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  1. Sheesh. This reminds me of that time I saw Phil Hansen handing out mountain dews to players before a big game.
  2. I thought it was caffeine in a bottle.
  3. Shouldn’t it be the white man who would be offended by such odd behavior if someone grabbed their hair and treated it like reins? Since horses were brought to North America by the white man in the 1500s? Or is my logic hampering my ability to see things from the viewpoint of the perpetually offended?
  4. I just read that and was about to post it here.
  5. I thought maybe there was a steroid concession stand over there or something.
  6. If they can challenge pass interference, they should also be able to challenge a missed intentional helmet shot.
  7. On the bright side, no hard feelings now from anyone on staff when Danny eventually gets the head coaching job.
  8. I guess to be fair, Airbnb is now encouraging less murdering. So that’s good
  9. Airbnb's are a good deal if you don't get murdered.
  10. I have never heard of the National What The F convention.
  11. I guess we all have different life goals. Some of us don’t need FBS; for example, I’ll feel content, and know that I’ve “made it,” if one day there’s a bidet in this new luxurious bathroom.
  12. We just took a bedroom next to our master bedroom and converted it all into a master bedroom/bathroom. We love the facilities upgrade; but want to be clear we have no intention of going FBS or making the Final Four.
  13. Packers. The Vikings are sitting everyone as they have nothing to play for. Packers get a first round bye if they win today.
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