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  1. Hopefully you don’t mind Brad Berry sitting on your face! Woohoo!
  2. I like the irony of self admitting snowflakes not being able to endure cold weather.
  3. It’s all right there in the tea leaves.
  4. that about sums it up from the beginning, it's the idea of a small vocal minority that the names are offensive. Along with woke white people.
  5. Berkeley....if you don't like the results, keep polling until you do.
  6. They will need to get used to living without Sussex....
  7. Siouxphan27

    The Herald

    For some reason I kept picturing Jennifer Garner while reading the article.
  8. I'd rather have you in charge than have 6,000 categories each with one post each, as suggested above.
  9. Reminds me of a house impeachment inquiry.
  10. The Roughriders being from North Dakota and spending time in North Dakota...the original fake news.
  11. I believe they’re just discussing if they want to sweep together after the game.
  12. Have they thought of trying the on button?
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