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  1. I lived in a nice 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment alone on the Florida Gulf Coast for less than $50k... that was like 2018. I wasn't struggling.
  2. Stafford is and always has been a rockstar
  3. Then 2016...whatever. I never know what year to use...
  4. I'm assuming this is a way to bully the province into being reasonable. "Hey we will move our games elsewhere if you guys keep this up."
  5. My idea of fine dining is lamb from a halal cart lmaoo
  6. I never order steak at restaurants. I can make one at home that is to my liking (and its fun) with limited ingredients/effort.. I generally order things I'm too lazy to make or cannot be cooked at scale (for the mouth breathers, for one or two people).
  7. I have always rather enjoyed the Blue Moose.
  8. I think SDSU would have a better shot. 1. They aren't afraid of NDSU. They've beat NDSU twice in the last year. 2. Lots of teams seem to take a game or two to adjust to playing NDSU. I could be wrong there though. There aren't many teams I worry will beat NDSU in a meaningful game. SDSU and JMU are probably the only two, maybe Montana State can add themselves to the list. NDSU doesn't look like a vintage iteration this year, might be the best year to play against the Bison in Texas.
  9. Might be fine as a short term deal at this level.
  10. My dad still talks about that concert. Sounds like it got a little overcrowded.
  11. I think it did kill like 10 years ago. After awhile...meh. I accepted many moons ago that this is just how it goes. Lmao.
  12. Sounds like they doubled his already very healthy compensation package. $15 million/year.
  13. He has a good gig lined up. USC is a sleeping giant, and OU is only going downhill from here. My roommate is a USC guy. He figures he'll get quite a long leash..."look at how long Helton was there and we sucked"
  14. Spoiled? I dont think he comes from money. Not sure he's a very good target for lawsuits lol.
  15. You know who else was dog? Loyola... and then they ended up being good lmaooo
  16. I dont think there is any reason to believe Nick Sandmann received $250 million.
  17. Clerked a couple summers ago in Valley. Was a regular at Pizza Corner for lunch. Phenomenal.
  18. Freshman Brock was lowkey not good though. We had like 4 plays. Off tackle. Dive. Screen. 9 route. I think Brock had a solid core and he absolutely had FBS coaches. I dont think that environment is present anymore. I'll leave it to the guys who played at the collegiate level to figure the finer points out. I like the current kid. He seems like he's getting better. I just think Roehl and Entz got Peter Principled into jobs neither of them belong anywhere near.
  19. Cam Miller looks like a perfectly capable Bison QB. I think earlier non-freak QBs had the privilege of playing on better teams with significantly better coaches running the show. Kid throws a nice ball. Can move around pretty good. I like him. Maybe the younger guy is better but no way of knowing that right now.
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