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  1. So just a question to those Biden supporters. How are you going to feel if he is elected and then shuts the country down for the better part of next year and the term unemployment goes through the roof hits a whole new meaning.
  2. OMG, OMG OMG North Dakota hit a new pandemic high of active cases for like the 200th day in a row. Whoopdy doo. At this point these tests are nothing more than fearful banter for the media. There are probably at least 5000 or more people walking around in GF that have it and none of them are dropping dead in the streets. Can we get rid of these risk levels and daily test results . It will be with us forever just like the cold and flu and we have learned to live with those.
  3. I wish we could leave the political/social justice crap out of sports.
  4. So much for making decisions off of fact not fear.
  5. So at what point do we start to shut this country down from October to April during flu season?
  6. I thought Central was supposed to be getting the cream of the crop for the foreseeable future.
  7. Central has been exposed for who they are, a one line team with questionable goal tending. No one should be scared to play them this year.
  8. JMU should end this Bison streak for a second time in three weeks.
  9. This program has been mediocre for as long as it has been around outside of a 10 year span(93-2003) and at this point there is nothing to say that will change anytime soon.
  10. This obviously isn't the old DII days of buying home field advantage throughout the playoffs like we were able to do in years gone by.
  11. The problem Jack has is he is screaming and yelling on every play like it was a game winning shot in game 7 of the NBA finals or a winning field goal in the Super Bowl. It gets real old quickly.
  12. Unfortunately we have the worst PBP guys in Jack Michaels and Heinert. They are the absolute worst with all their yelling and screaming.
  13. UND did what they needed to do this weekend. Get two wins versus a bad hockey team and did so in convincing fashion. Did they play 120 minutes of perfect hockey? No, but it is a good place to start. It should be fun to watch them progress each week.
  14. Funny how it took 18 years to figure out that they were treating the visiting teams too well.
  15. Wonder if they are using the old women's locker room or one of the smaller basic locker rooms.
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