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  1. D2 Slippery Rock in PA.
  2. Maybe this should go into a different thread, but it appears UND will have a new defensive assistant (guessing grad, as nothing appears to have been announced) but Luke Johnson, who just finished up playing at UW - Platteville, has a new twitter profile as a UND "defensive assistant". https://twitter.com/Coach_LJohnson
  3. I think one of the main issues with our DL play in the 3-4 recently is our NG (says captain obvious) play, which really isn't about the people in it but the size of them. We need some 300+ pound bowling balls with high motors out there for that, similar to Tank Harris. Morrison is a very good player, but he still needs 20+ pounds to really have the size. Our DE have been traditionally undersized as well - they really shouldn't be much smaller than Mason Bennett, although Dranka and Greeley (and some of the kids this year) showed you can play at below that and still be effective. Ideally they should be Mason Bennett or Cieslak size. Again, I think we've got some really good talent at these positions, but think we need more size for more disruption to allow our LB to make plays at the line/in the backfield.
  4. Very impressed with the play of the freshmen this year. That group, assuming they stick together and continue to improve, has an excellent chance of making a lot of noise for the next 4 years. The SD teams are going to be tough to displace, but this group has the potential to be very special.
  5. This team seems to be starting to click, and Sather is really starting to show that he has a lot of potential to be an effective coach in the mid-major ranks. I'm fairly optimistic that this team could make some noise this year yet.......
  6. Yeah, I had heard that right about the time of that tweet. Knew he was hurt but didn't know it was a career ender.
  7. Jack Ihry is now in, which wraps up NSD. Guessing they will get another safety, another CB and hopefully some DL help for the Feb period. It's noted that the JUCO LB has some paperwork things before he can be announced. Still expected for spring ball.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised to see a more experienced signal caller from the FBS or JuCo ranks join the team, if only to get someone with a veteran presence in the competition.
  9. C'mon, you have to admit perfectly placed grammar policing can be fairly amusing. This one was well placed.
  10. Injured I believe and may not play anywhere.
  11. We may not be expecting Chase Perchal anymore.....
  12. I wasn't including those that haven't verbally committed and we hope sign
  13. Hambone

    2019 Season

    It would be awesome if UND volleyball could get back to where they were a couple years ago. My daughter has started playing (4th grade) so I'm starting to watch it a little more, and good volleyball is actually pretty fun to watch! Mayer Lutheran is one of the best 1A schools in Minnesota, and had two seniors this year that are going D1 so we caught a lot of them.....
  14. Stayed with UND over the Gopher PWO. Three left by my count.
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