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  1. Looking more and more forward to signing day next week.
  2. No need to apologize for the length. That was a good take on the state of the team and needs for next season. I, too, would love to see Weah come back and be a factor. Loved the way he ran the few times that we saw him last season. Would be nice to add another 'dozer like JJ. Oline has the potential to be great next season if they get bigger and improve in the running game; did a great job protecting the QB for the most part this season. Hate to lose seniors like Rodgers, Wanzek, and Toivenen and I am sure there are several others. They were not only great players (all-conf. caliber), but they were also high character guys and great leaders. They'll be sorely missed. As you mentioned, getting Holm back is huge. If McKinney, Boltman, and Skokna can stay healthy, we'll have a great KR unit season and I predict that we'll have a couple kickoffs taken to the house.
  3. You make some valid points. In addition, he needs to be given at least a partial pass in that the person (Rudolph) who undoubtedly recruited him had been let go.
  4. Totally missed it! Senior moment (one of many).
  5. Time to get this started. Ogie, time to get your thoughts and predictions on the EDC this season.
  6. Agree. Still have a ways to go, but BIG improvement over last season.
  7. UND 35 SUU 28 Hoping for a greater margin of victory.
  8. Saw most of the first three quarters and we looked pretty good, except for the 3-pt. shooting (6-28) and the turnovers (19). But we looked pretty good defensively and I think the 3-pt. shooting will come around. The team is very young and I think that they'll be very competitive once the Summit season rolls around.
  9. I've always had great results with Trivago.
  10. I know it's still super early, but how is that possible, especially when you have Baylor at 175, Notre Dame at 177, etc., etc.? I guess I'm just not that familiar with the RPI.
  11. UND hangs on to beat Rhode Island 67-61.
  12. MoSiouxFan

    On to UNC

    Bennett and Morrison probable; Turner and McKinney questionable for Saturday.
  13. Thanks for the heads up on the streaming link.
  14. That's great. We need all hands on deck Saturday. I guess Game Notes didn't get the memo.
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