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  1. Exactly. Same reason the polls always slant to the left. Lazy non working folks have plenty of time on their hands to sit on the phone answering meaningless surveys.
  2. Care to comment on that “story” being completely made up BS by the media? Or will you just ignore my question, like you have every other time that I’ve pointed out your stories are fiction?
  3. Wasn’t this about the same time Democratic leadership was accusing him of manufacturing a crisis to serve as a distraction? Should he have told everyone to panic and freak out? I can only imagine the Democrat response if he had.
  4. Not if the CHOP/CHAZ people stop by.
  5. Read the Port article again. The two girls do not contradict each other.
  6. Lol. I’m not aware of any laws that have ever restricted extended family members living arrangements. How’s that plan been working out in the black community?
  7. Why was Michael brown’s life more valuable than the life of the cop he attacked? You are so naive. Carry on in your delusional fantasy world.
  8. If you look at BLM website, the first thing listed to accomplish is to abolish all police. Also they support a criminal like Michael brown and hold him up as a hero. You know, the guy who broke multiple laws, attacked and punched a police officer while trying to grab his gun, and then moments later stupidly charged the police officer. The group cheers for dead whites and dead cops. But apparently UNDlaw80 is on board with that.
  9. I hope you’re right. While the players were being dragged through the mud, UND sat silent on pertinent information, and let the volleyball coach lie to the public about how the young women left UND. Inexcusable.
  10. No. The term you’re thinking of is affirmative action.
  11. This is ridiculous. Heads need to roll. Those who hacked the accounts need to be gone from UND as well.
  12. If ropes are labeled as snowflake triggers and end up being banned, how are all those statues going to get pulled down?
  13. ? I thought the Civil War was Trump’s fault.
  14. Did long deceased Dave Thomas of Wendy’s pull the trigger here? I’m confused why the restaurant had to be burnt down
  15. I think instead of busses the city should use hay trailers pulled by zambonis.
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