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  1. On Neflix.. Queens Gambit - chess/coming of age stuff. Very good. The English Game - show about early soccer growth among the working class in England. I really enjoyed it. On Amazon.. Generation War - German mini-series a bit like Band of Brothers/The Pacific. Pretty solid.
  2. 1. We must define elite. If that means top 5, then ND is elite. If it means...right there with Alabama, then lol I'm with you lol, because they obviously aren't there right now in the skill position areas. The lines seemed to do their job though which was a welcome sight. 2. Holy hell Ohio State was eye-opening lol. I still don't think they should've gotten in but that's philosophical based on number of games.
  3. I think they did the right thing, i think if they were going to leave ND out they should have went with Cincinatti. If you put ND and A&M's resume next to each other, one is a step above the other's. ND made a few mistakes early in the game and let it get away from them. Seems to be a trend in these high-profile games, ND and Alabama both got run out of the building by Clemson a couple years ago. Clemson got dominated by LSU last year. OU got murdered on live TV by Joe Burrow. ND's offensive line is banged up. Lost their star center in the BC game, his backup was hurt too and th
  4. Once they had to settle for that field goal attempt I was assuming it'd be a bad day. Once they missed it I told my mom the game was over. You arent going to beat Clemson if you don't make them pay for their mistakes because you know they will make you pay for yours. Had they made the field goal, could have been a different game maybe. But overall a godawful display. I hope they miss the playoff and draw a game with OU or Florida. Really have no desire to go to the playoff only to play Alabama and get run off the field again.
  5. Don't look now but Clemson is in a dogfight
  6. They have certainly fallen off as the season has went.
  7. No. Neither of them is respected by the committee and won't be.
  8. Big issue for schools regardless of whether they make donors mad...some people with tickets for years or decades will not renew tickets after a year of watching at home on TV. Hockey might be a bit better protected because its so much better in person, but watching a game from your couch with reasonably priced food and a six pack you bought for the cost of one beer at the Ralph is rather enticing once you get used to it.
  9. Allegedly irritated some rather wealthy donors who might be cutting donations
  10. They had just gotten a new organ when I was there the first time. Beautiful church. Mass before the game was lit AF. Packed like a State Funeral and everyone was a little drunk so there was big energy with the singing. Right, they do an eye test. But games matter to them too. They might believe Clemson is a top 4 team if ND beats them again but they aren't going to put a 2-loss Clemson in the playoff. Maybe Notre Dame and Clemson should both shut down their seasons until the playoff and claim they have serious outbreaks. They both have a strong enough resume to stay in and Clemso
  11. Big Ben better play until he's dead or I am ready to move on...which may be never.
  12. I dont see why he would benefit from being on the bench for full seasons. I think he needs an off-season more than just about anyone in the league, but I dont see some significant benefit from sitting on the bench during prime years. Not sure what he'd learn from a veteran being in front of him. I dont think there has ever been a knock on his preparation or work ethic or anything like that. Still has a strong arm, moves around well enough. Just a bad bad year over in Philly that can't get over soon enough. I can't imagine him going anywhere, would be bizarre for Philly to cut him a
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