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  1. I like the idea of a "Red River of the North" trophy. And whatever it is play for it right away, even if NDSU dominates for awhile.
  2. Good post. The year UND beat Wyoming was the year that Bohl cleaned house. His attitude at Wyoming is if you quit, you are gone. If you arent involved in the game, even from the sidelines, you are gone. His practices are brutal, so if you can't keep up, you're gone. It was a horrible year for the Pokes but they are a much better team now and they absolutely never quit and they can keep up. He isn't the nicest guy, friendly enough though, but he is respected. They don't get the best players at Wyoming and they'll never win an FBS championship, but they now can knock off tea
  3. After winning The FBS championship, will they petition the NFL for a first round bye in the playoffs?
  4. Hayduke

    The Herald

    Small town paper like the Herald are doomed anyway. Be happy they somehow exist. Face facts, once the boomers are gone, so are papers like the Herald. Just my $.02.
  5. I see clearance sale in that shirt's future.
  6. It's on my vehicles. Pokes! That one will never change. The slogan, "The World Needs More Cowboys" was used in a marketing campaign focusing on a very diverse group of students at UW. It was a great campaign. Those professors discovered that later and that controversy was quashed. I have one of the small posters in my office close to my big REA picture.
  7. Ruled isn't exactly what he did in the end at NDSU, but I met him and he was a decent guy.
  8. I hoped Rocky stayed also.
  9. Definately rivals. The players probably already feel it no matter what is said. Doesn't mean I'm going to go bat s#$t crazy spewing insane nonsense like, "Who knows who will win with a rivalry game?: Everyone knows UND will win.
  10. Hayduke

    FBS games

    Lol. Yeah, they were the 26th team in the AP Poll. Cant imagine why Pokes fans were excited. Shocking.
  11. Fighting Hawks. Because animal rights groups will claim it portrays hawks as overly and unreasonably aggressive. Maybe it'll all work itself out for most of our crowd here? Sun Dogs still has a chance! LOL
  12. Almost a 20 game lead in head to head matchups, Yup. We got that going for us. Can we talk about our hockey team? :o)
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