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  1. None of them have lived one day as a black man. They will never know what it is like. It’s not even a comparison. Some of the most racist kids I knew were hockey players so ....
  2. I wonder how the football team feels about this? The football team probably has players that have actually been discriminated against. These hockey players make me feel like they are stealing the thunder and attention away from the football team to the hockey team when none of them know firsthand what it feels like. Not sure if relations between the two teams has ever been great but I know there was some animosity in the past. We will see if this helps.
  3. And you are not an internet warrior for defending these white boys???? When is the last time you came on this site before this came up? Threats are unacceptable but we have just as much right to have an opinion on the matter and many think they are boneheads....
  4. Yeah those big democrat donors need to start paying their fair share! Funny how Obama and the supermajority didn’t take care of that when they had total control. If you think the democrats are the savior to finally getting the rich to lay more you are in a fantasy land!
  5. SD was packed with MN plates all fall from the state parks to Mt Rushmore. Blame sturgis give me a break
  6. Rudy better have proof of his claims otherwise they have ZERO credibility! They made some big claims in the press conference today on the edge of straight up libel. If they don’t go to court to present their evidence they should be banished from the party. They will be lucky if they are not sued for libel from the people they slandered today. best case scenario is Trump is just trying to pay off his campaign debts, but it could also be true that his staffers have completely lost it.....
  7. Biden plans to halt new oil and gas leases on Federal lands. That is just as bad as banning fracking.
  8. If Biden didn’t plan to eliminate my fossil fuel job and didn’t promise to tax my guns and ammunition I may have voted for him too. There is no way in hell I can trust a Democrat with my guns or my livelihood/ career and Biden’s new appointments are proving this. Thank God for Sen Joe Manchin if he really comes through with blocking these radical left policies.
  9. I just finished my quarantine too. The kid was a close contact at daycare but couldn’t get tested. Then the wife and I lost our smell. I ended up with chills, light fever, runny nose, loss of smell/taste, fatigue and diarrhea. Didn’t eat for a weak so that probably is why my fatigue was so bad. Didn’t get much for a cough, sore throat or breathing problems. Honestly this was a much less severe sickness than what I got in March. In March I had all of the above symptoms minus the smell/ taste loss, plus a really high fever and horrible cough. Got tested for the flu and strep, and even got an xra
  10. She has influence over the dumbest people in this country. When their pocket books start to hurt from AOCs policies we will see how long the squad lasts....
  11. Their crazy rhetoric cost the Dems a ton of seats in the Era of Trump. That’s pretty bad when Biden wins the election but the Dems lose all those seats. It says something about what the public thinks about their policies. Biden is even more less inclined to give into their demands. Who cares about Twitter followers as most of them cannot afford the squads policies. If anything the middle class taxes will go up to pay for these social programs just like the European countries they want us to be like. There isn’t a smart bone in AOCs body there is no way we have that many stupid people in the US
  12. Too many dumb voters in MN that they will never vote out a Democrat. They will even vote for a woman abuser in the era of me too..... MN needs to fall into disparity before any of them come out of their trance. How could any mining community vote for the radical democrats???? They have totally backed the enviro wackos at the expense of the union mining jobs. MN gets what they deserve voting for that nonsense.....
  13. Oh he is running unless he gets convicted of a crime and goes to jail. There is no way he is going away with all his support. He would have more support than any other republican so we can’t say he won’t be the nominee.
  14. Wife and I both got covid tests. Positive. I lost smell and taste, she just lost smell. I can tell you the flu ( not the flu they test for) I had this spring was way worse than this COVID experience. Baby wasn’t tested due to the test being too traumatic but he is the one who had close contact. I wouldn’t want to be old and dumb right now and take the risk of getting it.....
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