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  1. UND Fan

    ISU @ UND Predictions

    UND 31 ISU 13
  2. UND Fan


    Thank you to everyone!!! Bubba has been informed and is very grateful! Bubba 3 should be up and running early next week.
  3. UND Fan


    Great idea! Dave gave his blessing for us to do this as ss.com last year. I hope he agrees. Thanks! We are currently at $1,600. Thanks to those who have contributed.
  4. UND Fan


    I thought about doing that for the reason you mentioned (we combined knee braces and concussion caps last year). I split it out this year as some had PM’d that they wanted their contribution to specifically support the ankle braces. That said, I am meeting with them today and we may make the change. People could PM me after making their donation and let me if they only want their $ going to one or the other.
  5. UND Fan


    You might want to check your cc and see if it has been charged. It should update immediately. PM if you have been charged - I am meeting with the Alumni folks.
  6. UND Fan


    I understand your question. I am meeting with the people who run the site tomorrow - will let you know.
  7. UND Fan


    I am pleased to inform you that the ”Let’s Help Bubba II” Crowdfunding site is up and running. Last year, we raised over $6,700 to purchase knee braces for offensive linemen and assist with the purchase of concussion caps. I have talked to Bubba and the program would appreciate assistance in a couple of areas – ankle braces and a video upgrade so players can access film away from Memorial Stadium. ANKLE BRACES Some players with ankle issues (current or in the past) are getting taped prior to all practices and games. To help Bubba better protect his players, he would like to provide ankle braces for the entire roster. In addition to protecting Fighting Hawk athletes, the staff feels our having these braces could play a small role in our recruiting success. Prospects (and their parents) would be pleased that UND provides ankle braces. The cost of these braces is $3,000. Link: undalumni.org/Bubba2 VIDEO UPGRADE To study practice and game film, players must use the video equipment at Memorial Stadium. A video upgrade would allow players to review film between classes, in the evening, etc. This easier access would result in more video being reviewed as well as being much more convenient for players. The cost of the video upgrade is $5,000. This link is not set up yet. We will post it as soon as it is ready! CROWDFUNDING Contributions are made through UND’s Crowdfunding website. There will be separate links for the ankle braces and video equipment. You can pledge to one or both of these efforts. Please understand that, if we exceed one goal, any extra will be moved to the other effort. Hopefully, we will exceed the $8,000 total goal. If so, any extra would be provided to the football program for other needs and please be assured – there are other needs! I will update results on this thread often. The official totals will be automatically posted on the Crowdfunding website. Some thoughts: I realize many of us are Champions Club members and actively support UND athletics. This would simply be an extra contribution to assist Bubba in his efforts to compete and excel in the FCS. There are many other college fan sites that provide financial assistance to their university's athletic programs. We at siouxsports.com should be proud to do the same. As noted above, all donations will go directly to the Alumni Foundation. Therefore, all contributions will be tax deductible. On the Crowdfunding site, you will decide whether you want to have your name posted or do so anonymously. While this is aimed at ss.com members, we would gladly accept money from non-members so please pass this info on to other UND alums/fans, etc. I am sure that Bubba will reach out with thanks to all donors. If you have any questions, please feel free to post them here or PM me directly. Again, many of us are already supporting UND athletics but LET’S HELP BUBBA II with a couple of his important needs. Some may be able to make a significant donation while others can help with $25-50 - it will all add up and all be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!
  8. UND Fan

    Idaho State

    I wish it was - we could use some of Phil's $!!
  9. UND Fan

    UND - Sam Houston Game Day Thread

    That really sucks - I was aware that the paper was no longer being printed in GF but I had no idea the deadline was 7:00 PM. That is really bad! I hope the folks up there are letting the Herald know about your dissatisfaction - even though it won't do any good!
  10. UND Fan


    You couldn't be more correct - still waiting for the site to be completed. I have been told it should be ready by tomorrow or Wednesday! A bit frustrating!
  11. UND Fan

    UND - Sam Houston Game Day Thread

    Thanks for the insight, Ozzie! Keep 'em coming!! I certainly agree with your last two bullets!
  12. UND Fan

