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    I was walking to a bar to watch some grown up football ironically. I keep track of both ND schools, I love the state I grew up in. As a child, the NDSU v. UND game was basically Christmas. I love college athletics. I'd like UND to not be terrible. Talk to my boy VMeister. Should also be noted, I have never claimed UND is insignificant. I post on UND's board, clearly I'm interested in how you folks are doing. Half my family went there. The best week of the year is when the two schools get together and rumble. Someone is rather touchy that his school got their *** kicked by a team of Mormons not named BYU. It's okay. Nowhere to go but up bud.
  2. JohnboyND7


    I wish you guys were better. Its not fun to pity you guys. This is sad. Your team is genuinely bad at football.
  3. JohnboyND7


    That's not how it works at all. UND ain't getting back to the Big Sky. And it's unlikely UND would be winning conference titles in football 3/5 years if they stayed.
  4. JohnboyND7


    I thought he was a Jimmie or Mary guy
  5. JohnboyND7


    Yes. Please. You might even convince NDSU fans to chip in to pay his salary
  6. JohnboyND7


    How much would it cost to can Lawrence Welk?
  7. Weird it was all over my Facebook and Twitter. Thank God it stopped. Wish the horns thing did too.
  8. Congrats to UND on not getting swept by Canicius this year! haha
  9. My first thought was this as well. West Virginia's landscape and ND's are....well...different.
  10. UND needs more committees I agree!
  11. Notre Dame is the best one I've seen but my experience with major FBS is severely limited and I got some serious gold goggles on. A lot of their deal is having an on campus historic stadium on a beautiful, big, and historic campus. Their tailgating is very simple compared to the big over the top setups you see at NDSU or similar situations. At NDSU, having a camper/bus/etc setup is normal to come across. I wonder if it's sorta a status symbol or something(may just be dedication, I dont know). The Notre Dame gameday experience is about 90% tradition. They have one of the OG marching bands. They had not changed how they do things for decades until the last couple years when they did their stadium remodel and added a videoboard. I went to a game in 2015 and it was like walking back in time with how they did things. Went again last year and it was still like that but with a video board. Heck, even the town looks like something from the 70's or 80's. It's a trip every fan should try to make at one point or another in their lives but I'm not sure anything can be learned from observing what they do. It seems like a minor league baseball team going to Fenway or Wrigley and trying to figure out what they are doing right. The answers you find just likely arent going to translate very well. Big fish like Notre Dame, Alabama, Ohio State, etc. will have a great gameday because that's their identity as a program and university. Any flaws or shortcomings in their way of doing things is glossed over by their brand. They dont need to make things "fun for the family" or do much goofy stuff. If I had to guess, the best place to emulate for UND might be an hour down the road and a handful of other FCS teams. Not saying to steal what NDSU has done, but I think it might be best to look at schools with similar challenges (relatively small fanbase, limited dollars, geographic isolation). The NDSU's, Montana's, maybe JMU's of the world could probably at least sort of be emulated I think.
  12. Do you have links to anything citing NDSU as a top 5 place to see a football game?
  13. There is a small number of schools that can get good attendance outdoors in the cold, all of whom I imagine are P5 teams. I've been reading complaints about UND's gameday setup the past decade. Have they made any substantial changes yet? I've only been to a couple games up there so my sample size isnt big enough to have an actual opinion on what they need to do other than have a competitive team.
  14. Because a guy has season tickets to a team you dont like, that says a lot about him?
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