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  1. A top 3 regular season finish and be a legitimate threat in the conference tourney is my expectations every year for this program.
  2. Well, I certainly hope not but you never know. I didn't think Ray Richards golf course would be back either, but it is on its way. That's how idiotic the people leading this University are. So, I wouldn't be shocked to see baseball come back. And honestly that would be preferable to Augustana IMO......
  3. I didn't watch his film, but the article and his quotes had me thinking of Troy Huff. Not saying he will necessarily be one of UNDs all time greats, but Huff was a terrible shooter as a freshman, but by the time he was a senior he had improved his outside game significantly........
  4. Unfortunately, I don't think we will ever again see UND in the same conference with the likes of Montana, Montana St., Idaho, or Weber St. We did it once, and not only was the fan-base apathetic to it but so was the administration, sadly. Unless of course if NDSU were to join up with some of those schools. Then UND's "stakeholders" would get on board. Whatever NDSU does, we will do. Could be the MAC or the Sun Belt, could be the Big Sky or the Sum/Valley for the next 30 years. The only person that really knows what our future holds at this point is Dean Breschani..............
  5. bincitysioux

    2019 Season

    Johanneson should get 20 carries a game. He's the one proven commodity in the RB corps.
  6. To summarize: the city would like UND to rent space from them in their fancy new building that they bought from ForumComm..........
  7. bincitysioux

    2019 Season

    My opinion is that if Johanneson does not lead the team in carries in 2019, the season will likely end in disappointing fashion.
  8. I don't think Jal Bijek is going to be much of a loss. I would really like to see Eikens stay though. But if his heart isn't in it at UND, best of luck to him..... I guess if a player isn't confident enough in his own ability to be successful without a certain coach, perhaps it is best for both parties to part ways.....
  9. I like the gray unis! Football too, I don't get all the hate for them! Much preferred to the black alternates as far as I am concerned.
  10. I'm a little surprised about the foreign coach staying as well. Not that I'm against international players, but it is expensive to maintain that pipeline both for recruiting travel and scholarship cost I assume. Not at all surprised that Kaeding is staying on given that he is a ND guy with ties to SD as well. Based on Sather's comments at the presser, I am guessing an assistant from Northern will likely be hired. He said he wanted continuity on his end as well as the players end. I also have nothing against Grabowski and Heatherly. I wish them all the best and appreciate their contribitions, but IMO a clean break from the Jones "coaching tree" is probably best for this program. The entire philosophy of this program needs an overhaul from the ground up. I hope Sather is up to the challenge.
  11. Grabowski being a finalist is just out of politeness I hope......
  12. bincitysioux

    The Herald

    What's the time frame on your bet? I may take you up on it. Anybody here want to make an investment in a newspaper? Not me. It would be like buying stock in a payphone company in the early 90's. I don't think Forum Com is trying to get rid of other newspapers, they are trying to turn a profit. That can be tough to do in this digital age, just ask Sears as physical retail is in the same situation. I don't like it, mind you, and I agree the content in the Herald is really weak. Have you held a Fargo Forum in your hand recently, though? There is not a lot of titillating content there either. It has shrunk, condensed, and thinned over the years. If demand were there for the GF Herald, it could make it on its own. Or the Jamestown Sun, or any of the many newspapers that Forum has gobbled up in the last decade. Forget what Sicatoka says about millennials. My dad is 73 years old, and every day of the week he sits in his recliner at noon, pulls out his iPad, and reads the Forum online, for free. I don't think paper newspaper subscriptions are going to go up in the future, after that generation passes on. As UND sports fans, we should just appreciate that Forum has kept Schlossman and Miller, because those guys are really good. Schlossman just works really hard, and Miller is probably over-worked because Wayne Nelson seems to think that people actually care about amateur dirt track racing.......
  13. bincitysioux

    2019 Season

    I used to sort of like Izzo, but he's become such a Bison Homer it gets old. I know that's the team he primarily covers, but it's become obvious he's moved from reporter to fan. Alot like his predecessor, Steve Hallstrom. I think the RB thing is an issue, though. McKinney was recruited to play WR but now he is apparently #1 or #2 on the RB depth chart. Santiago was also meant to be a WR here, but slid into the backfield due to depth issues and turned out to be on of the all time greats here. That's awesome, but makes question our staff's eye for talent......
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