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  1. UND1983

    SH Game Day

  2. The tailgating was packed and fun. Surprised the attendance was low. Seemed to be more there than vs Drake....right??
  3. UND1983

    Onto Sam Houston

    after last week we are all a bit gun shy. Think it will be a very entertaining game for both sides, close, and hopefully both teams make it out healthy. SHSU looks very strong again this year with bigtime playmakers!
  4. UND1983

    Onto Sam Houston

    Pregame Podcast is out. this is going to be a good game! They think there will be points scored. https://undfootball360.com/news/undfb360-pregame-show-week-3-vs-sam-houston-state/
  5. The music could barely be heard! Where are the ears on the ground relaying that back up to the booth???? They have walkie talkies
  6. The bid was already advertised for UND's turf.
  7. 2012?? Dude, that's OLD in turf years.
  8. https://undfootball360.com/news/hawks-fall-to-bison/ Not too flattering but neither was score
  9. It's more about being humble after the jabs have already been leveled. Grow up.
  10. Hey thanks we appreciate it. Nothing like picking the wrong thread and being an insufferable bitch about the outcome of the game. Act like you've won before, cause you have.
  11. Bubba's contract runs through 2021. He ain't going anywhere.
  12. Hindsight is 20/20: scheduling these games was stupid and benefitted UND in no way other than to show how far away they are.
  13. Another clown starting an account just to say that.
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