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  1. More like it centers around what Craig Thompson wants. He holds all the cards, so I was told
  2. Amazing the turnaround in this squad.
  3. ...before we last played. Since we last played this UND team is much improved
  4. Did we beat anybody since he took over and we last played?
  5. What was your favorite 'Jory Collins is it' moment?
  6. Parking ramps are a money pit with little redeeming qualities, especially in ND where we have plenty of space to build out
  7. WDAY got the TV contract so they are carrying NDSU's water even more than they did before. McFeeley writes multiple articles every week now as its obviously big for their need of clicks and such.
  8. Another Simple Dan Whataboutism
  9. That was the best part. Name ONE thing Dom that you said that was actually critical and negative about NDSU football. Just one.
  10. I really think you guys are giving Dom more credit than he deserves, he believes this stuff much like a fan would. Cause he is.
  11. I see Allen Eikens is averging 6 pts/game playing in front of 900+ a night. Exciting move!
  12. All the guys that entered the portal did so fairly quickly iirc so they knew what they needed and weren't able to get somewhat equal talent, not even close really.
  13. Covid and the portal are only issues for UND apparently because nobody else looks as bad as we do
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