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  1. We have limited outside shooting right now and really miss Stewart. He was damn good.
  2. Ummm, changing the world by ridding it of racism is more important than a goal in hockey, sir.
  3. So once again, the unsilent minority rules.
  4. They really orchestrated it. Lot of time and thought put into it.
  5. Lol...ok. did you watch? They were a step behind all night. The FT shooting was horrible for some reason. Plus this team seriously lacks outside shooting right now.
  6. These refs were brutal. What a mess. Plus Dixie State flopping and flailing all over the place to draw fouls. UND sucked yes but that was a farce. Get out of there and head home.
  7. Worst FT shooting I have seen in years. Brutal
  8. Refs are starting to turn on us. Can't get a call and they can.
  9. If I have Midco Internet can I stream via their website?
  10. I am excited for the MVFC schedule!
  11. Defense still optional but scoring looks good.
  12. If I recall they started pretty slow last year and also started slow in first halfs.
  13. Did UND practice at all before this game?
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