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  1. At first glance I thought your link read bring meth e news. Whew!
  2. I obviously don’t speak for everyone on this board, but when I think of the last five years of the most predictable, uncreative offense in the history of football that our ‘fan family’ had to watch, I always go back to Clark Griswold’s quote where he asks, “how could it get any worse?” Thus, my excited optimism about this new season ahead of us.
  3. Way better. But we wouldn’t be allowed to use one like that because those feathers look like feathers.
  4. Siouxphan27

    2019 Season

    I was too bullheaded not to.
  5. Siouxphan27

    2019 Season

    That was a crappie video.
  6. Siouxphan27

    2019 Season

    I wanna be a walrus. Does that count for anything?
  7. That would’ve been so awesome... fan apparel with built-in six-pack abs t shirts, a ferocious looking snowman mascot...what might have been..
  8. Siouxphan27

    2019 Season

    Aw shucks....too bad your mom’s basement moved.
  9. Siouxphan27

    2019 Season

    Thanks for the thesis. Sheesh. You could’ve just said you can’t afford to go to the game and left it at that.
  10. Siouxphan27

    2019 Season

    Where is your seat? I would like to come over and say hello.
  11. I assume you’re speaking of the 9 railcars of steroids....if just 8 of them arrive by the start of the season they should be ok.
  12. Hopefully they add Mayville State as a full member given their baseball team while they’re at it. Then rename this thing The Nadir Conference, and we just might be onto something.
  13. I also wonder if we would’ve stayed, and now with this news about Fort Wayne meaning the summit needs yet another affiliate to remain playoff eligible, what would the SU’s and USD be thinking? Would one or more of them be looking to bail and join the big sky? One of those 3 as a potential big sky travel partner would be a much nicer possible scenario to envision than what we’re facing now.
  14. I don’t follow.... staying in the big sky was considered more expensive; how would that have saved women’s hockey?
  15. We could’ve stayed in the big sky; things were going well. The travel expense excuse was way overplayed. I would much rather be in the big sky right now, laughing at the SU’s and USD while they try to cobble together D2 and D3 schools just to remain a playoff eligible conference. But instead, we find ourselves part of this mess.
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