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  1. Hopefully the sand mining takes off between Minot and Rugby. It’s some pretty marginal land that some of our ancestors got stuck with when they immigrated to ND. Not everyone is lucky enough to get land in the RRV. Who would have known that sandy land had such potential! hopefully the sand deposits down by Beulah pan out too. It will be good to gain our independence from the communist governments of Minnesota and Wisconsin that are trying to shutdown these Frac sand operations.
  2. Iowa in a tight one too. Gophers rising to the top of the big 10 east and surprisingly not going anywhere
  3. Sioux>Bison


    Amazing drive. JJ finishing off the drive TD
  4. But it is so much nicer than the last one!! Hopefully the Bakken picks up and the overflow goes to Minot.
  5. vrede played soccer and wanted to play that or football in college.
  6. Yeah no travel advised and school is cancelled. So we might be looking at a 10 game season?
  7. I hope the team is taking off soon. 1-3 ft of snow projected for the region. Maybe they will bus out tonight and leave from a less wintery location tomorrow. I wouldn’t want to be a farmer, rancher or hunter in those areas. Harvest is already behind and very wet.
  8. The article said he has been in contact with some D1 teams but didn’t see any offers.
  9. Bemidji has hockey tradition at varsity level. Minot is well Minot. Club hockey isn’t the same as what Bemidji has. Hockey is bigger in Bemidji than in Minot especially looking at the support for BSU Beaver hockey. I don’t see this happening ever.
  10. Do you know how much it costs to ship the vinyl chloride to the end users? How much does it sell for on the open market? How cheap can the plant produce it? If they have to ship it to the west coast and load it on a tanker ship to China it won’t be cheap. These big questions need to be answered before knowing they can make money. If it was a slam dunk it would already be built.
  11. Great idea to try to use the salt water, but not sure how I feel about producing chlorine gas unless the plant is far out of town. It will be interesting if they can get the economies of scale to work out to build a PVC plant, especially if they have to ship the vinyl chloride out on rail. I think the economics will depend whether it’s cheaper to ship the ethane cia pipeline out of the state or whether shipping vinyl chloride out on rail. They should sponsor a senior design project at UND to study it to see if the economics work out even with subsidies. Like the story says ND is competing against other states with booming supply and already existing Petro chem industries. Interesting that the engineers form Barr don’t think polyethylene is the way to go.
  12. Has a ton of D2 football and basketball offers. Is he a scholarship offer or PWO?
  13. So how much did the crowd noise play into the final two UC plays? One false start and one delay of game that moved the out of fg range forcing a 4th down play instead of kick.
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