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  1. A priest no doubt. There are bad apples in all groups but I'll take the group governed by a real code than an atheist.
  2. Mitch McConnell is likely among the most powerful senators in American history and...particularly assuming Barrett is approved, will cement a legacy. I have zero idea what you are getting at. The Dems gave him a club in 2014 and he absolutely bludgeoned them with it. Dude will have statues built in his honor.
  3. For how much you fear Russians, I would think the potential of Donald Trump having Russian Oligarch money would be overriden by the objective truth that Biden's kid got caught receiving millions from a Russian Oligarch. Corporate and federal income tax is a complicated world and while it's certainly possible Trump is in dire financial straights, its also reasonably likely that his accountants/attorneys know how the game works.
  4. I think $70K for a hair stylist is absurd but if you've seen the dude's apartment, I mean...yeah whatever floats his boat. Donald Trump is a pop culture icon for his extravagant lifestyle. He's mentioned in songs, had a board game and a TV show because of who he is. His entire "brand" is built on displays of opulent wealth, while enjoying many things that are blue collar Americana (McDonald's, diet coke, WWE, sports). A bartender becoming a congresswoman and immediately becoming a "sell-out" is a unique criticism (right or wrong). I believe a lot of the criticism related to her conduct is tied to her change in behavior and attitudes towards some of the finer things in life upon getting to congress. She went from being a champion of the poor and what not, to living in a pretty trendy and expensive part of DC, started wearing expensive clothes, spending as much on one haircut as I will spend in 3 years of Manhattan haircuts during school (yes I'm aware women's haircuts are more expensive). Instead of her owning the fact that she had moved to a nice, new, upscale part of DC for convenience or safety or something, she indicated at the time that her luxury apartment should be the new standard for basic housing for Americans. In short, the criticism of her will be tied to her sudden approval of the finer things in life as soon as she had the income to do so. I'd look at it in a sorta similar way to the criticism of Bernie Sanders. Dude owns three homes. People will rag on you for being a grifter when you don't practice what you preach or you change your standards of what sort of wealth/income/behavior is acceptable to conveniently exclude yourself from that criticism. TL;DR version: its not about the amount spent on hair lol, its about the individual's message and how their behavior complies with it. Donald is a hypocrite on many things, but him spending some ridiculous amount on his ridiculous hair is perfectly aligned with him and his brand (for better or for worse).
  5. I'm far from a tax expert, but I am aware that not paying much in the way of Federal Income Tax doesn't really mean much. Secondly, Donald told everyone in 2016 he hadn't paid much of anything in income tax.
  6. Mostly his linemen making holes for him... It didn't really matter who BHS had at RB against us, they were going to get many yards. I do know one of our guys chased him down from behind which I didn't know was possible until I saw it happen lol. Ryan Smith has haunted my dreams significantly more. Wahpeton was trash and he single-handedly beat us one year. I think he had around 400 yards rushing that night. It was very embarrassing. I would like to see the tape of those games again just to see if it was as bad as I remember or if it was somehow worse.
  7. Considering the lack of restrictions in ND, open schools and stuff, i suspect this isn't the end of the world. Open bars, open restaurants, open schools, open colleges, open churches...
  8. Good. I celebrate all groups partaking in their right to bear arms.
  9. I got roped into going to Gamble one time to help a girl on an assignment and was appalled at how dumpy it was compared to what I had during undergrad. Good for UND to get that fixed lol
  10. I dont believe anyone debunked the wire transfers lol.
  11. We just haven't found the oil yet. We need boots on the ground and contract out oil exploration rights to the highest bidding American oil company.
  12. We should invade Cuba, steal their trade secrets, and then leave.
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