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  1. Maybe she can bring back Flickertails? Discuss.
  2. They shouldn't be. It's unfortunate.
  3. Well, there's even a difference between FBS schools. Colorado State just spent 250 million on a new stadium hoping to get an invite to a power 5 conference and get out of the MWC. Ain't gonna happen. Basically, everyone knows that Alabama is division 1, CSU is division 2, NDSU/UND are division 3. Unless you've swallowed the NCAA koolaid. Sorry, carry on...
  4. CU Boulder is only roughly half of the entire CU system. He'll get the job. Then you can start the hand wringing over Heidi. Good lord...
  5. Politically, I'm pretty liberal but even I have to roll my eyes at things that come out of Boulder sometimes. Yup, for years Boulder has been called the "Peoples Republic of Boulder".
  6. North Dakota is a very conservative State. Colorado, not so much. We all know that. Colorado has become even more liberal over the years I've been here. This is from a fairly liberal media source out of Boulder. Not shocking that they already hate Kennedy. I would suspect that if he gets the job at CU, the Boulder folks could be extremely hostile toward him You have to remember that CU Denver combined with CU Colorado Springs have roughly the same enrollment as CU Boulder. They aren't as focused and vocal. He would oversee all of the CU system. https://cuindependent.com/2019/04/11/opinion-mark-kennedy/
  7. These east coast announcers made me cheer on Denver.
  8. CU is controlled by a board of regents. Don't be surprised that they picked a Republican to run their school. It's not the University of Boulder. (If that was the case, he would never be their president.) Hank Brown, a former Republican senator from Colorado was their president after a stint as president of UNC in Greeley. Personally, I think Kennedy won't last at CU and as a Coloradoan, I think it was a bad choice. At least he appears to be gone from UND.
  9. Oh, dear sweet baby Jesus...make this thread stop. Oh, please!
  10. Bison 45 EWU 10 I'm being generous to the Eagle.
  11. UND to the American League Central Division. Twins are going down! NDSU to the Premier Liga Mexicana. (Time to show those Pumas who is really boss in a soccer stadium!) SDSU and USD will migrate to the CFL. The Grey Cup is coming home! The remaining Big Sky Conference and MVFC schools will combine and form the Big Valley Lacrosse League. Major League Lacrosse will be forced to fold. Here's the link: www.itsallbs.org Merry Christmas all!
  12. Naw, I think somehow I'll get over it. Lol.
  13. Can someone cut the head off this zombie thread?
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