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  1. Per the NCAA rule this year for Fall sports this year won't count against a players eligibility so everyone gets a redshirt year this year. I think Brock Boltmann could end up being the starter or at least get significant playing time. There was a UND insider blurb yesterday that had Coach Schweigert talking about the QB's. He didn't give much information but did include Boltmann in the potential QB's.
  2. Lets get some more jackets for the players to look consistent and professional for the recruits! Also, this will keep the players warm on the sidelines and ready to go in and perform at a high level!
  3. Wright4UND

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    Buy, we will see some new jerseys in 2021.
  4. yes, logo on both sides and numbers on the back. They look good! G
  5. the numbers are on the back of the helmet this year.
  6. Bingo! you just found the answer. The testing is taking everyone down. It is very rare for an asymptomatic person to transmit the virus and we have false positive tests which create the domino effect of quaranting, etc. Treat and address the symptoms not positive tests. You won't be able to finish a full season with all of this testing. If you have positive tests and have to quarantine a whole position group will miss the game so then you have to decide if you can play the game without them. Also, once you make this public the team you are playing won't want to play against you and may cancel the game anyway. Too many holes in the schedule and the expense of testing and not being able to play makes it nonsense to even try and play the season. lets get back to stay home if you are sick and make sure that you don't have any symptoms before you return and 99.6% of everyone will be fine!
  7. You have to have a goal! So let them establish that as a goal and see what happens! I think they will be competitive in the Missouri Valley which always gives you an opportunity to be highly ranked for the playoffs. Also, I think this will help recruiting! Playing regionally and in the best conference will be huge.
  8. Wright4UND

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    my guess would be boltmann. What about you?
  9. This is a disappointing trend! More people in the 15-24 age range have died from pneumonia (247 in the entire US) this year than COVID-19 (142 in the entire US). More teenagers will die from driving by 4 times in 2020 than COVID-19. Why can't we live life and those that don't want to attend games or participate can watch on TV.
  10. Wright4UND

    Buy or Sell

    I will buy him over 1,000 yards. Wanzek almost had 1,000 yards and Toivonen almost had 700 yards so there will be lots of passes and yards available
  11. He was a great recruiter as well! He will be missed!
  12. Bobby Petrino hired at missouri state. That will be interesting to track that hire. I would expect them to improve with Bobby pulling in some questionable characters that can play football. Probably won't be an easy win for very long.
  13. Nice honor for a und recruit! https://twitter.com/iam_treyurwiler/status/1216920083131441152?s=21
  14. UND has a difficult schedule and fought through injuries to their qb’s in the first 4 weeks. I think making the playoffs was well done and they showed well against 2 of the final 4 teams. Beat 1 and could have easily beaten the other. They looked like the better team against Weber. Needs more consistency but I think this recruiting class is solid and has more speed. Coaching staff is great, really energetic and positive and can relate to the younger players! Trending up!
  15. He had an offer from Army as well.
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