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  1. UND has offered Brandon Rawls out of Michigan. Offers from Jackson State, Tennessee State, Valpo and multiple lower level schools. Guessing he projects as a LB.
  2. Thankfully starting next week I will no longer be a part of that statistic.....
  3. Burton also has an offer from Bowling Green.
  4. Looks like he was an early enrollee in January, so he was actually playing high school ball in fall of 2019. Had a smattering of D2 offers and also an FCS offer from SEMO.
  5. Yesterday I was out getting groceries and (in small town Minnesota) there are probably about 20% that wear masks. Out of the roughly 20 people I saw in masks, three were wearing them just over their mouths, and I did see one additional woman whose phone rang and she took her mask down to answer the phone and talk to the person for a couple minutes. Personally, the thing about the stay at home and wearing masks and everything - I think we're setting ourselves up so that regular sicknesses (flu, cold, etc) are that much worse because our immune system will be weakened, and we'll see those regular occurrences get worse in the future. I want as many germs as possible to keep myself strong. Additionally, I worry about how many people will die because of issues due to the shutdown, whether by suicide, domestic violence, etc. So it's not that I don't care about people getting sick, it's that all you hear is about the impact on just this one thing, not the potential of everything else that could happen because of our reaction. Additionally, no one knows the truth about, well, really anything related to this. We know it's bad and is very infectious. But the "Died of" vs "Died with" is such a grey area, and seems like it is being done to influence the public rather than really understand the truth. One thing that really bothers me are the amount of people that say "if you don't wear a mask / go to protests, you should sign away any possibility of getting healthcare if you're sick". I asked someone who had a similar comment how many times they'd been to the store or work where they maybe had a touch of the flu or something else. They asked what that mattered. I told them that it's possible that when they were out and about with that they could have passed it on to someone who could have either died from it, or passed it on to someone who died from it, etc. They said "well that's different". I asked how, and of course it was just a bunch of stammering that turned into Trump and Nazis. Which brings me to my next point...... The other thing that completely turns me off from this current stay at home madness, is how political it has gotten. Here in Minnesota, there was something in the house I believe, that was a vote about starting to re-open the state, and it was completely along party lines. That is ridiculous to me. The political climate in this country is so bad, and both sides absolutely suck. So many brainwashed people on both sides of the aisle. Why can't we figure out what makes sense for the good of everyone?? Why does the entire state of Minnesota have to shut down, when most cases are in the metro counties and over by Worthington? Can't our leaders here figure out something that isn't an all or nothing? Maybe I'm wrong and don't know what I'm talking about. Maybe a lot of people feel the same.
  6. Also offered Emma Trombly out of Port Huron, MI today. 6'1" forward. She's a 2021.
  7. Transfer from University of Evansville.
  8. I believe Titus only has D2 offers to this point and we have yet to offer but I could be wrong. He would be a perfect fit at NG though.....
  9. I'll be two weeks as of tomorrow. Good times, as no one is really hiring in my field right now (upper level Accounting / Finance roles), especially with the stay at home order in Minnesota which just got extended. I'm working my network hard and there are possibilities out there, but they're all holding back for the most part. We'll see how this works out.....
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