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  1. Thank goodness for having an even number of teams again and the mirror scheduling. Now we know there will always be basketball at the Betty on the weekends during the winter.
  2. Hey, I did pretty good! 5-1 against the teams we actually got to play, and I picked them all correctly! I've said all along the move down to the MVFC would set up some favorable schedules!
  3. After reading through both DAE and A. Moody's twitter feeds, I am thinking neither was a huge loss. I was pretty excited to finally get a couple ND kids at UND when they signed. Upon further review, ND kids may not be the asset I once thought they were..........
  4. I was at the game, UND did not get "out-coached". The game was lost because NDSU's offensive line is much stronger than our defensive line. That is it, that is why, there is no other reason. That was the only difference, and it was glaring. Our defensive front wasn't enough. That's it, case closed. The officiating was brutal. But had the refs made the right calls (specifically on PI calls), that would not have stopped the NDSU O-Lline and Luepke from running roughshod over us. The incompetent MVFC refs were a factor in this game to be sure. But we still would have lost regardless. NDSU is better in the trenches and that is where it counted on Saturday....
  5. Ox-Cart Trophy. In the early 1800's, before railroads, area traders, trappers, and farmers moved their product to market along a trail that stretched from the Twin Cities to Winnipeg via Ox Carts. The route went through Fargo and Grand Forks, and was critical to early commerce and the establishment of both cities. And yes, I am full of exciting facts like this............
  6. I predict an entertaining football game.........
  7. I've seen WSPN + and Midco. I'm confused though, why isn't it on KVLY? I thought all NDSU games were on channel 11.......
  8. Team looks much different. Maybe Coach Baukol just needs more time to develop his players than other strength coaches do. The most recent off-season lasted 15 months, instead of 8 months. Or maybe he had better players to work with, who knows. Players look big and strong now and are performing at a high level. Much more so than in recent seasons in my opinion. Hopefully they can stay healthy too, the season is young...... But I would be happy to eat crow on this subject.....
  9. FCS Spring Rankings: Top 25 Power Poll Following Week 4
  10. For two straight weeks, the pass defense has been horrid in the first half. For two straight weeks, halftime adjustments have been made and the D has been phenomenal in basically every aspect in the second half. That is an awesome trend. Holinka has wildly exceeded my expectations thus far as defensive play caller, at least as far as adjusting to what is going on as the game progresses. I've been a huge fan of Danny Freund since he stepped on campus as QB well over a decade ago as a player. But I wish he would have went to Otis earlier in the game. I still say Otis should get 20+ touches per game. I love Tommy Schuster's game. He doesn't have the physical attributes that some would like. But he seems really smart, makes good decisions, and has a great temper on the field. Basically, he's played 2.75 games against playoff type teams and won them all. He seems like a gamer.
  11. I've been a season Tix holder for hockey since 2006. I wasn't one of the chosen ones to get my Tix for this year which bummed me out. When the singles went on sale for the first hockey game at $100 a pop, it didn't take me long to say no thanks. I have no interest in being gouged that bad by a program I have supported loyally for 25+ years. For me, and probably many others, hockey is somewhat of a social event. I go just as much for the environment as I do for the product on the ice. I'm a fair weather hockey fan, one of many I suspect. It wasn't worth it to me to spend $400 a night for my family to just get in the door, before concessions and all that. I did get my seats for football and am thankful for it. I don't know what single game seats are going for, but they'd have to be a small fortune for me to stay away. I think the for the most part, the majority of people that go to UND football games want to watch football. The majority of people that go to UND hockey games treat it like a night club, and the game itself is secondary almost. With all that has gone on the last year, people aren't necessarily ready to incur the expense of "clubbing" at the Ralph. But it is more economical and relaxing to enjoy a good old football game at the Alerus. My humble opinion anyways...... I do worry about attendance at football one, two, or three years from now. Are we going to come back from this Covid crap? 10,000 in the Alerus has been a big deal during the DI era. Can we get there again? I hope so. I will be one of them......
  12. Was fun to see all the way around. Still plenty to work on, on both sides of the ball. Sammy Fort really stood out to me on defense. Otis should get 20+ carries every game. Although there looks to be plenty of depth at WR, I'm still not sure there is a speedster out there that can stretch the field.
  13. Cripes I hope you are wrong but you are probably not. If it is safe for the players to be crashing into each other, breathing heavily, yelling, spitting, bleeding, and sweating on one another, then nobody sitting in front of me should really be terrified by me shoveling cheese-curds and Miller Lite down my throat.............
  14. Do we get to go to any of the games? Any word on that yet?
  15. The reopening date for UND's Ray Richards Golf Course still to be determined
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