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  1. I always called him McMoron.... it was a great day when he got kicked off KFYR and we didn't have to listen to him in western ND anymore...
  2. Hard to believe it's been over 20 years since the 97 flood....too bad Fargo couldn't have figured out a decent flood prevention plan in that time... hopefully they can hit their million bag goal.
  3. "Bait Shop" is on the Outdoor Channel....
  4. That's where our flight emergency landed on the way home from Vegas. . . flight attendant had a stroke. Then we missed our connection in Dallas and ended up there overnight. Good times. Hope the team's stop in Albuquerque brings better luck!!
  5. Let ME pick the $#&&&!!! next president . . . I'm sure I'd agree w/ her. . . The Betty wasn't supposed to be free. .. .there were agreements to pay for it. . . Kennedy is a moron, as shown by his parade of coaches begging for their programs. (People seem to be forgetting that fiasco. . ) Dance w/ who brung ya. . . not some politician from Minnesota. . . Yeah, let's piss off the 100 million dollar player in the room and see how long it takes the Ralph and the Betty to rot under the North Dakota state budget. GOOD PLAN. Let's go w/ that. . ..
  6. Sorry!!! "Are" more coaching schemes...don't kill me...
  7. I honestly feel that there is more coaching schemes going on than we realize... last night being the prime example... whether the effort is there, is the question....
  8. bottom line . .. we're 4,5 in the conference. . .. if we can't get home ice for the first round . . . there's no way we're winning 2 of 3 on the road to get to the conference tournament. . .so this is one step worse than most people think. . ..
  9. My family still has their Air Force t-shirts from Sioux Falls so yeah, we'd be cheering for a repeat by Air Force, too. . . it was pretty fun to see the first time.
  10. So where's the go fund me site that is paying for the food poisoning of SCSU last night. . . willing to donate. Seriously, Loving the Haines line . ..
  11. The whole "Tin Cup, entire round w/ a 7 iron" is extremely under-rated. Totally realistic and most people would drop their score big time. . . Seriously, though, could we just fire this jack wagon of a president and get someone from North Dakota who gives a crap about us for once? There hasn't been a great president since Clifford. Although Kuppchella (sp?) came around fairly quickly and wasn't terrible, we still need a homer to pull this $%#@! show together. . . .
  12. I'm getting kind of sick of all this #^@%! losing. . . do we have any team at this University that's any good at this point? When are we going to hit the bottom here?
  13. I don't know. . . . I can see these guys scoring 7 this weekend, just to give us hope, and then getting shut out two games in Omaha next weekend. While setting game records for shots into the goalie's belly, of course!!
  14. You have to get people in front of the net, blocking the goalie's line of sight. . . I wouldn't have thought that was that hard to figure out after Friday night's debacle.
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