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  1. How did Gronowski get injured?
  2. I just made the mistake of reading the last 10 pages of this thread this morning. I enjoy the analyses that basically don’t acknowledge positive plays made by the offense. I.e. well that was a gadget play, so it doesn’t count. Or, the receiver was wide open, so that doesn’t count. I also enjoy the critique of the quarterback for the plays that were never called. I just watched some film of a few NFL quarterbacks, disregarding all of their positive plays/drives, and made my assessment: Joe Montana – horseshit Tom Brady – pathetic Drew Brees-hopeless Dan Marino – Immobile loser
  3. I’m beginning to think people who went to ndsu don’t know how percentages work or what they mean.
  4. Refs keeping the turds alive...
  5. Sounds like very easy money. I would love to take the no overtime side of that bet.
  6. Hopefully we’ll be using those tents next week.
  7. With San Francisco’s public pooping and peeing laws, and bison fans’ penchant for peeing in public, I think we know which way they’re leaning on the issue of nfl team loyalty... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.lawofficer.com/the-streets-of-san-francisco-are-officially-a-public-toilet/%3famp
  8. I predict we will dominate from the get go. Three methodical, non flashy drives along with stingy defense to open the game result in a 20-3 lead. (Gotta have a missed extra point in there.). Then, midway through the second quarter, some siouxsports fans will start questioning why we are not putting all of our backups in and going 5-wide, throwing 65 yard Hail Mary bombs. Is Danny inept? Does Tommy not have the arm to make risky, unnecessary throws? And why isn’t Bubba insisting TOP doesn’t matter, or trying to run up the score like he always does? In the end, a disappointing 43-10 UND victory as we stumble and sputter into the semifinals.
  9. Apparently not. I was at a track meet on saturday so did not see the football game yet. given the discussion here i am struggling to comprehend how we scored 44 points. Or also, why in the world we would want Tommy to run with a big lead. Knowing Bubba's tendencies, in what other games this year would he have wanted Tommy to do more running?
  10. I hear from sources you’re hardly sober.
  11. I guess we’re headed back to the days of the Salem witch trials...good times.
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