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  1. Are we getting new players for the fall or is this our fall team?
  2. Its too bad the season will end today, but the fall season is just a few months away.
  3. We may see both Dakota teams fall.
  4. Still looking for first D1 playoff win. I can't give it to UND today. UND comes out slow loses by 14.
  5. Hanging up the skates. Have a good night.
  6. Funny we won conference and tournament yet MD moves on. I rather have a national title.
  7. Have they solidified a national tour. spot?
  8. Is it weirder that we are leading and are nearly 3-0 and highly ranked, that we are playing on a Thursday or that we are playing in March?
  9. Shout out to the football team for its big win today. One year since cancel of last year's playoffs.
  10. Will they rest guys the last two games or play normal for rankings? Penrose has been won!
  11. Does anyone know where I can order a green or black UND football jersey? None at the bookstore or sioux shop.
  12. You mean UND? Fan since 1994. 2015 Alum.
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