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  1. Saw a couple kids wearing placards walking around with their parents one of which was a massive O-lineman.
  2. Our skill players making skill plays! Amazing what happens…
  3. We need to throw a pass on third down, at least if it was incomplete it stops clock and we kick a field goal. And if it’s complete it’s six..
  4. Root cause this year for our perceived slide is the offensive line. Too many penalties. We are not dominating the line of scrimmage and it shows with the regression of Otis and Schuster. Losing those 3-4 O-lineman from last year looms large. We are not winning the time of possession battle so our Defense is on the field too much. We get gassed in the 2nd half so we can’t get off the field. We can’t be 2 for 9 on 3rd down.
  5. Parkers Pros

    UND @ ISU

    Maag cramping up or pulling hamstrings?
  6. Great to see UND leading the way in offering the condolences to a great coach albeit to a rival, wait, no, that was UMD… Just horrible news..
  7. It’s not that bad. Kids a Junior and an athlete. He will be just fine!
  8. Let’s keep getting them. I would love to hear about a 6’6 300 pound nose tackle cause that would be awesome!
  9. Time for Maag and Richter to step up more. Cochran next man up!
  10. Hey why did Otis get flagged after his TD, wasn’t able to watch live just replays, Excessive leaping??
  11. I hope the hawks are absolutely pissed about the lack of respect!
  12. Any scuttle on why We have some of our best players leaving on both men’s and women’s basketball?
  13. Rivalry games are always a battle and they own us till we beat them. We beat them if we keep our emotions in check. We beat them if we don’t beat ourselves. We beat them if we beat on them in the trenches. We beat them if we actually believe we can! We look like the better team right now. Time to prove it!
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