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  1. Word is he was hired up in Grand Forks!........
  2. UND has to get a lot better if we are #2, but if a person were to judge a whole season after 2 games I guess that’s where we would be....
  3. He just needs to be in the game on 3rd or 4th and short. 2 yards is nothing for a guy his size especially with a run -pass option. Tommy is the starter no doubt.
  4. I seriously don’t get why they are so concerned. They have only played two games and the season is far from over. They seriously do not need to melt down until UND comes to town! UND is good but they are not the best team in the nation. We have way more to prove starting with this Thursday!
  5. The lack of use of Quincy in the second half was a poor decision. He needs to be used more in those short yardages as im not in favor of an only pass option play on those downs. The more he is used the more confidence he gets and the more accurate his pass options will be. I love every decision to go for it on 4th down. All or nothing mentality! Just pains me to wonder what would have happened if Bubba would have been more cut throat in our other close games. I HOPE BUBBA REMEMBERS THIS DAY!
  6. while we have some impressive wins so far this year we have not proven we are a top 5 team in the country. We can beat anyone but we have a lot to improve on in our game. Take away our turnovers and the first two games could have gone differently. The only way the Fargo dynasty dies is when WE take them down!
  7. Well that came true and we won!
  8. Talk about ultimate redemption for SIU, embarrassing loss in ND one week then beating the number one ND team the very next, big character win for them
  9. D finishes the game off with a big stop!
  10. Quincy hasn’t played since the first half so what do you except. Need him fresh!
  11. Great decision on that special teams play!
  12. Yes but their season normally self destructs and everyone forgets the big win....
  13. Ray Haas!!! He deserves that one! Led the team in tackles as a freshman when he was thrown to the wolves. Has now taken back seat as a veteran but way for him to step up!
  14. Omg did you just see Larson!!!! Bulldogged that lineman for that sack!
  15. Close it out D! Play disciplined but use this momentum and shut them down!
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