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  1. When we went to the NDSU ISU game in 2014, I think we stayed in Des Moines and just drove up in the morning.
  2. Name a team in the east who should switch with Minnesota then? If/when more teams are added, it can be revisited. As for Portland, I'm not sure why divisions really matter. Assuming the AI search thing on my phone is correct, each team plays every team in their division 4 times. They play the rest of the conference a minimum of 3 times. I guess they could swap Phoenix and Portland, but what does that really change?
  3. I'm not following your complaint. That map looks the way it should.
  4. I don't know enough about whether that's completely accurate, but if it is...I'm sure the folks pushing it are aware and simply don't care. It's basically revenue sports pushing for money/a piece of the pie. I can't imagine they really care about women's athletics enough to give up the money they think they'll get.
  5. I think a decent number of them would just quit. My cousin walked on at NDSU. I believe he had decided on NDSU for school long before he decided to walk on. Now NDSU is not Nebraska, but I think they probably have some of those kind of guys too. My dad's cousin walked on at Notre Dame, dude was going to Notre Dame no matter what, happened to be pretty good in high school and decided to be a practice dummy for a historic program. Maybe those two examples are not normal. But yes, fewer roster spots will cause plenty/many(most?) to filter down to other schools.
  6. I believe so. Wikipedia says the Title IX does not apply to people employed at schools. That makes me wonder what happens if/when the athletes are considered employees?
  7. How is this supposed to work? Thats a lot of travel
  8. I'm not seeing the significance really or why that would bother folks. The Dakota schools got a place to park football. So does the MVC schools. It's FCS football.
  9. I know people dump on some of the lesser programs in the conference but isn't the purpose of the Missouri Valley Football Conference just to be a place for Summit/MVC schools to park their football teams?
  10. Basketball is going to be awful at this level. Every kid who shows any ability at all is going to get offered pretty nice checks from mid/high major teams, and I don't see the Dakota schools raising enough money to keep kids around.
  11. I think at the low major/FCS level, conferences still mostly make sense. There isn't giant TV money incentivizing irrational behavior (USC/UCLA/UW/UO joining B1G).
  12. What leeway do private schools have that public schools do not? The biggest NIL schools in football are just the schools with the biggest fanbases or those with some wealthy/desperate donors as far as I'm aware.
  13. At least Minneapolis is a hub airport that no one should have too much trouble getting to on short notice.
  14. Isn't the "Judy's Debacle" just a typical night in Grand Forks? What was different about this one?
  15. any news on whether that kid who hurt himself at the end of the game is doing? Looked like an awkward fall
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