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  1. Murray St officially joining the MVC and in talks with the MVFC for football membership......... Murray State University Joins The Missouri Valley Conference
  2. Not a surprise at all of course. UND is literally the only school ever to actually WANT to join the Summit League, and only because that is where NDSU landed.
  3. I will continue to support the team as I always do. But North Dakota should NEVER be "predicted" to be one of the two or three worst teams in its league. Sather seems to know what he is doing as far as in game coaching and X's & O's. But I am questioning his eye for talent and/or his ability to recruit that talent which would explain the strong finish his first year with Jones' players (Jones was actually a great recruiter). Now in year 3, this team appears to possibly be one of the worst UND basketball teams in years. I thought Sather was a great hire at the time, and hopefully he still will turn out to be. My fear though is that, in hindsight, Northern State basketball is a lot like UND Hockey or NDSU football. It doesn't really matter who the head coach is, whoever is there is going to win at a pretty good clip.
  4. Wow, can't even be competetive against a 2 win Omaha team. That's really sad. Staring at a last place finish in the league standings I'd say..........
  5. I fear this season is lost. In my eyes, finishing in the top half of the standings would be a remarkable turnaround.
  6. When was the last time there was this little buzz about this game? Not even the crickets are chirping. Never would have guessed it after that week that we beat the Griz and Troy. Sad state that UND basketball finds itself in...........
  7. I think this game could get really ugly. If UND could keep it within 20, I'd be surprised. Richman is an excellent coach, surprised he hasn't moved on yet to a bigger stage.
  8. I agree that an exception could be made when two travel partners are playing one another. I wouldn't be in favor of a doubleheader (those are brutal if you ask me). But since the normal schedule dictates Thursday/Saturday games, why not have the women play on Thursday and the men on Saturday or vice versa? I realize Christmas falls this Saturday, I'm just talking in general. Could be Tuesday/Thursday this week for example.
  9. The Summit League makes the schedule. This setup is called Mirror Scheduling where the M & W play the same opponent every night, one at home while the other is away. This is the way it was done during our time in the Big Sky as well. You probably didn't notice it the last two years of Summit play because with the odd number of teams the schedule got wonky at times. The mirror schedule ensures that each school has a home game every week during league play.
  10. Two seasons in a row that a player quits midway through the season right? Not a great trend.........
  11. It will be interesting to see his response to the possibility of Kansas City leaving. Missouri Valley is meeting next week I believe to decide on expansion. Kolpack has tweeted out that UMKC basically has one foot out the door. Going back to 9 teams is really going to stink for league play in basketball. It would be nice if Fenton has a plan to stop the Summit from being a transient stop-gap league. That is probably unlikely given that none of his predecessors could keep the revolving door of the conference closed since its inception.
  12. Find a way to get North Dakota back into the Big Sky.............
  13. Seems like this team is full of role players, but there isn't a single difference maker on the roster. They play hard, it seems like they are coached well, but unfortunately there honestly just isn't a lot of DI talent on the team.
  14. No ESPN stream for the ladies game against the Bobcats today?
  15. As always, 3rd and Forever is kryptonite for our defense........
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