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  1. Mason Bennett is projected #8 pick in the CFL. https://www.cfl.ca/2019/12/10/gallimore-tops-december-edition-scouting-bureau-rankings/
  2. Creighton taking a official visit this weekend.
  3. Vikings and 49ers. Both have the lightest lines in the NFL
  4. I think DAE is starting to feel more comfortable.
  5. We would have a 10+ lead if not so many senseless turnovers.
  6. Switch to watchbigsky.com. The feed is much better.
  7. I see the Yotes list him as a safety. Does UND want him as a RB? That could be the reason.
  8. I heard he wants to be a Doctor. I wonder if he could surpass Santiago rushing totals.
  9. The end of season video conference Freund mentioned Boltman was going to do more throwing next year. My guess we will have a transfer plus. Neal? Maybe another one.
  10. With his background, I think he will be an additional excellent fit for UND. Growth in the right direction.
  11. I really don't give a damn about NDSU. Now ……..
  12. I think his next couple years are going to be really fun to watch. Plays with such emotion and fire.
  13. Good Idea but I feel guilty being greedy. In that case I get one and you get one. UND gets both of them.
  14. All I want for Christmas is a stout 300# NT that will chew up blocks and push them in the backfield. That alone with cure must of the rushing defense.
  15. Maybe Kadon Kauppinen could make the field as OLB. He loves to hit and has pretty good speed. I think he would thrive on Sack city.
  16. damn just in time for cyber Monday.
  17. FT % is impressive. We never saw that under Jones. We continue to shoot that % we will win some games down the stretch. Now we need to improve on TO's.
  18. In not Lowell. Based on recruits we are two years away.
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