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  1. Must be a clause in Driscoll's contract where he gets to play every single minute of every game or he will take his toys and go transfer. There is no other reason to keep mediocrity in net.
  2. That will be a tall order. Despite their record they are the best team in the Valley and exposed NDSU for the frauds they are yesterday.
  3. siouxweet


    The darkest day may have been Nov 18, 1995. UND football gets blown out at home against NDSU, the hockey team lost to Anchorage completing a sweep by the Seawolves and both the basketball teams lost.
  4. siouxweet


    There is one blue chip on this team and he is just as awful as the rest.
  5. Looking down the road is there any high end offensive talent in the pipeline?
  6. Driscoll should have saved that last one. He does not look like he is going to "steal" any games for UND this season.
  7. Is it a moral victory now by only losing by 7?
  8. Are the shuttle buses running from the parking ramp to the Ralph again this season?
  9. The opening video segment is a joke. Yeah lets get up have a cup of coffee and go to a game. Woohoo that is sure to get people pumped up and excited.
  10. Really?? and NDSU's line would have magically created holes and protect their QB being 75 miles south of here. Their line struggled against Albany and today. They just "looked" good against 2 dogsh!@ teams in Valpo and Towson. Their day of reckoning will come in a few weeks when they travel to Brookings.
  11. NDSU is not the big bad wolf and nobody needs to fear them. They are a shadow of their former selves and overrated. They are not a top 5 team probably closer to the 10-15 range. They are not walking into the Alerus and putting up any where near 30 points. UND fans need not worry about tomorrow.
  12. Helps when the opposing team is a cupcake.
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