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  1. UND Fan

    2018-19 Season

    A zone sure may have been the answer but we simply have no quickness!
  2. UND Fan

    2020 Recruiting

    It appears we had a good Junior Day with some good talent on campus. In addition to the four offers noted above, there is one more: OG Bennett Weber, 6'4“, 265, Waconia (Waconia), MN
  3. UND Fan

    UND (1-2, 7-9) vs Omaha (2-1, 8-8) 1/10 7 PM

    You think it might something to do with coaching?
  4. UND Fan

    UND (0-2, 6-9) @ DU (0-3, 5-12) 1/5 2 PM

    Avants had another nice game today and he also had no fouls called against him. I am not going to the work of finding out but I would guess there hasn't been too many games with no fouls in Connor's career!
  5. UND Fan

    Sioux Survivor 2018-2019 Game #6

  6. UND Fan

    2019 UND Recruiting

    Interesting podcast yesterday.... https://t.co/3CuNRbypZF It appears we will not schedule at 12th game next year. It appears they are looking at the following QBs: Logan Graetz, 6'4", 190, River Falls, WI Has committed to UM as a PWO Riley Kinney, 6'4", 190, Loveland (Loveland), CO Has/had offer from Columbia Hayden Ekern, 6'1", 195, Chicago (St. Rita), IL Had committed to Montana St (?) Jayden Johannsen, 6'2“, 200, 4.8, Sioux Falls (Washington), SD Walker Kinney, 6'3", 215, Stilwell (Blue Valley), KS Has/had offers from SDSU, Weber St & IL St Matt Campbell, 6'5", 210, Fort Scott (Fort Scott), IA
  7. UND Fan

    Summit League MBB

    Wow - that is a surprise, even at PFW!! PFW won by 16
  8. UND Fan

    UND (6-6) @ UNI (4-7) 12/22 1PM

    I am sure a play was called.
  9. UND Fan

    UND (6-6) @ UNI (4-7) 12/22 1PM

    I will need to watch it again.
  10. UND Fan

    UND (6-6) @ UNI (4-7) 12/22 1PM

    The play before, they couldn't get it inbounds either. On both plays, we had a bunch of players running around but I didn't see any sort of "play" designed to get the ball inbounds to someone who could immediately shoot.
  11. UND Fan

    UND (6-6) @ UNI (4-7) 12/22 1PM

    How many games like today's (would have been a bit of upset) in the last 10 years that we could/should have we won, did we win? You can count them on two hands (maybe one)!
  12. UND Fan

    2019 UND Recruiting

    There were a few other offerees (offers may not have still been on the table) that signed elsewhere: LB Elijah Anderson-Taylor, 6'1”, 205, 4.7, Centennial (Eaglecrest), CO Signed with UNC CB Diamond Evans, 5'9”, 175, LaGrange Park (Nazareth Academy), IL Signed with SDSU DE Jaylen Pate, 6'4“, 220, Chicago (Lane Tech Prep), IL Signed with Wyoming CB Brett Hiatt, 6’1”, 180, Wentzville (Timberland), MO Signed with IN St
  13. UND Fan

    2018-19 Season

    Sorry that my updates disappeared this afternoon - my phone died in the second OT. After watching UND BB for many years, today's game was one of the most unusual games I have seen. It was very frustrating, interesting, confusing and ultimately fun games I have ever seen. To win after four of our starters had fouled out was amazing. Hopefully, it will provide some added confidence going into conference play. My thoughts about the team after seeing the three Florida games: The competition did their homework and really worked to shut down Klabo. They actually were quite successful in doing so. She was 3 of 16 from the field against Stetson (many forced shots), 4 of 7 against WMU (only one 1st half shot) and 6 of 16 today. Fortunately, she was 28-32 at the line. I was impressed with her - you could tell that she was frustrated much of the time but she continued to work hard and showed good patience when her teammates weren't doing much to help the team offensively. That meant the opposition could collapse on her even more. We could/should have won all three games. We truly played terrible the first half against Stetson and being down by 20 at half was too much to overcome. Stetson came from behind to beat the Bison today by one. That said, winning today's game after committing 18 first half TOs was amazing. At times, it appeared we had some decent potential but we just aren't very athletic and we don't have great "basketball sense". This lack of athleticism contributes to all the turnovers, fouls and missed opportunities. I don't usually comment about officiating but it was really poor all three days. The last two days it was equally bad for both teams but against Stetson, the whistle didn't blow after at least 6 obvious travel calls against them. We had 31 fouls vs. 15 for Stetson in that game. I watched the Bison some. As we know, they aren't very good but that sure doesn't mean we will handle them easily. I talked with Brew and quite a few parents. Interesting discussions that I won't post here. A handful of you know me, if you want my thoughts about the program and its future, PM me.
  14. UND Fan

    2018-19 Season

    Another OT 85-85.