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  1. If pitching is solid and they dont get stuck playing New York, anything is possible.
  2. President of a very large organization... I expect he is probably paid what they think he is worth. Pretty thankless job, nobody likes the NCAA itself lmao
  3. If you are good enough to skip college to play professionally then there will be a team that wants you. This isn't hard to understand guys...
  4. If you are good enough to be above going to college to play, then Europe is 10000% viable lmao what are you talking about? Is European basketball suddenly super exclusive? Every sport has established some sort of minor league or second tier version of itself at some point and guess what.... nobody watches it.
  5. Basketball does have a viable alternative and has for decades. It's called overseas leagues. I don't see how minor league basketball or football would negatively impact college sports. I am not sure minor leagues are financially viable anyway.
  6. We had lawyers from a big firm come and discuss these topics to us at my law school. The vibe they were giving off was that it is unlikely to be "free market" anytime soon.
  7. Might be a little different since football would be the one giving up titles now... personally, I think it's about money. It's very expensive to play at that level.
  8. NDSU is stuck in an awkward spot. I dont see how they can move up really. Lots of money required. Would be neat to see though. Had North and South Dakota done the smart move and just had one major public school each I think both would be in the FBS and who knows...maybe P5.
  9. I dont think he was there for Jensen, not that it matters.
  10. I dont know if he has any interest in that anymore. He's an older guy. Context matters. If someone says "ndsu is the best team in the country", we know they mean at the FCS level. If someone refers to a FCS coach as "the best in the country," I'd assume they also mean at the FCS level.
  11. Idk if he is the best or not, but his qb's have done rather well. If you can do better, I suppose you owe it to yourself to do it!
  12. Lmao what the hell that's funny.
  13. Hedberg(sp?). Has a pretty good track record lately I suppose.
  14. I saw a tweet today that the line has moved to a pick 'em
  15. Strasburg-zeeland folks love being second fiddle so it makes sense
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