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  1. And they welcome him back with a 6-1 drubbing of the Kracken
  2. Sounds like the games will be on ESPN+
  3. They are definitely the top team in their county. No denying that
  4. 2 game sweep in Cali after beating LA last night 3-2. One thing this team has more of and that’s grit and toughness. They aren’t backing down to no one. This team has been to soft for to long. It’s refreshing to see
  5. Having a veteran presence like Weatherby would make a huge difference for sure. Getting Budy back will help no doubt but I really think as fans we just need to be a little patient. That and Driscoll didn’t have his best game last night either. High glove side seems to be his weakness early on
  6. Let’s face it. It will take some time to gel with all these new faces. Hopefully sooner than later obviously and losing Weatherby hurt too. Just gonna take a little time folks
  7. Rodent fans calling that a dive. Please
  8. Going to take some time for this team to gel. So many new faces
  9. Canfield took a terrible angle but yeah Sanderson started that goal
  10. How many blind passes to our slot when nobody is there are they going to have tonight?
  11. This team has a long ways to go before one can say they are National championship material
  12. Should be getting a good ass chewing after that 20
  13. Wild win a thriller in their opening game of the season over the Ducks last night 2-1. Foligno with the winner with 7.2 seconds left in the game. Kings tonight
  14. Avs making the Hawks look like a JV team 3-0. 9 minutes in
  15. Ovi with a good start to the season. 2 goals and 2 apples. Watch out Great One
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