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  1. Another win! We'll take it. This team can be pretty fun to watch
  2. That's how you come out of the locker room!!
  3. Wasn't that the issue last year with a bunch of those wienies on the team?
  4. Is there ever a "secret" feed for NCHC-televised games like the one last night on YouTube?
  5. Because he isn't that good. Weber probably wanted him to transfer as they got better, young talent behind him
  6. Are we inching closer to an always-important "players only meeting"? Those usually work.
  7. He didn't even see that last backhand flip shot. Makes you wonder if Thome could've kept them within one.....
  8. LMFAO....yah pulling him will "hurt his confidence". You know what else will? Having a John Elway hung on you.
  9. The entire team has done nothing since that 3-1 lead. Like nothing.
  10. Until he gives up 1 more goal, then gets pulled.
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