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  1. With the kids leaving, appears we have offered a 6'7" guard/forward from Kirkwood Community College. http://www.kirkwoodeagles.com/sports/mbkb/2019-20/bios/sims_seybian_j5rk Here are his high school highlights.
  2. I wasn't necessarily comparing their skills per se, more that they both struggled their first year - to where people were actually thinking Hooker was going to be a bust, but he ended up proving them all wrong. I think with DAE's stuggles this year I've heard a few rumblings of that, but I think that he will also be able to prove them wrong. Be interesting to see how he develops in the next couple years.
  3. Completely agree. You don't break that record having a terrible year. He has potential superstar in this league written all over him - he needs to pull it all together.
  4. Although they have different games and styles, I'm looking at DAE similar to Quinton Hooker. I knew QH in high school, and was really excited when he chose UND. After his true freshmen year there were some rumblings that he was already a bust and overrated, etc. But starting year 2 with more time in the program he really came into his own and is one of the all time greats. DAE had his struggles as a freshman, but I think he has all the tools to really bring it all together starting in year 2 and I'm really looking forward to seeing him develop. I'm in agreement with everyone above - DAE and Rebraca are big pieces moving forward, but we really need to replace Stewart and get some more pieces/depth to really be a team that will make some noise. I'm going to guess in two years Sather will have this team in a really good position.
  5. I hate it when people lose their jobs, but I think this is the right call. At the beginning of the year this team showed a lot of promise, only to really flame out as the year went on. Best of luck to Mr. Brewster wherever he lands......
  6. Hambone

    Spring Ball 2020

    Some good info from the 360 guys.... https://undfootball360.com/news/spring-football-updates-more/ Sounds like Robbie Rouse is likely to be the next RB coach......
  7. I think that it was a great start to Sather's time here at UND. I don't follow basketball religiously, but I do like to keep up on how they're doing. With what Sather had to work with, and having arguably the best outside shooter out for the year, it's pretty amazing that we are in the semi-finals. One thing we won't know is how well his recruiting is for this level, at least for a few more years. Danielson seems like he could turn out okay - likely not going to be a superstar but that solid guy that does the little things very well. The guys coming in next year all look pretty good on paper. Need to get out there and win some recruiting battles for some absolute dudes in the next couple years, though. Minneapolis is such a hotbed of talent - we should be spending a lot more time getting kids from down here......
  8. UND offered Trey Feeney out of Moorhead today. Likely our top target for this class at the position. Guessing the Bison will follow suit soon.
  9. My concern is up the middle - NG, ILB depth, safety. Outside we appear to have the potential to be fairly salty.
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