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  1. I also think that punting is becoming a huge liability. If you are punting from the 25 there is no reason they should be fair catching at other 40. You should be going at least 45 yards in the air. That actually flipped the field in Sam's favor a couple times today, whereas their punter was booming it. I remember when our special teams were about as good as it could get. Awesome kicker, strong punter etc. Can't believe we don't recruit these better. Need to spend some scholarship money and not hope that the walkon will be good enough.
  2. Hambone

    SH Game Day

    Took the safety huh? Curious how the game plays out.
  3. Hambone

    SH Game Day

    Not doing much with holding the reins in during second quarter. Just let Schuster wing it
  4. This is one guy I'm very interested in. I really hope we are able to land this one.
  5. Also worth noting that we have two running back commits in total, so guessing we won't see anymore in this class. That's not to say he would have picked UND if the offer was still commitable, as the Bison are currently hard to beat on the recruiting track, but guessing jdub has it exactly right here. That being said, kid should be a fantastic player and would have been a great get......
  6. Just hope that the size and toughness translates into success on the field and he can make an impact if called upon. This is what I'm expecting of Orlando next year.
  7. That’s two of the three I was expecting after camp......good get.
  8. Not 100% sure - with the offer I can assume they like him quite a bit, but I think they're going to square in on a couple targets during the season and that's where we'll end up finding our QB this cycle.
  9. Same. Asked after camp about it and was told the same thing.
  10. Urwiler committed this evening.
  11. I had never seen anything that he had an offer from us. Hes been active on announcing offers on twitter and he never announced us.
  12. Pretty sure these are both NDSU PWO offers as both kids announced them after the weekend with no mention of UND and I’m not sure they were at our camp.
  13. Pretty good get. I believe he had an FBS offer from Temple a couple days ago. Also offers from USD and WIU.
  14. Dom tweeted about it fairly quickly - about the time it hit SS.
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