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  1. With Moody out for the entire conference season thus far and Rebracca out tonight, I think being 5-5 at this point in the conference season is all that could have been expected and gives them an outside shot at a top 4 or 5 finish.
  2. Hope he follows his older brother to UND. Good hands, good speed, and good route runner.
  3. Ok. Thanks. Don't get that so will have to follow the thread and/or live stats.
  4. I'm not finding it on either the Plus or ESPN3?
  5. Both Walter and Brown have exceeded my expectations for them since seeing them in person as freshmen. Not everyone is going to be an all-conference caliber player, but these two have developed into solid contributors. Walter had a career high with 25 last night, plus didn't miss a free throw, including several key FT's down the stretch. Brown contributed a couple of key buckets and made a couple of pressure FT's down the stretch. They're both excellent FT shooters.
  6. Ha! I enjoy your humor every now and again.
  7. Good post. And congratulations and good luck to Coach H.
  8. It would help if they ever got Moody back. Could definitely use another 3-pt. shooter. He's been out for a month or so, so I wonder if he broke a bone.....
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