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  1. Time for Maag and Richter to step up more. Cochran next man up!
  2. Hey why did Otis get flagged after his TD, wasn’t able to watch live just replays, Excessive leaping??
  3. I hope the hawks are absolutely pissed about the lack of respect!
  4. Any scuttle on why We have some of our best players leaving on both men’s and women’s basketball?
  5. Rivalry games are always a battle and they own us till we beat them. We beat them if we keep our emotions in check. We beat them if we don’t beat ourselves. We beat them if we beat on them in the trenches. We beat them if we actually believe we can! We look like the better team right now. Time to prove it!
  6. We are slow tonight. The 5 minutes they have owned. Where is Pinto?? He’s playing but not contributing..
  7. The best part is it still doesn’t feel like we are even close to have peaked. Lots more steps on the ladder! I am very happy with quarterback play. That being said, he must continue to elevate his game. Cause the next few teams are going to stack the box and make him beat them and not allow Otis, Luke and Dalton to beat them. He has to hit the passes he is supposed to hit. And he has to hit some vertical down field passes to keep the secondary honest! I do believe he can do it!
  8. I believe that we were not necessarily better athletically, as their lines are huge. The QB seems more polished. Those twin WR’s are going to be a nightmare and a solid RB. But we were opportunistic and aggressive, and made few mistakes, and special teams minus FG were awesome again.
  9. We are playing with the #3 team in the country right now. We go into half here where we are and I think you’d have to say that’s a win...
  10. Anybody update the app on fire stick and have trouble??
  11. Any updates on streaming?? You can basically stream any ND High School basketball game but we can’t watch UND football?? Not a good way to connect fans to the game or get people to invest in your team both financially and emotionally. Please UND, figure out how to make this easy!!
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