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  1. Another TO for Miller. You have anyone else in the pipeline coming in who is better than this.
  2. Your offense and QB are absurd.
  3. We crapped our pants that day. That was more us than them. Average at best describes the state of their program and will for years coming based on what they are putting out there.
  4. The Dynasty dies today. How they actually won 7 games with that crap offense is beyond me.
  5. I'd bet my house SU loses. Garbage offense and extremely average defense.
  6. So UND loses in the regional final again
  7. There will be a new champion this year, not a chance in hell SU wins it with the garbage they throw out there on offense.
  8. I look at it as more opportunities for kids to play HS hockey.
  9. Just assuming as I have about enough knowledge when it comes to this stuff as gfhockey does.
  10. Cruickshank isn't coming here. This is kind of like hoping Pinto would come back full well knowing he probably wasn't.
  11. siouxweet


    It was either Lucia or Gwoz that once said it is harder to win the regular season title and conference tournament championship than the NCAA title.
  12. 51 games isn't long enough to attain that?
  13. The portal is just a reflection of the world we live in now where if we don't get what we want we'll just take our toys and leave. Bazin is right it is a circus.
  14. Only took him what 5 years.
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