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  1. Thank you. To clarify, you feel it's OK for one of the university's athletic programs to not support the official nickname and logo?
  2. Once again, you know they obviously didn't collaborate and put together an orchestrated plan. They individually all make their opinions clear on social media, which the fans embrace and thus feel they are in the right because the team doesn't support Hawks so why should they? Case in point: how does football go about the same scenario.
  3. Be serious. You know what I mean and I know you aren't that obtuse.
  4. The point is that the fans (maybe not you or maybe you, I don't know) are being prodded on by the hockey program itself to not support the name or the logo. See the problem? And yes, the hockey fans are 100% susceptible to what the program itself supports and pushes. Fans can do whatever the F they want, nobody really cares other than on here and other social media garbage. But when an entity of the university itself doesn't support it.......
  5. I feel like you're an idiot. I logged on just to say that. Plus, it wasn't an attack because I didn't call you an idiot.
  6. Well you're better than other people, as you just pointed out. The issue is that the CURRENT hockey team & their media are openly working against their own athletic department, the same athletic department that has the unwanted, monumental task of incorporating a new nickname/logo after losing possibly the best logo ever.
  7. I just don't understand why they are so obsessed with the old nickname. Even some players that recently graduated put "Fighting Sioux Alumni" in their Twitter profile. They never played under the name. That's poser sh*t, similar to how they posed as D1 hockey players the last two years.
  8. Even the chancellor feels UND is is the flagship school of ND. "Our state is less than a million people and this is the flagship (university),” he said, which means UND has ties to the state, region and entire country."
  9. It happened or you're hoping?
  10. Problem I am seeing is that Chaves has no ties to anybody from UND or North Dakota. He will try to find the best coach available. I don't think Boschee would even be in the mythical 'Top 5' if he wasn't from Valley City.
  11. From what I remember an assistant coach usually runs the whole thing and the head coach just oversees stuff, makes speeches, etc.
  12. Not sure I am buying the "socially and academically" excuse. Most every parent ever has held their kids back in elementary upon noticing these exact same problems. The kid isn't getting smarter in 8th grade by staying back a year.
  13. That was me just slangin' it up like da kids do
  14. That is ALOT of construction for one time period
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