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  1. Good. You know how it goes when everyone is on one side.
  2. We won because of the refs and we played well in the 2nd half. The synopsis from Bunny fans who mentioned the refs every time they talked about the game. SDSU had 80 penalty yards the week before.
  3. Is there a more delusional fan base than USD? They constantly reference the 2017 game like UND wasn't without 12-14 starters by that game and didn't end the year 3-8 due to said injuries. Plus it was 4 years ago! Clowns.
  4. https://undfootball360.com/news/undfb360-pregame-show-spring-week-3-vs-south-dakota/
  5. https://undfootball360.com/news/after-shaky-start-hawks-storm-back-to-defeat-sdsu/ "P.S. – another positive from Saturday was the fact that NDSU got six different kinds of dogsh*t kicked out of them by the team that UND destroyed the week before. I slept well on Saturday night."
  6. Amazing how much better the TEAM seems after having defections this past year. Nobody complaining about 'touches'.
  7. Speaking of refs, did you see the PI call before the half on UND that nearly gave SDSU points? Neither did I. That crew was off yesterday.
  8. As near as I can tell the Jacks fans blame the loss on the refs. They have like 130 yards in penalties in two games but its the refs fault they lost.
  9. Lolmfaolol. They literally cannot handle it.
  10. I read where one guy said if it wasn't for the 5 turnovers the game would have been a lot closer. That was his way of discrediting UND....lmfao
  11. didn't even offer him a PWO.
  12. They are young and have to play cause there is nobody else older. That is my point. Doesn't mean they are great recruits at this point (even though they appear to be good players)
  13. They are contributing because they have to. Who else is going to carry the ball?
  14. he looks like a total dork in his pads.
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