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  1. Your continuing bitching doesn't make the team better.
  2. This should make GF happy. https://news.prairiepublic.org/local-news/2021-10-13/pipeline-to-bring-bakken-natural-gas-to-the-red-river-valley-one-of-the-proposals-for-arpa-federal-money
  3. Time to move on. Here is the Leathernecks record. Rather Jekyel and Hyde 9/2/2021 at Ball State University Muncie, IN L 21-31 Box Score 9/11/2021 at Montana Missoula, Mont. L 7-42 Box Score 9/18/2021 Eastern Washington University Macomb L 56-62 Box Score 9/25/2021 * at Youngstown State Youngstown, Ohio W 38-35 Box Score 10/2/2021 * Southern Illinois Macomb L 30-31 Box Score 10/9/2021 * at Indiana State Terre Haute, Ind. L 27-37 Box Score 10/16/2021 * South Dakota State Macomb, Ill. L 17-41 Box Score 10/23/2021 * at North Dakota Alerus Center 2:00 P.M.
  4. Breakdown the film and send it to Danny. I'm he is waiting. Maybe they will bring you in as QB coach.
  5. QB position has been prime since the wing T. You are a broken record. This coming game the RB position will be thin. It's a team sport.
  6. No Q's pass was not close enough to catch. He lead the rec'r out of bounds. Played safe. Tommy put both in tight space both were manageable catches. Game changing
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