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  1. they have 2 FBS transfers set to play in the Fall. The QB from Virginia Tech and the RB from SMU. That will get you older quicker!
  2. They were some of the worst commentators that I have ever heard! Not only did they lack knowledge there was no energy or excitement in their voice at all!
  3. My prediction is UND 27- SD 21. Go hawks!
  4. I would think a lot of it has to do with the summer program. From what i understand the ability for the school to have full summer lifting/conditioning program has been funded and that started the last 2 summers and the players have bought in and there is full participation. Getting 3 months of lifting and conditioning and not losing momentum from the spring has to be a huge help!
  5. Bold prediction! 21-17 hawks
  6. This is correct. I was just looking at this at the game this am.
  7. I say UND 24 SIU 21. defensive game in the 1st half and the hawks score 17 in the 2nd half to win!
  8. Excited to get to talk about some football! I hope that we will get some good coverage from 360 and Tom Miller on the Spring prep for the season. I also liked the change to the first game of the season. I was concerned playing Mo State because they were able to play 3 games in the Fall. This will give us an equal shot against SIU because they didn't play any games either. Looking forward to the season!
  9. thanks, we hope so as well! G
  10. Thanks for recognizing that! He is a nice young man and they did take really good care of him!
  11. yes, but mainly just like talking football.
  12. 5-3 would be a solid spring season breaking in a new qb. 6+ wins would be a great start to the MVFC and would set up even more success in the fall season. Need to have good OL play to establish a running game and that will open up the passing game off of the RPO.
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