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  1. bincitysioux

    2018 Season

    Evan Holm needs to start covering the best the receiver on the opposition team. Harris isn't the best corner on the team anymore.........
  2. bincitysioux

    The Nickel Trophy

    That's actually pretty good. I like it......
  3. bincitysioux

    FCS Football Polls

    I think we should be a top 25 team heading into this week. Check out the Hero Sports computer rankings. They go by BennettRanks. Not unlike Massey and Sagarin. Updated twice daily, currently have UND at 34...........
  4. bincitysioux

    The Nickel Trophy

    I'm glad to see that the Nickel Trophy has been making the rounds lately. Regardless of legislative interference, I think we should keep it. And then put it up for grabs starting with the 2019 game against NDSU. It's a big piece of ND sports history. Doesn't matter what our nickname is. It is a replica of past American coinage. A piece of "Americana" if you will. It means something to the older fans of both schools like me.
  5. bincitysioux

    UND - Sam Houston Game Day Thread

    Agree they are bad. Biggest liability on this team as far as I can tell so far..........
  6. bincitysioux

    UND - Sam Houston Game Day Thread

    Well, as sketchy as the O-Line and play calling apparently was tonight, at least the special teams were rock solid!
  7. bincitysioux

    UND - Sam Houston Game Day Thread

    I agree that Adeoti needs to be on the field for a majority of snaps. That catch he made wasn't easy. Just a tad underthrown which allowed the defender to catch up, he had a chance to make a play on that ball, but Izzy held his concentration and made the catch. That play impressed me and in a high presssure situation as well. He's been thrown at so little that I didn't really really know what to think about him until now.
  8. bincitysioux

    UND - Sam Houston Game Day Thread

    Seems to me Ketteringham doesn't handle it well when under pressure in the pocket...
  9. bincitysioux

    UND - Sam Houston Game Day Thread

    Exclusively a 4 or 3 man rush so far in the second half. Dare has all day. Holm having a solid game. He is easily the best DB on our team.
  10. bincitysioux

    UND - Sam Houston Game Day Thread

    23-17 SHSU 3:49 3Q
  11. bincitysioux

    UND - Sam Houston Game Day Thread

    20-17 SHSU 9:50 3Q
  12. bincitysioux

    UND - Sam Houston Game Day Thread

    Is there any way this half could have started worse?
  13. bincitysioux

    UND - Sam Houston Game Day Thread

    No way was that a TD. Southland is bush league with their whopping 2 camera angles.........
  14. bincitysioux

    Sam Houston State Viewing Options

    Channel 790 on DirecTV a cording to the guide. Depends on your package I suppose.......
  15. bincitysioux

    UND and the Big Sky could go FBS

    That's not true! Not referencing jdub specifically of course at all, but if NDSU went FBS, 90% of UNDs football fan base would be frothing at the mouth that the same move would need to happen the next day for us. If NDSU did away with scholarships and joined the Pioneer league, it would be the same scenario. Where they go, we will follow. The fanbase won't accept a schedule that doesn't have The Bison on it. That's why we are moving to the SumValley, no other reason. It is so perplexing to me that we voluntarily left a conference that FBS schools are apparently willing to drop down a level to join, while at the same time our new conference is wondering what DII schools could possibly be convinced to join.................