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  1. UND1983

    Time For Some New Blood

    You are the most negative person on here. Wtf?
  2. UND1983

    Time For Some New Blood

    Yah cuz schedule has nothing to do with a teams success.
  3. UND1983

    Time For Some New Blood

    Anybody claiming UND needs to make the playoffs next year should look at the schedule. It's the hardest in the country and it won't even be close.
  4. UND1983

    Time For Some New Blood

    No, it didn't.
  5. UND1983

    Time For Some New Blood

    They screwed up the blocking all three times on the punt blocks. That is coaching.
  6. UND1983

    Summit League MBB

    Summit League blows dawg this year in OOC games.
  7. UND1983

    FCS Football Polls

    Their starting kicker got hurt, knob. The next guy didn't have a clue how to kick. Hence, they didn't have a kicker so went for two.
  8. UND1983

    2018-19 Season

    The team looks better without him. The locker room is 100x better now. So yah, we know that about him.
  9. UND1983

    2019 UND Recruiting

    Why hasn't anybody offered him?
  10. UND1983

    FCS Football Polls

    They didn't have a kicker. Look into it first next time.
  11. UND1983

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    EWU scored 74 vs PSU on the road. We scored 17 at home. Be interesting to see if UND is "satisfied" with their offense after the season is over.
  12. UND1983

    Northern Arizona

    When a team is down like this they usually end up beating UND. Thanks for the great post! Gl
  13. UND1983

    Time For Some New Blood

    The Valley.
  14. UND1983

    Time For Some New Blood

  15. UND1983

    FCS Football Polls

    2005 called and wants their Big Sky stereotype back. Get a clue.