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  1. I say order take out as much as possible financially. Many local GF places to support through this
  2. Everyone and anyone can be an expert these days with the ease of shouting your opinion via social media..crazy how people will listen and trust others who have a significant amount of "followers". let's just listen to the medical professionals and sit back..I myself will try to contribute $$ to my local community, as that is one of the few ways I could help. I get sick of the media more and more as each day goes on, but i do understand that we should have the right to hear any information(that's their job). And for the record, I am young (under 25) and disagree with most of my generation on things, not that it matters to anything I said in my post.
  3. In the past I would do a free trial for CBS All Access then cancel after the game. https://www.cbs.com/all-access/
  4. https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/28416680/fired-stars-coach-jim-montgomery-checking-rehab-alcohol-abuse
  5. never have heard of this inewz, but would be funny if they break the story before the herald would have
  6. wonder if the herald knows anything. or this is b.s. rumors and nothing to it
  7. yeah i hope danny has saved some plays
  8. Can we not run the ball every time boltman takes a snap in wildcat
  9. DB Cooper


    I saw that too. Couldn't tell who it was but he(the player) came jogging over from one of the entrances... my best speculation guess is he was supposed to stick around the bench area watching the game and he wasn't. I don't know, probably doesn't matter
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