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3 hours ago, Parkers Pros said:

How big a loss is Bruner?? Was he expected to start?

Anybody talking about the why??

Not sure if he would have started next year, but was thinking he was supposed to be one of our best recruits of that class wasn't he?  Didn't he have a PWO from Iowa or something. 

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On 1/9/2019 at 10:02 AM, gundy1124 said:

Wasn't he getting some FBS looks then schools backed off? 

Bruner started on a state championship team as a sophomore, played for a well-connected coach who has won a lot of games.  As the B1G schools visited his school after the season, he was a guy the coach pointed out who would be a B1G recruit.

By August of junior year he was offered by Iowa State and then Iowa.  Committed to Iowa early and then as happens so often he was not as good as advertised.  

Probably could have eventually been a starter but if he was a bonafide FBS recruit wouldn’t he have seen some action at OLB this fall, especially with Palmborg injury?

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News involving two players and all the talk is about the negative-Bruner is gone.

What about the positive? I liked the "look" of Haas when he played, a long LB who has some speed. 

Glad he's back. Hopefully he can make a difference right away.


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56 minutes ago, sioux24/7 said:

This is how I usually feel. Kind of hard to find things to talk about right now until the final signing day and spring ball. 

We could throw in the pro day and beat that to death. Maybe when the time is right one of the more knowledgeable posters will start that thread. 

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21 minutes ago, Mama Sue said:

Well there are plenty of posts on Moo U... why do the Bison fans Patrol this and get so involved?

They are fearful. The past always repeats itself. It’s just a matter of time before the Sioux will be having Bison for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

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