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  1. If we can reel them all in, this is shaping up to be a very good looking recruiting class.
  2. And he's only a freshman. That interception in the end zone was a big-time play.
  3. C J reminds me a little bit of Deion.
  4. Where did you rewatch it? I missed the final couple of minutes.
  5. Good analysis. I agree.
  6. MoSiouxFan

    We got lucky

    Montana St. blows a 28-7 lead to Cal Poly in the 4th quarter, but hangs on to win in OT tonight. It happens. Poor coaching, no doubt.
  7. I think so. UND 34 UC Davis 31
  8. Good post. This is what we all should do whenever we have concerns.
  9. Do you have an opinion on him as a prospect?
  10. Oops, I missed you. Sorry about that. That was a GREAT call!
  11. Looks like you were the closest. Good call!
  12. I look at it every week and I think Grover was listed as the two last week.
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