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  1. Is this team ready for 2020 MVFC play? OP's 1-8 says not. MVFC is a very physical conference. Hawks were out-physicaled today by a Southland Conference team. Maybe Bubba is not the problem. Maybe its the SC coach and program not building up recruits to size, speed, physicality and endurance during their first year or two in the program is the primary problem. Bubba can only put the players on the field that come through the SC program, assuming Bubba and staff recruit quality prospects.
  2. #8 not at post game presser either?
  3. Well congratulations to the team on a good year and making the FCS playoffs. Having said that, it does not bode well for entering the MVFC - not tough enough, not big enough, and no depth ... hall marks of most MVFC teams. 2020 is going to be a long long year playing Bubbaball with the MVFC folks.
  4. Nicholls Trophy goes to Nicholls this year.
  5. There is always next year. MVFC champs!
  6. Do they get to see the field and walk through and visitor's facility before the sun goes down, or it is all a game day revelation?
  7. Yes, I am sure the home team facilities are is fine. Its the visitor's facility that is below 3d world environmental quality. Wouldn't even qualify to house apprehended illegal aliens, overcrowded prisons for incarcerated convicts, or quality as emergency disaster shelters.
  8. Hope someone is watching the tents during the game. Looks like an easy opportunity for theft.
  9. Hmmmm, Admin? I think the Alumni Assn need to build the sports programs, not the Admin. The Admin should be responsible for putting the best coaches available into team leadership position and paying them, but the Alumni ought to be building the means to attract talent. If the alumni don't care about the on field products, why should the Admin pour money into team athletics. Bison on have one personality - football. This school has a split personality - hockey and football which compete for Admin and alumni attention and $$$.
  10. If the coaches placed the defense in all the right alignments on every defensive play, would the results be any better? Is the problem coaching not calling the right defensive alignments every play? Or is it player execution?
  11. oldage


    Alumni only care about Hockey. Need to drop football and concentrate on Hockey $$$
  12. oldage


    Yep, Participation Ribbon is enough.
  13. oldage


    MVFC top tier teams depend on a 2 deep roster for depth so the players (esp D/O lines) don't have to play every down and so the team is not built around just one exceptional player. I don't see that type of roster here yet.
  14. UND is a Hockey first school, not a Football first school. Even recruits can see that the football program is second fiddle to the hockey team. The Fighting Hawk mascot holding the sign "play us in hockey" just underscores the point. In addition to all the points made by the OP, this one is also a barrier as all the other MoValley teams point out to prospective recruits. Successful recruiting is often a matter of perception. Rivals being able to present UND as a hockey school certainly has its effects on getting star recruits.
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