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  1. Notice the at the end of my post. Sarcasm........
  2. According to that map, the student section is already filled up!
  3. I am so frustrated and deflated with the end result of this game. Having said that, I saw some REALLY good things from UND on both sides of the ball today. Bottom line is this team is better now than it was in September, and is playing some good football near the end of the season.
  4. Game was lost by the clock management in the 2nd half. So frustrated.......
  5. 60 degrees and sunny
  6. bincitysioux

    2019 Season

    I don't complain about OUR ranking. But I do complain about Montana St being 8-10 spots above us. Their resume isn't head and shoulders above ours, and they have a loss to us. I think our teams are in a pretty similar place ......
  7. bincitysioux

    2019 Season

    Also #22 in the latest Stats FCS poll. Just 10 spots below Montana St in that one!
  8. bincitysioux

    2019 Season

    #22 in this weeks Coach's Poll Only 8 spots below Montana St.
  9. This will be just the 5th meeting ever between UND & Weber with all meetings coming in the Bubba Schweigert & Jay Hill era. UND is 1-3 against them. 2014: 24-12 Loss in GF.........................Weber's final record was 2-10 2015: 25-24 Loss in Ogden..................Weber's final record was 6-5 2016: 27-19 Win in GF...........................Weber's final record was 7-5 2018: 35-30 Loss in GF.........................Weber's final record was 10-3 It will be a tall order to win in Ogden this Saturday. But we've been competitive with what is generally a solid team in recent years. At the very least, our team doesn't have a track record of soiling themselves at the site of Weber like they do when they tangle with Idaho St. Weber's D is legit, and their running game is questionable matchup for our defense. We need to stack the box, and have faith that our DB's can hold up in man coverage against their QB who is not a great passer. The key will be to contain Davis, who ran wild last week against Sac St who has a pretty good run defense.
  10. 4 days until the season tips off and no current media guide available on the website. That's sort of weak.........
  11. Chaves and Doperalski do the scheduling for football..........
  12. I have flights booked, but it is looking like work might get in the way.........
  13. Can't make it to the game tonight, 10/26/2019. Just posted 5 for sale on Ticketmaster in the lower bowl at the end UND shoots at twice. Two of them are in Section 103, three of them are in section 102. $49 each
  14. bincitysioux

    Cal Poly gdt

    Can't stress how impressive that call was on 4th and 2 by Freund! Last season in that situation we all know it's bunch formation with Santiago diving up the middle for the 12th time in the game for a loss of one.
  15. bincitysioux

    Cal Poly gdt

    Nice job by D to hold in 3rd and long on that situation. Now do it one more time on 4th boys!
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