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  1. Excited to get to talk about some football! I hope that we will get some good coverage from 360 and Tom Miller on the Spring prep for the season. I also liked the change to the first game of the season. I was concerned playing Mo State because they were able to play 3 games in the Fall. This will give us an equal shot against SIU because they didn't play any games either. Looking forward to the season!
  2. thanks, we hope so as well! G
  3. Thanks for recognizing that! He is a nice young man and they did take really good care of him!
  4. yes, but mainly just like talking football.
  5. 5-3 would be a solid spring season breaking in a new qb. 6+ wins would be a great start to the MVFC and would set up even more success in the fall season. Need to have good OL play to establish a running game and that will open up the passing game off of the RPO.
  6. What does think of the Captains for Spring 2021? https://fightinghawks.com/news/2020/12/9/football-selects-captains-for-2020-21-year.aspx Canady, Turner, Maag, Nguon and Pinke
  7. I love the black unis! I am glad they will still wear green , like the block numbers better than the slanted numbers, like the hawk on both sides of the helmet! i hope they use some combo looks as well! Green jerseys with white pants, black jerseys with white pants, etc! Overall, a clean look!
  8. Got it! That is just a math equation. You start with a lower number of positive tests (in comparison to other states) and you have a significant increase in number of tests and positive tests (partly due to the encouragement of the universities to come and get tested for free plus offering a lottery of $500 to entice them to come and get tested) your ranking will increase.
  9. Are you saying that by wearing a mask (doing these little things) will help make UND a #1 team? Just clarifying?
  10. what interview were you listening to? Can you provide the link? just interested. thanks,
  11. Per the NCAA rule this year for Fall sports this year won't count against a players eligibility so everyone gets a redshirt year this year. I think Brock Boltmann could end up being the starter or at least get significant playing time. There was a UND insider blurb yesterday that had Coach Schweigert talking about the QB's. He didn't give much information but did include Boltmann in the potential QB's.
  12. Lets get some more jackets for the players to look consistent and professional for the recruits! Also, this will keep the players warm on the sidelines and ready to go in and perform at a high level!
  13. Buy, we will see some new jerseys in 2021.
  14. yes, logo on both sides and numbers on the back. They look good! G
  15. the numbers are on the back of the helmet this year.
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