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  1. This team is a tough match up double tight with wing, man on man blocking. Not able to get off blocks and their backs are shifty enough to make the first man miss.
  2. Need to help the defense, need to move the ball or it will be a long Sunday evening.
  3. My pessimism 26-31 chasing a missed extra point and needing a TD late to win...., however if we can limit their run game and not get hurt by play action pass. We could pull off the upset.
  4. I would like a UND blowout win but my gut tells me we may may give up some big plays early. Prediction is 34-28 UND win.
  5. Their defense will be tough. They will probably have more QB run reads with the young QB, which we’ll need to adapt. We need no mistakes with turnovers and penalties. I am hoping for Danny to keep their defense off balanced. 23-21 UND.
  6. First road game and this is their chance to beat a higher ranked team and may take some chances. 27-23 UND, if those chances turn up snake eyes, 40-16 UND.
  7. I am still upset Western Illinois getting in and not us in 2015. The selection committee felt our 34-9 loss to NDSU with Wentz was worse then Western Illinois’s 59-7 loss to NDSU without Wentz......though over 5 years ago, I always wanted UND to play them and physically beat them and get the W!
  8. I like how we are making 2nd half adjustments. Considering how good SDSU is up front we ran it well enough to have keep the defense honest, and have success in throwing the ball. Special teams were great minus the FG. I am excited on how things are going. South Dakota will be tough, cannot overlook them. They beat the Jacks at the end of 2019, they can be dangerous. However, as teams in the Valley are realizing we are also dangerous.
  9. 27-42 bad guys, if we can be efficient on offense and be able to run the ball so we are not one dimensional .... we can keep our defense fresh and win this one.
  10. Going into the season, we had an unproven O-coordinator, lacked size at Nose, no break away receivers, Izzo had us winning what 3 games I think and early season lost 1st and 2nd QB’s, had the horrible loss to ISU. (which I thought our season was done), we won 4 of last 5 and playing improved football. Now in playoffs we can play the spoiler and beat Nichols. Hopefully we get more guys healthy and play some physical football.
  11. 37-35 UND, more of margin of victory if Defensive secondary is sharp.
  12. Yes we played not to lose, however fumbles, and dropped passes especially on the RPO inside the 10 during the 4th quarter is not coaching. Next week forget playoffs, just focus on clean, well executed game and kick Southern Utah’s butt!
  13. I think I know how the Brown fans felt during the days of the Cardiac Kids.
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