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  1. 108498

    UND vs DU

    Where do UND fans usually hang out before games in Denver? My family got tickets for Friday.
  2. Does anyone have a trio pair of tickets to the upcoming Saturday DU hockey game available? I was hoping to take a friend and my father to the game but am only seeing single tickets available. My friend went to his first ever UND game (from Wyoming) a few years ago and was hoping to see his first away game this year.
  3. Incomplete pass sounds good to me. Lets kick it away.
  4. Did I just hear the UND band? Are they at the game?
  5. Bring Chris Mussman in as the offensive coach. He had the offense going while the head coach.
  6. Go for at least a field goal before half. Throw deep or get into field goal range.
  7. I feel better about going for it and losing out then not even trying. Good effort.
  8. UND could have had a huge uplift with a fourth down instead its tires have been deflated. Still proud of the defense effort.
  9. Players watch coaches. A coach can't say give it your all and then punt on a close 4th down. UND defense can only do so much before it gets tired.
  10. I normally would say kick it, but against a team like Washington you have to go for it. The worse that can happen is not getting it. We are expecting a blowout anyway. Make things happen.
  11. The UND defense has played very well today outside of a single play against a top notch team. I am proud to be a Hawk.
  12. I call a playoff like victory today. UND knows what needs to get done to make the playoffs, and I think they walk through the door of the playoffs today.
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