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  1. They got their bad game out of the way. Time to show up. No more excuses - play 60 f-king mins.
  2. Half of the MWC money is from Boise being in the conference. They are desperately trying to leave the conference.
  3. The MWC sucks from every standpoint. They make no money and every team wants to leave but is landlocked. Not a shock that the furthest east teams are looking to leave because they actually can
  4. They may not have a choice. The Big 12 can call themselves whatever they want, P5 or G5, but if there are only four involved in the BCS Championship it won't matter anyway.
  5. The MWC is a bottom feeder and every team in the league would leave if they could.
  6. The never ending quest for a decent pregame intro. This sure as hell wouldn't happen to the hockey team
  7. Am I reading off the field focus is affecting on field play? The turnovers and penalties are horrendous
  8. Upper left hit the 3 lines. Then pick Fighting Hawks Tickets Then pick the game.
  9. i honestly don't know how we are winning without him. What happened to his relative that told us how good Cam was every two weeks?
  10. Covid is a bigger detriment to ticket sales than UND's play in the 2nd half vs USU.
  11. UND1983

    UND @ ISU

    https://bengalblitz.proboards.com/thread/809/nevada-game Bro still wants another shot at UND.
  12. He should know better. Disappointed
  13. Only hockey people call them that. It's a black uniform and they look nice imo
  14. Everyone settle down. It's week 2 and you're all going to be singing their praises when they win a big one soon. UND has never been ranked this high, enjoy it.
  15. https://undfootball360.com/news/undfb360-pregame-show-week-2-vs-utah-state/ Prediction is off
  16. UND1983

    UND @ ISU

    Their fan base isn't even that bad. It's EVERY OTHER fanbase that thinks Northern Iowa is so great
  17. UND1983

    UND @ ISU

    They at the very least should out athleticize Nevada
  18. UND1983

    UND @ ISU

    Their fan base is the most delusional I have ever seen. Go read this thread. https://bengalblitz.proboards.com/thread/730/tyler-vdw?page=2
  19. Kelly picked 34-21 Hawks on podcast. I go 40-17.
  20. UND1983

    UND @ ISU

    Ding ding ding. We need nose guards desperately yet he never plays. hope he an continue to get better and help out this year cause it's needed
  21. Have to think no. They did not look good in the spring.
  22. UND1983

    UND @ ISU

    One poster is offended that we call them an "average FCS program". Uh, what do you think ISU is? As far as an overall program goes "average" is probably being kind.
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