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  1. Case ended up transferring to D2 Central Missouri. Wow, quite the fall. The allure of "bigtime FBS football" was too much to pass up.
  2. They boycotted on the week of July 4th when workouts were possibly done or optional. Would be interesting to see if they were off last week anyway. Just speculating....
  3. It didn't, since it hasn't happened and is an election year pandering point.
  4. So it was the Police's fault it happened?
  5. Anybody who was looking for some hardcore, XXX Covid fear porn, Ol' Lloyd has you covered. https://www.inforum.com/opinion/6558662-Omdahl-Coronavirus-‘ain’t-over-till-it’s-over’1
  6. ACA is an issue for prescription drugs IIRC. My uncle pharmacist tried to explain to me why the price was so high for a drug. Cant quite remember why but caps were lifted on pricing for certain classes I believe. Maybe somebody on here could clarify? I just remember being stunned by the price.
  7. Ever-woke Schlossman doesn't realize it was.a phone interview....
  8. Black people dont have the "privilege" of not social distancing?
  9. Chuck is sorry for being white in North Dakota. #privilege https://www.grandforksherald.com/opinion/columns/6558457-Chuck-Haga-The-day-I-became-a-person-of-interest
  10. Could you imagine if we kept track of "cases" for all the other communicable viruses...then had the loser brigade report on them every day?
  11. Like your ICU stats from Texas. The one's with no context.
  12. Go check last years ICU capacity at this time. Hint: It's always like that. You guys are getting played by fearporn, which is obviously working.
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