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  1. This program has been mediocre for as long as it has been around outside of a 10 year span(93-2003) and at this point there is nothing to say that will change anytime soon.
  2. This obviously isn't the old DII days of buying home field advantage throughout the playoffs like we were able to do in years gone by.
  3. The problem Jack has is he is screaming and yelling on every play like it was a game winning shot in game 7 of the NBA finals or a winning field goal in the Super Bowl. It gets real old quickly.
  4. Unfortunately we have the worst PBP guys in Jack Michaels and Heinert. They are the absolute worst with all their yelling and screaming.
  5. UND did what they needed to do this weekend. Get two wins versus a bad hockey team and did so in convincing fashion. Did they play 120 minutes of perfect hockey? No, but it is a good place to start. It should be fun to watch them progress each week.
  6. Funny how it took 18 years to figure out that they were treating the visiting teams too well.
  7. Wonder if they are using the old women's locker room or one of the smaller basic locker rooms.
  8. This may have been addressed somewhere, my apologies if so. But what was with Canisius coming out across the rink? Permanent change to the visitors going forward?
  9. Rumors are Cole Spicer will be playing somewhere other than GFC this season.
  10. So Makar signs with Avs for playoff series. How does that work? Don't you have to set your rosters ahead of time like other sports? If not can you sign anyone who is available?
  11. He did miss the tourney in 2013 and 2014 which is post Amsoil. All I am saying is he has had his bumps in the road. A few years back people were wanting to run him out if Duluth and how quickly things can change.
  12. Sandy has had a few seasons that were worse than what we had this year. How many times has he missed the tourney in his 19 years there?
  13. The kid has been suspended for tomorrow night's game.
  14. Well that is another reason to get rid of the third place game
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