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  1. Both are PWO. Both probably have potential to be solid contributors in the future. I like Parks size for sure.....
  2. That is the exact play I thought of when we had 4th down. I couldn't find just the play, but it's at the 3:30 mark here.
  3. Offer out to a speedy WR - his first D1 offer. Runs a sub-11 100m, around 22 for the 200m and 52 for the 400m as a junior last year.
  4. She belongs in the 2021-2022 recruiting thread, since she is a 2022 (I know the way these are set up are confusing), but this is another really good get. Had offers from DePaul, Milwaukee, UNO, Seton Hall, Stetson, Tennessee State and Vanderbilt.
  5. Four very important plays. I will also add when NDSU was punting from their own end zone in the 4th I had visions of the Montana State blocked punt running through my head. Then we rush 2…..
  6. GAlvin got sucked in and went right by Patterson. Woof.
  7. Defense is playing well enough that I say pin them back. But after that we’re in 4 down territory. But won’t be mad if they go for it.
  8. NDSUs defense is very good again. Our defense is playing out of our minds. entertaining game that we are still in that could still go either way. Freund needs to open it up. Now is not the time to tuck the tail between the legs. Get smith a few more carries as well to change it up.
  9. That UC Davis game was nuts!
  10. Knapp was a last year recruit who signed with Utah State.
  11. Got most of the above. Loved Smith and Wright today. Was impressed with the young LBs at the end. Nice for Koshiol to get a pick at the end. overall need to really clean a lot up. But have a bye week before the bison come rumbling in……
  12. For this game I hope: We see a lot of Quincy Vaughn, Isaiah Smith, Jack Wright, Ty Burian, Jacob Odom, Sammy Fort, Richard Agyekum, Matt Koshiol, Quin Urwiler, Wyatt Pedigo, Kason Kelley, Craig Orlando, etc We get a few series for Trey Feeney, Elijah Klein, Gavin Ziebarth, maybe the Walthall twins, second string OL, etc No injuries I'm sure I'm missing a few people up above, but would love to get a lot of reps to some folks that don't typically get them. After this WIU may be the only other option of them getting these valuable game reps as I expect most other games to be fairly close.
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