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  1. An interesting name from down south entered the portal. Really liked him in high school.
  2. We did offer a DE grad transfer from New Hampshire as well.
  3. Don't follow volleyball that closely, but this appears like it could be a very solid hire. But volleyball is one of my daughters favorite sports so think I'll be watching more in the near future with her, so hopefully Coach Tupac is able to get UND back to where we were a few years ago (which seems like an eternity).
  4. Actually two semifinalists. I think they should have gotten both SUs but them's the breaks.
  5. I think there's still a lot of possibility for some positive movement in the next couple months. I've got my eye on some potential transfers, and I think there will be some help on the way. I think we need it most at Safety. As for kicker, there are some others around that I don't believe signed that could be potentials, so we'll see how they fill that void.
  6. Blake committed to Youngstown State.
  7. I know that offers don't mean everything, but I think it's worth noting again the potential that Brayden Bryant has. His offer list, whether some were pulled eventually or not, includes, based on his twitter feed: Texas State, Eastern Kentucky, Central Arkansas, Louisiana Monroe, Mercer, Missouri State, UMass, Tarleton State, Southern Illinois, Middle Tennessee State, and Indiana State. If he comes back from his surgery ready for the fall, this could be a big get, although he has to earn it. Also really interested in the Northern State potential transfer. Our OL could be absolutely transformed next year with a couple of these young men.
  8. Juckel committed to Air Force
  9. Magli has decommitted. Likely a Badger PWO swap......
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