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  1. Watched the video and I like the looks of this kid.
  2. As the Bible says, Mr. Chaves, "Go thou and do likewise."
  3. What's the price tag on the new student union?
  4. Building relationships with the student athlete is such a big part of recruiting. They have plenty of time with these younger recruits, so if Coach Mallory and her staff can do a good job of establishing and maintaining relationships, they may have a good shot at landing a couple of them.
  5. Football needs to stay in the fall where it belongs, be it FCS or FBS. Mandate masks, temperature taking, or whatever, but it needs to start in late August. This over-hyped baloney will probably start disappearing the day after the election, anyway.
  6. I'm afraid that there IS an agenda: it's to attempt to wreck the economy and make people's lives miserable until AFTER the election.
  7. I would think that he would be immediately eligible, coming from a D2 school. Or am I missing something?
  8. You're right. Although he was used primarily as a receiver/QB run option last season, I believe he took some QB reps in spring practice.
  9. Only upperclassman was Grover (junior or senior), who transferred.
  10. Medical doctors are saying that the best thing for HEALTHY people is to be out and about and exposing themselves to the virus in order to build up an immunity to it. Obviously, this does not apply to people that are vulnerable healthwise. And that's how society builds up an immunity to the virus.
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