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  1. I’ll be there! Only a few hours for me!
  2. A lot of good OL recruits the last couple years so I think we will be fine. I’m sure Tobin and Nguon have bigger plans than football! Plus I’m sure their bodies are ready for a break!
  3. It’s not as bad as western Illinois but not worthy for a top FCS team. Midco blows them out of the water! Now that games are on ESPN + people really have no excuse for not watching football
  4. He would be dumb not to take that offer if it was for a scholarship......
  5. That is a dam shame not just that UND football is on the air, but how are the hockey broadcasts not a bigger priority.......
  6. Have you watched any KVLY broadcasts of NDSU football........... hell no imho! Just read about KVLY on Bisonville and you will know that’s not the direction we need to go..... it would be a huge step back for our sports broadcasts..... well maybe it would be alright if they brought back Pat Sweeney but that’s it, no deal
  7. When you hear the word Boulder that is all a guy has to know what is going to happen to a former Republican politician when he goes to that town. I don’t know why anyone would want to dealing with that looney box of a university system...... Kennedy had to make the difficult choices for the best of UND and without him who knows where we would be. He was a good president and I wish I had him around when I went to UND.
  8. I follow Oliveira on Instagram and he is always on there saving pups! Great to see what he is doing on the field and in the community up there! Can’t wait to watch his return to the field!
  9. Incoming Freshman McNeal already recruiting him on Twitter and hasn’t even hit campus yet! These guys can feel it....something special a brewing!!!!
  10. Can Ziebarth catch? Maybe he should pull an anti Santiago and line up in the slot after coming in as a RB......
  11. I think the locker room wants it and knows they can get there more than ever. Just need to keep getting better and building this team into a national championship team. These guys don’t want it for themselves, they want it for each other. It all starts at the top, Bubba has built this team into something players want to be a part of. Can’t wait for the fall season!!!! We will see you all at Utah State!
  12. Or maybe no guaranteed playing time at Washington State???? maybe Texas State was the only team that had lower talent he could beat out. why not just come back to the team..... even though we have moved on
  13. Many on bison like are jealous of our offense this spring including being jealous of our QB play. UND’s offense with NDSU’s defense would have won it all this year.... just need to get better and they have realize not recruiting Weah, Belquist, or Feeney may come back to haunt.....
  14. Our OL was good this year! Can’t ask for much more than only allowing 2 sacks all year!!! Maybe get better but they were already good.....
  15. Honestly cost them the game, Nick Hill needs to be more patient and wait for a review, but honestly they should have scored from the 1 with 4 downs
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