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  1. The 3-4 defense is an extremely good defense with the right personnel. 300ish lb nose that can move and force two lineman to handle is the tip of the spear. It is predicated on having athletic linebackers making plays. But only after the three down lineman make life for the o-line hell. Their number one job is taking up O-line, keeping them off the linebackers so they can make plays. We don’t currently have the right personnel in my opinion to run this defense...
  2. You are very correct. First place we need to win is recruiting. We need elite players at each of the power spots especially at QB and both lines. We are too small across the board or have the wrong body types/athleticism for the systems we are trying to implement.
  3. Can’t wait for this game to start, thought today was Saturday!! Sucks to have to wait one more day...
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    While I agree with you about wanting to build our power, I do doubt that any President coming in to UND believe that Athletics are the”front porch” to the university. I went to UND, didn’t even consider the Athletics as a determination to why I was going there. I doubt I am alone. Once I was there my interest pilot light was lit in the UND sports culture. It is a school. Presidents are often academics and politicians who have limited sports interest except for when it is necessary. Hopefully you can keep from throwing up.
  5. Wow some of you are ridiculous. Grow up. First if all, all of them are learning. New system, new players, and yes new coach at the D1 level. Takes some time. Anyone coming into this season thinking we were going to win the conference or something better Year one needs to take a cold shower. Take your personal negativity issues somewhere else. Potential recruits and their parents read the blogs. You are not helping...
  6. Who is the “latest” commitment referenced above several times??
  7. We did as well as we should have expected. Which is we gave ourselves a chance to win. That’s the #4 team in the country. We are right there.
  8. We actually carried the play and Tech was pretty lucky we were not in our A game offensively. PP moved the puck well, missed several chances. Some good hitting, defense had a few breakdowns but all in all pretty solid. We NEED to bury our chances. We missed at least 4-5 goals because we couldn’t get a handle or just plain missed the net. Was a decent game to watch in person..
  9. Any updates from yesterday’s recruit visitors??
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    And now we know who has the crazy wife!
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    I would not argue many of your points only to say I disagree with you and your perceived understanding of my acceptance. I live in a real world and know we can’t wish everything we want to change. I am not what is wrong, I am the current reality. What can change today, tomorrow? Do you think firing everyone on your hit list changes anything today. No. Why waste the energy on making torches. The season isn’t over. We have been dealt this hand. We have to play it out. It doesn’t turn out, eventually we start over. We have some good players and some very good recruits waiting in the wings, need to be very careful or the cupboards will start bare for the next guy if it comes to that cause they will bail. And remember this, parents of recruits read blogs. We can seem a little unhinged on here at times so put yourself in their shoes while you post some of the stuff on here. Because we don’t want to add to the recruiting problem. Kind of like being the friend with the crazy wife that nobody wants to visit, and you wonder why!!
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    Seriously you’d think that the world was ending or something. Everyone take your meds and it’ll be alright. It was a bad day. Bad day. Perhaps our expectations vs investment are not realistic. We don’t have the credibility of NDSU, the facility’s of SDSU, we are located in one of the flattest desolate football locations in the country in a town where the only thing people really care about is Hockey. Not an easy sell. I don’t disagree that there is blame, but if you have ever coached, you can prepare, motivate, push all you want, the bottom line is these are young men and they need to execute. The coaches are not the ones out there. Players make plays. I don’t know that we got out coached, cause none of us know the game plan. But we got outplayed and led, on the field. That is on the captains and players. It was ISU’s homecoming coming off an embarrassing loss and they have confidence playing us. I am surprised everyone on here is shocked they went off on us. The season is not lost yet. Let’s see how they respond first. They responded well after the last loss.
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