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  1. I would think that he would be immediately eligible, coming from a D2 school. Or am I missing something?
  2. You're right. Although he was used primarily as a receiver/QB run option last season, I believe he took some QB reps in spring practice.
  3. Only upperclassman was Grover (junior or senior), who transferred.
  4. Medical doctors are saying that the best thing for HEALTHY people is to be out and about and exposing themselves to the virus in order to build up an immunity to it. Obviously, this does not apply to people that are vulnerable healthwise. And that's how society builds up an immunity to the virus.
  5. Speaking of the Red Pepper, are either of their locations open yet?
  6. Been looking forward to going to it for years, too. It's only 125 miles away and a friend of mine who's a K State grad has invited me to go with him and get tickets for us. Big disappointment if it doesn't happen, as I usually have to drive 680 miles to watch Sioux football.
  7. Thanks for the clarification!
  8. Third place as a junior and 4th place as a senior, I believe.
  9. I think that Mallory has the potential to be a pleasant surprise. First of all, she played, and starred, for four years under an excellent college coach. She undoubtedly learned a lot under Roebuck and knows how to apply it, as evidenced by the fact that she won two state championships in two years as a high school head coach, going 51-4. Finally, she has seven years of experience as an assistant coach at the D1 level, the last one as the associate head coach. Her first challenge will be reaching out to the top players on the roster and getting them to stay on and convincing them that they can take a big step next season. Next, she'll have to make some hard decisions regarding underclassmen and then recruit to fill some holes, notably point guard and a 4 man (lady) that can rebound. I think that she'll bring a lot of energy to this challenge and surprise a lot of people next season.
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