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  1. If Lamar Jackson is not MVP then it is rigged. His play has been nothing short of total domination. My fantasy team is thanking him!
  2. So we bringing back Muss as our recruiting coordinator?!?!?!?
  3. He can either hope scouts think he can play with the big boys or prove it every week. Two FBS games?!?!? You really think that really compares to an FBS schedule?
  4. We only hire UND grads at our multi billion dollar corporation. Although I once had to fire a UND grad for being a closeted Bison football fan. We can’t allow poor ethics in our corporation.
  5. I don’t think we have many scholarships left for RBs. We have some holes left on the DL that need to be filled so I assume that’s what we are saving them for.
  6. Why would he have regretted leaving unless he was not as good as he was. If he underperformed at N. Illinois why would we want him back? Obviously there was no looking back for him.
  7. Their team is average and nowhere near elite. We were average too. They will get destroyed next week just like we would have with this team.
  8. It was pretty cool to see Wanzek and Toivenen grow from true freshman thrown into the game to what they grown up to be for this team. They and the rest of the seniors will be missed.
  9. Will we being seeing Bennet on Sundays or in the CFL?
  10. UND has had average performance for an average funded team. Time to step up and get HPC phase 2 complete and pony up for a good coach.
  11. Their holding was absolutely horrible today and I don’t see how they don’t get called in the next game in the Dome. They could have thrown a flag every passing play. NDSU is going to destroy them on both sides of the ball and they will be lucky to score double digits. Let’s just say I can’t wait to see the quarterfinal games and hoping the big sky doesn’t choke.
  12. Skokna should have been on the field every down. He was our quickest receiver today and we did not use him enough. Kett also had some wide open receivers opposite of where he was staring down.
  13. So is it better that they won and will get embarrassed in The Fargo Dome next week instead of us? NDSU is better when we played and we are worse. I don’t think this program can take a big blowout loss in front of the ND population. We didn’t have the best team this year and that is ok. Time to build for next year.
  14. To be fair this was not the best UND team in the bubba era and they still made the playoffs. If bubba had the 2015-2017 team with Danny’s offense we could have made a run. I knew we could win today but this team wasn’t going deep after the first round.
  15. He was being held. Bubba was yelling at the missed call
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