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  1. Thanks. Only need one, so that may give me a shot.
  2. For whenever the tickets come out, I'm coming from Kansas City for the Bison game, but need one ticket, in the unlikely event that anyone has an extra.
  3. That's great! Hope he has a rewarding season this year!
  4. Is Jack 100% recovered from his knee injury? Look forward to his being part of our young receiver mix this season!
  5. Things should start picking up in a month, as we approach fall camp!
  6. Do you think that Canady won't be physically ready to play and/or will choose to graduate and go on?
  7. We may have good replacements for these guys, but depth is where it's really going to hurt.
  8. Very high motor is right!
  9. I'd add a healthy Canady to your list. We're already fairly thin at that position.
  10. Good assessment. Thanks. I think that Coach Sather has done well in the rebuild so far, considering all that he has had to replace. I'm sure that he never saw this coming.
  11. What's your assessment for next season, now that the team is essentially complete?
  12. Assuming that Canady being listed on the two-deep is an error?
  13. UND 24 MSU 21 Much closer than we'd like.
  14. With respect to hockey, maybe they should call it "The North Dakota Rule."
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