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  1. Let's see if they can run the ball two straight weeks before making that claim............... It seems to me the loss of the 3 Offensive lineman from last season has been devastating so far.
  2. O-Line play wasn't good against NDSU, USD, and Utah St. It's hard to "commit" to the run when our O-Line is overmatched. They weren't overmatched today.
  3. Plenty of blame to go around, but man, it's been a long time since we've had a good kicker. I'm not supremely confident in Stage making that last kick either, and Stevens was 20 yards wide of the goal posts. It wasn't close at all. There were a lot of things that could have been done differently today from all phases to avoid the game coming down to a 48 yarder from the backup kicker. On the other hand, if the kicker could have converted the two that were less than 40, he wouldn't have been in that position at the end of the game.
  4. I think we may need to accept the possibility that Weah's breakout season last year was perhaps mostly the product of exceptional Offensive Line play last season. North Dakota's O-Line has been largely inept this year against Utah St, NDSU, and USD.
  5. You are right we don't have a burner. This year we also don't have that Wanzek/Toivonen guy and that is really hurting. Maag should be that guy but seems to be battling injury. Given the changes at WR and OL, this offense is it different than last season.......
  6. Part of the reason for that is because they've played in a crap conference for the entirety of their DI existence.......
  7. I've said many times, UND should rip off Virginia Techs intro schtick and run out to Enter Sandman. The place would have been in a frenzy this past weekend. The cup of joe with Loyal Janke and Dale Lennon narrated by Jack Michaels has to go.....
  8. Tommy Schuster and Keaton Studsrud seem to have a lot in common. They win. Siouxsports.com hates them.
  9. I was once told that UND lists capacity at 12,283 because that is the number of seats they control and sell. This doesn't include the suites or SRO......
  10. I didn't like going for it in 4th down from our own 20 yard line, but if they would have converted everyone would be saying Bubba and/or Danny are geniuses with gargantuan testicles. Defense was so impressive today, really fun to watch. Holinka had his guys dialed in nicely.
  11. Both the offensive and defensive lines were overwhelmed. As per usual, this game was won & lost in the trenches. The Utah St. wide receivers blocked just as well as the O-Line and manhandled our secondary on the short throws. I was just as disappointed by how poorly North Dakota tackled.
  12. Thank goodness for having an even number of teams again and the mirror scheduling. Now we know there will always be basketball at the Betty on the weekends during the winter.
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