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  1. That will certainly help our defensive line depth
  2. Missouri State being c0-champs is so stupid when really looking at it. But whatever
  3. Not good enough for Midwestern Mike Hawk, who only talks about the offense for some reason. Interesting indeed.
  4. OK message board police. Any other rules for an opposing fans message board?
  5. Well that settles it, start Quincy.
  6. Also Schuster had 1 INT vs JMU, a terrible read. The other INT goes to Zavalney.
  7. Another post putting down on Schuster, for the record.
  8. if you want to talk overall depth of the OL and him adding to that, for sure he would help. But to lose him is not as big of a deal as people are making it seem
  9. he was the worst starting OL we had and Kilty will be better than him already this fall. So yah, I don't care he left.
  10. But I was told he was our best OL and damn near irreplaceable. What were the P5 schools thinking???!?!!?!?!
  11. You just despise our offense dont you? Interesting.
  12. They ran a bunch of swing passes and wr screens vs Missouri State.
  13. Let's remember that Vaughn would need to actually find those open receivers that Schuster is consistently finding. Processing a play isn't as simple as it seems.
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