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  1. You are living proof that you can’t fix stupid.
  2. Proves my point yet again on you boys’ inability to comprehend.
  3. She said, don’t take this out of context. Which means, you were misinterpreting her. at least you are correct on one thing- There’s no way I could afford you. I wouldn’t want to risk everything by employing you.
  4. She refuted what you were insinuating her post meant. So yes, I am correct. And thank you for calling me boss. Although I can’t ever imagine hiring you.
  5. So you’re just quoting someone else’s post that you didn’t understand. Nice.
  6. what are these bribes you're talking about? feel free to PM if you don't want to post it publicly.
  7. An ndsu football fan criticizing how another team handles disciplining players. Now I’ve heard it all. Lol.
  8. I must admit i was expecting Bubba to punt in this situation, so this play caught me off guard.
  9. At least we lead the league in false starts. And timeouts wasted.
  10. Time to tank the rest of the season and concentrate on the draft. I'll take a Miller Genuine, please.
  11. In an effort to make up for last weekend, I predict Bubba will punt on third down deep in Coyote territory. UND 16 USD 14
  12. Based on last week’s decision making, at least 3 of those 9 are most likely based on coaching alone.
  13. And heck, if we punt on 4th downs in our own territory, who knows how good we could be?
  14. your post about the opposite reminded me of George. maybe Bubba needs to watch this clip the night before games, and remember it on fourth down situations.
  15. Similarly, it reminded me of one of our FBS games, was it against Utah three or four years ago? We were down a couple scores in the fourth quarter, but Bubba just kept punting like it was going out of style. In a game like that, nothing to lose as the FCS underdog, but nope, we better keep punting and play the field position game until we run out of time.
  16. Agreed. Tommy thought he could ad lib if the receiver would have been on the same page. Unfortunately he didn’t see the safety. I just can’t put that kind of mistake on the same level as the brain fart of going for it on 4th down.
  17. Agree completely. Players need to make plays, but coaches need to put them in the most favorable situations to be successful. if we would’ve still been ahead, would Tommy have forced that throw? Also, would our offense have even tried throwing in that situation if we would have still been ahead? Tommy made a costly mistake. But if our coach wouldn’t have made the dumbest decision in the history of sports, maybe Tommy wouldn’t have felt the pressure dialed up on him to make something happen.
  18. Can anyone think of a similar situation in the history of football where a team is ahead by less than a field goal in the third quarter or later, and they decide to go for it on 4th down from within their own 25 yard line? (Excluding a fake punt)
  19. I think some might have been saying it was stupid, idiotic, and thankfully we were lucky.
  20. Sideline reporter's first question should be, wtf were you thinking going for it on the 20 on 4th down?
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