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  1. I think many of these kids simply want to play closer to home. Some will be able to do so, some won't. If they are able to transfer to a similar school in IA or IL (closer to home), their parents, friends, girlfriends, etc. will be able to watch them play much easier than driving to GF. If they are good, kids would prefer to see their names in a newspaper near home than the Herald. That is just human nature for a lot of kids - they want their relatives and friends to know they are doing well. I am certainly not saying this is the case with most of the players who enter the portal but it is definitely a factor. This is the same challenge we have in recruiting in general - GF is a long way from many of the prospects.
  2. Many think SDSU has the best facilities in all of FCS.
  3. It is for sale with the majority proceeds going to the UND Foundation. Nice move by Bank Forward - need to think about moving your business there!
  4. Can someone explain this math to me??? Per their athletic website, NDSU currently has 114 players on their roster. This includes 25 seniors of which at least 10 of them will be back to use their extra year of eligibility. They have currently commitments from at least 30 prospects. That number will likely continue to grow to some extent. 2021 roster size 114 Players leaving - 15 (maybe fewer) New recruits + 30 (likely higher) Total 129 Of course, there will be players on the current roster who elect to transfer out but that would likely be offset by players wanting to transfer in to SU. I realize that, due to COVID, the 10 players who will return next year will not apply to maximum of 85 players allowed to receive any scholarship $ and that the maximum roster size of 125 is waived. I realize that HS kids want to play at SU and that SU has no financial challenges having a bunch of extra players on scholarship but why would they want a roster that size. I took a look at the number of players on some other rosters: UND 103 SDSU 111 UNI 105 UMN 116 Alabama 127 I guess they think they are one of the "big boys" but they have the $ so I guess it makes sense to them! Please don't "nickel and dime" - I am sure my numbers are not 100% accurate.
  5. My mistake - I thought it was for the state but it was the EDC!
  6. PWO offeree, Brit Senftner of Bismarck St. Mary, will play for NDSU.
  7. It is pretty cool to see that both the AA and the A Coach of the Year recipients were former UND players. AA - Jay Gibson (West Fargo) and A - Adam Roland (Fargo North).
  8. As of a few months ago, they didn’t expect either to return. That may have changed but I doubt Sueker will be back.
  9. While I am happy we landed Schweigert and think he will be a contributor for us, I doubt the Bison are overly upset. They have 27 commitments so far and I know they are still hoping to land at least 2-3 more studs who have offers. They are about at their limit already!
  10. An offer to a tall PG that was made 2-3 months ago: PG Tori Oehrlein, 5'11", Crosby (Crosby-Ironton), MN Has offers from MT St & Marquette
  11. Offeree Brady McCullough, TE from Ankeny, IA, will play for UNI.
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