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  1. Bob McDonald died this morning of Covid. He was 87.
  2. 6'4", 200, LB From Sabetha KS. Has offers from Tulane and Akron.
  3. I don't know if we still had an offer out to him but Moreno will play at Grand Valley State.
  4. Trib has an article on Kupfer. https://t.co/BVdyuxRtTG?amp=1
  5. Nick Kupfer, WR from Bismarck Legacy has verballed, not sure - probably a PWO. He caught 6 passes for 121 yards and a TD last night against BHS.
  6. I wonder why we play SDSU and USD 5 days apart (at least they are both at home) and then have a 16 day break in the season.
  7. A note from Bubba: "Thank you to all of you for your generous contribution to Let's Help Bubba #5! We reached the goal and will be purchasing the computers and software support to create four permanent upgraded viewing stations in Starcher Hall. These stations will improve our teaching/learning environment. The areas will be used for groups ranging from 10-12 players along with coaches. Examples of groups include Offense, Defense, & Special Teams units and this allows to break the groups into smaller units for example; front seven on defense or all offensive players minus the Oline. These video sessions will include practice review, game review, and opponent study. Thanks again for your continued support!" Bubba *************** Wow - I hadn't checked the donation website this morning - we are up to $8,900! Thanks!
  8. Maybe the team won't be needing new jackets: https://www.inforum.com/bison-media-zone/mens-sports/football/6670101-Valley-may-alter-spring-football-schedule-to-make-use-of-dome-stadiums
  9. We are at $7,930 so will likely hit our goal this afternoon. Thank you again for your donations. The last couple of years we hit our initial goal quickly (not as quick as this year's 3 days) and then raised the target for another purpose. Last fall, we started with helmet caps and then added specialized knee pads for offensive linemen. We surpassed the $12,000 objective and funded both needs. We are not going to raise the objective this year - but you may have the opportunity to help again in a couple of months. As of now, it appears that this year's season will begin in late February. While many MVC schools have indoor football facilities, some do not. This will create a need for 70-75 jackets for players to wear over their pads if the schedule remains as it is today. The program feels it is appropriate to provide the players with "UND" jackets for these games but also feels it is important that the team looks good in person or on TV for recruiting purposes. Having a hodge-podge of different jackets to keep players warm certainly would not look good. The cost per jacket is expected to be about $150. Any excess we have from this fundraiser will go towards the jackets. Thanks for your help with this!
  10. We are approaching 50% (we are at $3,640) of our initial goal. If you can help, please do. Any amount will help! Thanks to those who have contributed!
  11. That hurts. When he moved to a prep school for his Sr. season, I assumed he wanted to “be seen” and end up at an upper major!
  12. I may not be correct but I think they can practice 10 hours/wk, no more than 2 hours a day with no pads.
  13. Over the last 4-5 years, SS.com members have raised nearly $30,000 to assist UND football with equipment (specialized knee braces, concussion caps, video equipment, etc.). We should be very proud of what we have done – I know that the FB coaches and AD greatly appreciate our efforts. While the season is a few months (or maybe a year away), it would be great if we could assist the program again this fall. As most everyone knows, we have finally moved the FB locker room and offices out of Memorial Stadium. For those who hadn’t visited Memorial in recent years, it was truly a dump and an embarrassment to the program. Frankly, I am surprised that our recruiting efforts didn’t suffer more than they did due this lousy facility. While we all wait for HPC2 to become a reality, the move to Starcher and Hyslop has been a major improvement. It is far from ideal but a better situation. There are four player meeting rooms within the FB offices in Starcher. There is a need for a workstation in each room with video editing equipment. The cost of each workstation and computer is about $1,000 with the video editing equipment also totaling about $1,000. That means the cost of providing four fully functional stations would be $8,000. The athletic department has a deal with Dell to provide computer equipment at very reasonable prices and the editing software will be provided by DVSport, the industry leader in athletic replay editing. For consistency purposes, we will continue with the “Let’s Help Bubba” name. I know some question that but please understand our goal is to help the football program with their needs. Last year, we quickly hit our goal for purchasing Guardian helmet concussion caps and then moved on to specialized knee braces for offensive linemen. With the season moving to spring (we hope), the coaching staff would like new jackets for the team (for outside games). We will assist with that effort if/when we hit the initial $8,000 goal. The LHB5 donation site: UNDalumni.org/Bubba5. Contributions are fully deductible and count towards Champions Club members' priority points. Please help if you can - any amount helps! Thank you!
  14. Haskins will play at Dartmouth.
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