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  1. This was after they terminated his contract https://www.espn.com/fantasy/hockey/story/_/id/33058833/fantasy-hockey-questions-impact-jack-eichel-evander-kane-tuukka-rask-returns
  2. Now he’s under investigation again for lying about having a negative covid test
  3. The East is so much better than the West this year. Bismarck schools are now watered down because of the addition of Legacy. Minot still losing kids to juniors. It should be a clean sweep for the East at state once again
  4. Doesn’t matter who the bobcats qb is when their defense can’t stop anything
  5. I think they’ve lost 2 in the past decade
  6. Said Fenton, "A national standard for competition protocols may be good in theory, but when talking about health and safety protocols, a lot of these decisions are being made at the local level by health professionals, which have the authority over health and well-being matters for our students. I understand people wanting to say that, but it's easier said than done." Schafer noted that Cornell and other ECAC teams have played many games this year with a short roster. "There's nothing the Committee can do. It's a loophole," said Schafer. "In the future it's something I guess we'll have to address. As a committee, we'll definitely talk about it. I'm sure we will. And commissioners I'm sure will talk about what happened too. No one wants this. "It's bad optics for college hockey, bad optics for them. Maybe the decision was made without coaches knowing or not, but that's the confusing thing. Lots of teams play with short rosters. Right now, teams are playing with (short) guys in a game. It looks even worse when people aren't clarifying (what happened). I've been around college hockey long enough — we played a game (at St. Lawrence) where a lot of the team got food poisoning, we started the game with 14 guys — it's just what you do. So it's a real confusing thing." https://www.collegehockeynews.com/news/2022/01/03_Conversations-Continue-in.php
  7. The remainder of the 2022 World Junior Championship will be canceled, reports TSN's Bob McKenzie. Three preliminary round contests had been called off over the past two days due to COVID-19 issues. Team USA had to forfeit its game against Switzerland on Tuesday, while Czechia-Finland and Russia-Slovakia were both canceled on Wednesday. More to come
  8. I’m with you. Not only for the reason you gave but it’s still China who I trust as much as gas station sushi
  9. Yes I know he’s with the Kings. Saw his goal tonight
  10. Thanks for correcting me. Indeed it was Ottawa. Not sure how I forgot that. Looked it up. Tonight was his 6th career goal
  11. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe Wolanin scored his first nhl goal tonight with the Kings
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