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  1. We would have two successful sports if we wouldn’t have cut Womens Hockey. The definitely would have been winning championships by now if they would have been cut short. All the lost future olympians too….. shame
  2. Bring back Brad Davidson! I remember our bruiser 4th lines from back in the day.
  3. I thought this team would be the bright spot this year for UND except hey decided to join the football and mens basketball teams at the bottom………. At least it is good to see the Womens BBall team tearing it up! These captains need to whip up their team too. Need some vocal leaders in the locker room
  4. Yeah if we want to maximize our return on higher salaries we should be investing in Basketball…….. Is UND the average when it comes to salaries? If so I wouldn’t say under paying
  5. Too much money and the G5 don’t even belong in the same sentence. The G5 would be guaranteed one stop in a 12 team playoff. Two could get in but we will see 1 team from the G5 most years.
  6. Need to split this series at a minimum. If they want to get back on track and silence the critics they need to sweep them. Play like it’s the playoffs, can’t afford to slide anymore
  7. Can they play that style of football every week in the FBS and be successful? Honest question I don’t know of any past FBS teams that play like the Bison…..
  8. And even with the Bison having a down year they still only lost one game and won the title. Talk about a down year!!!! The Bison were a completely different team in the first and second half of the season. They actually got back to Bison form just in time for the playoffs. Wasn’t any doubt from me what was going to happen this post season. It’s like Minot High stomping all of the little class A division schools. Not a contest.
  9. Yeah recruiting elite talent to Fargo is going to be easy……. NDSU already has G5 level facilities but are they going to be enough to beat out P5 facilities and programs? Some of the local talent will still cut it at a G5 NDSU but they will have to rely on out of the region talent to fill their roster especially if they want elite P5 talent.
  10. A G5 NDSU is going to be able to keep those recruits that they lost to Minnesota and Wisconsin compared to the FCS NDSU? More scholarships will give you more depth but having more of them isn’t going to automatically going to help you recruit elite P5 talent.
  11. Yeah those egos are not getting any smaller…….. NDSU has proven they can recruit G5 talent but recruiting P5 talent is unproven. How will NDSU win recruiting battles against Minnesota and Wisconsin once they are FBS?
  12. Thought I read it somewhere. Am I wrong ? I can’t read the article. I thought it was 3 million a year or maybe 3 million per year total with all their contracts combined
  13. How many recruiting battles did you win this year against P5 schools? So you really think G5 talent is gonna compete with the big boys every single week?
  14. NDSU’s media market must be bigger than just Fargo if their media contract is 3 million +. That’s bigger than the CUSA and Sunbelt payouts (dwarfs them) and is very similar to MAC and MWC payouts. There is no doubt they could make it as a G5 team but no conference wants them because of their geography. Anyone that thinks they can beat the P5 teams week after week are delusional. G5 level talent isn’t gonna cut it against the P5 and they are not going to win recruiting battles against the P5.
  15. Yeah my opinion is reality, yours is asinine! D2 to FCS moves are relatively easy . FCS to G5 also wouldn’t be that hard for NDSU. We are talking magnitudes more difficult to go P5. Be my guest and embarrass yourself in the football community with those aspirations!
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