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  1. Thanks! Any idea how soon replays are available?
  2. I'm triple-booked Saturday. And idea if there will be a replay later on?
  3. I wonder if BB will be ready to go with the extra month of healing.
  4. And he left with a lot of class. Couldn't say enough good things about our program and his time at UND.
  5. This has probably been mentioned more than once, but what time tomorrow are the brackets announced?
  6. UND 21 NDSU 17 Closer than I'd like, but we're not playing the Little Sisters of the Poor.
  7. As Sic would say, we're now only guaranteed 4-4.
  8. Could be another long season for Denver, losing both Jones and Townsend.
  9. Hawks are rolling.........but so is USD. 31-24 Hawks.
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