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  1. Down by 8 at halftime! Not a good effort thus far!!
  2. New offer to a talented QB from Omaha. Lots of teams are courting him but I believe his only other offer is from IL St. TJ Urban, 6'1", 190, 4.6, Omaha (Millard South), NE
  3. We offered Wilson last spring. It would have been great if we had landed him. He is good!!
  4. Sather has offered Paul Bruns, a 6'4" guard from Dakota Valley HS, North Sioux City, SD. As a freshman, he was a 5'11" PG, he is now 6'4". I assume he has moved to SG as he is averaging nearly 30 points while grabbing 12 rebounds a game. So far, he has only received offers from Augie and USF but I am sure the SD schools are watching him closely. I am not sure of the talent level of his competition but the kid appears to be very good. Hopefully, offering him before USD and SDSU will work for us!
  5. I agree - he was one of our better recruiters. This will be an important hire!
  6. I don’t think he is interested in both, right now, at least. That said, this was a brief conversation 2+ months ago. He may have totally changed his thinking since then.
  7. I talked to him at Thanksgiving - a nice/humble kid! He said he didn’t know if he was good enough to play college FB - I would guess he is. He was very interested in talking about throwing. I would guess we have a decent chance to land him for FB but not track.
  8. Two new offers: WR Matthew Mahoney, 6'2“, 175, West Des Moines (Valley), IA Has offer from NIU RB Shawn Shipley, 5'11", 185, 4.5, Champlin (Champlin Park), MN
  9. $30 million is a ton of money. Even if you have 4-5 people ante up $500,000 (and that is a lot of $), you are still less than 10% of what is needed. They are working hard to get a major donor to step up with an amount that will really get people excited. Hopefully, that will be soon. That is when an announcement will be made. There will be many announcements before "all they need is $5 million".
  10. I certainly hope you know something that I don't. It must be a recent development - I certainly hope you are correct!!
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