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  1. I worked my butt off in the summers working construction working long hours to pay for my year of school while others took the summer off to work 20 hours at an easy job and then complained all school year about how they had to work. Then some of the same people are making it worse getting worthless degrees! its hard to listen to college educated people complain about their low wages when they could have put the work to get an engineering or some other high paying degree!
  2. I couldn’t read this but I find it hard to believe there is a problem in every department in the country. I don’t see it as a issue in rural America. The departments in bigger cities are so big they are bound to have bad apples that the unions protect. Where I live the only people that have been killed by cops are white so I find it hard to believe our cops are racist. But seriously what are we supposed to tell our children!!!!!????? All cops are bad and racist? Or do we tell them there are some bad people everywhere that we need to look out for including police but treat doesn’t mean they are all bad. If I was police chief I would only hire people of color so I would never have to hear my police force is racist. Maybe this should happen every where.
  3. I wouldn’t risk my life and my family’s livelihood because my future would be in the hands of a bunch of criminals that could ruin my life because of THEIR bad choices. All of these police conflicts start the same way, a crime is committed....... No Thanks! if they try to change the way police react to dangerous situations by neutering their options we are just going to see more dead cops. I hear the cops that served the eviction notice in Grand Forks did not shoot the suspect as soon as he brandished his weapon. They delayed lethal force to give him the opportunity to surrender his weapon. He didn’t and eventually shot three people , killing two. Do you think this current events had something to do with the police’s reactions? I think so and that guy deserved to be filled with lead as soon as he pulled the weapon. Only one person deserved to die that day.......
  4. More white people does from cops every year so it is not just a black problem. Are you going to try to tell me that the white people were justified to be killed by the black people all were not? I get there are some bad confrontations with cops that go back decades, but simple respect for police will 99% of the time result in no conflict. When you go into a confrontation with a cop and act like an ass what do you think is going to happen? What about brown people? Do their lives not matter? Are they not seeing the same discrimination because you know they are? To classify all cops as racist is like classifying all the protesters as terrorists.
  5. Good luck getting that past the police unions! Democrats are the ones who are protecting the unions.......
  6. How do we fix this white privilege problem. I still have not heard a straight up answer for the liberals preaching this on TV. It goes further than just the police forces. Chris Cuomo got grilled on it by one of his guests and he couldn’t even come up with a good answer. If they knew how to fix it what didn’t they get it done under Obama and a super majority?
  7. The unions protected them. Blame the party that supports the unions!
  8. He is trying to show the whole family of the wife beater is in support of ANTIFA and they are not keeping it secret.....
  9. No thanks, let’s keep all this forum rule breaking in one thread.....
  10. Well the Supreme Court ruled we can’t worship because of COVID, I wonder what they would rule about the first amendment?
  11. People were laying down in the road in front of him so he was forced to stop. He could have taken out the whole crowd if he wanted.
  12. The idiots were the people on the interstate. What was he supposed to do just stop on the interstate and let the thugs burn his rig down after getting beat up. F no. I will give him the benefit of the doubt because if he wanted to run over people he could have taken out hundreds.
  13. Fargo deserves this, it is what you get when you elect radical liberals. Maybe this will open some eyes. Funny thing is at the core of all of this it is white liberals that have kept the black man oppressed......
  14. Burgum is a landlord of course he wouldn’t pause evictions......
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