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  1. May I ask if you are Jack's dad?
  2. UND1983 - NewUndFan did include Rebraca in his post.
  3. Other holdovers are Urbonavicius and Panoam; however, your point is 100% correct. You are correct SWS - also Ignanugo. G was a freshman last year but a Jones recruit.
  4. Not surprised. From what I understand, this may be another case of it being better for both him and the team!
  5. It didn't take long for Bubba and his staff to says "thanks": "Thank you very much for contributing to the "Let's Help Bubba" sideline jacket campaign. Your loyalty and commitment to UND football continues to amaze me and the entire football staff. The jackets will be a part of the program for years to come and will get put to good use. We know playing in the Missouri Valley Football Conference will present us with some cold weather games on the road late in the season. Thanks again for supporting our program to help us provide a Division I football experience to our current and future
  6. Thank you for another great response. I know the FB program is very appreciative of our efforts. if you had planned to donate and haven’t done so, please do. The program has other needs. I won’t be twisting your arms again until next fall! Thanks again!!
  7. We are less than $1K away from our goal - you folks are coming through once again! Thanks!!
  8. This fall, we raised $8,000 to equip four new meeting rooms with video editing equipment. Thanks to your help, it didn't take long to hit the goal. In the past when the goal was reached quickly, we have added to the goal for another need. We did not do so this time, partially due to not knowing at that time whether there would even be a season. Well, it appears MVC games will be played this winter/spring with many games played in cold weather so let's help the team again. This is the write-up that will appear on the donation site.... ********** SiouxSports.com, established in 19
  9. Our first '22 offer: WR Carson Hegerle, 6'3", 180, West Fargo (West Fargo), ND
  10. The roster is listed under football at fightinghawks.com.
  11. We all would like to know more but schools and coaches are restricted from disclosing COVID-related info or the details of other injuries about their athletes. I would guess that their absence isn’t for disciplinary reasons but it also isn’t smart for coaches to air any “dirty laundry “ that is going on with their players.
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