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  1. But what about all of these Russian deals the democrats claim he has been hiding???!!! So what he didn’t pay taxes when his company lost millions, that’s not illegal. By not paying taxes puts him with the likes of Netflix and Amazon. Don’t like it change the tax code ( like Obama and the Democrats could have done). He has lots of debt, sounds like an American politician to me spending this country into debt!
  2. Former NDSU corner Cox with a 14 yard interception TD to open the game. Great publicity for Cox high draft prospects and for NDSU. I knew I should have listened to Dave Portnoy on that MS St win.....
  3. Figured I would start a 2020 FBS thread. Kansas State with a huge win against OU. Might be the biggest win of his tenure right after one of his worst losses. now for a Texas Tech upset!
  4. What would you have done to prevent that many deaths? Send in the military to make sure nobody left their houses? We live in a free country with certain rights the government can’t take away. Forced quarantines for the entire population may work in Europe but good luck trying that here. Also when this all started we never heard a peep from the democrats in March and April about what the president should be doing differently that would have actually saved lives. Joe Biden still hasn’t outlined how he could have saved thousands of lives. What suggestion from fauci has the president ignored that could have saved thousands? Don’t start on masks because even the mandatory mask states are having a ton of cases
  5. They would have done it too if it wasn’t for the Republicans..... oh wait they did ban AR15’s and AK’s back in the 90’s so this statement is straight up propaganda! They democrats would take our guns away if they gained enough power!
  6. Did they give us three home games to start the season because we have an indoor dome and to avoid outdoor games in Feb? I assume much of the scheduling is to avoid conflicts
  7. I love listening to games on the radio, such a good production they put on. Brings me back to the good ole days of hunting with my grandpa when I was a kid. He never listened to the radio but would let me put on the games. We never harvested much but that was ok!
  8. Way smarter than Haydouche too and that says something if you have ever been there!
  9. I unfortunately might not get out to vote this year. It’s not like much is very contested out in WY, some races are unopposed because there are no democrats running. The real difference out here is the primary election where Republicans battle it out for the spot at a guaranteed win in Nov.
  10. Did I miss some thing? Don’t mess with WY heydouche!
  11. If they did that then a Republican president would do the same when the power shifts. Bad precedent to set
  12. They could impeach him because they think he is a rapist but good luck getting 67 votes!
  13. 2/3 vote of the Senate, if they can get that many votes then it’s within their rights to impeach
  14. They could do that if they make the case. Would that need 60 votes to impeach? They might not get enough votes but they can try.
  15. You can’t be that stupid right? How was it McConnels fault that the threshold went to 51? Willful ignorance or you just can’t use google?
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