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  1. I almost miss Faison. At least the coaches he hired could recruit some studs.
  2. If they had McKinney would've been a superstar.
  3. It's been ugly so more of the same.
  4. Let's see, if he could catch and was a threat out of the backfield dont you feel they would utilize him now that there was a new offense? That's two offenses that didn't use him correctly, I guess.
  5. UND is a borderline playoff team every year. McKinney and his handler on here claimed he was blackballed and should've been playing more and getting more touches. Do you really think they didn't play him because they couldn't see his unbelievable talent or they just suck at coaching?
  6. Back to our SID discussion.....answer: it's not hockey
  7. he won't be a scorer but will definitely be a defensive guy that they can have hanging around the lane. That's ALOT of blocked shots!
  8. What a change from last night! Different team. Team was much more energetic and loose.
  9. Ball movement is outstanding. Energy is there. Shockey needs to not shoot.
  10. I just want these girls to finally get their first win! Be a huge relief.
  11. That play sucked on paper and in-game. Wtf.
  12. Do you feel alot of people around UND are concerned with his thoughts on things?
  13. Considering he flaked out, then quit the team I am pretty sure nobody gives a sh@t what he thinks.
  14. Rinse. Repeat. I will spare you the speech about their talent level
  15. What a stupid final play. Wtf was that. Just inbounds it to a guard and shoot a 3.
  16. Bruns little brother looks pretty good also
  17. If he ends up at Cincinnati then good for him, they are unlike the rest of the programs on that list.
  18. Let reconvene when we see where he ends up. The vast majority of that list sucks at basketball and most are not great schools
  19. Lol...we got "new guy" who just joined to say that. You're right, it's the staff's fault. They have a team that routine scores 50-60 pts per game but yah.... they purposely benched their 2nd best scorer at no fault of his own.
  20. Not to nitpick but you flamed out twice in a row in the first round as the #1 seed and the #2 seed. That is the definition of "another flameout".
  21. Addition by subtraction. However, it's on Sather to replace these guys with as good or better players.
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