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  1. UND1983

    On to UNC

    If fans think a guy is uber talented and always wonder why he never plays - yah - stop and think for a second.......
  2. UND1983

    On to UNC

    Buried. They play 3-4 receivers and he isn't beating them out.
  3. UND1983

    Weber St GDT

    Pretty big call to make based on one shove that was undoubtedly cause by the defender grabbing something of Maag's first and before and after that.
  4. It's Wednesday and they are playing Northern Colorado. What do you guys expect for ticket sales? Go shovel or something.
  5. Well yah, that's set in stone and doesn't concern at large teams. There are 14 spots for teams like UND.
  6. UND1983

    Weber St GDT

    Weber's kickoff team is poor so running it back was always the only option.
  7. Now if Davis beat MSU but lost to Sac that may be OK...?? I am confused.
  8. UCD isn't done though. Not sure we want them hanging around, even though we won.
  9. EWU is done. Their resume is awful and their optics early on cost them dearly.
  10. Its Montana guy, which is very good
  11. UND1983

    Weber St GDT

    Not sure how you pin this one on Bubba.
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