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  1. We ran just fine with JJ when Olivera and Santiago were injured. We might not have the depth for this top talent but we may be surprised when these running backs get some reps
  2. Sioux>Bison

    2019 Season

    I think honestly the only way they will dominate the game is if they can run it down our throats. I think the secondary will be able to contain this QB, but if they can run easily it may open some pass plays. This is the best chance we have had to take down the mighty AC.
  3. The article says the reasons that the smaller plants are competing with world scale plants is because all of their product is contracted and none is sold on the open market. If those were built here they would need to find a cooperative that would sign up for contracted volumes. Not sure if CHS would sign on to this when they are partners with CF industries. The plant in Rock Springs was built by Simplot so they could produce their own ammonia without having to buy it on the open market. Not saying new fertilizer plants are impossible but have a ton of hurdles to conquer. We are are though more likely to see a new fertilizer plant than we are to see a petrochemical plant.
  4. You are right but using the gas locally is not a necessity like many have been preaching. It would obviously be nice to produce products here locally but there are many factors that need to be overcome.
  5. Yes obviously I’m just saying that there are already supplies coming into the region. New supplies will have to compete with the existing sources. That is why we have not seen and other plants actually being built.
  6. Ammonia is the big one in the state and way more is used than urea. The plant produced half of the states fertilizer needs.
  7. Companies are always looking to do more business. In this case nothing has even been proposed so we are a long ways away from this becoming reality. It’s just a pipe dream right now. We should be focusing on new pipelines and gas plants to take care of the problem.
  8. Then why didn’t they finish the Spiritwood plant or the one planned for grand forks? If this was a slam dunk then they would have been completed and running. The reason is the demand is already being met by other sources such as the plant in Sioux City IA and imports by CF industries. A new plant would have to push them out of the region by being able to produce and sell it at a lower price. This would require the plant to be built at a world scale in order to compete and that may be too big for the region.
  9. Many interesting pieces in that article. It says that ND is in competition with 4-5 other locations to get a new petrochemical plant and like Wardner said they all have cheap gas. I assume the locations are near all of the big plays in the US and along the gulf coast. Biggest downside for ND is our location which will increase product transportation costs. It is cheaper to ship the feed stock streams via pipeline that it is to ship the final product out on rail. I also don’t know why they are talking about fertilizer plants. We already tried to build multiple plants in the state and only 1 got built with 1 cancelled and 1 still stalled. The demand for more fertilizer is not enough to build another plant in the state. Flaring is also a problem because a lack of gathering pipelines and available capacity at the gas plants. Once those assets catch up the existing NGL and natural gas pipelines can handle the increased flow. We don’t need to separate and use the ethane locally in order for the industry to grow. It would be nice to use the gas locally but isn’t a do or die. It is a big falsehood the Governor, lutenient governor and the legislative leadership are pushing.
  10. Sioux>Bison

    2019 Season

    Day by Day series starts on Aug 20th. Can’t wait!
  11. Please tell me it was the law school......
  12. Anyone can get into med school or law school if you have a stellar undergrad resume. Hell you can even go to Minot State if needed. I think the point is you don’t need to at the top of your class to get into UND med or especially law school, but you will get some preference playing for UND. UND has a great med school but there are some much more prestigious programs I would rather attend.
  13. This is an actual crisis for the Summit whether the blind faithful at Ag U want to believe it or not. Something needs to be done to stabilize the Summit. I agree SV exaggerations are pretty crazy when it comes to FBS WAC conversations, but his concerns about the summit are REAL!
  14. No FBS conference is going to accept NDSU unless they are hurting for a member. There are no FBS conferences that are hurting for a new member from ND. Why would they want to split payouts with another school? Only way NDSU goes FBS is if a new league is formed or everyone revives WAC FBS. Otherwise it will NEVER happen.
  15. Sioux>Bison

    2019 Season

    I think we have a chance to win each game on the schedule and have what it takes to keep each game close. If the offense gets on a roll it will be a fun fall to watch!
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