better so that they are better positioned. I don't think they currently are and they haven't taken things serious for far too long.
  13. UND has to be better positioned then NDSU to go FBS. UND needs to get its act together and get it done- in football, in other sports, in academics, in enrollment.
  14. UND absolutely cannot mess this up like they did the move to D-1. Have to be prepared and ready.
  15. https://fightinghawks.com/news/2021/7/19/mens-hockey-und-finalizes-schedule-sets-home-times-for-upcoming-season.aspx I absolutely love the new game times. Having to drive several hours home after a Saturday night game will be vastly improved with the game starting an hour earlier.
  16. He is aware of the financials behind hockey and what a program looks like. He should be in as good of a position to make a decision on it as anyone.
  17. Midco is a great production, but the reach is relatively poor since its not on satellite or OTA. I think the dollars involved for UND were quite a bit less then what NDSU gets as well.
  18. UND lags behind in all forms of media. They still do not have a radio presence in Minot for example. https://fightinghawks.com/sports/2018/6/7/2048128861.aspx They never even updated the years on the radio webpage (still states 2019-2020). UND sports are on radio stations in 11 cities and NDSU is on radio stations in 25 cities.
  19. Lamoureux is going to be the Legacy coach. https://bismarcktribune.com/sports/high-school/mario-lamoureux-to-serve-as-first-head-coach-of-legacy-sabers-hockey-team/article_e180f822-daeb-5fc9-b8e8-2f0e60457eaa.html
  20. https://www.kfyrtv.com/2021/04/29/regier-withdraws-from-consideration-for-minot-state-mens-hockey-coaching-gig/?fbclid=IwAR20YgBs4A-BoGh8w4Uwryvc619aVVssls9S7GxVahAysiNqwc6Ft_kZjhs Minot State hockey will be a part of the athletic department. They are also looking for a new coach.
  21. Rodgers out? Tebow in? Draft tonight...
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