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    I only frame my game worn jerseys.
  2. Can’t make it to tonight’s game. Two free upper bowl tickets that can be emailed. I just want them used.
  3. He's an embarrassment to the entire human race.
  4. This team plays, when this team wants to play.
  5. This was SDSU's Super Bowl...
  6. How far back are you looking? I've taken photos back dating back to 2005.
  7. Outdoor games have better ice than this.
  8. I only have 2 Tickets but they are upper bowl. If you want the Friday, January 15 game vs. Omaha I'll give them to you for free.
  9. I would say it probably was someone who voted Nokaks twice and doesn't care which of the last two get voted in. Just my guess.
  10. And I'll trade name "Animal". We can talk later.
  11. I agree. Wyoming sucks and their coach doesn't know his a$$ from a hole in the ground. He's taken they from bad to worse.
  12. He said you BS with that dude, not what the dude said was BS.
  13. I was also at a Predators game two months ago and was surprised by the fan base. Not sure what it's like during a down year. Did run into at least three Sioux fans! However, I've been to 13 NHL arenas and have always run into at least one Sioux fan so I wasn't totally surprised.
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