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  1. Parkers Pros

    2018 Season

    I was thinking the same thing on Izzy. Was complaining that they used him so awesome on that first drive and then we didn’t see him the rest of the game, then boom, the long bomb! I think we need him to open up the field. Would like to see Cloyd get rolling. Hell some wishbone with all 3 backs would be fun to see!
  2. Parkers Pros

    FCS Football Polls

    Respect is earned not given. As easy and frustrating it is to feel disrespected, we need to prove it was not luck. They don’t see what we see, take the time to go in-depth and breakdown the coaches and players. We put together some quality wins and we will climb the polls. This is a huge win, now we need to follow it up!
  3. Parkers Pros

    Gameday: Fighting Hawks vs MVSU

    Initial Grades: Offense QB- A Ketteringham was great RB- B Santiago underwhelming, Oliveira awesome but turnovers, Johannson solid WR’s - C Drops, not great separation TE’s- B Good OL- B Did not dominate, just ok There we’re a lot of plays left out there. Ketteringham was great. I think Jon S will want to forget this game, Brady rushed awesome? Needs to have to carry the football around campus all week ala “The Program” and have people try to jar it out. Johannson was solid. I had hoped to see domination from the line. Not much room for Jon S out there. Maag is going to be a good one. That TD catch was fantastic, Izzy looked like he’s taken a step up as well. I think he’ll be seeing the TD drop in his sleep tonight. I think the WR group will be better than tonight showed. If we continue to use the TE’s, they could be really good. My armchair observations.
  4. Parkers Pros

    2018 Fall Camp

    It can’t be good if Stanley isn’t rolling by now. Have to be thinking that his surgery didn’t take or something. Kid is a beast too!!
  5. Parkers Pros

    5 Players Poised For A Breakout 2018 Season

    I had heard he was off. I hope the person was wrong!
  6. Parkers Pros

    5 Players Poised For A Breakout 2018 Season

    Anybody hear what happened with Jake Rastas?
  7. Parkers Pros

    2019 UND Recruiting

    This is what we are recruiting against in Brookings. HPC needs to be finished. Theirs is done, bleachers, offices, therapy pools, weight room, and the new or renovated 19,000 seat outdoor stadium connected to one another. It’s pretty sweet.
  8. Parkers Pros

    2019 UND Recruiting

    SDSU is going to have to be dealt with. Actually went to a Jacks game while visiting relatives and their athletic complex as a whole is, well, amazing. We Really need the next phases of HPC to get going and get done if we are going to win some of these recruiting battles. They are raising money like crazy. Their indoor practice facility, along with their outdoor playing facility is really tied together nicely. They have the biggest score board I’ve ever seen Because Dak Tronics is based in Brookings. It would be very hard to pass up the shiny object.
  9. Parkers Pros

    2018 Season

    Lineman are hard to recruit. Good ones are tough to find and average ones are even tougher to develop and seeing as we are a developing program, we could use a drop down stud or a legacy kid from a former lineman that can play at this level. I believe that good players beget good players. Winning makes recruiting easier.
  10. Parkers Pros

    2018 Season

    Until we get our O-line beefed up we are going to struggle some with our offense. I think this year we will see a change in our strategy. I think the coaching staff sees that we are struggling to recruit hogs but we are able to recruit big receivers who can block downfield. I see them working to get our playmakers the ball in space this year. We have speed and I would take Santiago out in space against anyone. I could be wrong but remain optimistic that they will utilize our strengths. Wait and see I guess.
  11. Parkers Pros

    2018 Season

    It was evident that we didn’t have the line to achieve the results that are needed to be successful with the offensive scheme we run. Studs looked like he regressed some but I don’t know that he did, just didn’t have as much time as the year before. We were playing from behind a lot so we lacked balance and were predictable so teams could load up and pin their ears back. The key to this Offense, this team, is ball control and unpredictable play calls which needs a great defense and great line play. Rain Slater loss is a big one I think...
  12. Parkers Pros

    2018 UND Recruiting

    After going to the Spring game I will echo Millers sentiments, it was just boring. I felt bad for the kids visiting because there was nothing to get excited about. Perhaps they loved it. It was fun to see the new guys in action and liked what the Defense was doing. Championships are won by solid defense and on offense , lineman and a top tier QB. We have big long WR’s, we need a game breaker, several good TE’s, and our backfield is the best in the history at UND depth wise. But we don’t know what we have yet at QB and our line is a huge question mark. We need to win some recruiting battles there. We are closer, but still have work to do. We should be a tougher team to play this year which is exciting!
  13. Parkers Pros

    Spring Ball 2018

    No Quarterback’s really stood out much. Boltman is Third string. Just not there yet. The other 2, we’ll see. Not a lot of separation. The line is a huge question mark. We need some really good summers from those guys weight wise and technique wise. We have a lot a big thick TE hybrid type guys on the roster at WR. RB’s are good. Did Johannson get dinged? Defense looked good. Aggressive. Making plays. Optimistic about the Def. Just my opinion, I didn’t love the spring game at HPC. My kids were bored in 5 minutes. They need to put on more of a show to get fans more energized. Make it more energized in there for those kids that were there on a visit. It was like being at a museum looking at an exhibit. I love the HPC, but until it’s fully funded, should be at Alerus or if nice enough even Memorial. (Not this year)
  14. Parkers Pros

    Spring Ball 2018

    This Ray H situation sucks. I thought he was good and getting better. Think it was a depth chart deal? Grades? Anyone??
  15. Parkers Pros

    University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    What happened with Colin Adams and Hoff and Yon?? Casey Johnson for Hoff against St. Cloud?? Why? I really liked Adams early in the year. What happened? Grades, effort?