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  1. bincitysioux

    Coach Jones?

    My expectations for both men's and women's basketball are very attainable in my opinion. They should always be a top 3 team in whatever conference they are in. They should always be considered a legitimate threat to win the conference tournament. They should be competitive throughout the ENTIRE regular season, not just the final month. This is basically what the men's program did for the 45 years prior to Jones taking over the program and running it into the ground. For decades in DII UND was probably always one of the 50 best teams in the country every year. I don't think it is too much to expect them to be able to finish in the top third of the Summit every year.
  2. bincitysioux

    Coach Jones?

    Correct. He was a bench assistant for most of his time at Iowa, but was Director of BB Ops his last season there......
  3. bincitysioux

    Coach Jones?

    Smith submitted his resume when the job was open after Rich Glas left. He didn't make it to the interview stage, because he didn't have DI coaching experience. Tom Buning pulled the trigger on Jones (who at the time was an assistant at Iowa), and here we are....................... Full disclosure: I actually supported the hiring of Jones at the time, in large part due to his experience at the DI level. The lesson I learned from that is that just because you have experience, doesn't mean you have "it". Some people don't have "it". Jones does not.
  4. bincitysioux

    Summit League MBB

    NDSU now has twice as many NCAA tourney WINS in the last 6 years as UND does appearances..............
  5. bincitysioux

    Coach Jones?

    Remember when this guy applied to be the Head Coach at UND but we hired Brian Jones instead? From Stephen, Minn., to the Big Dance, Craig Smith is a small-town success story
  6. bincitysioux

    Future Schedules

    I cleaned up the future schedules section in the Football Wiki so all the future schedules look a bit cleaner. I also added the FBS payout amounts for each game for easy reference. I would also add what we are paying Drake and Valpo to come to the Alerus if anyone has those numbers.
  7. bincitysioux

    Future Schedules

    Home and home agreement in place with Portland St. Away in 2020, Alerus in 2025.......... Portland State adds Washington State, North Dakota to future schedules
  8. Just posted 5 lower bowl tix on Ticketmaster for Omaha tonight (Saturday). Two in Section 103, Row P. Three in Section 102, Row F. All at the end UND shoots at twice. Face Value.
  9. bincitysioux

    Augie announces they are examining the move to DI

    Attractive to fans........
  10. bincitysioux

    Augie announces they are examining the move to DI

    I've come around a bit on the idea of Augustana joining the Summit. If it would result in eliminating this preposterous and haphazard basketball schedule through the season, then I can get on board. In the grand scheme of things, Auggie isn't going to make the Summit much less attractive than it already is.
  11. bincitysioux

    Spring Ball

  12. bincitysioux

    Kennedy vs donors... again?

    I'm done with Kennedy. I had high hopes for him when he took the job given his background as a conservative politician, his business experience, the fact that he was NOT a lifelong "academic", and he was born and raised somewhat "locally" in small town Minnesota (the same one my mom hails from). But so far his tenure has been nothing but a disaster in my eyes. From the disastrous decision to move North Dakota from the Big Sky to the SumValley, to alienating/insulting/offending the Engelstad family from the get-go, to these multiple absurd personnel arrangements. This guy is just out of touch with the city of Grand Forks, the state of North Dakota, and the Midwest in general I am afraid. The only good thing he's done since being here was dropping Women's Hockey and Swimming & Diving, but my guess is that Schafer had that served up on a plate for him when he got here because I doubt Kennedy could have even figured that out.
  13. bincitysioux

    Intro Music

    What's the name of the song that is played during pregame at the REA on Saturday nights this year shortly before the starting lineups? Kind of a hip hop song with slot of horns. Sorry, I'm an old guy that can't identify it, but I think it is catchy........
  14. bincitysioux

    2019 UND Recruiting

    Here's my hot-take: Michigan's Player of the Year probably doesn't suck as bad as a lot of people may think.......
  15. bincitysioux

    UND (9-14, 3-7) vs NDSU (11-12, 5-4) 2/6 7 PM

    With Maren Waldseth as head coach, we'd be in second place...................