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  1. New offer: SG Cade Haskins, 6'6", Minneapolis (DeLaSalle), MN One service has him as the No. 7 MN prospect for 2021.
  2. UND Fan

    Weber St GDT

    Really disappointing tackling!
  3. It is primarily for BB letter winners as well as supporters of the program.
  4. UND Fan

    Jim LeClair

    That is a great article - thanks for posting it!
  5. Jones did an email at one time but not sure if he did it in recent years.
  6. Coach Sather's first newsletter.... UND Hoops.pdf
  7. Linke will play for Bradley.
  8. I don't live in ND so this may be common knowledge up there but apparently Paul Sather, the new BB coach, has a son playing at Red River who is 6'3", 295. He is a junior. Anyone know if he has DI potential?
  9. Yeah - I was SO close!!!
  10. UND Fan

    Montana St GDT

    Did I miss the attendance today?
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