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  1. UND can only loss one more this season... UND misses playoffs.
  2. A close loss to NDSU would not be too bad for rankings.
  3. If I was coach I would go on every fourth down against an FBS school. UND should have had a all or nothing mindset.
  4. How much will a blown out loss hit UND in the FCS standings?
  5. Game over. It was fun when it lasted.
  6. I don't see UND scoring in bunches in the second half. They are in trouble.
  7. Utah State takes lead into half.
  8. I feel as though this game is very much a trap game on the road. I don't feel UND will win this week. I'd love to be proven wrong.
  9. College students and recent graduates go through many changes as they begin to reach opportunities. Many of those come at the spare of a moment. I understand why some are suprised, but frustrated? No. He served as a positive role model and served well in his role. Students and college athletes don't go to school for fans. They go to get degrees and to better their chances of living out dreams. I lived mine out transfering to University of North Dakota. Many told me I shouldn't, but I knew I had to do it for myself. I would never want to be the college that held him from reaching his dream. Did he leave at a bad time? Maybe, but I'd rather have him reach his dream now then for him to play another season wishing he was else where. Anyone who has even been given an opportunity to persue a dream or life goal should understand why he did what he did.
  10. Are we getting new players for the fall or is this our fall team?
  11. Its too bad the season will end today, but the fall season is just a few months away.
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