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  1. This is going to not work out well for the everyday college football fan. Ones the tradition, history and in state rivalries go away so will the fans. Bad move that will cost these universities in the long run….
  2. Heck even Oregon State and Washington State may be on the outside looking into the BiG12 absorbing only Arizona, ASU, Utah, and Colorado. Washington and Oregon might go either way. Nobody wants WSU or OSU so they might get pushed to the MWC if they are unlucky
  3. If they feel the need to pull from the MWC, the teams will have to be on the same level as the average PAC 12/ Big 12 school. They do not have to add any G5 team if the PAC merge with the Big 12
  4. Funny how politics doesn’t get mentioned in all of these moves. State’s are getting their schools split up right down the middle. How long until governments start to act and try and prevent these breakups or even try and get a piece of the pie $$$$$$$. What a sad time for college athletics…….
  5. Does the Big 12 and PAC 12 merge? Does SDSU and Boise finally get their wish and get a PAC12 invite? This move may spur the Big12 and PAC12 into action
  6. I would assume that USC and UCLA are the biggest TV draws in the PAC12? Which other schools even come close?
  7. Do these guys have more pressure on them to lock up offers because of less spots due to transfers or less overall opportunities across the board? If they don’t get offers to their top schools are they committing to lock up those spots? These guys seem to want to be at UND because not long after getting the offer they are committing. Not waiting for other offers but jumping at the opportunity to be at UND. I rather them commit early before they get more D1 offers!
  8. That says something about this kids talent. I assume the injury scared some teams away.
  9. Already packing the pounds! I like these big freshmen!
  10. 5 posts of nonsense and you don’t care much about this issue? A minute of research could have spared us from all of this babble. Bubba and the university can’t talk about this issue. No need for ridiculous speculation of what happened or what they should do. Nothing more will ever be released from the university.
  11. My god and the same size! Guy already looks like a beast! Keep that pipeline going!
  12. Quit asking dumb questions and look it up……. Not that hard
  13. No but the terms used in a title 9 hearing are very similar to the ones used in a legal trial. The decision maker is essentially the same thing as a judge who finds the accuser guilty or not guilty.
  14. I like how a NDSU fan is trying to school us on the title 9 law…… NDSU has enough of their own liabilities to worry about, no need to get into our business!
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