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  1. It’s worth noting that it will only be moving 180,000bbl per day from the Bakken so it still isn’t enough to replace all of the oil volumes moving out on rail. There are some projections that the state will have a tough time going over 2 million bbl per day especially if the producers are going to try to make flaring targets. Producers are not flaring because of ethane which is a falsehood Bakken Midstream is pushing.
  2. For those exact reasons Williston will never boom to the size of Fargo. To get to 3 million it won’t take double the work force of what we have now at 1.4 million. That top projection may never be achieved at the slow drilling pace we are at now.
  3. I never said we should separate all the ethane and ship it out as y grade on Oneok pipelines. You ademately said that ZERO ethane was being shipped out on Oneok pipelines which is completely false. Pipeline are the only solution needed to take care of the ethane abundance in ND. It can be rejected or shipped out as a dense gas on Alliance which are both economical ways to transport ethane out of the state. Yes we could build a plastics plant in ND to utilize the ethane, but it is not necessary critical to the oil and gas industry to operate.
  4. Since you are not an expert maybe you should quit spreading fake news on this site. You have no facts and only speculation. The Oneok Bakken NGL pipeline moves 30,000 bbl of ethane per day out of the total capacity of 140,000bbl/day. This is without cryogenic processing which is needed to take out ALL of the ethane. The rest of the ethane is rejected into natural gas. The new Oneok pipeline will add 240,000bbl/day of NGL capacity so that will be another big outlet for ethane. I think Bakken Midstream and Oneok will be in competition to where the NGL is shipped from/in ND. If you don’t believe me call up the Oneok Public relations and you can hear it first hand for yourself!
  5. You are taking over a half century ago, big difference in the booms today. The Permian play will always be much bigger than the Bakken. Williston will never grow to the size of Midland or Odessa. Never going to happen...... You lose more credibility every time you open your mouth.
  6. Both Odessa and Midland TX already had populations at or above 100k in 2010 when the latest boom began. You are losing it if you think Williston will ever grow to 100k population if even 50k
  7. You are trying to tell us that Williston metro area includes Watford City, Tioga, Stanley, etc. you obviously are stretching what facts really are. Nothing but fake news coming from you....
  8. Exactly so who’s going to be building the plastic plant. If you know how midstream work you would know they are not going to build the midstream assets until someone contracts for the shipping and processing of the ethane. There are a ton of companies that would build the assets if there was a trustworthy source paying for the buildout.
  9. If they want in why haven’t they announced building a petrochemical plant? Until someone steps up to build a plant none of this infrastructure will be built by Badlands midstream. I’m also confused why a company like Oneok wouldn’t be the one proposing to build the midstream infrastructure because why would they let a competitor come in and build this before they do?
  10. You are forgetting the ham and cheese balls with a side of speedway sauce! Many people have tried to copy the sauce but no one does it like Speedway! if you want an amazing burger a guy needs to try the speedway burger! Makes me hungry thinking about it.... The Speedway’s in ND go way back with this family owned business started by their dad. Sadly only one is still remaining and I wish Minot still had one.
  11. “Bakken Midstream is not a petrochemical company and is not proposing a plastics plant, Hopkins said.” so who is going to build the plastics plant? Yes building the infrastructure is the first step, but I would assume they have a contract set up first to supply someone with the raw materials needed for the plastics plant?
  12. I’m just telling you why this was put in the century code and that there is precedent already set. A guy can worry about a tiny chance this makes it to trial but it’s simply not worth worrying about.
  13. It’s cut and dry in the century code that the landowner is not liable. Would be dismissed before he would even need a lawyer.
  14. In ND he is not liable for injuries to trespassers whether the land is posted or not. It states that in the century code.
  15. They can play in the All Seasons as it holds about 5k (if they can work out an agreement with the management). Finding the money to fund it is the question .
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