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  1. of course you have a better QB than him already, of course.
  2. Where does it say NDSU was in his final two?
  3. He isn't from Florida so Bob doesn't want him
  4. Dude, just go away. Now you are making stuff up generally. Of course UND gave him a chance, why wouldn't they? He hadn't done anything even close to this level prior. They can only do so much and hope a kid grows up.
  5. Questioning a hockey call is one thing with 5x5. Questioning a holding call on the radio - really? Were you watching that exact lineman while it happened, guys?
  6. In between him and Phil complaining about calls that go against NDSU. I was amazed how many times they openly question calls
  7. You or any of us don't need to know anything about it because a player cannot be suspended during an on-going Title IX investigation, anyway. Bubba doesn't need to speak about it then, now or ever.
  8. No they literally could not because it would open a whole can of worms for lawyers, Otis and the accuser.
  9. You need to learn more about Title IX and how their proceedings work. This isn't Johnny Depp vs Amber Herd.
  10. A Title IX investigation will not all come out. It never could come out, which is why nobody knew anything.
  11. You are not intelligent.
  12. They never called UND if you can believe that. Embarrassing. Then didn't look into it on their own either.
  13. Seeing those juco offers tells me it could a core credits issue maybe if his GPA was fine...???
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