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  1. Does the government do anything with flooding?
  2. Hey mods: lighten up. You guys gonna close every fucking thread where people argue? Like it or not the Covid convo cannot happen without including the government in the conversation. To me this thread needs to be treated differently.
  3. Depression and suicide really worry me during these times. I feel terrible for all those people that lost their jobs. Luckily I haven't yet.
  4. It's a Siouxsports message board, not a Mensa Forum. Lighten up.
  5. I predict that we will look back on this and learn a hard lesson. Because what we are doing now will probably never be able to be done again in our lifetime. Its unsustainable. What if we get another virus in three years?
  6. Wow. Should we completely go into a full lockdown as of today.... tomorrow? Shutdown the economy and go Socialist shortly after?
  7. They can do whatever they want. I can react accordingly. Round and round we go......
  8. The Forum Comm is working for clicks with no shame these days
  9. It never ceases to amaze me at how fans question why a guy doesn't play. Like you know more than the staff. Tyk didn't play for a reason.
  10. It's called Bison Pride. you guys wouldn't understand.
  11. You came here just to say that? Go home
  12. For every point he scored he gave it right back to the guy he was guarding. Very poor defensively, teams would isolate him one-on-one in the post.
  13. Once he sat out the entire season with a shoulder injury the writing was on the wall. Sather wants his guys, that much is apparent
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