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  1. And that game was scheduled to be played this coming weekend, but Illinois state, like others, wimped out on the rest of their season when they realized they were out of playoff contention. i’m not arguing for Missouri State making the playoffs. I was saying what their argument would be. If the roles were reversed, I think we would be arguing the same points for UND to make the playoffs, and would never hand back a conference title in exchange for one more road game. .
  2. Yes, of course. Read the entire thread for context. Thank you.
  3. I can't imagine a team that last Saturday celebrated their first co conference championship in 30 years (Missouri State), would turn around and say ah heck, let's give back that conference title, and play another game to see if we can keep it or not. I would think their argument for the playoffs would be they beat everyone they played this spring except NDSU. They couldn't control their scheduling problems either.
  4. I didn’t realize how weak this conference was; no wonder NDSU cruises through it every year. I feel like an ndSU fan at the moment; “everyone’s too scared to play us!”
  5. He sounds like he has been staying at a Holiday Inn Express for several months.
  6. I heard they dug up a 38 year old game worn, unwashed, Sandelin jock strap and are offering sniffs for $20 a wiff. You better get over there quick.
  7. Yeah. On second thought Berry should probably be fired for that 5OT loss against a team that didn't have to play the night before.
  8. You spelled ‘noon’ wrong.
  9. But he couldn’t beat a short handed UMass team in overtime. He definitely should be fired. Right?
  10. Berry’s team won just as many games in the tournament. That’s my argument anyway.
  11. Not the same obviously, but your post reminded me of this awkwardness...
  12. Umm history extends beyond the timeframe of this thread. You have mentioned your W-2 many times over the years; just giving you a little good-natured ribbing is all.
  13. The W-2 Bowl. Sponsored by gfhockey. The trophy will be a giant beer can. Each year the score of the game, and gfhockey's W-2 wages for that year, will be etched onto the can for posterity.
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