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  1. Cripes I hope you are wrong but you are probably not. If it is safe for the players to be crashing into each other, breathing heavily, yelling, spitting, bleeding, and sweating on one another, then nobody sitting in front of me should really be terrified by me shoveling cheese-curds and Miller Lite down my throat.............
  2. Do we get to go to any of the games? Any word on that yet?
  3. The reopening date for UND's Ray Richards Golf Course still to be determined
  4. Just curious if anyone knows if Ray Richards is going to be on track to open up as soon as weather allows? Or is it going to take work to make it playable? Or are they going to let it sit empty and unused for another 3 years? You would think that with golf season approaching there would have been some sort of announcement as to if it is going to open up anytime soon.
  5. I don't follow womens basketball outside of UND, but one would think any successful NSIC head coach would looked at pretty hard. Tom Miller was interviewed on Dom Izzos radio show this morning, and he mentioned Rico Burkett and Thomas Dryburgh as potential candidates based on ties to UND. Rico is an assistant at Colorado St right now, and Dryburgh is head coach at Wahpeton. Dryburgh has an outstanding HC record, bit I would think that would be a big jump from JuCo to DI.
  6. Attendance was 4,306. I'd estimate the break down was 50% NDSU, 35% UND, 15% SDSU/USD. NDSU brought their band and had a decent student contingent. No band for UND, and I can't imagine more than 50-60 students if that. Gotta love how Bubba supports the entire University. Looked to me like the entire FB coaching staff was there.......
  7. Talent wise, this season was the first year that I feel that NDSU had better talent/athletes than UND has had on the roster during the DI era. We still split with them in the regular season, and really just hit a wall tonight against a solid and well coached team. I feel that NDSU has been so well coached for such a long time now. Bison fans like to bag on Richman, but I think he is a really good coach. His teams are always disciplined and execute well. His record seems to confirm that. Based on one years work I'm optimistic that Sather has a similar accumen for getting the most out o
  8. Have to think there is going to be significant roster turnover. Rebraca has a chance to go down as one of the all time greats for UND. DAE has loads of potential, but has lots of room for improvement. Moody was sorely missed this season and would be a key piece next year. I hope the rumors of him transferring are unfounded. Danielson is obviously a Sather guy and a solid contributor. Gertautus is a talented big man that can have a nice career here if he can be patient as Rebraca's understudy for two more years. As a foreigner with Rebraca in front of him, I worry
  9. Absolutely! Tough way for it to end for them, but they gave us a good ride at the end of season!
  10. DAE should have been this aggressive in the first half. Or perhaps all season.
  11. Would be a nice option but we just don't have the stamina or depth for it. Would get torched by doing it me thinks......
  12. They just have nothing left in the tank. Flat footed and hands on their knees. Depth has been an issue all year, and 3 games in 3 nights has caught up to them......
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