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  1. Anyone see the Barstool Instagram post of the SDSU team throwing and making multiple half court shots in a row at the Betty? North Dakota on the court was clear as day, not bad free publicity with a post that had almost a million views so far.
  2. Kresbach pulling a Schmitt on that one. How bad could he have been injured if he took the face off ? Garbage NCHC refs
  3. So no way UND is in Loveland if DU keeps losing?
  4. Awesome to see Santiago on the field with a big play. The guy needs to see the field more!
  5. Dang you guys caught me. Nothing to see here move along.
  6. Ah the things I did for young love when I was in college.............
  7. Neither would throw the almighty hockey program under the bus especially for the soccer team! Heck we saw how schloss would fight for the lowly women’s program. I have a feeling the lamie twins are behind this as they have fallen out of relevance once again.......
  8. Only an elbow if it’s a UND player
  9. Are there any UND bars in Denver that show the games on a regular basis?
  10. Adams sucked and if it hit his stick is could not have been higher than the crossbar. Of course the refs never give us the benefit. It’s like Mike Schmit was dressed up as a ref tonight..........
  11. No conference is going to add NDSU unless they are desperate to add a team. They do not want to split their payouts with another team or two. The MWC just signed a new tv deal for 270 million over 6 years. If they added NDSU they would just have to split that payout with another team. Like it or not Sioux Volley is right. The only way NDSU is moving up to FBS is if multiple schools move up to form a new FBS conference.
  12. The same company has a cryogenic plant in WY and there is no local user if ethane there. Some of the ethane is separated out and shipped by Oneok with the other NGLs. They may be losing money separating out more ethane but they may not have a choice but to lose money to get rid of it if their ethane levels are too high for Northern Border. Yes having a local user would be nice for the local producers but that plant would be even farther out from being constructed than this gas plant. Whether it is short term or long term this plant will be shipping more ethane down Oneok’s NGL pipeline.
  13. Why is Schmidt leaving a coordinator job at the fcs level for a position coach position at a G5 school? Just seems strange. I could see if he was leaving for a G5 coordinator job but a position coach seems like a step down.
  14. Sounds like the plant will deliver NGLs to Oneok and natural gas to the Northern Border. What is unclear is why they would have a cryogenic system built if they don’t intend to deliver more Ethane to either a pipeline or other industrial user. I think Oneok can ship more ethane than you think.
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