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  1. You may have trouble finding the “dome.” have fun! Wish I could’ve made it to tonight’s game!
  2. Nice to see at least one fan admit to what goes on down there. Kudos to you.
  3. IPF......Illegal Ped Facility?
  4. You guys pronounce “banned substances” wrong; hint- it’s not pronounced “ka - feen”
  5. So if I’m doing my math correctly, he took 4 scoops of steroids instead of the usual ndsu recommended 1-2?
  6. You’re welcome; but it really doesn’t take much effort to get the hall monitors from Jan Brady State riled up when someone’s opinion doesn’t line up with theirs.
  7. They are quite generous.... The grassy knoll is the place to be!
  8. Now what would I do with a second genius brain... that’s just silly. You are correct, it’s basically an anabolic steroid without some of the side affects. Its use is prohibited. Does that make it sound better?
  9. I wonder if he may be having some sort of rage like side affect from all the “caffeine”.
  10. Every time you post, you do such a great job of pretending you’re not a turd fan. Have you considered working for the Secret Service ?
  11. A testament to their drug testing/cover-up program
  12. Well the Fargo Forum sure isn’t going to talk about it. Kneepads firmly in place
  13. “Throughout the locker room.”
  14. The legitimacy of their title run certainly has taken a blow with this cover up.
  15. That’s an awfully bold statement. Get it?
  16. Can we, though? Because it seems you and the rest of the turd thought police show up here like clockwork to tell everyone how to think, even though you all have no idea yourselves what it was, and are making just as many assumptions and inferences as we are. As I said several pages ago, ndsu could have made an official statement explaining what it was, which would clear up all speculation. They chose not to, which in itself speaks volumes.
  17. True. At the team breakfast instead of saying “more Ovaltine please!”, they say “ More Ostarine please!!”
  18. Wow you like to talk in circles. That’s exactly what you quoted and inferred.
  19. If he didn’t know what he was taking, how can you assume it was an illegal supplement?
  20. He’s also quoted as saying he had no idea he was taking an illegal substance, and it was supplied by a trusted staff member, and used throughout the locker room. When youre tired do you say, I need a cup of illegal substance to wake me up? Or, I could sure use a can of stimulant so I don’t fall asleep at work? yet you guys think it was caffeine... lol
  21. Your link must not have worked. Try again.
  22. So you’re saying it wasn’t caffeine- several other turd posters claim it was. If you know it wasn’t caffeine, and you know it wasn’t steroids, why don’t you just help put any controversy to rest by telling us exactly what it was? Oh, and include a link please. Thanks.
  23. Funny how nothing you highlighted here validates caffeine. He also says he does not want people to think it was marijuana or a steroid, yet he fails to mention what it was. Couple that with ndsu disputing everything the family said, and refusing to comment on the banned substance....it makes anyone without turd colored glasses wonder.
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