    UND - Sam Houston Game Day Thread

    I have no idea why it copied like that....
  13. UND Fan

    UND - Sam Houston Game Day Thread

    NORTH DAKOTA DEFENSE » OUTSIDE LINEBACKER (STUD) 21 Tanner Palmborg (Sr., 6-1, 220), Princeton, Minn. 50 Andre Steiger (Jr., 6-0, 225), Glen Ellyn, Ill. LEFT END 91 Austin Cieslak (Sr., 6-4, 290), Hazen, N.D. 59 Zeke Ott (RFr., 6-3, 235), Caledonia, Minn. NOSE 92 Tank Harris (Sr., 6-3, 290, Chicago, Ill. 77 Steve Greer (Sr., 6-2, 310) Ballwin, Mo. 97 OR Jalen Morrison (RFr., 6-3, 250), Woodbury, Minn. RIGHT END 55 Mason Bennett (Jr., 6-4, 255), Winnipeg, Man., Canada 98 Carl Engwall (Jr., 6-4, 250), Lakeville, Minn OUTSIDE LINEBACKER (ZEKE) 15 Jaxson Turner (So., 6-2, 220), Esko, Minn. 2 Jade Lawrence (Jr., 6-2, 215), Moorhead, Minn. INSIDE LINEBACKER (SAM) 44 Donnell Rodgers (Jr., 6-1, 245), Woodbury, Minn. 45 Cam Hunt (So., 6-1, 215), Carmel, Ind. INSIDE LINEBACKER (WEAK) 40 Noah Larson (RFr., 6-2, 230), Baraboo, Wis. 58 Tyron Vrede (Sr., 6-0, 225), Amsterdam, Netherlands LEFT CORNERBACK 6 Evan Holm (Jr., 5-11, 180), Edina, Minn. 12 Hayden Blubaugh (So., 6-0, 190), Aurora, Colo. FLYER 39 Tykeise Johnson (Jr., 5-11, 195), Coon Rapids, Minn. 20 Lenny Nelson (Jr., 5-10, 210), Roseville, Calif. ROVER 25 Jordan Canady (So., 6-2, 200), New Berlin, Wis. 19 Ty Shannon (So., 6-2, 200), Arvada, Colo. RIGHT CORNERBACK 24 Deion Harris (RSr., 6-3, 200), Hibbing, Minn. 13 Jacob Odom (Fr., 6-0, 175), Wheaton, Ill. NORTH DAKOTA OFFENSE LEFT TACKLE 79 Noah Mortel (RFr., 6-6, 305), Luck, WIs. 70 Sean Russo (So., 6-6, 295), Highlands Ranch, Colo. LEFT GUARD 62 Ryan Tobin (So., 6-4, 285), Muskego, Wis. 61 Kyle Hergel (Fr., 6-2, 320), Burlington, Ont., Canada CENTER 67 Patric Rooney (Jr., 6-3, 300), St. Louis Park, Minn. 75 Adam Stiner (Sr., 6-6, 290), Verona, WIs. RIGHT GUARD 53 Grant Aplin (Sr., 6-1, 300), Victoria, Minn. 70 Sean Russo (So., 6-6, 295), Highlands Ranch, Colo. RIGHT TACKLE 73 Bennett Helgren (So., 6-5, 290), Edina, Minn. 76 Matt Waletzko (Fr., 6-7, 320), Cold Spring, Minn. X RECEIVER 31 Noah Wanzek (Jr., 6-4, 210), Jamestown, N.D. 9 Brad Heidlebaugh (Jr., 6-4, 225), Rugby, N.D. FULLBACK 48 Graham DeVore (RFr., 6-4, 240), Grant, Minn. 32 Brett Finke (So., 6-0, 245), Muskego, Wis. QUARTERBACK 8 Nate Ketteringham (Jr., 6-3, 210), San Diego, Calif. 10 Andrew Zimmerman (Jr., 6-2, 220), Monroe, Wash. TIGHT END 34 Luke Fiedler (Sr., 6-5, 260), Orlando, Fla. 88 Alex Cloyd (Jr., 6-4, 265), Omaha, Neb. B RECEIVER 89 Garett Maag (Fr., 6-4, 205), Inver Grove Heights, Minn. 1 Cam McKinney (RFr., 5-9, 170), Beaumont, Texas Z RECEIVER 11 Travis Toivonen (So., 6-4, 220), Red Wing, Minn. 14 Izzy Adeoti (So., 5-10, 180), Plano, Ill. TAILBACK 22 John Santiago (Sr., 5-9, 190), Andover, Minn. 5 Brady Oliveira (Sr., 5-10, 220), Winnipeg, Man., Canada 33 James Johanneson (Jr., 6-1, 245), Fargo, N.D.
  14. UND Fan

    UND @ SHSU predictions

    We need to remember: SHSU has been in the playoffs for the last seven years. They have won 21 in a row (48 of the last 50) at home. We were 3-8 last year. While I certainly hope we win, there is no way I can pick UND..... SHSU 41 UND 24
  15. UND Fan

    2018 Season

    I was at the games last night. I think we were the better team but UNF was the better team last night. It is obvious that the ladies are still learning to play with each other. There is a lot of young talent on the team. They will likely be pretty good by the time the conference season starts with a bright future over the next few years!