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  1. Absolutely! I think that he's going to be a big difference-maker for us, for on the field and off.
  2. Only 8 turnovers, plus improved 3-pt. shooting (8-22=36.4%). Plus, we learned how to win a close game, on the road no less.
  3. I hope that you're right about it being on the plus, but I'm not seeing it listed on the website.
  4. Would add to that those of us that have already had Covid are now immune and non-contagious.
  5. Graduate transfer, so one year plus one free year?
  6. Feeney, Schaffner, Hagen, Carroll, Davis, McKenney, McNeal, and Norby have signed so far.
  7. Thrilled to hear that he was a believer and is now with his Lord.
  8. Officiating appeared to be attrociously one-sided. Our play wasn't much better.
  9. I hope that some of the major givers will let their voices/pocketbooks be heard on this major lapse by Mr. Berry and the athletic dept.
  10. Wish Mr. Berry would have had the moral courage to take a stand against disrespecting our flag/national anthem by those two.
  11. Really miss not having Leet's 6'6" presence on the inside. Great effort so far.
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