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  1. I have two upper bowl tickets you can have for free.
  2. Two free tickets in Sec 302 row K. Tickets are in Fargo but I can email them.
  3. Not going to make the trip from Fargo. Two free tickets in section 302. I will need to email them.
  4. Not going to pick a score however I believe NDSU will win because this is their Super Bowl.
  5. I live in Fargo and have had a hard time making it to both games. Friday’s are too difficult to get off of work and make it up to GF by 7:30pm so I am looking to sell these tickets. Asking $400 for both seats. There are a total of 10 Friday night games so comes down to $20 per ticket per game. Below are the seat details. Section: 302 - on the face off circle where the Sioux shoot twice Row: K Seats: 17 &18 I will be attending UND Fanfest on September 15 and can meet up in GF to make the exchange. IM me if interested.
  6. I only frame my game worn jerseys.
  7. Can’t make it to tonight’s game. Two free upper bowl tickets that can be emailed. I just want them used.
  8. He's an embarrassment to the entire human race.
  9. This team plays, when this team wants to play.
  10. This was SDSU's Super Bowl...
  11. How far back are you looking? I've taken photos back dating back to 2005.
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