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  1. Sounds like the AAC is looking to poach some MWC teams but do those MWC teams really want to leave? The AAC is pretty lame without the teams that have left. The MWC teams being considered are Colorado St, Boise, Air Force, San Diego St. if those teams left it would open the door to Big Sky and MVFC teams to backfill. I just don’t see that many teams wanting to leave from the MWC……
  2. St Thomas would be a much better candidate……. Or even MN Duluth…….
  3. Exactly! Our home games are vital to having a good season this year with such a tough schedule. A winning team also brings in more fans to the games. Need to get back on track this week!
  4. Honestly I think the boring opponent has a bigger effect on attendance than that loss last week. If UND is playing Montana or Sam Houston I bet the pre sale tickets would have been much higher. I don’t think playing boring opponents is only a problem for the team to the south…….
  5. So fans won’t support the team because we lost an FBS game? God forbid. It’s not like those who were on the fence were actually watching the game…..
  6. Shouldn’t be . If MSU beat them by 38 we should also. No excuses
  7. I agree timely miscues on offense and defense were our demise. You could see the relief on Utah State coach’s face when they scored the TD that put them up by 17. We had them worried and on the ropes but just tired out. Late game or elevation who knows but we could have won that game. Take care of business with Drake and rest up for the big game.
  8. Yeah actually they still like him down here for some reason. At least they have found some offense finally. people are still riding high from the Josh Allen years…..
  9. Shuster had a career high in passing yards. In this game that is not a good thing. Our offense is effective when we eat the clock and dominate possessions. No lead is safe if we cannot maintain long drives, hung our defense out to dry.
  10. I agree we were good enough. Keep our offense on the field and score in the second half and it’s a whole other game.
  11. Honestly it’s either we suck and never should have had a chance to win this game, or we are a good team and just failed to execute. We will find out in MVFC games…..
  12. We can’t beat them with short and intermediate passing? Seemed to be working in the first quarter
  13. We didn’t need to make adjustments, we just needed to execute better. Everyone harps on making adjustments but we are in the right positions and just need to execute.
  14. No I’m pissed we didn’t figure it out when we were only down by 3 or even 10. We know we are better than this 3 qtr performance. Lost opportunity but excited for the rest of the season.
  15. This is my biggest concern, they rest is easily fixable before we start league play.
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