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  1. I remember hearing abut the player only meetings in past years. Who stepped up and called it, if anyone, last night after the loss?
  2. Incase your NCHC month prescription was set to expire this weekend after what are now reschuled games, make sure to request extention. NCHC T.V. has granted an extension on my prescription. Ends day after DU series.
  3. My NCHC tv month prescription ends this weekend. I wonder if they will extended a week for free due to the changes and missed chance of watching games.
  4. oh ok. wrong time zone. Thanks. I live in Wyoming and get confused sometimes.
  5. I am not being able to get the game on nchc tv. Has it started?
  6. I thought this year's team was supposed to be strong. I am not impressed so far. It could get ugly quickly if we continue the way we are. I say we go 1-2 in the next 3 games.
  7. There are several must win games every year to get the team back on track. This is the first this year.
  8. I feel bad for DU starting the way they have, but their start will only make them a tough out come playoffs in 1 goal or tied games late.
  9. I am interested in everyone's thoughts about facing a 0-3 DU team Tuesday. Scary thought. They will be looking for blood after a few days off.
  10. Definitly going to miss the UND VS. DU series in Denver this year. I bought some new shoes and a flag for my birthday and christmas presents for myself. Maybe next season.
  11. 108498

    Buy or Sell

    Off subject, but does anyone know anywhere on line I can purchase a UND football jersey... green or black? I live in Wyoming and am only finding hockey jerseys on line.
  12. Has there been a picture of the turf released yet? When is one expected?
  13. Been a long time since we have seen a team logo at center field. I would be ok with anything near this.
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