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  1. Yes, has to be posted two weeks, then they start sifting through candidates.
  2. Jones was a Power 5 assistant when we "landed" him. We just need to find the right fit. I used to think the "right fit" was an assistant from a big name school. Now I think the "right fit" is probably somebody with a proven history in the "big chair" regardless of if it is at the DI, DII, DIII, or even NAIA level........
  3. If we are working off of Tom Miller's list, I have to say I would really have no interest in anybody from the Brian Jones "coaching tree". So for me that eliminates Ahelegbe, Horner, and Grabowski. I would really like someone that has head coaching experience at some collegiate level, so given that I'm not all that interested in Johnson, Thorson, or Peterson. I don't think ties directly to UND should be a requirement, but ties to at least the Dakotas/Minnesota area would be extremely beneficial. So from this list, that leaves Herbst, Phillips, Walthall, and Boshee. Among those four, Phillips and Walthall appear to be the best candidates, at least on paper. I never knew nothing about the Northern St guy that several have mentioned, but he seems very intriguing, perhaps moreso than anybody on Miller's list of candidates. People will probably roll their eyes at me for this, but I could really get on board with Saul Phillips. And if he really wanted to be at Idaho St., I'd have to think he'd be interested in the North Dakota job. Outside of that, I really would be happy with one of the top NSIC coaches. I'd argue that the top 3 or 4 NSIC teams could compete handsomely in the Summit League.
  4. I will personally pay for the moving company......... In fact I'll load his stuff up and move it myself free of charge.......
  5. So, to summarize, what you are basically saying is that "UND SUCKS and NDSU RULES!". How very original..........
  6. There are 11 games for 2020. Valparaiso, Kansas St., and Portland St are the OOC games.
  7. bincitysioux

    2019 Season

    As far as focusing on facilities, his predecessor got the HPC built, got the Alerus to make significant upgrades over the years, invented a conference for hockey, and had a ton of other REALLY TOUGH decisions to make, which for the most part he handled admirably. Chaves has been basically invisible during his first year here. Seems more interested in talking about pro soccer, the Boston Red Sox, and his fond memories of the Hartford Whalers than he is in the state of North Dakota basketball. I bet I was able to personally communicate with Brian Faison personally a dozen times either face-to-face or via email during his first year here. Chaves doesn't seem to bother with answering emails from small time alums like me, and I've never run into him at an event thus far. But for some reason Faison got the reputation of being aloof and arrogant, even though he always had the time to answer my questions, shake my hand, and even remember my name. It's still early, but color me unimpressed with Chaves so far...............
  8. Sounds like SDSU assistant Eric Henderson is getting the head job.......
  9. All the connections you mention do make sense, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if Miles lands another head job at a Big 12 or MWC school. He's a really talented coach and is really good in the interview room. I might be a bit biased though because I got to know him a bit while he was at Mayville St. I've just always been impressed by him both on and off the court. I'd say there is a higher probability that Saul Phillips has substantial interest in the SDSU job. He won't have near as many options as Miles will, but Saul is solid as well.
  10. 2024 home schedule looking tasty with Idaho St., Montana, SDSU, and USD all coming to the Alerus............
  11. My expectations for both men's and women's basketball are very attainable in my opinion. They should always be a top 3 team in whatever conference they are in. They should always be considered a legitimate threat to win the conference tournament. They should be competitive throughout the ENTIRE regular season, not just the final month. This is basically what the men's program did for the 45 years prior to Jones taking over the program and running it into the ground. For decades in DII UND was probably always one of the 50 best teams in the country every year. I don't think it is too much to expect them to be able to finish in the top third of the Summit every year.
  12. Correct. He was a bench assistant for most of his time at Iowa, but was Director of BB Ops his last season there......
  13. Smith submitted his resume when the job was open after Rich Glas left. He didn't make it to the interview stage, because he didn't have DI coaching experience. Tom Buning pulled the trigger on Jones (who at the time was an assistant at Iowa), and here we are....................... Full disclosure: I actually supported the hiring of Jones at the time, in large part due to his experience at the DI level. The lesson I learned from that is that just because you have experience, doesn't mean you have "it". Some people don't have "it". Jones does not.
  14. NDSU now has twice as many NCAA tourney WINS in the last 6 years as UND does appearances..............
  15. Remember when this guy applied to be the Head Coach at UND but we hired Brian Jones instead? From Stephen, Minn., to the Big Dance, Craig Smith is a small-town success story
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