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  1. They don't. Not at this level. It means nothing. Nobody is choosing UXD or XDSU because of uniform combos.
  2. Oregon hasn't been cool for like ten years lol.
  3. Serious football programs don't have "combination options." Only gimmick programs do that. UND and NDSU both should adopt a single "look." They both constantly change their uniforms... football schools don't change... they adopt a vibe and they roll with it. Notre Dame, Alabama, Michigan, Ohio State, USC.... they might have minor changes.... but they don't pull the dumb !@#$ UND and NDSU pull. We have good color combos. Kelly Green and white is nice and simple. UND's 80's jerseys were lit even though they sucked. NDSU's 80's fit was straight fire.
  4. Not sure what UND would do to the Betty? Still a very nice facility. No capacity issues anyway
  5. That's about where I'd go with it. Plus or minus a touchdown.
  6. This was already happening under the table. It is what it is. P.S. bro has trash taste in vehicles. Just get a truck lol
  7. Prostitution is wrong and shouldn't be legal. But the police should not go hunting for Johns
  8. Prostitution is wrong and shouldn't be legal. But the police should not go hunting for Johns
  9. Exactly what I said....so cringe it was actually pretty based.
  10. I was under the impression turf had to be green now unless you were grandfathered in?
  11. I've never understood the whole "we cheer for different teams let's fight!" at NFL games. I do enjoy the videos though. "SUNS IN 4!" guy is a legend.
  12. I've never seen something so cringe but also based AF. I have to be in GF on Monday and will HundyP be taking a selfie with this monstrosity/Based God.
  13. Has the AFB changed size since the last census?
  14. I'm not a pickup guy, but these new ones got so many bells and whistles its easy to see why they are so expensive lol. My dad's truck feels like a space shuttle to me. I remember hating pickups as a kid because the back was so tight...now its like sitting in business class on a plane.
  15. My experience is tesla owners are one of two things: 1) reasonably wealthy people who can afford them. 2) young airmen who absolutely cannot afford them. Grand Forks has a tangible number of the latter.
  16. The Big 12 schools would go to the American way before they'd go to the MWC lol
  17. He's one of the wealthiest North Dakotans...
  18. No one is dropping to D2 ever lol. They'd be giving up their shot at basketball money.
  19. Are we counting tickets sold or butts in seats? They could very well have 17,000 attend a game that sold 18,700 tickets. I dont think ticket demand is anywhere resembling what it was 7 or 8 years ago. But having neither UND or SDSU on the home schedule makes it pretty lame by default.
  20. I'm not sure ndsu has ever dropped a ladies sport?
  21. Define sell-out. They got a terrible home schedule this year. If I was in town, I am not sure I'd go to any. Maybe folks will go back since they lost a year of sports. The US Bank game will probably sell a ton of tickets. They got 34K for Butler. I'm guessing they'll move more tickets for a real game at an NFL stadium. As far as moving up, that would be a big shot in the arm. More P5 games, regular games with solid programs. A lot of casual, passive, and potential fans are not following anymore for obvious reasons. Then add in that NCAA football video games are coming back. Great way to engage with kids. I hope it happens but I'm not holding my breath.
  22. I really can't figure out your line of thinking. If a school ADDS season ticket holders, it will reduce any waiting list. The demand is not the same as it was 8 or 9 years ago, but 13,000+ season ticket holders (literally a record high) isn't exactly doom and gloom.
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