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  1. On an unrelated note, this data certainly points out how successful the UND Foundation has been in fundraising. Only three schools have larger endowments - and they are all private universities!
  2. You are correct - 6’9” Ahjany Lee at one time had offers from Kansas, Iowa and the Gophers. With so much talent in the Cities, the Tommies will be tough!!
  3. Redding will be a Gopher!
  4. For those of us who do not get CBS Sports, you can watch the game via a 14 day trial with YouTubeTV: Sports - YouTube TV
  5. Hope I'm wrong.... USU 31 UND 24
  6. UND Fan

    UND @ ISU

    We are sure looking good right now!
  7. Interesting timing by Coach Evers (wish her the best):
  8. UND Fan

    UND @ ISU

    The staff thinks Hagen is going to be a stud - early in his career!
  9. Hope it is not this close: UND 30 ISU 23
  10. I didn't really want to get into this discussion, however..... I live in Florida. Hospital ICUs are full and many people are dying, including many in their 30's and 40's along with some teens and folks in their 20's. Nearly all of them had not had the vaccine. I am not smart enough to know if masks help but I wear them in public. If my wearing a mask may keep my wife and me healthy - along with others, I will continue to wear them until this wave passes!
  11. From what I understand, your info is good!!
  12. I don't think we can complain about our home schedule this year!
  13. It would be great if it was announced that soon but, realistically, we won't know what is needed until the final plans are drawn up and construction is about to start.
  14. Thanks to all siouxsports.com members who have helped our FB program with over $61,000 in equipment and technology improvements since the fall of 2017. The FB coaching staff and athletic department certainly appreciate our assistance. I would like your input on the following: One of these days (hopefully sooner than later), an announcement will be made that UND is ready to move forward with Phase II of the HPC (Pollard Center). Completion of this along with Memorial Village (athletic offices) will enable UND to fully compete with other FCS schools for recruits and provide an outstanding practice facility for athletes in many UND sports. Undoubtedly, the budget will not be able to fund something the football program (or the facility) could really use. It would be great if ss.com members could assist in providing whatever need there may be. I would assume the cost would be $40-50,000. Before spending time preparing for this (yes, we have quite a bit of time right now), I would like to get some feedback as to whether this is feasible. We would want an objective that is attainable - it would be disappointing and a bit embarrassing if we came up well short of the goal. A few things to consider: As I have mentioned with each LHB drive, many of us already are Champions Club members and/or assist UND athletics in other ways. Plus I know some will make donations directly to the project once it is announced. The ss.com effort would again be over and above what many of us already do. To be successful, many of us would need to double or triple our LHB donations and we would need a bunch of members/guests to make their initial donations. Gifts of $25-100 will be necessary for us to be successful. To assist with the fundraising, we would not run our normal LHB campaign during this time. We would expect UND to make a big deal out of our involvement including a plaque noting ss.com made this room, equipment or whatever possible. Doing this would undoubtedly bring exposure to ss.com and likely result in our gaining new members. I think we would all enjoy having more UND fans/supporters on this site. I ask that you either post your thoughts here or send me a PM. You don't need to provide any $ amounts, just let me know whether you think we could be successful and whether you would increase your gift. No one needs to be concerned about the privacy of your input or that I would try to hold you to your comments. I know who a very few of you are and I don't think too many people know who I am. Heck, a live almost 2,000 miles from GF so this won't be discussed at a downtown bar!! If anyone has an idea how we could put a whole different "spin" on our involvement, give us your thoughts. Thanks!
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