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  1. I think the recruiting ties of any potential candidate will be the most important factor.......
  2. I have 2 lower bowl tickets listed at Ticketmaster for the SATURDAY game against Omaha. Section 103, Row P. $49 each.
  3. I love Eikens game, but he is too tentative. He will be fun over the next 3 years..
  4. Because there are only 9 teams in the Summit. Need an even number if teams to get back to a real DI schedule like the Big Sky provided....... It sucks and it is going to hurt attendance.....
  5. I never knew Mussman was actively shopping Golladay around to another program after he got axed. That pisses me off.
  6. Just look at the 4 teams playing in the semi's today. It is obvious to the naked eye that the S&C programs at those schools are at a different level than it is in GF.........
  7. I have posted 5 lower bowl tickets for sale on Ticketmaster for the SATURDAY game on Jan 4 against Alabama-Huntsville. Two in Section 103, and three in section 102. End that the F'n Hawks shoot at twice. $25 each
  8. Vaughn's dad was a pro quarterback in the CFL. Neal's brother has been a starting QB in the MAC and the SEC. Good bloodlines in this year's quarterback class.
  9. Putting on my Moderator hat for a moment........... I suggest the two of you take your conversation to P.M. if you can't carry on without insulting one another.
  10. Eastern Washington was supposed to be here this season as part of the Big Sky-Summit arrangement, but something got re-arranged for some reason. We will get two Big Sky teams at home either next year or the following year.
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