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  1. How big an impact is losing Rizzo??
  2. I think they see Vaughn as their hope as their version of Trey Lance or Jbore Gibbs. A big athletic game breaker type. Obviously not knowing what he can do at game speed. I too like what I saw from Schuster. One more year in the system. Here’s to hoping that one of those guys can take a step!!
  3. I think they still consider Boltman as an option as well according to earlier reports but with 4 players there now can’t see him going the QB route. Well 3 but add Feeney to the group next year. Since I stayed at a holiday inn express I can see what UND will do this year I think. Schuster and Vaughn 1-2 not knowing who wins out in camp with Reid Neal keeping his Redshirt to develop physically and add a year and Boltman as the 3rd.
  4. Definitely the best QB competition for UND in D1 era. Hopefully best depth as well! Very excited about this position in the future...
  5. Thinking Danielson is coming off the bench then??
  6. Have I missed something on this, is Pinto back for sure??
  7. Need more sports fixes. Was able to watch the ‘97 sioux team quite a bit as there are some great videos uploaded. If anyone has them, someone please try to post the 2000 championship, any great football games also like the last great Sioux/Bison game in the Alerus center, or the natl championship game would be awesome,
  8. Is there anywhere to watch this game?
  9. Any updates on recruiting or transfer front??
  10. Dude looks like a beast.
  11. I have 4 Tix available tonight. Sect 107, Seats 11-14, row L Face value, $25. SOLD
  12. Was a nice win. A program builder. Coach hopefully will continue to preach that winning should be the expectation. UND shot the ball well and Stewart is becoming a handful. Just happened to watch SDSU in person Friday at Frost in Brookings play Idaho. They are very athletic and young. Picked up a great JUCO transfer that looks like a raw Jerome Beasley. Idaho was very outmatched minus one guy, Allan, who scored at will for Idaho. Allan plays a game similar to what I saw Stewert play against Nebraska. If UND plays balanced, they can give the the Division a run for their money.
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