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UND-NDSU predictions


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6 hours ago, fueledbyramen said:

If UND ever wins an FCS playoff game, will their heads explode?

The Playoff win could happen this year, appreciate your confidence.
Now as to your second part, this is only football. Nobody's head explodes.
Now if UND wins today, your extremely arrogant (now Big Lubowsky has a better word) Bizon fans will have some pretty serious mental stress.
A gauge of the seriousness of this scenario would be playing out on Bozoville, AGS, twitter, facebook, and etc. starting about 5:30.


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NDSU has beat the tar out of 16 of the last 19 opponents they have faced.  They beat us up the last time we played.  I think we have some peices in place to give them a run but not all without playing the perfect game.  Still need the bodies up front.  

That said I think our WRs and RBs can make some plays and I can’t go against my name and pick FU to win anything. 

UND- 31

FU- 24

Dilly, Dilly

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