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  1. Sioux>Bison

    2018 Season

    Mrs. Rudolph doesn’t coach, she is just a principal......
  2. Sioux>Bison

    2018 Fall Camp

    The top three running backs and top two receivers sat out so the scrimmage was essentially the veterans vs our rookies. I wouldn’t read that far into it other than the o line needs some work.
  3. Sioux>Bison

    2018 Season

    I believe it but we just need to stay healthy in leaner depth positions. There is so much talent on this team they just need to put it on the field. I can’t wait for Sam Houston as it will be a great measuring stick on the future of our young talent.
  4. Sioux>Bison

    Social Engineering on Campuses

    I’m pretty sure UND is not turning down Native American applicants that meet the academic standards. I really don’t know anyone who gets turned down by UND if they qualify academically. Granted some are close and deserve a shot but I suspect sub-par acedemic minority applicants do not add up to many. Should we lower the standards for minorities and raise them for white applicants? I would hope the answer is no. California should admit more minorities if qualified applicants are getting turned down in favor of similar qualified whites. California’s preach equal rights but they are just as bad as the rest of the country when it comes to colleges.
  5. Sioux>Bison

    2018 attendance

    Seats are still not too bad on the 20’s. I don’t think any bison tickets are anywhere near $30 but I’ve never been.
  6. Sioux>Bison

    2018 Season

    Do you really think the offensive passing game won't be much better than last year? I feel like the talent is now in place to make big passing play more consistently than in the past. As long as our line gives he QB time I'm sure we will see great things this year in the passing game. Wansek and Tovenien looked great as true freshman and sophomores with a mediocre passing QB so we will see when we have more talented people throwing to them.
  7. Sioux>Bison

    2018 Season

    I think we will go 9-2 or 8-3 depending if we stay healthy. I think we will have losses at Washington, Sam Houston, and 50/50 at Idaho. Just need to stay ahead of that injury bug!
  8. Sioux>Bison

    Carson Wentz taking Philly by storm

    That sounds like someone from Bismarck. Either way I bet his ex girlfriend is pissed, put in all that time and then some chick comes in and steals him away. Congrats to Carson I hope he continues to set an example of how to be a MAN in the NFL.
  9. Sioux>Bison

    2018 Season

    Who all is traveling to some road games? Moved out west to WY but this years schedule is not as favorable as I wished. Will definitely be going to Greeley maybe we will see some of you there.
  10. Sioux>Bison

    Nickname....Who's everybody mad at?

    Go Sioux! Once a Sioux always a Sioux
  11. Sioux>Bison

    2018 Season

    Just being realistic, not the type of person that says "bring on Bama"..... scheduling top P5 teams are not very winnable no mater who you are in the FCS. I got my sights on something bigger down the road this season.
  12. Sioux>Bison

    UND to cut women's hockey

    We also need to remember why these sports were cut instead of another sport. Conference requirements were huge in this decision. Women's hockey didn't help us get in the summit and only hurt UND by taking funds away from the other teams. People saying football should have been cut too because it lost more money is about the most ignorant statement I have heard. A huge part of our reach and notoriety comes from football. It's attendance at both home and away games blows most of the other sports out of the water. If we were to drop football we might as well go to NAIA because at that point the ability for national recognition goes down the drain. Why would we piss off one of our biggest group of donors by dropping football.
  13. Sioux>Bison

    2018-19 Season

    I was going to say what if he can't complete all the credits and not graduate? Will UND let him back? I guess we can assume the Gophers will make sure he gets them completed or resort to some dirty under the table deal....
  14. Sioux>Bison

    UND to cut women's hockey

    I saw in an article in the Billings Gazette (front of their webpage) that they claim women's hockey was the "most prominent and popular sport" at UND. If that isn't insulting and egotistical then I don't know what is. Basketball and Volleyball are by far more popular and I would be insulted to be an athlete on one of those teams. its the typical hockey snob syndrome like this that I cannot stand. Hockey players think they are better than everyone else (which is true for those like Boeser because he is actually superior). Hayduke must be one of them too.
  15. Sioux>Bison

    UND to cut women's hockey

    How dare you make any common sense in this thread! You must be a sexist!