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  1. Overall, I'd say the Defense is definitely the main asset of this team through the three games. D-Coordinator Eric Schmidt called a damn good game today against SHSU. Very opportunistic with forcing turnovers from the beginning, and getting off the field in key moments. We were in the backfield all day it seemed, which is awesome. Obviously the D won the game in the end. My main criticism of the D over the past two games is that 3rd and long seems to be kryptonite to this squad! Especially defending the mobile QB. Running QBs aren't going away so that needed to be addressed. The D line is performing better than I expected. The linebacker corps has been outstanding. And the secondary is as good as I've seen in recent memory. It's been so good that I haven't really noticed Evan Holm's absence yet. CJ Siegel has especially really stood out to me, as well as Donnel Rogers and Jaxson Turner.
  2. SAC St shuts out Northern Colorado 50-0 #5 UC Davis is dismantling Lehigh 41-0 in the 4th Qtr
  3. I missed the game against Drake, so today was my first game..... 16 years as a season ticket holder and I can't understand why the Alerus Center production crew can't figure out the pre-game intro/hype procedure......... It is so unprofessional, they can't even figure out the proper volume levels for the intro music, much less the timing. The Ralph has been knocking that stuff out of the park at a professional level for years and are just blocks away.......... I know it is trivial, but at a time when we are try go to keep young people engaged with what could be an electrified atmosphere, it is sad to me that 40-some year olds like me find the pre game hype stuff quite lame.........
  4. Just to illustrate how bad the run blocking was against Sam Houston........... UND's running backs gained 32 yards against the Bearkats. 32 YARDS! Other than that, Boltman had his 56 yard designed run for a TD, and Schuster had his 21 yard scramble. I like the idea of a more diverse offense, but at some point we need to be able to hand it off to a RB in the second half and expect to get 4 yards..........
  5. Has to be Kostich. I felt he he should have been higher on the chopping block than either Rudolph or Knauf IMO at the end of last season. Special Teams used to be an asset for his program. We used to win games due to special teams play, even under Mussman. It's been an enormous liability in recent seasons.........
  6. It most certainly was. No doubt about the fact that the D was stout and they sealed this win. And it also wasn't lost by a third string QB that was playing high school football a year ago!
  7. Agree, the kid did great under the circumstances. I wonder if Mike McFeely took notice since he made a point a week ago about the fact that the kid had zero DI offers other than UND and we have zero talent or depth at the QB position. I will concede that UND doesn't have elite talent at the QB postion, but after today, I feel good that at the very least we have quality depth at the position........
  8. This gets back to the O-Line issue, but I was actually surprised when we went for it on 4th and 1 (4th qtr I think). JJ got stuffed for a loss. That was ballsy call at the time IMO, given that we hadn't done anything on the ground all day. Didn't work out of course........
  9. Like I said, it's a bad look for USD and for the mighty MVFC. But in the end, HBU is a DI program from one of the top four or five FCS leagues. It is not at all comparable to our loss or to our narrow win against NAIA Sioux Falls. That was a bad time for UND Football......
  10. Not even close actually. Houston Baptist is an FCS program from the Southland conference (same league as Sam Houston). However they are rather new, and not all that good. It's not a great look for USD or the Missouri Valley FB Conference..........
  11. Article in the Herald indicates that Ketteringham may have played today had something happened to Schuster. I'm sure they are gonna put out there the players that they feel give them the best chance to win. These coaches recruited ALL of the QBs on the roster.......... Schuster seems lake a gamer, a kid that isn't afraid to wing it around. One of his best decisions was to slide on his 15 yard run. He may not have every physical tool, but I saw some smart decisions from him today. Also saw a few tosses from him where I thought he was hoping for the best. The INT was a bad throw, but the kid throws a nice ball overall I thought. He was far from perfect, but from my seat seemed very confident. Confidence can go a long ways. I don't think we have QB controversy, Ketteringham will be the guy when he is healty. But depending on the status of Zimmerman, I'd say we actually have depth at the QB position right now......
  12. I'm guessing the freshman looks better in practice. I thought Schuster did pretty damn good in a tough spot.......
  13. Two underwhelming seasons in 2017 and 2018.
  14. He was really nowhere near it though. I felt like he forgot where he was on the field. He maybe thought he was on the 10, but was actually at about the 20 it see,med like from my vantage point.
  15. The wife and I were so bummed as we drove toward the Alerus and saw waves of students walking north back toward campus about an hour before kickoff. Obviously they had been there for the tailgate, but took off as people started filing n for the game.
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