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  1. I'm Catholic. I'll stick with that.
  2. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching a certain segment of the American population go from "TRUMP IS HITLER, TOTAL AUTOCRAT! HE MUST BE STOPPED" to "TRUMP ISNT DOING ENOUGH! THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT MUST TAKE THE FOLLOWING ACTIONS(insert laundry list of executive actions)!"
  3. Are you implying my boy is lying about being sick and self-quarantining?
  4. My friend (a UND med grad) is a anesthesia resident at Mayo, he told me yesterday that he had "an upper respiratory problem" and he "could drink a bottle of hot sauce and he wouldn't taste it" so he was self-quarantining. This stuff is wild my guys lmao. Hopefully it all works out.
  5. I found a video with italian mayors doing PSA's with english subtitles and if the subtitles were accurate at all it was pure gold. "Why are you people going outside? You have nowhere to f'ing go!!!" "I cant stop you from leaving your property? Fine. I'll just arrest you for being on public property then! Idiots.."
  6. Oh....whats the opposite of a Jubilee year? We must be in one right now because of Old Testament meat preparation practice violations in East Asia! Shocker than folks in East Asia aren't following Kosher meat prep. Pretty confident most butchers in North Dakota don't either. One part of me thinks you live in a cabin in Idaho, the other part thinks that this is an elaborate ruse and you are enjoying the weird character you've built.
  7. We saw all we had to with the media the other day when they got mad at Donald for telling governors to "try to get ventilators yourselves" when the full quote included that they had the support of the Federal government but going directly to sellers as a State is likely faster than going through the Feds. Newsom and Cuomo have both had good things to say about the Federal response. If Donald tried to take big national lockdown action the same people who are complaining about him not taking that action now would be calling him a tyrant (literally Hitler) and not leaving any discretion to state and local leaders. It's not difficult to figure out a lot of these people only have jobs/influence if they are lamenting about The Donald. Same goes for some right leaning folks whenever a Democrat is in charge of running things. You wont find me complaining anytime the Feds give some room to the States to handle things their own way. Usually that's the best way to find what is working and what isn't anyway. New York City and Mandan should probably be handling this in different manners. Rant over. Off my soapbox.
  8. It's not uncommon for a President to have less than 50% of the vote lol, you know that right? Would be interested to see if a loser ever got over 50% of the vote though.
  9. The guy I share my "apartment" with is from Wuhan.
  10. I was just thinking how funny it was that any high school seniors basically got the last couple months of smooth sailing cancelled. College seniors....no, unless they are athletes. Feel a little bit sad for them.
  11. Didnt know the state of ND was filled with such die hard college basketball fans. Wouldn't know from looking at either schools' attendance average lmao.
  12. LSU lost some linebackers to the draft. Of the many coaches who followed him on twitter, he only followed a few back. Like 3 from LSU. Seems reasonable to believe they are the frontrunners.
  13. I'm assuming he's going to a high level P5. Certainly not Wyoming.
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